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Caught in the Act

by Dark Foxxwrath

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© Copyright 2001 - Dark Foxxwrath - Used by permission

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This is a true story. This is the account of one of my most humiliating and long lasting self-bondage sessions. However before I start a little about me, at the time I was 19yrs old. I was in the air force and was on my way to my first assignment.  I thought I was lucky due to my assignment as it was all I could want. The east coast. D.C. to be exact. I already had a few friends there who had been assigned to the base earlier than me and I was not the only member of my Tech school class going there.  My friend Karen had also gotten the same assignment. I was so happy about it, coming from a small city, I knew that D.C. would allow me to explore my wild side.  But being in the military I would have to keep it low profile, which wasn’t much of a problem, I thought.

As for Karen, a little about her, Karen was about 5-foot tall, maybe 100lbs and very well endowed for a girl her size.  She was 26yrs old and a college grad in the field of biochemistry, before the air force she worked in a medical lab.  She was a strong, sweet and highly attractive ebony goddess. But to Karen I was a friend; a close friend but I would never be her lover. She saw me as the kid brother she never had. If it weren’t for her in air force tech school, I would have been in some major trouble on more than one occasion. She looked out for me and I looked out for her. Though she rarely needed my protection from anything.

When I got to D.C. I found out I was living in the same building as Karen on base, even the same floor just different halls. We did have different hours at work though. She was part of the day shift and worked a 5-day on, 2-day off schedule. While I worked the graveyard shift. Which was a 4-day on and a 3-day off. I loved having three days off as it allowed me to spend long periods of time in self-bondage without having to worry about going to work. My only worry was Karen as me and her had an open door policy with our rooms.  We both had spare keys to the others room and while I never used Karen’s, not even to sneak a peak at her undies when at work, she used mine a few times to grab a movie from my video collection on more than one occasion. But she never did it when I was home. 

However to be on the safe side, I decided to only do self-bondage games when she was at work, for fear of her discovering me by accident which was a possibility.  I had never told Karen about my secret life of bdsm and fetish, for fear of losing her friendship. 

It had been about 6 months since I arrived in DC.  It was a Friday morning meaning Karen would be at work. And that I had the next three days off to play. I had just gotten some new bdsm toys, which I was dying to try out.  A new red ball gag and some nipple clamps, but having just come from work I was tired so I decided to sleep in bondage, something I did almost every night, I loved waking up and forgetting sometimes that I was tied up. I always kept some scissors close at hand for cutting rope and spare keys to handcuffs in my nightstand in case anything happen to the keys I placed on the headboard.

I stripped down to nothing as I went to my closet and got out my trunk of goodies. Unlocking it I grabbed some rope, a pair of shackles and my ball gag, I had thought about sleeping in some sexy lingerie but I decided not too.  I pushed the red ball in to my mouth and buckled it in place, nice and tight so that I could do nothing but make muffled sounds. Next I lay down on the bed and ran the shackles chain through the post in the headboard. I placed the key to them on the center of the headboard as I had done hundred times. Next I took two lengths of rope and tied one to each foot post. At the end of each length I tied a cinch knot. Slipping my legs into each waiting noose, I then cuffed myself. Next I pulled my legs as close together as possible tightening the knots.  I was now bound and gagged in a “Y” position on my bed. 

It seemed like it took forever for me to fall asleep. When I did wake up I found that I had slept the day away, it was now nearly 8 PM. I moved my body to get the key, only to realize I couldn’t reach it. It was about 6 inches too far. I had tied my legs too close to the bottom of the bed and had no way of getting any slack. I tried everything, from thrashing around to trying to slip my hand from the cuffs but to no avail. I tried to moan for help but being Friday meant two things. One - most of my neighbors were out and two - that I was competing with loud music from those who decided to stay in and party. 

After hours of struggling I gave up, the only way I would get free is if someone helped me. And no one would truly look for me till about 11pm Monday when I was to be at work, almost 72 hrs from now. I wasn’t worried about dying from starvation or dehydration; I knew I could survive the bondage. It was the thought of someone finding me this way 3 days from now, I knew I would be a mess and that it would end my air force career. But I could nothing but cry at the state I was in. 

I cursed myself in my mind for being a sexual freak and getting off on this stuff, but I all I could do was lay there and watch the hours on the clock go by so slowly. It was maddening as the minutes ticked away with a snails pace. I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke it was morning about 10 AM, I had been in bondage for well over 24hrs. I was tired from the unrestful sleep and it was then I realized I was wet. Sometime during the night I had pissed myself. Adding more insult to the situation, and to make matters worse I was hungry. But there was not a blessed thing I could do about it. 

At about 11AM I heard a knock at my door, I moaned as loud as possible but whoever it was must not have heard me. A chance for freedom gone as the knocking stopped. I cried again. I was ready to die. I would have given anything for this bondage to be over.

It was about 6PM when again I heard knocking, I tried to moan and pray the person heard me.  The knocking stopped and my hopes were dashed. But it was then I saw the door open, Karen was standing there her eyes not believing what she was seeing, and she quickly turned and was about to leave. When I moaned, that’s when she realized that it was not some sex game I was playing with someone else but something that I had done to myself.   She turned around and shut the door and walked over to the bed. I was so ashamed; here was a woman I had known for over a year, was strongly attracted to, seeing me for the perv I was. 

She spoke to me. Asking me if I did this to myself? As she looked around the room seeing my trunk of goodies and various sex toys. I shook my yes. She asked if I wanted her to free me. Again I shook my head yes. It was here she said no! I was mortified at this. She then began to lecture me on how dangerous self-bdsm; she spent the next 30 minutes telling me how stupid I was to play these games. Though when she ended her rant she said she understood and that she herself had done some bondage games with various boyfriends. She said she knew the rush of it, but that it was still no excuse for me to play these games alone and unsafe.

She then proceeded to look through my trunk of toys and lingerie. She told me she never imagined that I was into wearing panties and bondage. She then found the key to my shackles but before she uncuffed me, she told me that from now on my habits were about to change or else she’ll make sure I was exposed for these games. As she untied me I was so relived to be free. Karen told me to go shower and to clean the room and myself up and that she would be back in an hour to talk about how my habits were to change.

At first I thought maybe this meant she was going to be my Mistress, like in a self-bondage story I read on the net. When the hour passed Karen did indeed return.  She sat down, as did I. Karen then told me to be quiet and to listen to what she had to say. She told me that from now on whenever I was going to do self-bdsm I was to tell her, and that she would be my release mechanism. I was also told that if I should ever do self-bdsm without telling her she found out. She’d make sure everyone would know about my lifestyle and me. I was also told that there would be a few more changes. While she didn’t want to do the whole domme/slave thing, that I would be her property until she no longer wanted me.  She told me I had no choice in the matter. Like I was going to say no to her or something.

Our friendship did change over the next 6 months. Karen had me become her errand boy and bitch. I cooked, cleaned and served her. Doing anything she wanted, from hand washing her panties, to dusting her place or going shopping for her, yet there was never any sex involved nor did Karen ever do anything in a bdsm way of owning me sense.  She continued dating others, as did I. Whenever I wanted to tie myself I would and Karen would come at the agreed time to free me. Though on a few occasions she did leave me in bondage longer than I wanted. This is how things went until Karen moved off base. 

After moving we stayed friends and I from time to time still did chores for her. But she was now in a serious relationship and we both agreed that our special friendship could hurt her new one. So we took things back to being just friends, which was fine with me as I myself was embarking on a more permanent relationship. However that is a story for another time.


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