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I have been into cross dressing and tight inescapable bondage for as long as I can remember, and my need to push the envelope got stronger all the time. The times of dressing up and binding myself at home were long gone as far as the ultimate excitement. Now I found myself going out into the outside world, where the risk of been seen were much greater. Thanks to the internet and such places as the sub shop, and of course E bay, I had gathered an extensive collection of toys, restraints, and clothes. My favorites include the body hugging lyra exeunt cat suits, and well pretty much anything tight.



It was a clear September night as I made preparations for my bondage session on the town. First I took a nice hot bath, and removed any unsightly body hair lingering , I do try to keep hair free, but that hair is always growing. After towelling off, I begin to pick my wardrobe for the night. The tight lycra cat suit does a very nice job at keeping my manhood between my legs, next comes the black knee high boots. The fun part as always is sucking in and zipping up the corset, but once I’m all zipped and buckled the feeling is out of this world.

Once I’m all dressed I focus on packing my bag of fun, four 2" wide buckling straps, one buckling collar, one ball gag (all  hot pink in colour ), one vibrator, and my shoulder length red wig. Before heading out the door, I wrap my hot pink bondage belt around my waist, and buckle on  my hot pink wrist cuffs, finally I throw on a pair of sweat pants, and my coat and I’m out the door. Though it’s one in the morning, I don’t want to risk being seen by my neighbours, so with darkness and the pants and coat, I doubt they’d notice my high heeled boots from their window. Once in the car I drive to an area where they just begun development, there basically is just a couple of streets in an open field, no street lights, or houses yet.

I park, and proceed to shed my pants and coat, the anticipation and all the sensations from being out in public, to the cool air is electric, and I’m almost on auto pilot, pushing away my good judgement and fears. After strutting around the empty street for a couple of minutes I’m back into the car and on my way to my destination. It’s about 1:30 am when I pull across the street from  the parking lot of an old abandoned shopping mall. The place is going to be torn down for a high rise condo development, and they have just started to tear down the southern side of the mall.

I grab my bag and scurry across the street and into the blackened parking lot, I proceed to walk to the north side of the mall. It’s unbelievable how loud the echo from my high heeled boots are, and I feel like the whole neighbourhood around the mall is going to wake up. Good or bad my excitement pushes me on, and I’m at the north side of the huge complex. I’ve been to this place a couple of times before since it’s been closed and have found a nice spot to tie myself up.

The north side of the mall was home to a big department store, with an automotive department, and this particular store had a caged off area , for a garbage compactor or something to that effect. The cage was about 10 feet tall and maybe 20 feet wide. Unfortunately it was locked up, but the bars made an excellent place to run my bondage straps through. This cage is on the very corner of the building , and faces right on the northeastern  parking lot of the store, to the left of the cage is a small road that goes to the northwestern parking lot, and to the right of the cage about 50 feet is an entrance  to the parking lot from the street. At this time of night there is only a little traffic on the road, and since I’m at least 100 feet off the road in a dark parking lot the chance to be seen by a passing car is pretty low in my opinion .

I proceed to empty my bag, placing the 4 hot pink straps and vibrator at my feet, next I place the wig, and collar on top of the bag, as I buckle the ball gag into my mouth. Next I take a small strap and sliding it between the bars I buckle my ankles together, I repeat the process with a medium strap below my knees and another medium strap above the knees. I must be careful to keep my balance when bending from the waist to pick up the finally pieces of my imprisonment. I grab the final large strap as well as the vibrator  and tuck it between my knees until I need them.

Next I pull the black lycra exeunt hood over my head a zip it down, forcing the ball gag a little deeper into my mouth , it definitely reduces my vision, I can make out the  street lights from the distant road , but that is about it, I bend down and feel around for the hot pink collar and strap it around my neck. The wig comes next as I place it over my lycra encased head, it’s difficult to tell how the wig looks, but I feel sexy.

I take the vibrator and slide it between my thighs, and slide the final strap between the bars, buckling it tight just under the cheeks of my ass. A little twist of the nob and the vibrator hums into action, the moment of no return is here. I place my two hot pink leather cuffed hands between the bars and feel for the o-ring on the back of my bondage belt, after a few moments of adjusting and squirming I snap the cuffs on the o-ring and my bondage is complete. A beautiful sight of black lycra, leather, and hot pink accessories, twisting and struggling in the cool September night.

I was in total bliss as I pulled at my bonds, the tightness of the lycra, and the corset, the good vibrations from the vibrator. Then I noticed a light from the street getting brighter, my blood turned ice cold, and every muscle in my body tighten up, I had an overwhelming feeling of heart burn building in my throat and chest. I could barely see, yet I knew someone had turned off the road and into the parking lot. The parking lot I was in, and the parking lot I was at the moment helpless in.

The car or truck was moving slowly down the entrance way, at the end of the entrance was a stop sign, and either a turn right or left. If the lights turned right I would be lights camera action almost immediately . My night of bondage fun was turning into a bondage nightmare fast, by the time the vehicle reached the stop sign I had gotten my hands released, and just removed the hood. It was a truck and it was just sitting at the stop sign, I was in the open pretty much 50 or so feet away, but I was sure I not seen, I hoped I was not seen, the lights of the truck on the wall of the closed department store, did lighten up the area more than it was for certain. The fact I was mainly in black helped, but the hot pink bondage restraints seemed almost neon now.

I continued to try to free myself as quietly as I could, when I heard the door of the truck open, the flicker of the interior light, and the slam of the door . Someone passed in front of the lights from the drivers side and was heading towards me. I almost lost my balance and had two belts left to go. My eyes darting between the truck and the straps around my legs. I heard the sound of a chain hitting the pavement, and I saw the shadow of the truck driver retuning to the drivers side, then the slam of the door. The truck pulled forward and then turned left, thank goodness the truck went left. I hurried to unbuckle the remaining straps, and put them in the bag as I scanned the truck moving slowly down the mall, it looked to be looking for something, it was most likely a private security company employed by the developers .

I quickly removed my ball gag, and packed my stuff into the bag, and headed towards the far side of the parking lot, next to the street. I tried to stay as close to the street as I could , yet still be in the shadows outside of the street lights. My car was way on the south side of the mall, and now I had the added problem of being caught in the head lights of a security truck, rather than being seen by the occasional street traffic if I got to close to the road. My heels were making so much noise, I thought about taking them off, but decided not to. I slowly stalked my way down the parking lots towards the south side of the mall, closer and closer to my car. As I came around another large department store I saw the truck parked by a mall entrance his tail lights towards me, it was impossible to tell wether the truck was empty, I was now walking on a grassy embankment separating this parking lot from through traffic lane,.my heels for the moment silenced somewhat.

The embankment came to an end, I had to cross one more entrance way to another parking lot then cross the lit up street to my car. I cringed at the echo from my high heeled boots, as I walked across the parking lot access way, I noticed it was chained off, to block any traffic from coming through, that was the sound I heard earlier when the guy got out of his truck, and the reason he stopped and got out in the first place. I had just got across to the last bit of pavement between me and the street to my escape when I heard the sound of an engine starting, it was truck, the tail lights glowed red, as it swung around catching me in its lights, I was a fair distance from it, not much more than we I first saw it, but this time the truck had seen me as well.

I sprinted towards the side walk as the truck drove around the cement embankments, lane markers. I could feel the lights burning my lycra covered ass as I ran across the street to my car. As I started my car, I could see the truck had swung back around and was heading back north, towards the unchained exit. I quickly did a u turn and headed south into the opposite direction, and on to a major road way, glancing in the rear view mirror at every set of head lights that turned on behind me .The moments of fear and heartburn were replace with excitement and arousal, I was already planning my next outing on the town.   

I threw on my coat as I pulled into my parking spot, it was a little after 3 am , if any body was awake looking out their windows I was going to give them a little bit of a show. Once inside my place I unlocked the front and back doors and proceeded to tie myself up, and surrendered to the power of my toys, wishing for someone to find me, some one to caught the boytoysub0069.



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