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by Don

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© Copyright 2006 - Don - Used by permission

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Hi, my name is Don. I've been into bondage (pun intended) since I was thirteen and at a boy's two week summer camp, but that's another story. I live with my wife Jane and eighteen year old daughter, Janie, who is in her second year of college. We have a four bedroom house, one of which has been converted to a den with two couches and a TV. There is a swimming pool in our back yard which is surrounded by a six foot fence on all sides. Nudity is not an issue in our house and you are likely to find any one of us running around in the altogether at any time. Jane is a little more reserved than Janie or me. In fact, on warm summer weekends, I usually shed my clothes on Friday when I get home from work and don't put them back on until Monday morning. Janie almost never wears clothes after her bath in the evening until the next morning.

As I said, I like bondage. Jane has been tied up a couple of times and is not fond of it. Janie, as far as I know, is unaware of any of this. Over the years a few unwritten rules have developed:

1. Anytime I am naked I'm fair game to be tied up (naked is defined as wearing only my wedding ring, which won't come off since I sprained my ring finger a few years ago, and maybe a cockring which snuggles securely behind my balls and will only come on or off when I am completely relaxed.)

2. If I start the bondage (i.e self bondage) Jane usually completes it by tying the last knot or closing the last padlock. Some positions, like spread eagle, I can complete the job all by myself.

3. All bondage is to be considered STRICT. I'm welcome to try to get free but usually can't. Keys and knives are kept out of my reach. Jane is free to release me whenever she wishes but I can only ask to be released when I am hurting or need to visit the bathroom. Safe word is NEED, not want.

On the particular night of this story, our daughter was at a dance with Joe, her boyfriend of three or four years. We didn't expect her back until at least one in the morning. Jane and I had been watching TV and I went for some ropes. I tied my ankles together making sure the knot was on the front where I couldn't reach it when my hands were tied behind me. I tied a figure eight knot in a rope, put my hands through the loops and turned to Jane to have the final knot tied. She ran a couple more loops around my wrists and tied the knot so I couldn't reach it; rule 3-strict.

About eleven o'clock, Jane decided to skip the news and went to bed. I got down on the floor and taking one of the ends of my wrist ropes, ran it around an ankle rope and tied it off with a simple knot, thus loosely hog-tying myself. When the news was over, I went to release myself so I could go to bed. The simple knot had turned into NOT simple. I simply could not get it untied. Of course, the door was shut, so the TV wouldn't bother Jane, and I couldn't open it to go for a knife or help. I kept struggling to untie the NOT simple knot.

About then I heard the front door open and realized Janie was home early. As she came down the hall she, of course, saw the light under the den door and came on in. Seeing me naked and hogtied surprised her somewhat and she asked if I was all right and what could she do. I told her to get her mother. When Jane came in she immediately saw the problem and got down on the floor to help me. Instead of untying me she took one of the ends of my ankle rope and wrapped it a couple times around my wrist rope and pulled it tight until my hands were almost touching my heels. She tied it off, again so I couldn't reach the knot. She then turned to Janie and asked how her date was and why she was home so early. Janie said she wanted to get out of her hose and heels and then we could talk about the date. So the girls left the room, leaving me quite tightly hogtied and, of course, stark naked.

I must now relate another incident of three of four years ago. My job calls for me to travel every two or three months. I'm usually away for about a week and I almost always bring back gifts to my girls. Perfume, jewelry or lingerie for Jane and stuffed animals for Janie's collection, sweaters or something else I think she might like. On this particular trip Janie thanked me for her gift but asked why I brought mother "frilly" things but never her. I said that's what daddies do. She said she wanted something "frilly" also from my next trip.

Later that night Jane and I were talking about it and she said for me to find the skimpiest, most transparent thing I could find and, oh yes, bring back two. Now any of you who are James Bond fans know what a "black cat" is. For others, it's two pieces of black elastic. To one is attached two black triangles about four inches on a side and to the other a triangle about six inches on a side. Each point of the triangles has a small weight attached to help hold it down. You should be able to figure out how its worn with this description. This was a big hit with both girls and Janie wore hers practically every night for a month. This had the effect on me that I put on a thong whenever the black cats came out.

Back to the story. When Janie came in wearing her "black cat" I found it prudent to try to turn onto my stomach to hide an erection. Janie said "Oh Daddy, you don't have to turn over, I know about the 'birds and bees and boys'". Then Jane came in and obviously they were ganging up on me because she had on her "cat" also. They sat on the couch above me 'lotus style' just to tease me some more. We discussed the date and found out she was home early because Joe had to go to work early to help with inventory. Then the subject came around to me being tied up. Janie wanted to know why and I said because I liked it sometimes.

How often-two or three times a week.

Could I get loose by myself-not usually.

Always hogtied-no.

She then asked if she could try it and see if she liked it. Jane said "sure, why not, but not tonight, its too late."

We then talked about the "rules" and safe word that was in place and set a time for next Friday night, she would tell Joe she had other plans. She wanted to add a rule, though. Daddy had to be tied up too, tied first and untied last, so there would be no tickling or teasing. We also modified rule number three so Janie could just say she "wanted" to be untied.

Jane then asked if I wanted to be untied and I said "of course." Then she asked if I NEEDED to be untied and I said no, but please leave the door open so I could get someone's attention if I had to. She and Janie went off to bed leaving me strictly and tightly hogtied and naked. Jane checked back in about an hour and I was still fine. I catnapped that night and the next thing I knew Janie was asking if I was ok. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and if she would release the hand to ankle ties I would be fine. She did and I managed to work my way to a standing position and then hopped to the facilities. After Jane got up and fixed breakfast, she finally untied me so she wouldn't have to hand feed me.

During the week I obtained some more rope and cut it to convenient lengths so Janie could have her own set. Come Friday night after dark Janie and I went skinny dipping. We swam about a hundred laps, roughly a mile, and then got out and dried off. Janie acted a bit nervous but she said she was ready for the big event. We went to the den, got our ropes, and I showed her how I tied my ankles. She did likewise because this was to be self bondage.

Then I showed her how to make a figure eight knot and put your hands in it. Jane then tied me very, very tight and had me turn on my stomach. She tied a rope around the one on my ankles and then pulled it up to my wrists and again put me in a very tight hogtie. She then attended to Janie, not tying her quite so tightly but still so she couldn't get loose and asked us if we were ok.

I rolled over on my side so I could see and talk to Janie and she did likewise. I told her any time she wanted loose to say so and we'd call mother. We talked quite a bit about being tied up and the various ways I used, spread eagled on the bed, vertical spread eagle, chains and locks, with and without ball gags and blindfolds. We talked about always doing it safely and NEVER without a safety person. We discussed various means of getting loose such as the ice method, a knife somewhere, keys hidden or in an awkward place but I told her I always used the strict method, relying on Jane to release me when SHE, not ME, wanted to.

We decided if she was going to tie herself up she would leave her bedroom door open a little and that would be a sign for us to check on her. We talked about lots of other stuff, her job, Joe, school, etc, etc. She said that she really liked being tied up and it was nice to have had a father/daughter chat since we hadn't had the opportunity in a long time but she was ready to be set free. We called Jane and in a few minutes Janie was untied. Janie said she'd like to do it again sometime, maybe in a different position and went off to bed.

You can probably guess where I spent the second Friday night in a row.



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