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Ruby had just come back from the family attorney.

Seems the dried up Oil Well that her late parents gave 5 years ago sprung a leak and came back to life. She now has more money than she knows what to do with, (But She will Try.) Ruby lived with her roommate from College. Michelle was a free spirit and eco-activist always traveling for her cause. This left Ruby a lot free alone time to pursue her well-kept secret of playing with self-bondage Michelle never knew or Ruby thought so, but that was about to change

With Ruby's new found wealth she thought, time to step up my game. The first thing to do was to convince Michelle that it would be nice to have more space. Then she asked if Michelle would move in with her again if she found a dream home in the nearby county. Michelle agreed on the condition that Ruby find a home with a big basement, Ruby said OK thinking Michelle wanted it for her Eco-Project and Ruby thought she might build a private playroom for her.

So the search was on. About a half hour drive just outside the city limits was an old two-story Log Cabin Fort with a big basement. Perfect thought Ruby.

It would need a lot of renovation. But no problem she had the money to do it.

Michelle also agreed to it but asked Ruby to do some research on the old Fort. What Ruby found out is that the Old Fort was also a prison for runaway slaves in the Civil War. Ruby thought there might be a prison cell there.

Ruby brought the Old Fort and hired a restoration contractor to do the remodel, Ruby was at the site every day hoping that she might find some cells there. She asked the contractor to be on the lookout for it.

But no go. So the contractor told Ruby to do more research at the local library. Ruby thought this was a good idea. Off she went and what she found out brought a smile to her face. She could not wait to tell the contractor what she found.

There indeed where some cells there just in back of the house buried underground. Ruby asked if he could find them and indeed he found them.

It was connected to the back of the house by a secret passage in the basement. Ruby was ecstatic and rushed to the site to see it, Ruby and the contractor went down to the basement, there on the back wall behind the shelving was a hidden lever when pulled opened the door. It was a big room 25 ft by 25ft and twelve feet deep. it also had three iron bar cells on the west wall, nothing else was in the room. Ruby had to have this room fitted out properly. I&E Lights, electric, heat, and water, Ruby also told the contractor not to tell anyone about, not even her roommate Michelle. He agreed.

The cabin took 6 months to complete, In the meantime, Ruby did a lot of online shopping for the room and new bondage toys to play with when the room was done. Ruby brought everything she liked and saw, it was a lot of toys, ropes, leather, metal. Vinyl clothes and furniture too!! Heavy tables, chairs and a set of wooden old-style dungeon Stocks and a Pillory.

It is done declared the contractor. Great thought Ruby, and Michelle planned on going away again for a long weekend, at long last time to play again.

"So Michelle, where are you going this time?" Asked Ruby.

"Texas if the weather holds." Michelle replied.

"When will you be back?"

"4 days I think."

"OK have fun."

"You too."

'OH I planned too !!' thought Ruby

Ruby thought it would take a whole day to set up the playroom. Once again she would trust the contractor to help set it up. There are chains and pulleys to install. furniture to move in and so on.

What to try first !! Ruby thought a moment, maybe a set of slave chains, after all, this was a Slave Prison. Ruby took a new pair of black metal slave chains, these chains had a 4-inch neck collar, elbow cuffs, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs all connected together by a heavy chain. Also a 2-inch black ball gag would complete her first time out. Now for her release set-up.

Ruby found while shopping online a new self-lock padlock with computer controls. She could lock herself up for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

'Ok, that's my restraints, now my outfit Hmm,' Ruby went over to the big wardrobe which held everything she needed. Then picked out a red vinyl leotard with matching thigh high stockings. The leotard had rubberband like cutouts for the breasts, which would squeeze the breasts a little and an opening to her private parts for added excitement to Ruby.

Moment of truth, Ruby lies down on the floor near a cemented ring, she also would attach the collar too it. Then, the lock, the collar on with the new computer timer, Ruby would set this and all locks for an hour. Next the black ball gag, Ruby thought it was a little too big, but she would manage to seat it behind her teeth and firmly in her mouth. All that came out was MMPH when she was done, perfect.

The elbow cuffs were next, these were a little difficult to attach because of the 4-inch chain between them, Ruby did get them on and locked. The last thing was the long chain attached to the ankle cuffs. Click was the sound the lock made when it was locked on. 'Done!' Ruby thought, now to enjoy an hour of blissful bondage. ( Or so she thought !!! )

As Ruby alarm clock went off alerting her that the hour is up from her first bondage position. She was stiff and a little sore from her elbows being so close together, But all in all, it was a good start to the long weekend.

'Ok time to change positions the locks should be opened by now.' Ruby fiddles around with her wrist lock but it was NOT!! opened. 'What OH NO!!.'

'They should have been released by now, what going on?' Ruby was sure, she programmed the lock just for an hour. Ruby tried all the locks she could reach, they all were locked shut. 'NO!!! no one knows I'm down here or where it is.' All Ruby could do was, begin to cry, 'How stupid of me!' and then she heard the door open.

"So sorry Ruby that I'm late."

'What, late, How did she know how to find me?'

"I wanted to be here when you realized that the locks would not open." Michelle came over to Ruby bent down and started stroking and sucking on Ruby's nipple, which immediately grew and hardens with Michelle's touch.

Poor Ruby all she could do was struggle and begin to moan.

"Ok, an explanation is in order. Ruby, I've known your desire for self-bondage since College. Remember you were late to class and I asked you for a scarf to wear, you mumbled go ahead as you ran out the door."

"MMPH !!" was Rubys answer.

"That is when I found your stash of bondage toys in the back of your closet. A lot of long silk scarfs and over a hundred feet of hemp rope. Rolls of duct tape and a pair of triple hinged police style handcuffs."

"MMPH?" said Ruby.

"But it was so late in our final year of school. and finals were about to start. I did not have the chance to talk to you about it."

"Let me out," MMPH'd Ruby.

"So how did I know where to find you? and why didn't the locks open? Easy. When you hire a contractor to build you a secret bondage chamber. Make sure it is not my Cousin. About your locks, I reprogrammed them when I got the alert that they were switched on. I was here when they came in the mail and learned the program code. I've waited so long to get you like this." Michele said, "Ruby, I like bondage too. Especially to tie up beautiful young girls like you."

"Now I think it's about time for a new bondage position, Ruby do you know about Shirbi rope bondage, well you are about to find out."

Ruby tried to get loose but to no avail, all she could is scream and moan.

"Ruby this will take some time to set up, so a chloroform rag is in your future." Ruby eyes went wide, then darkness overtook her.

Ruby awakes and senses the rope upon her now naked body. Michelle was just finishing up her bondage. Ruby was tied in true Japanese fashion, Chest rope around her body with a box tie for her arms, her breast encircled with thin rope, legs in an opened frog-tie, a waist rope around and through her most sensitive private parts.

"Good Ruby you are awake now. Time for the good part!"

Michele begins to pull the pulley to lift Ruby into the air. After about 3ft she stops, "That's high enough, for now."

Ruby could feel every rope tighten up upon her body. All Ruby could do is was twist in the air. Michelle finally takes Ruby's ball gag out.

"Why Michelle?" Ruby asked.

"Because I love you, silly girl, and I'm going to keep you bound and gagged for the rest of your life. But I am tired from my trip, which by the way is canceled. So I have the rest of the long weekend to spend time with you."

"NO!!" screams Ruby, "please let me out."

"No way!!" says Michelle, "enough whining." She takes a long silk scarf and rolls it up and stuffs it in Ruby's mouth.

Michelle takes another silk scarf, ties a big knot in the middle of it and secures the other scarf in Ruby's mouth, there was enough left over to go around her head a couple of times, before tying a tight square knot behind her neck.

"OK Ruby that should keep you quiet for now, but there are a few more things."

'What could she possibly mean?' thought Ruby, and then she saw what it was.

Michelle grabbed the Hitachi wand off the shelf.

"Please NO, not that!" Screamed Ruby, but of course nothing came out other than MMPH.

Michelle ties it to the crotch rope on Ruby and plugs it in. The last thing is another silk scarf for a blindfold.

"Ruby, I need a long nap, so good night and we will play when I wake up OK." Michelle turns on the wand to its fullest setting and left the room.

Poor Ruby trapped in her own bondage and vibed to await Michelle to come back and play with me. 'I am a lucky girl!' thought Ruby.

Six hours later, Michelle comes back in the room, "How are we doing Ruby?"

Ruby is still passed out and then the Hitachi came back to life and made Ruby moan again.

"Oh, I see, let me turn that off. Ruby, you now belong to me for the rest of the weekend, I will keep you bound and gag and give you a lot of pleasure, but disobey me and you will be punished, do you understand?"

Michelle takes out Ruby's gag and gives her some water to drink, "Thanks."

"Ruby do you like the bondage you are in?"

"Yes very much!! More Please."

"Soon I promise", said Michelle. "But let me congratulate you on a job well done. This room is well stocked and beautiful."

"I tried and copied what I saw on the web." Ruby said.

"I really like the cages you found, My cousin told me about them." Michelle said, "Ruby, have you tried them yet? NO Ok next then, are you ready, Let me look at them first to get an idea for you next bondage position."

"OK", said Ruby.

"Ruby lets see. I am thinking of leather this time. You brought so much stuff it is going to be hard to decide."

' A leather pouch sack, 4-inch collar, 2-inch harness ball gag, chest straps, elbow cuffs, leather chastity belt, dildo. Also a butt plug, ankle cuffs, thigh straps, Ruby is going to enjoy all this,' thought Michelle.

"OK Ruby, ready here let me take that gag out."

"Michelle, you can't do this to me."

"Yes, I can beside you like being tied up and I like tying you up, we are going to have such fun down here."

"Please don't!" Ruby pleaed.

"Quiet Ruby, this harness ball gag should quieten you down," Michelle shoves the gag into Ruby's mouth and tightens all the straps thus making her silent. Michelle picks up the leather pouch, puts it on Ruby. The elbow cuffs are added for good measure with a short chain between them.

"Ok, now to finish tieing you up." Michelle will make swift work of the rest her restraints once she straps Ruby into the chasity belt. "Ruby this belt is so nice I'm so glad I sent you this brochure in the mail, and you got all the accessory too. Upgraded toys and computer controls. I won't have to come down here to drive you crazy, just flick of the switch!" Michelle takes Ruby's computer time lock, sets it to zero, "It cannot open without the code now, Ruby this will keep you safe until I can play with you again".

(Only Me, Now) Michelle gathers up the rest of the restraints and places it all over by a small door in the wall., Michelle asks Ruby, "Did you see this small door?"

Ruby shook her head, she didn't see it yet.

"Ruby this is a half cell," as she opens the door to reveal bars just like the others.

"OH WOW !!" Ruby exclaimed.

"It has a sliding floor to pull out and you go on top and then I close you in and lock it. Also it is soundproof." Michelle explained.

"So now the restraints", Michelle comes over and finishes tieing Ruby up.

Ruby takes a sigh of relief, "Thank you."

"Ruby from now on call me Mistress from now on" She lifts Ruby onto the floor and slides it back and secures with an old style lock. "Ruby, you will spend the rest of the night in here."

"Ruby, now there is one more piece of info you need to know. I promised my cousin, he could use this dungeon with you as his play toy." Ruby goes wild struggling. "He thinks you are hot. Goodnight and sleep tight!" Michelle slides Ruby in the cell and closes the door.

Poor Ruby of her own making.

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