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Caught by Exchange

by Gesty

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© Copyright 2005 - Gesty - Used by permission

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This is a true story. 

I started to take an interest into bondage when I was about 17, I learnt the wonders of the internet and soon enough I was commonly looking up pictures of bound women. A few years later when I was 19 I came across a site that included self bondage and cross dressing. It was from this site that I wanted to try some selfbondage of my own. It is here that trouble was already starting. 

At the time we had an exchange student from overseas living in our house. She was my age and very pretty with blonde hair, nice firm breasts and a slim hourglass figure. Unfortunately she never took interest in me but we were still good friends. Then one day I found myself home alone with the family out of town and our overseas student at a friends house for the night. I went online and started to look up self bondage techniques. I came across a few that took interest and I eventually settled on a simple hogtie. My escape technique was a sharp knife to cut my ropes. Since it was my first time I didn't take much more thought into other escape methods. 

It wasn't long after lunch so I said to myself, "why not start now?".

With that I fetched some ropes, learnt the simple ties to be made and settled myself in the lounge room. Before I began I made a last minute decision to wear some of my exchange students clothes to add some cross dressing into the situation. I grabbed her smallest g-string, white knee high socks, black shiny school shoes and her old school dress. It was a one piece dress with buttons at the front and a checked pattern you often find at schools with uniforms. 

I went into the lounge, put on the g-string, the socks, the school shoes and finally the dress. The dress was a tight fit and the bottom was so high the lower part of my ass could be seen. I made a pretty figure to my own amazement. By this time my hormones were kicking in. I laid on the floor. Tied my feet together and attached a simple loop and cinch to it to place my hands in for the hogtie. I then lay on my belly, checked the knife was there and put my wrists into a pre-made set of 'rope handcuffs' and they were called on the internet. I then looped my wrists behind the cinch and pulled tight. This was it... I could still unloop and get out... I let go and it pulled tight. I was now trapped, hogtied on my lounge floor in a full girls school uniform. 

I found my tie to be simple but not very strict but too strict for much good. I laid there for about 30 minutes when I heard the door unlock... 

"How could my family be home now?!" 

I was about to be humiliated for the rest of my life. Then to my surprise the exchange student walked in... my parents must have given her a key to the house!!!

At first she simply stared, then an evil grin came across her face. "I never knew you were into bondage!" 

I didn't say a word. She walked up to me, checked me out then grabbed more rope and started to tie me tighter! She tied my wrists more, added rope to my elbows pulling them together. After this she added more rope above and below my knees and then pulled my hands and feet together tighter making my hogtie extremely strict. I tried to move to get the knife but the ropes were too tight and she was quick to catch on and grabbed the knife. She then waved it in front of me and stood up. 

"I think your almost done, just let me get some personal items for you." 

With that she walked off to her room I guess. She came back with a small back pack and from it she pulled out a red ballgag and 2 pairs of leather cuffs. I was surprised to find she had things like this. 

"My ex boyfriend was into this and this is what's left over. Now don't move." She said. She then placed the ballgag in my mouth... it was big and I now could not speak. She then placed the cuffs on my wrists and feet and connected them. She took away the ropes that were in the way and stood up to look at her work. 

She started to speak to me again... 

"You look nice and comfortable. Now I'm the only person with keys to those cuffs and your not going anywhere without my help. Normally I would have let you go but since I caught you in my clothes, wearing my underwear I'm going to leave you here for a while as punishment! I'm staying at my friends house for the night so I'll be back to get you in the morning."

She turned and began to walk away. I tried to speak but all I could say was "mmmrrrrmmfffff" 

She turned and looked at me and said, "Actually, I'll send over a friend to pick up some stuff for me tomorrow instead at lunch. What a sight she will find! Bye bye, and don't go sneaking off anywhere either he he"

She turned and walked out the door...


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