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by Jayjaybound

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I had always been into Self Bondage even before I really knew what I was doing. The feeling of being tied up tight and being completely helpless turns me on so much. Once I moved on campus at Santa Clara University I started playing more and more but I had to be careful to do it only when my room mate was out of town. I also had to keep all my stuff hidden, which luckily wasn't that much stuff.. Soon I found that being dressed up in lingerie and other sexy clothes turned me on even more. I'm not gay, and I'd never want to be with another man, but I did enjoy being dressed in short skirts with tight lingerie underneath.

When summer came around I needed to find a place to live, and about a week before the quarter ended I finally found a place. It was a pretty good sized house in an average neighborhood. The family who lived there needed some extra money so they were renting out a room. I arrived there for an interview was stunned when the door was answered by a beautiful blonde girl who looked around the same age as me.

"Oh you must be here for the room. My parents are in the living room, come on I'll show you." 

As I followed her down the hall I couldn't help but notice her beautiful legs in her shorts. She also had a nice full chest that was at least a C-cup. All I could think would be how great it would be to see her on her way from the shower. I realized that if I wanted to stay here I would need to get that out of my head for the interview. The interview went smoothly. Her mother was blonde and had just as nice of a body with maybe a little more weight in certain areas, but still attractive. Her father was tall, even to me and I'm about 6'4", and had dark hair which I'm glad Stephanie didn't get. Later on I found out that they had another daughter, Heather, who I could tell from her picture was just as attractive as her sister. She had brown hair and a great body and in the picture was with her cheerleading squad. The interview went well and about a week later I got a call from them telling me I got the room. 

When school got out I moved my stuff over to the house. The room was about the same size as my dorm room, but this room I would have to myself. I was working during the mornings, but at night at first I was too nervous and uncomfortable to play any, but after about a week I couldn't help it anymore. I started playing, starting simple just in case, but as more time passed I started doing more and more. I had a small fridge with a freezer section at the top, and I started using it to freeze strings in ice cubes to hold up a key. About three weeks after I moved there I decided to use the freezer for the first time.

I started off by setting up the key by putting the string through the light fixture. The cube was big enough to give me about 2 hours tied up with the light off. I was on the second floor in the house so I left the window open for light. Before I had strung it up I had gotten dressed. I decided to wear a French maid's outfit I had picked up the week before. I started with a tight black satin thong and a black garter with fishnet stockings. I put 5" strappy heels on my feet. The French maids outfit followed along with a bobbed brunette wig. 

After putting the key up I sat down on the floor below the fixture to finish up. I started with a thin black leather collar with a leash and a thin leather belt that went around my waist and had a ring in the back and the front. I attached leather locking cuffs to my ankles and connected them with a chain that went through the ring on the back of my belt which forced me to kneel and kept me from extending my legs. I then attached the leash as high as I could on one of the bed posts so that I wouldn't be able to reach it until my hands were free. I took two more leather cuffs and put them on my wrists, but before I locked them I pushed a black ball gag into my mouth and buckled it behind my head. Then I put the lock that went with the key through the loop on the back of the belt and locked the cuffs together and to the belt. Now I was stuck until the ice melted. 

The keys to the leg cuffs were across the room on the dresser so there was nothing I could do. After about 10 minutes my knees were already hurting but with the leash attached so high up I couldn't even lie down, not that the leg chain would have allowed me to extend them anyways. About an hour had passed on the digital clock in front of me when everything went wrong.

The knock on the door shocked me out of my fantasies and pulled me back to reality along with the pain in my legs. I could hear Stacey, the mother, telling me that there was going to be a meeting in five minutes in the living room. I was stunned. What would happen when I didn't show up? I struggled to get free, but without the key it was hopeless. I soon heard Stacey return to ask me to come down. I froze. Maybe she would think I had left and just wait until later. I was wrong. I heard her turn the doorknob and suddenly realized I had forgotten to lock it. The door swung open behind me and the sudden silence was deafening.

"Oh my gosh. Joe get up here! You did this to yourself didn't you," she said as she moved around in front of me. "Well aren't you just the little slut. So you like this huh?" 

I couldn't believe it; she had a smile on her face!!

Just then Joe came in, "Well what do we have here. I thought it was strange that you always stayed in your room, and now I know why. I know you're not gay, or at least not completely because I've seen you checking out Stephanie and Heather, but you sure do look like a whore. Well come on its time for the meeting." 

With that he started looking around for the keys. He found the leg keys pretty quickly and undid them from the belt, but rechained them together. I was too surprised that they hadn't said they were going to kick me out yet, to even get up. It took about five minutes before he found the keys to the lock holding my hands, but rather than undoing them he just pocketed it, then he undid the leash and yanked me up. Standing on the heels was difficult since my legs were practically numb, but after a few seconds the feeling came back.

When he started leading me out the door it was a different story however. I had never walked much in these heels and it was extremely difficult. I nearly fell down the stairs a few times, but finally we made it to the living room. Stephanie and Heather were already there and I must have turned a bright shade of red when I realized that they were looking at me dressed in a French Maid's outfit with my hands cuffed behind me, and being led towards them on a leash held by their father. He stopped in the middle of the room and yanked down on my leash, "On your knees slut."

I fell to my knees from the sudden jerk on the leash which he dropped in front of me on the floor. I just sat there humiliated beyond belief. Here I was looking like a cheap whore in front of two beautiful girls and their parents. Then I heard Joe talking, "Well I guess its time to get this meeting started. We have had a problem with this house staying clean, so we will need to deal with that. Does anyone have any ideas?"

I couldn't believe it. They were acting as though everything was ordinary. Then I heard Stephanie speak up,

"Well Jason here looks like he should be cleaning up in that maids outfit, why don't we have him do it?"

"You know what sweety that's not a bad idea. Alright Jason you are going to be doing all the cleaning around here from now on. And I think while we are all here we should deal with you. I understand that you are returning to SCU at the end of September, but until then you are going to stay here whether you like it or not. If you look over at Stacey, you'll see that she has taken some nice pictures of you!" 

I looked over and sure enough she was standing there with a camera snapping off pictures with a digital camera.

"So if you try to leave or don't do exactly what we tell you to, those pictures will go directly to Santa Clara. I'll bet a good Jesuit school might have a problem with you behaving like this, so from now on you are ours. You will turn in your 2 weeks notice tomorrow when you go to work, because from now on you are our own personal servant. If you wish to leave this house to see someone you will have to ask us in advance and we will allow you 1 day for yourself when you can go where whatever you want. Except for that one day or for emergencies, you will be wearing feminine clothes that the girls will buy for you tomorrow."

"Because you are going to be our maid and servant, besides anything else we want, you will be up and ready at 7:00 every morning to prepare food and straighten up the house. You will remain our maid until 11:00 in the morning during which time you cook and clean the house as well as do anything else we may request of you by 11:01 the house will be spotless or you will be punished. You will then go from being our maid to simply being our servant. This means that you will still have to do anything we request of you but you will not need to clean unless we request it. From 4:00 to 7:00 you will return to being our maid and make our dinner as well as clean up afterwards."

"While you are our maid you must be in uniform, and since you seem to like that outfit you will wear it during those times. At all other times, except for your one day, you will wear the clothes bought for you by Stephanie and Heather. On your one day, you will still wear the feminine underwear the girls get for you. While in this house you will remain restrained in some way at all times. How strict that is just depends on what we feel like. If you disobey us or hesitate when you are ordered to do something, you will be punished. That can be anything from being put in very strict bondage, to being whipped or spanked; once again it is totally up to us. Since we no longer need money now that I've got my job, your rent will be free, and you will receive $100 per month for your services. You are now our maid, our servant, our slave, slut, and whore, and you have no choice in the matter. You will do what we tell you or suffer the consequences. Does that sound good to everyone?"

Everyone happily agreed, and the girls already started off discussing where they were going to get short skirts and dresses for me to wear. I just sat there stunned. I had become a slave to this family in a matter of minutes simply because I forgot to lock my door. I couldn't help but wonder what the next few months held for me.
Hope you liked the story. I'll get the next part out as soon as I can. If you have any ideas please e-mail me at [email protected]


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