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Caught by Drunk Diane

by Bob Lives

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© Copyright 2009 - Bob Lives - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; nylons; shoes; caught; F/m; tickle; tease; mast; cons/reluct; X

I'm sitting here rock hard thinking about what happened over the weekend.

It couldn't have worked out any better, I had to stop by my in-laws on my way home from work around five o'clock to drop off a few things on my way home. I knocked on the door but did not get an answer; it looked like nobody was home. I went around to the garage to get the hidden key to let myself in. As I opened the door the phone was ringing I looked at the caller id and noticed that it was my wife calling from our house. I answered the phone only to find out that my mother-in-law must have just left about five minutes ago and my father in law would be over grandmas until at least tomorrow.

I couldn't believe my luck, I was going to be alone at my in-laws for at least four hours, and I always wanted to check out Diane’s closet for her shoes. I’ve noticed that Diane had worn nylons most of the time I see Her, I was getting hard knowing that I could look through the closet with out being caught. I had seen most of her shoes one time or another, as I opened the closet door I caught the scent of leather in the air. Most of Her shoes were still in the boxes they came in, it was like Christmas. I had to open one box at a time to find out what shoes they were. I was looking for two different pair, the first were a tan pair of flats, and the second were a pair of modest black pumps.

I looked through about ten different boxes until I found my prize. I first took off my pants and decided to borrow a pair of Diane grey nylons, I just love how nylons feel on my legs I was rock hard after I wiggled myself into the nylons and couldn't wait to fuck her shoes. I knelt at the door and pulled a shoe out of each box and took turns fucking it and smelling it. After about five minutes I had to shoot my load, I was fucking Diane's black pump as I shot my load I came in waves because knowing what I was doing was not the things most people do.

I calmed down and went to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean up the mess in the shoe, that’s when I noticed that the insole of the pump was cloth, not leather. It took a little longer to clean then I thought it would, I had to soak it a little bit to get everything out. I started to feel pressed for time so I just put back both pairs of shoes, got dressed, and hit the road.

I left in such a hurry that I didn't realize that I still was wearing Diane’s nylons, how surprised she would have been knowing that I was in her nylons as I walked into my own house.

Diane greeted me as I walked into my house. I got into the house and out of those nylons without my wife or mother in law finding out. I stashed them in a bag with my own nylons and high heels. I was still feeling a little shocked at seeing Diane while wearing her nylons and couldn't stop thinking of how much fun I just had.

One of the nice things about my job is that I have Mondays off.  When my wife works and my kid goes to school I sometimes like to put on some nylons and high heels and do a little selfbondage. On those days I get up out of bed wake myself up and dig out my box of play things with all of my nylons, high heels, rope and handcuffs, just getting the box out starts to get me hard.

Because of the thanksgiving holiday I had an extra day off and with no one home it was only noon so I decide to have some fun. The first thing I did was to dig out Diane’s nylons that I was wearing yesterday and put them back on, next came my red 4 inch high heels, I instantly became rock hard again. I wanted to have some pictures of my bondage this time so I got out the tripod to set up my canon xti camera. I also needed to bring my laptop into the room so I could plug my camera into it and use the capture software, I can set it to take a picture at any set interval. Today I figured I would have it set at every twenty seconds.

First thing I did was go into the freezer and get out my chunk of ice with the string froze in it, I had about six feet of string inside the ice with about a foot sticking out each side of the cube. There was an eyehook in the ceiling just above where my right hand will be tied so I can tie the key and a bell to one end of the string and the other to the eyehook. I have the bell on the string so I can hear when the key drops because I will be gagged and blindfolded. I now have the camera running and my release set I can get myself tied up good and tight.

First thing I do is to loop a rope around each of the legs of my bed frame; I tie each ankle tight with it overhanging the edge of the bed by about six inches. Then I add a second rope to tie my ankles to each other, with them tied a two points I can hardly move them at all. I like it when my cock gets tied up also, I take a thin rope to wrap around my waist and make it a crouch rope then loop it around the base of my cock and balls, then finish off the job by just wrapping my balls nice and tight.

With only my hands left to tie up I pull a nylon knee high over my head and get out some duct tape to cover my eyes, the tightness around my head just intensifies the whole process. I already have my handcuffs around each wrist all I have to do is close the cuffs around the loop of rope I left at just the right length from each corner of the bed. I cuff my left hand first, I take my right hand and stroke my cock until I’m only seconds from cumming and quickly stop and cuff my right wrist, I am now tied until the ice melts.

I always love the feeling right after I tie myself up, it’s usually almost enough to take my over the edge and cum too soon, that has happened in the past a couple of times and when it does my time tied up seems like it doubles. Another thing is when your blindfolded all of your other senses are much more acute and active, you start to hear and smell things that you normally don’t.

I must have been tied up for about forty five minutes and my arms and legs are starting to get a little stiff from the lack of movement, the sound of the camera shutter was such a consent rhythm that when I heard a car door shut it seemed very loud and very close. It made me jump a little bit even though I knew I wasn’t going to get very far tied to the bed like this, I started to figure out how long I had until the ice melted when I heard the screen door open, my heart started to race a hundred miles a hour hoping it was just some kind of delivery.

I really panicked when I heard a key being put into the door lock and someone trying to open the door. I hoped if I just stayed still that I could get loose before anyone would notice me. “Hello, anybody home, hello I brought some mail over” the voice cried out, it was my mother in law Diane. I knew I was going to be super humiliated after she saw me in my unusual state; my only hope was that she was just dropping off some mail, but I was not that lucky. I was really wishing I had dead bolted the door but I never thought anyone was going to come over.

“I guess no one is here” Diane says to herself out load as she starts to walk. I can tell by the sound that she is wearing high heels from the clicking on the hard wood floor. “I knew I shouldn’t have had that fourth Mike’s hard lemonade aid so early in the afternoon, I have to use the bathroom again” she said as I just waited for her to find me, she must really had to go because I could tell from the clicking of her heels she was walking very fast, then I heard the bathroom door close.

Now I am in total panic mode, I’m trying as hard as I can to get loose and not make any noise, then it hit me like a ton of bricks, the camera, the camera is still clicking away. Diane must not have heard it with the sound of her high heels clicking on the floor.

“Hello, are you off work today? I thought you only had Mondays off? I guess I should have knocked instead of just letting myself in” Diane said as I heard her shut off the water in the bathroom sink and open the door. She just heard the camera and assumed it must have been me, I didn’t know what to say as I’m tied tightly to my bed wearing nylons and high heels, with a massive hard on from all of the action.

I hear her start to walk again as her high heels make the lovable clicking sound on the hardwood floor, and then she stops. “Oh my god, what happened, why didn’t you call out for help when I walked in? Who did this to you? Are you ok? Oh my god let me get you out of that contraption.”

I was almost starting to hyperventilate; I can’t believe that she thinks that this was done to be by someone else, I hope I can pull off this lie.

“I guess I will have to take that thing out of your mouth before you can tell me anything” Diane says to me as she unbuckles the ballgag.

“I’ll tell you how this happened, I forgot to get Kelly a birthday card on her birthday and she told me the only way I could make it up to her was to let her tie me to the bed in some nylons and high heels and wait here until she gets home.” I told Diane as she sat on the edge of the bed touching my wrist looking for a way to remove the handcuffs. I was glad I was still blindfolded because I felt my face getting red from all of the attention.

“I can’t believe she would leave you like this, does she not release how unsafe it is? What if there was a fire or something? And why would she wrap that rope around your penis that way, it could really be damaging. I don’t think it can get any harder from the look of it.” Diane said as I heard a little ding from the bell of the rope, the key must have dropped a little bit.

“What is this? I’m starting to think Kelly didn’t do this to you; you did it yourself didn’t you? I was wondering what kind of kinky daughter I raised but I guess it wasn’t her after all” Diane told me with an evil sound in her voice, as I felt her hand move away from my wrist and put it back just above my waist “ I’m think I might of had a little too much to drink but the way I look at it I can do whatever I want to and you’re never going to tell anyone, because your story would have to start with ‘I had myself tied to the bed wearing nylons and high heels when Diane can over and found me’ I don’t think you’re going to go there are you” Diane said to me and I knew I was in for some trouble.

“It’s been a long time since I had a younger man at my disposal, to do anything I want with, any strange thoughts I might have in my head that I’m afraid to share with anyone else, I guess I just found the perfect person to share them with. Before I get started I’m going to copy all of those pictures from your camera and keep them in case I ever need any favors, or anything else I can imagine” Diane told me as I hear her open the camera and take out the memory card and walk into the other room.

I am pulling and tugging with all of my might doing whatever I can to get loose but to no avail, I am working up quite a sweat and getting tired with all of my struggling. One thing that doesn’t get tired is my rock hard dick, it’s almost like it has a mind of its own, in fact I can tell that it’s just about ready to cum, I have to try to clam myself down before I make a mess and really embarrass myself. I decide to just slow down and try to take whatever Diane can dish out.

“I hope you didn’t think I forgot about you, I now have everything copied nicely and put into my car for safe keeping, now what should I do with you? Or should I say to you” Diane said as I felt her drag her nails from my lips to right above my cock. I strained and tugged doing what I thought would help me get off, “Oh, I just love how hard you cock is, its wiggling so much with you trying to get loose, I wonder how much harder it can get? Maybe if I can get you to wiggle some more it might get ever harder.” Diane said as I felt her finger work their way into my side.

I pulled away as far as I could to try to escape the tickling, I tugged and began to beg, “Pleeaassseee! Stop! Ha ha ha ha, you you you have to ha ha ha stop! It tickles way too much!” I said to her as I tried with all of my might to get loose but I have tied myself all too well.

“If your sides tickle this much I wonder how ticklish the rest of your body is.” Diane told me in a devilish voice as she gave me a break and I felt her sit on the edge of the bed. I was still breathing pretty hard as I got it taken away again as Diane lightly touched my rock hard cock, she just lightly slid her nails up and down my shaft with just enough pressure to let me know she was there but not enough to let me cum.

“Oh, do you like that? Do you think I should let you cum so quickly? I don’t think so with all of the effort you used to tie yourself up, it would just be a shame.” Diane told me as she started to use her other hand to lightly play with my balls. The touch was almost enough to bring me over the edge, but when Diane noticed that she turned thing into a new direction. “I think I may have to get a drink out of your fridge,” said Diane “I wouldn’t want my buzz to quit while I’m having so much fun. Do you want something to drink? You know what, that might not be a good idea right know” Diane told me as I felt her get off of the bed and walk down to the kitchen.

The clicking of her high heels was driving me crazy knowing that after all of that was going on she never took off her shoes. I can tell she’s coming back as she begins to tell me. “I never would have guessed you for a guy who likes to wear nylons let alone high heels; I guess you learn something new about somebody every day. Did I ever ask you if your feet are ticklish? Because I think it might be time to find out after I put my drink down” Diane told me in a playful voice as I hear her set her drink down on the dresser next to the bed.

“I think I will start with you left foot, it looks like it needs to be tickled” Diane told me as I felt her nail stroking the top of my foot, I tried to pull away and wiggle but it was no use. “My my my I would have never guessed a big strong man as you is so ticklish, I think you must really be liking it from the way you cock is rock hard, I wonder if I tickle both feet at once if I can make you cum? Do you think that’s possible?” Diane told me as I felt her fingers working on the souls of each foot through the opening at the side of my d'Orsay pumps; it was driving me mad and making me even hornier.

‘Please, just stop let me go and I will never tell anyone about what happened” I told Diane begging and hoping she would stop, I was pulling so hard trying to get loose I was getting light headed from all of the straining.

I felt her move onto the bed and sit between my tightly tied legs. “I sure hope that’s not all you got trying to get loose because I’m not stopping until you get at least one limb loose, or until you cum, it’s all up to you” Diane told me as she dragged her nails up and down both legs at the same time, digging into each soul and then stroking my cock about five strokes then repeating the whole thing over and over.

I was almost on the verge of cumming when all of a sudden she stops everything, argh I screamed as the frustration was driving me mad, I was about wore out when Diane told me, “I’ve read that if you ever have sore feet you should roll them back and forth over a hard wooden pole, I have a different kind of pole to use, I wonder how well it will feel?” as I hear her starting to remove the straps from her shoes.

I can feel the bed moving as she takes off both shoes and wraps both of her feet around my rock hard cock, “You know they might be right, I think my feet are feeling better already” Diane tells me as I am becoming lost in this surreal moment.

The smooth nylons and warm feet are about to take me over the edge as she leans back on the bed and begins to unbuckle the straps of my right shoe and tickles my tightly tied foot while not missing a beat, “I bet it won’t be long now until you cover my nylon covered feet in you hot cum, I think I am really getting a better workout then going to the gym or walking. It’s time for both shoes to be off and both feet tickled for the grand finale” Diane said as she was working my other shoe off. I was now going nuts wanting to cum, all of my senses were on full tilt as Diane worked her magic and just kept tickling my feet and stroking my cock with her feet.

“I think you’re getting really close now, should I stop again or are you ready to cum?” Diane asked me.

Yes, just ha ha ha do it already I can’t he he he take anymore please, pretty please I’ll do anything for you just let me cum already, I begged of her as she started to slow down the rubbing of her feet

“Anything eh I’m going to make you an offer, I will finish my work here but at least once a month you must make yourself ready for me to come over and do as I please to you, I know that you have every Monday off by yourself so you don’t have any excuses about having to find a day when nobody home, what do you think? Do we have a deal?” Diane asked me, I didn’t need any time to think of an answer YES, please yes just please let me cum.

“That’s great I think this is going to be a very good deal for both of us” Diane told me as her feet and hands went back to high speed. “I think this is it, are you ready?” She said as I began to spurt all over her feet and legs.

I came in waves, Diane finally stop the tickling and just slowly stroked my cock with her cum soaked feet and then I felt her turn around and star to lick me clean, I was in heaven as she licked me clean and even through in a few rib tickles while she was at it.

“You know I am thinking, how much fun would it be if Kelly comes home and finds you this way? I think I may tie your key in a knot, just out of reach of your hand that way when Kelly gets home she just thinks you got in trouble all by yourself” Diane tells me as I feel her move off the bed and over to the table with the handcuff key, re-tying it so there would be no hope of me getting loose by myself.

“You had enough fun didn’t you, why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

She just laughed and said, “I have a bunch of pictures that say I can do whatever I want to you, beside I think you are still wound up enough for round 2. In fact I’m going to type a note on the computer that say ‘Tickle me a whole bunch, I’ve been a very bad boy’ that might just be good for starters. Have fun I will be calling you soon about next time” Diane says to me as she works the ballgag back into my mouth and buckles it one hole tighter then I normally do then I feel her tickled my foot on her way out the door.


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