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Caught and Enslaved

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2004 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; tens; caught; F/m; bond; con; X

In order to view this story, readers must be of legal age in the area where they reside.  If stories of explicit sex and bondage offend you, go elsewhere.  You have been warned.

This is my tale of self bondage and the results of it.  My name is Ben.  I have been happily married to my wife for 6 years.  I am 30 and by wife Anne is 28.  I am still not too hard on the eyes.  My wife is still knockout gorgeous.  I am a little over 6 feet 3 inches tall semi bald, blond hair blue eyes and in shape.  I work out at the gym 4 days a week with both weights and aerobic exercises.

My wife Anne is one of those tall willowy, lithe blonds.  She has long blond hair, blue eyes, full ruby red lips and high cheek bones.  Her breasts are small and pointed.  She still had her hour glass waist flaring out to full round hips.  She has strong legs with beautifully shaped thighs and muscular calves.

I have always been interested in bondage.  Before I married Barbara I put myself in bondage several times a week.  I met Barbara.  We fell in love.  We both came from small towns where any mention of sex was taboo.  We got married.  Things were fine for a few years.  The sex was great.  Then the need for me to be bound and helpless came back.  I had kept all of the bondage stuff I had acquired in 2 locked trunks.  They were far back in the corner of the attic.  Barbara had forgotten all about them.  By now the internet with all of its information was available.  I found a great deal of femdom information.  I down loaded a ton of stories about women tying up and torturing men.  It took a third trunk to contain all of the stuff I down loaded and printed.

This particular day I had to go in for the annual physical exam required by my company.  I was scheduled for 7 in the morning.  By 10:30 I was finished and home.  Barbara was at work.  The desire to be bound became overwhelming.  I decided that in the absence I could put myself in bondage for 2 hours and relax.

You might also want to know that I always fantasized about being bound and having my cock teased to the edge without being able to cum.  I had purchased a ten’s unit.  I experimented with the tease denial technique by having the current from the tens unit keep me on the edge without climax.  The problem was that I couldn’t stand it very long and eventually, after a short time, turned the current up to the point where I would climax.

While I was looking for rope and handcuffs I came across the plastic box containing the tens unit and it accessories.  I thought, “Hmmmm!  Here is a chance to hook my cock up to the tens unit and see if I can be teased denied for an hour or so before I get out of my bondage.”

I grabbed a pile of rope, a few pairs of handcuffs and the tens unit.  I went down stairs to the bedroom.  I sat on the bed and thought for awhile.  I had to find a position in which I could be bound and still get loose.  I need to be unable to move so as not to be able to dislodge the pads or turn of the tens unit once the pads were on the head of my cock.  I looked around the room to see what possibilities presented themselves for bondage.  I spied one of those chairs that came with chrome dinette sets.  It one of those with a padded seat, chrome back and a lattice work of small chrome squares across the back.   

I thought that the chair might work for my self imposed bondage session.  I dragged the chair to the center of the open space at the foot of the bed.  I stripped and sat on the chair.  I saw that if I bound my ankles to the slanting legs of the chair only the tips of my toes would touch the floor.  I reasoned that I could tie my body to the back of the chair.  I experimented with binding my ankles to the chair legs and tying my body to the chair.  I saw that my knees would have to be pulled together a little with a rope.  I released the ropes and got a pair of handcuffs.  I found they would fit through one of the squares of the lattice work on the back of the chair.  I put the handcuffs through a bottom square in the middle of the lattice.

Next I had to design a plan of escape.  I had a relay that could be put on a timer.  When the timer turned off the current, whatever was attached to the relay would drop.  Right above my chair was a hook that had apparently been used for one of the swaged, hanging lights.  It was perfect.  I tied a piece of twine to the back of the chair and tied the other end of the twine to the hook making sure the twine was taught.  I hung the relay up and attached the handcuff key to the pin.  I made sure a string was tied to the key on the end other end of the string. I tied a snap ring and clipped it around the twine.  This insured that when the timer shut the current off, the key would drop to the top of the chair and hang down where I could reach it and unlock the cuffs.  I went through several trial runs with the timer.  Everything worked to perfection.  The key dropped to right where I could easily get it and use it to unlock the cuffs.

I went down to the kitchen and fixed a small snack.  Then it was time for me to put my plan into effect.  I went up to the bedroom.  I started to set the timer.  I looked at my watch.  It was now 1:30.  Barbara would be home a little after 4.  I figured I could have 2 hours of bondage.  It would be pushing it a little.  However all I had to do when the key dropped was unlock the cuffs and unite 4 ropes.  That wouldn’t take more than a few minutes.  I would have enough time to get everything put back in place and greet Barbara.  

I began to get myself fixed in place.  I bound my ankles to the chair legs and cinched them.  I tied my knees close enough together that I could only move them a little.  I bound my body to the chair back and tied the ends of the rope to the rope holding my knees together.  I would not be able to use my hands to untie the body rope.  I fixed the tens unit to my cock and turned it on.  I spent quite awhile getting the current and frequency adjusted.  Finally I hoped I had it adjusted to the point where it would keep me excited but deny climax.  I waited about 15 minutes to be sure it was correctly set.  I was really excited but was kept just below the edge of climax.  It seemed fine.  I made one last check.  The timer was set correctly.  The key was on a ring around the twine.  I made sure the tens unit and the wires were in a position where I could not reach them once my wrists were in the cuffs.  I decided I needed one more item for my bondage.  I figured I should just need to concentrate on my bondage and the sensations being produced in my cock, which by now were considerable and distracting me.

I could just reach the blindfold I had laid on the floor.  I put it on and adjusted it until I could see nothing.  It was great.  Now everything was ready.  All I needed to do was lock my wrists in the cuffs.

I reached behind the chair and felt a thrill as I heard the ratcheting clicks of the cuff closing about my wrist.  I tried to get the second cuff positioned around my other wrist.  I found this hard to do.  It took quite awhile for me to get my wrist in position.  This should have warned me.  I was finally rewarded by hearing the cuff ratchet closed.  I was now fixed to the chair.

I decided to test my bondage.  I tried to move my legs.  All I could do was wiggle my knees a little.  I tried to move my body.  My waist was held tightly to the chair back by the rope.  My arms were fastened so low on the chair that I was unable to move my chest forward an inch.  I tried to slide the chair.  Nothing happened.  I could not put enough pressure on the floor to slide the chair.  I tried to move my arms.  They were fixed tightly in place.  I could move one of my elbows at a time an inch or so.  That was it.  

I found I was a part of the chair until the key would drop and I could unlock my cuffs.  I decided to see if I could do anything about the sexual torture of my cock.  I now wanted to climax in the worst way.  Each pulse of current through my cock excited it.  I was brought to the brink of climax but not over.  I wanted to stop the current going through my cock.  If I couldn’t do anything, in a little while I would be a blithering idiot.  I tried to move my legs.  I tired to shake my balls and cock.  I tired to reach the control unit.  I tried to reach the wires and unhook them with my toes.  There wasn’t a thing I could do to stop that infernal current cursing through my cock head keeping me on the verge of climax but not allowing it.

The next wave of current hit my cock.  “Ahhhhhe eeeeee nooooo!”  I couldn’t help myself.  The pulses were driving me crazy.  I don’t know how long this went on.  I could not see the clock or the timer because of the blind fold.  Every pulse of the current through my cock elicited a moan from me.  Sometimes it was more than one and loud.  I hoped the neighbors couldn’t hear.  I found out real fast that fantasizing about something and experiencing it were two different ball games.  This was no fantasy.  This was reality and I wanted it to stop.  The difference between fantasy and the real thing was you could stop the fantasy.  The real thing did not stop.  The current went on forcing more moans from me.  The longer the sexual torture went on, the more inhuman my moans became.

I lost track of time.  I became lost in a place where my cock head was the entire world.  All I could do was visualize my throbbing cock head and wish it would climax.   I was lost in time.  The click of the timer and the key hitting my hand brought me back to reality.  I could finally get loose and stop this diabolically, evil torture.

I grabbed the key in my hand.  I tried to fit it into the keyhole of the handcuffs.  I tried the first time.  I could not reach the keyhole with the key.  I had always been able to unlock my wrists from the handcuffs, even when they were locked behind my back.  I switched the key to my other hand.  The result was the same.  I could not get free.  I began to panic.  The tingling torture of my cock didn’t help any.  I twisted the key every possible way.  No amount of fiddling with the key and twisting the cuffs would allow me to get the key in a hole and unlock them.  By fixing the handcuffs to the back of the chair, I had made the chain between them so short that I had no access to the keyholes in the cuffs.

I have always been able to escape from my self imposed bondage.  There had to be a way out of this one.  I tried everything.  I even tried to tip the chair over.  I could do nothing.  I was there until someone, Barbara released me.  I had no hope of escape from this self imposed bondage.

I was horrified.   What would Barbara think?  She would probably go bananas when she saw my cock hooked up to the tens unit.  I shuddered in my chair.  This almost caused me to climax.  I had to watch it.  If I reached a climax, the electric torture would really become unbearable.  I breathed deeply and relaxed.  At the same time I was moaning about my frustration over not being able to cum.

I struggled. I jerked. I shook. I moaned and groaned. Nothing I did would alleviate my situation.  Just as I thought my cock torture would drive me insane, I heard Barbara say, “Ben are you here?”

I replied, “I’m upstairs in the bedroom.”

“Be up in a sec hon.”

I heard some rustling and the sounds of feet climbing the stairs.  God I needed to get out of this bondage and stop my cock torture.

I heard Barbara say, “Ben what is going on!  Why are you tied to that chair?”  There was a pause.

“You did this to yourself didn’t you?”

“Guilty!  Please get me out of here.  I can’t take this cock torture anymore”

“Not so fast big boy.  I like what I see.  Your helpless and I can do whatever I wish.  First, I’m not going to take any chances.”

Barbara came over and grabbed the key.  She pulled until the string snapped.  She said, “Now you’re not going anywhere.”

I said, please, “I can’t take this torture any more.  At least stop it.”

Barbara said, “What torture! Explain what you mean.”

I explained to Barbara about the tens unit and what it was doing to me.  Barbara replied, “I’ve read about that.  I thought it was all fantasy.  I didn’t know any one actually did it.”

“Well too bad for you.  I am going to keep you there.  I knew you liked bondage.  I just didn’t know whether you were submissive or dominant.  I wouldn’t want to be tied up.  However I sure like to do the tying.  I know you have a bunch of bondage equipment in the attic.  I’ll go get it.  You can tell me where the keys to your trunks are when I return.”

I moaned, “Barbara please, do something about my torture it has been 2 hours.”

Barbara simply left.  She ignored me.  She made 3 trips to the attic and lugged down my 3 trunks.  She asked for the keys.  She told me if I didn’t give them to her she would just leave me there as I was.  I told her where the keys were.

Barbara removed my blindfold and unlocked the 3 trunks.  She went through all of the bondage gear.  She mumbled once or twice over an item.  Barbara reached into a trunk and came out with an extremely severe double layered discipline helmet I had purchased ages ago.  I had never been able it completely secured zipped and locked.  Barbara held up the helmet.  She said, “This will do nicely.”

Barbara headed toward me with the helmet.  I said, “Barbara please not that helmet.  I have never been able to get it on and secured.  The one time I tried it I could stand it.  It was so confining I had to get it off right away.”

Barbara simply started to put the helmet in place on my head.  I twisted and turned trying to avoid it.  Barbara was patient.  Every time I slowed or stopped she gained an inch or two with the helmet.  I became tired and my neck hurt.  I paused and the helmet plopped in place.  Then I gave up and resigned myself to being locked in the helmet.  At this point there would be nothing I could do to stop it from being belted, buckled, zipped and locked on my head and neck

Barbara buckled the posture collar, connected to the helmet about my neck; she made sure the ear pads were in place.  She laced the back of the helmet up until it was tight around my face and compressing it.  She zipped the helmet closed and locked the zipper to the pin on the posture collar.  Barbara pumped up the gag in my mouth.   My mouth was completely filled by the pear shaped expandable gag.  Barbara attached the nose tubes.  She then pulled the second layer of the helmet over my face being sure the air tubes came through the holes and were not closed.  She zipped the second layer of the helmet in place and locked it.

My only world was the head of my cock.  I was going crazy.  Now not only could I not move I could not relieve my frustration by complaining about my situation.  The cock tease went on and on.  I drifted off to some place in space.  I was aware of nothing but the tingling sensation in the head of my cock.  A sharp pain in my right nipple brought be back to the present.  Barbara had found a pair of my nipple clips and figured their use.  I suffered another sharp pain in my left nipple.  After that, there was nothing but silence, tease torture and pain.

I felt hands working at the helmet.  Soon it was pulled off of my head.  Barbara said, “Ben, do you want to be my slave?  If you do, I’ll keep you in bondage and torture you a lot.  It will be on my terms.  If you don’t say so and we’ll never again mention anything to do with bondage.”

I quickly told Barbara I was hers to do with as she wished.  I hoped I was in for a life of bondage and torture.  Barbara released me and we made mad, crazy love.

This is intended to be the story in its entirety.  I suppose I could be coerced to continue it.  I’m not sure how it would go.

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