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Caught in Self Bondage, and a Fantasy Fulfilled

by lockedup4eva

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© Copyright 2022 - lockedup4eva - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; gag; dungeon; enclosed; hoist; hood; straps; hogtie; oubliette; captive; femdom; sendep; caught; nc; XXX

Author's Note: I originally posted this work to Utopiastories but have edited it slightly as my writing has improved.

Total fiction of course…and I have left out some details to keep the narrative flowing but I hope that doesn't spoil the effect of the story for you.

This is the tale of a man who has spent years keeping his self-bondage secret from everyone…even his girlfriend with whom he plays kinky games in a basement dungeon at her house. Then one day, she comes home early and catches him in the act…he finds out she's a little more serious a player than he realised…

Ah, so here you are, my pathetic little slave boy. And may I ask what the FUCK you are doing playing without ME?! Struggle all you want you little bitch it looks like you're too good at self bondage to get out without your release, and I've already taken your keys. I am so ANGRY; is my bondage not good enough for you?

I can't understand you, what does mmmmmf mmmmmf mean? If you won't have a serious conversation about this then shut up, I'm talking. So here I find you. Hogtied in leather and steel on our basement dungeon floor. You thought I was away for the weekend, but I've come back two days early as my trip was cancelled at the last minute. You're gagged, looks like an inflatable bulb gag, and you're tightly hooded…yep I see the gag padlocked on under the hood, and you've locked the hood straps too. Wow those elbows look tightly strapped together, a very creative use of ratchet straps, very clever. And I see youve arched yourself up using the same method, ankles to the back of your chest harness, head pulled back towards your toes. My my, I'm getting soaked just looking at you. I'm mad at you, but you look hot, I'll give you that.

So you're just in contact with the ground at your belly and thighs…crushing your cock and balls with every rock back and forth or side to side. Your cock looks to be very hard, and…wow ok you used the long butt plug modelled on my ex's 8 inch dick. God, how I loved that dick fucking my arse, and cumming all over me…

You are a filthy pervert.






You're in SO much trouble now. Clearly this is what you like best…you scared of me? YOU FUCKING SHOULD BE! I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU!!! Right, if this is what you want, you can have a whole lot more, starting right now. I'm taking off your hood for a short time. There.

Oh you DO look scared. Good.You're fucking right to be scared baby…you are no longer my boyfriend, who gets to hold hands with me, have dinner, watch films, fuck me and sleep in my bed, and with whom I play kinky games as a loving but strict femdom. Why didn't you open up and tell me I wasn't enough for you? You don't love me, you just love the bondage. No,no, don't protest, I get it. Lucky for you I'm not going to kick you out, I love you too much and instead I have a gift for you. I'm going to give you EXACTLY what you want.

See this?

*she opens a secret trapdoor in the floor revealing a cement lined pit about 3 feet deep, 2 feet wide and 4 feet long


You like this position better than anything I do to you? You think you can bind yourself better than I can bind you? You can fucking stay that way. If you don't want this, tell me now.


I'll take the shaking your head and thrashing around in your bonds as an enthusiastic yes!

Hmmmm, odd, your eyes look like theyre pleading with me but I cant understand a word, so be it you little fuck, in you go.

I'm attaching the suspension winch to get you lowered into the hole but lets get your ear plugs in and hood strapped back on first. There we go and let's stick 4 padlocks into the buckles, you know, just to be sure.

So, that's it then. You better hope I miss having you around in time and come back for you. As things stand you can fucking stay in there and enjoy the bondage and isolation you seem to desire so much. I know your cock is still rock hard even though you may never get out of there again. Might call my ex over for an angry fuck. You should know by the way, once this trap door shuts, it’s flush with the floor, and has a multi-point locking system that's top of the line secure. Without the keys there is no way out. I might just give them to my ex…and tell him EXACTLY what they're for. He hates that I took you as my lover instead of submitting myself to him, so this may not go well for you.

If you hear a snapping sound it may be the key in the lock… he was a kinky bitch too…but WAY more of a sadist, which was kinda why I let him go. But in this case I might find use for his dark side in deciding what your fate will be.



2 weeks later…

Wellllll, my little bitch, it seems you got way more than you bargained for when I caught you in self bondage 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately for you my ex has got back under my skin, I did always enjoy his huge dick…and now I have commited myself to him as HIS slave. my property has become his, and that includes you.

I had been keeping you a secret as I was scared what he might do to you if he found I had a little bitch boy locked in a secret cellar…but he knew something was up and now I've told him everything, including all your darkest, filthiest, fantasies.

You know the ones.

The permanent bondage ones, that climax with you, being sealed up forever in tight bondage…

Well, be careful what you wish for, as they say. I had to give you up to save myself from an extra week in his chastity belt…I couldn't go without his cock any longer… and I'm here now so you're not surprised when the concrete delivery comes.

That's right, you're about to be sealed tight in your little prison, set in concrete, and forgotten about.

Well…I won't forget you, I'll keep you fed and watered via your tubes and enjoy the odd wank over your predicament. maybe even get fucked by my lover's 8 inch dick over your concrete cube.

Bet you regret being quite so good at self bondage now huh? Well, I'll keep the microphones on so you can hear what we get up to through your hood earbuds. You will hear me getting tied, punished, forced to pleasure him with my mouth, pussy and arse, or begging to be let out of chastity for a fuck. And I am going to love every second of it. I'm even starting to get into your kinky, dark, fantasies myself; it turns out I fucking love being owned.

Who knows, maybe I'll end up in a similar position to you? I could be right next to you, in my own inescapable underfloor cell, all snugged up in tight leather, unable to do a thing about you, and you unable to do a thing to save me…goodbye baby.

The End


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