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Caught in Selfbondage

by Marina

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© Copyright 2004 - Marina - Used by permission

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Hi to all self bondage enthusiasts, here is my once and only time I was caught during a self bondage session of mine. Let me introduce myself first before I start, I am 24 now, I am 5’6” 137lbs, shoulder length brown highlighted hair, green eyes, lovely legs, shaved, 34b-24-34, nicely toned body with average looks. I always have been excited/turned on seeing a girl tied up on TV or during a movie, so I tried it my very first time when I was about 15 years old. I loved it and couldn’t get enough of tying myself up, each time became better and better more exciting and wanted to be pleased and couldn’t wait until the next time I tied myself up and always thinking of new ways to tie/tease myself or tie myself up to and masturbate in one wild orgasm. Once I was old enough and online I learned so much about self tying and amazed at how many people other then I done this type of play. I always thought that I was alone in this style of play. And always had to be careful around my parents so they wouldn’t discover my self bondage items that I hid very well, and especially them finding me in a self bondage session. 

It all started out one morning dreading to get out of bed and in an aroused mood, thinking of tying myself up but I couldn’t afford to take the day off of work so I got dressed and off to work I went. I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could go home and get my day’s worth of arousal built up sexual energy got me thinking of a new tie to try out once I got home. I couldn’t stop thinking about tonight and counting the hours and minutes till it was time to leave. On the way home from work I kept thinking how good it is going to be and how it would feel, how much I could move and or not be able to move much. I pulled up in the driveway to find my relatives were visiting us from out of town so it most likely they would be staying with us, its was good to see them again it, but it would throw a kink in my self pleasure tonight but I didn’t let that stop it I couldn’t hold days worth of built up sexual tension go without. 

After supper we all sat around talking catching up on old times, the usually same old bullshit. My mom rented movies that same very day so she thought it would be a good idea for all of us to retire to the living room to watch a movie. I played the “I already saw that movie in the theater” bit and told everyone that I was going to bed early and had been a very busy day and I am exhausted (but in my mind I was like jumping for joy). They said their goodnights and down the stairs I walked (more like ran and skipped every other step) down to my room. 

I was unbuttoning my blouse as I went downstairs practically stripping down to my skirt and pantyhose by the time I got to my room. I got in shut the door slipped my skirt off kicking it up on the bed, so I was down only to my white pair of pantyhose; I got my closet pole out laying it on the floor, and what toys I had at the time out laid them next to the pole, sorting my ropes, nipples like rocks from the chill in the room (being in the basement) and aroused didn’t help either. I sat down on the floor pulled my pantyhose down inserted my vibrator in me once satisfied with its placement I pulled my pantyhose up snuggly. Instantly I was in awe from the sensation but I had better tie myself up fast before I cheated myself out of a self bondage session. 

I stood up putting the pole behind my back tying a rope around my waist and the pole, making a couple loops thru my legs for a makeshift crotch rope, then my upper thighs, above and below my knees, ankles and tried for the first time tying my big toes together. It was awkward but since I had my legs tied as they were there and stiffly tied to the pole there is no turning back now. I lowered myself to the floor tied a rope above my chest and around the pole a few turns, and same with another rope below my breasts and also around the pole tightly cinched and knotted it off, using a smaller rope I wrapped it under the top and bottom rope pulling it snuggly I looped the rope around the top/bottom ropes until it pulled them tightly together in between my breasts squishing them very snuggly. I was pleased with the feel and continued onward. I placed a wooden clothespin on each nipple, which really had myself squirming and wiggling (I LOVE my nipples clamped mmmmm) but tie as I was offered little to no movement all stretched out and stiffly tied to the pole on the floor. 

I added a blindfold and placed a small piece of duct tape over my mouth and I was ready to seal my fate with my cuffs, I reached my wrists above my head locking one cuff to one wrists then taking the cuff behind the pole and locking the other wrist rendering myself in complete helpless inescapable self bondage. But only for an hour thou, I had my handcuff keys tied to a shoe lace and then the other end of the shoe lace tied to the handcuff chain so once the ice melted I could pull the keys to my cuffed hands and free them. 

For the hour of totally helplessness I would be teased, squirming, wiggling, and moaning from orgasm to orgasm. I loved it and going with the flow working up to an orgasm slowly, I began to pick up the rhythm moaning loader and struggling harder. I hear a soft knock on my door then I see my light turn on thru my blindfold and my dads voice followed (as he opened the door he heard me moaning, the vibrator seemed like it roared) asked me if I had any extra blankets or pillows for my relatives who were staying over for the night. I was startled, panicked and struggling trying to roll over onto my side to cover myself but it was no use, I never felt so ashamed and embarrassed at the same time, having my dad find me in the situation I was in practically nude and masturbating in my self bondage. 

He yelled “What the hell are you doing Marina?” he looked at me telling me that I could have gotten hurt badly and its not safe, went on telling me never to do this kind of stuff in his house again or else. But he did say that if I don’t ever do it again he would pretend it never happened and never speak of it again, and would tell no one. He left my room shutting my bedroom door but leaving the light on. 

I was scared, nervous, turned on wanting to orgasm so bad but yet wanted out of my self bondage right away before anyone else might walk in on me. I struggled and wiggled trying to slide the pole out of the ropes, but it was no use, the ropes were tightly tied around the pole keeping my stiffly tied and trapped to the pole. The bad thing of it is (well don’t know if it was really bad being tied and teased how I was) I had to wait for the ice to melt before I could free myself, and before I was found by my dad I had just locked myself in completely. I figured I had about another 30-40 minutes of complete helplessness and the vibrator never stopped doing its job of teasing me. I started to regain my sexual energy back up slowly working up an orgasm when it hit me I tensed my body up and exploded in one huge orgasm, the rope pressing into me could hardly move the way I had bound myself to the pole and was wiggling my hips the best I could to try and hump the vibrator in me and make the crotch rope rub against my sex, my nipples were on fire and really sore and moaning softly thru the gag, gasping for air after I laid they lifelessly resting and regaining my composure. 

After resting I pulled on the shoe lace close to me that was tied to the handcuff chain, on the other end was my frozen ice that trapped my keys inside it, it was still frozen, the keys still trapped inside the ice, once fully melted I could eventually free myself. It was not long till I had a second orgasm and wow left me gasping for air as I struggled I managed to roll over on my tummy which forced me face into the carpet as well as crushed my clothes pinned nipples which cause me severe pain, one clothespin fell off which was a partial relief while humping the floor I rolled side to side trying to make my orgasm last as long as I could made it only worse my nipple that had the clothespin on it would rub and catch in the carpet and finally fell off which was a relief but my nipples were extremely sore. But all worth the struggling and powerful orgasm’s I had except for being caught in the act by my dad of all people. Would be one thing if it was my sister or a friend who caught me but being it my dad I will always have this ashamed feeling when I look at him, him knowing my kinkiness. 

The next morning came I went upstairs to hear everyone talking around the table and everyone looked at me in a different way, I was like oh great everyone knows what I did last night. You know that look you get from people that know something personal about you, but they pretend they don’t know, I got that look from everyone. I thought to myself that if they did know my mom would of said something about it, so to this day its remains our secret between me and my dad.  

The End, but not for my self bondage adventures >:) mmmmm mmmmm yummy


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