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Caught in the Woods

by Crazy Man

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© Copyright 2003 - Crazy Man - Used by permission

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Here I am, naked except for chains, leather cuffs and padlocks hiding in the bushes next to a country road. Traffic is light but constant; another car goes by every minute or so mostly moms running errands during the day while the kids are in school or local construction workers driving between jobs. The last thing I want is to be caught by one those guys! Once in a while a really cute female drives by and I am sure she can see me hiding naked and helpless in the bushes a mere 5 feet from the edge of the road, sometimes I peer out a little almost hoping to be caught by one of the females.

Hanging from a telephone pole on my side of the road is one of the keys I need to release me from my chains and get my clothes back.   The pole is at an open spot in the road and very exposed. It can be seen for about 100 yards in either direction.  I already had to dive back in to the bushes when I heard a car coming. Even if I wanted to take the chance of being caught naked and chained in the middle of the day on a country road and get the key, something I will have to do if I want to get free, I could not retrieve it from the pole, the key is not just hanging there to be picked up, it is locked to the pole by padlock, I do not have the key to that padlock which would release the key the hanging from telephone pole. I do have a key in my hand; it is for another padlock across the road and far into the woods. I have to cross the road and get the right key before I can open this lock and get this key.

The key I need to open the lock on the pole is located across the road and about a mile down a path that leads to a lake. Trouble is I need to follow a sequence of 7 locks and keys to get free and to retrieve my clothes. This sequence will require me to cross this road 4 times in broad daylight.

Several more cars have passed while I think of the ordeal that follows before I get free; the path into the woods is just across the street, easy enough to just run across the road to the comparative safety of the woods. The path then runs parallel to a very busy main road about 20 feet from the road, there is some cover but it is pretty exposed. 

Even crossing the road is dangerous, my feet are chained together by a short hobble chain, I can only take short steps, it will take about 30 seconds to get across the road. To make it more difficult the hobble chain has another chain that runs up and around my balls; it is locked to my balls by a padlock tight enough so that it cannot be removed without a key. The ball chain is so short I cannot stand upright; if I try it pulls tight and pulls my balls down hard. If I should try to run across the road I will be painfully reminded to walk very slowly. If fact any time I try to move quickly I am stopped by the hobble and ball chain.

How did I end up here? I love complicated self bondage that involves the risk of discovery. I am here by my own choice. I live near a large state forest, about 1500 acres bounded by a heavily travelled main road and bisected by a less travelled country road. There are many paths and a nice lake that used to be a town water supply. People hike and mountain bike through the woods, there are not supposed to be any motor driven vehicles in the woods but people bring in 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. They make a lot of noise and are easy to hear coming. Walkers tend to talk a lot so you can hear them and hide in the woods. The mountain bikes are fast and quiet creating the biggest risk of discovery. It is quite thrilling to be hiding naked and helpless as someone walks by only a few feet from where you are hiding. I worry most about the mountain bikes, from the time you hear one till they appear is very short, it means I have to move quickly and there has to be a place to hide.

This forest is only about 2 miles from my house, an opportunity too good not to use. The routine is simple, lock all your clothes and the release keys into a strong wooden box and then follow a sequence of locked keys where each key opens the next lock in a sequence the last key in the sequence will open the box which has both my clothes and the keys to the locks holding me captive. Separate these keys by interesting obstacles and you have a great self bondage release method. 

The way it works is that I pre-place a set of keys and locks in the forest. Each key is locked to a tree or a telephone pole. Most of the locations are on telephone poles on the road or trees in the open. I placed eyelets on the trees and poles about 4 feet off the ground and just lock a key to the eyelet on the tree or pole. Getting any key involves danger of exposure and being caught. The first key is not locked to a tree it is just hanging on a hook in the forest about a mile from the starting point. It will open the first lock in the sequence,  each  key will open the next lock in the sequence which will open the next lock and so on until I get to the lock the has the key to open the box which has my clothes and the finial set of release  keys. A simple process but it takes a long time to walk providing many chances to get caught, I will have to cross the road about 4 times and open padlocks on telephone poles 3 times. It takes almost a minute to open the locks and get the key off the pole or tree. Anyone could come along at any time so this is risky and exciting.

It all starts back home where I plan out a route and create a map showing where to place the keys in the woods. I use my mountain bike and bike to the various trees and poles locking a key to each location. I follow the exact route I will use and measure the distance. A good route is about 5 miles and will take 2 or 3 hours to complete the keys are all more then 4 feet from the ground, making them harder to retrieve. Once this is done all is ready and I wait for a good day.

The best time is a week day morning about 10:30am. The most risky time would be Saturday afternoon. Traffic of all types is lighter during the week and there are no school kids about. If all goes well I will be done by 2pm.

Several days later the time has arrived, I get a free morning at work and head home. I use my mountain bike and bike the distance to the box in the woods; it is well hidden off the road and any paths. A safe spot, a spot that is hard to find. I hide my bike and walk over to the box and strip off my clothes putting then into the box, I have already placed a set of release keys into the box. I also have a safety release key which I placed across the main road from the forest. It would be very difficult to cross this major road with out discovery I would only do this in an emergency.

 I put on leather wrist and ankle cuffs which are locked on with small padlocks so they can not be removed without the keys which are inside the lock box.  Next I use a y shaped piece of chain, one end of the chain is wrapped around my balls and locked on. The other two ends are locked to each ankle cuff. The chain between my ankles is short so that I am hobbled the chain to my balls is so short that I can not stand fully. This keeps me bent over and only allows short steps. This means every movement will be slow, if I try to move fast or stand straight my balls are pulled on by the chain. The trip to freedom will be long and slow, about a 4 hour walk, lots of time to get caught.

Next comes a chain harness, it is a loop of chain about 5 feet long, it will be used to keep my hands behind my back. The center of the chain is hung over the back of my neck the two ends are run to my chest and then under my arms. The chain is locked together behind my back leaving 2 pieces of 12 inch chain beyond the lock. They will be used to secure my hands behind my back. An extra piece of chain about 12 inches long was on the lock used to connect the ends of the harness chain behind my back. This short piece of chain is run down to the chain around the balls and locked on as short as possible. The effect is to further limit movement and to pull the balls up if one moves too far or too fast. An interesting problem, stand up and pull on the family jewels, take big steps and pull on them, do anything but short slow moves and the balls pay the price. I can try and move fast but it will hurt!

Almost to the moment of truth, I place a nipple clamp on each nipple then quickly lock each wrist cuff to the short ends of the chain behind my back. My hands now have limited movement mostly behind my back I can not reach my nipples to remove the nipple clamps. This will make it more difficult to reach the keys along the way and force me to unlock the locks without being able to see what I am doing. Some of the keys are on the roads, it will take a good minute to get to the locks on the poles and unlock the keys needed to release me. This is the most risky part of the adventure and one I may regret in the near future.

Only one last thing to do, lock the lock on the lock box with my clothes and release keys in the box.. This I quickly do. What a feeling as I stand there in the woods clothed in only chains! Now I must walk the walk through the woods and across the roads to get free. I am 2 miles from home naked and helpless in the woods. I have limited movement and if I try to move quickly my balls will suffer. In order to get free I have to walk almost 5 miles and cross a public road 4 times! 

I have collected the first 3 keys and stand by the road in the bushes waiting to cross the road, I listen and wait, a car goes by and all is quite, I start to move and stop dead as a very pretty mountain biker comes into view, I duck back into the bushes hoping she did not see me, she passes by moving quickly on the pavement. As soon as she is out of sight I make my way across the road as fast as I can, I am almost to the safety of the woods when she appears again, I do not understand how she got back so quickly, maybe she saw me? I move as quickly as I can and get into the woods just in time. I had to move fast so I paid the price as the chains bit into my balls. All it does is give me a raging hard on as my body responds to the excitement of almost being caught and the pain from the chains.

I am into the relativity safety of the woods, the path follows near the road I can see the cars but they would have to look twice to see me. I am making good progress until I hear a noise behind me, I dive off the path behind some bushes, I fall down and the chains pull tight punishing my balls again, my nipples are aching from the nipple clips and I still have two keys to go.  It is her; the pretty girl on the mountain bike she has left the road and is now riding through the woods. I escaped attention once again but I am face down in the bushes, I do not know how she missed me, I was 3 feet off the path when she biked by. The chains  and  the fact that my hands are behind my back make it very hard to get up, I manage and move on very much aware that she is some where in the woods. I make it to the next to last tree, I retrieve the key and head back to the road to open that last lock which has the key to the lock box and my freedom. I am being very careful; I walk a few steps and then stop and listen. I am in a place where the paths winds around a lot and the site lines are short. It is very important to listen to give me time to hide if I hear someone coming.

I stop moving and hear a noise in front of me, or is it behind me, either way it is time to hide. I start to move off the path when she comes around the corner in front of me and stops directly in front of me, at the same time another woman comes up the path from the other direction, I take a double take, it is the same woman,  I realize they are identical twins dressed alike and riding identical bikes. It was not the same person who also most caught me back at the road; it was two different people, identical twins. I am caught and freeze in the path. The ladies have seen me and figured out my route though the woods, they planned my capture, I am caught between them. What ladies they are! Two very beautiful well built twins wearing low halter tops and short shorts. Did I mention that I still have a very large hard on! The site of these two just makes it grow harder.

“Sis, look what we have here, a helpless naked man with a giant erection, what do you think we should do?”

“I don’t know, I wonder how he got chained up like that” she asks me who did this to me? “Are you trying to get away from someone?”

That is when her sister notices the keys in my hand and remembers seeing me at the side of the road in the bushes.

“Hey sis I think he did this to himself”

“I wonder where he is going with that key”

I stand there very quiet still sporting a nice hard on just from watching my beautiful captors being so helpless in their presence is just making me harder. I wonder where this is going when the girls look at each other and take off with my last key leaving me with a hard on and no way to get free except to cross the main road and get my emergency release key.

What to do? Well I know I have to keep moving, I never said a word to the ladies who are now gone. Wait I hear a noise again, I try to move away and they appear so quickly that I can not flee, what is the sense they have me again, and then I notice a big change in the ladies. They are naked, both of them and they a have bodies that I have only seen in magazines. They surround me and one speaks directly to me.

“Do what we want and you will get this  key back, we don’t know what it is for but we think it may be your key to getting out of you bondage. Don’t talk to us just nod your head when we ask questions will you do anything we ask,  we have to warn you that if you do not we will throw this key into the lake!”

What is a guy to do? I nod agreement and stand there waiting to see what will happen. One of the girls grabs the chain leading to my balls and the other breaks off a switch from a young tree. One starts to lead me away by the chain attached to my balls; it is hard to walk as fast as they want me to go. The first one starts pulling harder on my balls and the other starts whipping my ass with the green switch, it hurts like hell but at the same it is very exciting. They pull me deeper into the woods beyond the path to a place where few people go. The other sister makes a switch of her own and uses it to whip my penis. They are beautiful, their tits are bouncing while they whip me, I only wish I could play with them, but I am at their mercy. They are taking turns one hits my ass and the other then whips my penis which seems to grow even bigger and harder with each blow. They stop whipping and tell me what they want.

“You are ours, we will take our time whipping you and torturing you any way we want. We love this and it makes us very wet, when we are ready, you will kneel before us and lick each of us until we each cum. We will take turns with you until we each have several orgasms. You will lick one while the other whips you. When we have had our fill we will give you the key and leave you to your own escape. If we ever catch you our here again we will do worse to you, maybe we will castrate you, do you understand? You are not to cum, if you do we will whip you even harder. Now kneel and get ready to lick!”

I kneeled down not believing my luck, two beautiful twins to please, I am there property I will do what ever they ask. It is what I have dreamed about for years and it is coming true!

They do not step forward to be serviced, instead they start whipping me all over with those green switches. I can not escape and take many hard blows all over my body.  They seem to love whipping my penis and both of them start working on it at the same time. It stays hard as a rock and adsorbs the punishment, it just turns the girls on and they whip it even harder. I think they are trying to beat it down, instead it just gets harder.  Suddenly they stop torturing me, I notice that their legs are wet from excitement and sweaty from whipping me. They push me to the ground and one of them sits on my face, while the other starts clawing at my balls. It is very hard to concentrate but I manage and lick her wonderful pussy. The first sister cums in a very loud and long orgasm; in a flash the other one takes her place. The first one seems content to give my balls a rest so I can really concentrate on my work. She is just watching me pleasure her sister. The second sister cums and is just as loud as her sister. Meanwhile the first one is horny again from watching her sister and clawing at my balls she takes her place on my face. This continues until each sister is completely satisfied. I do not remember how long I licked them or how many orgasms they had. I just kept pleasing them. 

The girls are resting, on me, I can not move. My penis seems to have a mind of its own and still is very large and very hard. The girls stir, looking at me they wonder out loud what to do next.

“Sis I think this guy has done all we asked, maybe we should let him go.”

“I don’t know sis that is a real nice hard on”

“It sure is you thinking what I am?”

“Yes I am let’s take a ride”

“Now mister you are still ours, we are each going to ride you as long as we want.”

“But before we do we are going to whip that penis some more, it is ours you know”

They both whip my penis some more the girls get turned on and my penis seems to get even larger. The girls take turns riding me, I am working as hard as I cannot to cum, the girls both cum again and move away from me. I am left lying on the ground, my penis seems like it will explode! It is back and blue from all the abuse and wet from the girls. They turn around and look down at me.

“You are ours; you will be here next week in the same state for our pleasure”

Great I wonder if my penis and ass can take it, as I am wondering they move down next to me.

“Now we want you to cum for us! But not until we tell you to.”

They each put a hand around my penis and start pumping me. One of them starts sucking on the head of my penis, I am on the edge.

“Cum now”

I explode in her mouth, she sucks me dry. It is the most intense orgasm I have ever had. The girls get up and throw the key down on my stomach. One is still licking my cum off her gorgeous lips. The other one looks down at me and says my turn next week as they walk away!

Chapter two

I am excited from the ordeal, I am not finished yet. I have to get up and make my way to the last key. More time has elapsed then I planned, it must be late afternoon. I continue to the road to get the last key, because it is late there are more cars, I wait and watch until I think it is a good time to take a risk.  What a sight I would be for any one who saw me now. Not only am I all chained up, I am now sporting many welts and bruises. The twins did a job on me one that I will long remember.  I manage to get the last key without getting caught, after all once is enough? Now all I want is to get free and to go home for a hot shower. 

Moving is difficult I carefully make my way to the box holding my clothes and the keys to release me. I am still chained and it is hard to open the box, I made it that way to give me only last obstacle before I was free. Suddenly I hear a branch break in the woods, not one should be here, it is not near any of the paths or roads. I turn around and see the twins, before I can do any thing they knock me over and take the key to the box. They are clothed, I am naked and helpless, and this is very familiar. My penis starts to swell betraying my feelings of excitement.

“We followed you. We wanted to know more and to have some more fun with you!”

I wondered what type of fun they had in mind.

“We told you you were ours, now you are really ours and we intend to turn you into our slave.”

Now that is a position I would have volunteered for! They were not going to give me the chance to volunteer; they were in charge and has already made up their minds.

They open my box and found the release keys. They unlocked the chains holding me but let on the cuffs. They quickly threw the longest chain over a tree branch and locked my arms to the chain. I was standing upright, a bit on tip toe. No a bad position since my body was cramped up from being bent over for so long. Relief was short lived. 

One of the sisters grabbed the chain that was still locked to my balls. She pulled it up into the air. The other sister lifted my whole body into the air, I was helpless to resist. I did not know what they were doing. Somehow it was menacing. Using the y shaped chain they locked the chain around my balls to a branch on the tree. The branch was high enough that my feet no longer touched the ground. They had hung me by my balls and arms.  The pressure on my balls was increasing every minute. The girls stood back and admired their work.

“We are twins; we share a fantasy of torturing a helpless male who we turn into our slave. We have talked about this a lot, today when we saw you by the side of the road in the bushes we saw a chance to make our fantasy come true, after all what are you going to do. We did not know what you were up to so we watched you and waited for our chance to capture you”

Did I mention that they were about 6 feet talk and looked like they worked out every day, one of me was no match for two of them, and hanging here by my balls I was completely at their mercy.


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