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Caught In A Bind

by Dodgerfan

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© Copyright 2007 - Dodgerfan - Used by permission

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Bill was in control of one of the largest corporations in America. His life was broken up into three separate parts. One part was with his beautiful rich wife. The second part was his love of bondage.. The last part of his life was his work. His wife didn’t enjoy his sexual  fetish. She knew that he was into bondage but she wanted no part of it. When her father died she inherited the company. She put me in charge and I've been running the corporation for three years.

My life was great but I also wanted my wife to partake in my bondage games. Sandra just wasn’t able to enjoy it with me. I chose to just use self bondage to satisfy my love of bondage.  If I was unfaithful I would be left without a dime. Her prenuptial agreement was perfect. I had every part of my life in order until my secretary retired. I hired a beautiful secretary who discovered my love of bondage. On Fridays I would send everyone home early so I could enjoy some self bondage.

My new secretary was a very curious woman. Eve would ask me questions as to why I would send everyone home early. I told her that I thought employees should get a half day off once a week that answer only made her more curious. Eve went to a spy store there she found a video devise that looked like a real book. She placed the book in my book case.

Once I was alone I stripped and placed myself in bondage. Today I used handcuffs on my wrists and feet. I placed a key suspended in ice in my shower. My self bondage was my treat for working hard all week for my wife’s corporation. It was the best day of the week, I found a small vibrator that would turn on and off at random intervals. I attached it to my cock with two leather straps over a condom. I would cum a few times and then wait for the key.  It gave me a way to fulfill my sexual fetish. My life wasn’t perfect but I thought it was ok until I met Eve.

I went to the bathroom to retrieve the key. I hopped into the bathroom took off my handcuffs and took a shower. My life would never be the same after tonight.

Eve arrived early Monday morning she entered my office. She began to watch the video he’s mine now. Eve couldn’t wait for Friday to arrive. Eve had a fantasy of being in complete control of a man. Bill had given her chance to fulfill her fantasy.

She came in early Friday morning to get things ready for Bill. Eve had many different restraints to try on him. She left the box under her desk and went to lunch. Eve entered the building wearing a trench coat with leather boots. She tried his door it was locked. Eve opened her purse and used the copy of his key she had made to open the door. The look on his face was priceless. “Bill don’t go anywhere I’ll be right back.“

Bill tried to wiggle his hands out of the handcuffs. She returned from the bathroom wearing a leather bra and panties. Eve removed the vibrator from his cock. She began to kiss him all over his body. Eve knelt down and gave him the best blow job of his life.

“Bill I have some good news and bad news. The good news is you don’t have to tie yourself up anymore, I’ll take care of that. The bad news is I will now have complete control of your life.” Eve walked around Bill and checked him out. “Your wife must enjoy your body quite a bit.”

She removed his gag. “Be careful what you say to me”

“Screw you get me out these cuffs now”

“Wrong words” Eve took a leather harness gag and tightened it on .

“You seem to think you are still in charge.” Eve took out thirty feet of rope and she began to slowly wrap the rope around his elbows. When she finished his elbows were welded together. His legs were next she wrapped another thirty feet on his knees.

”The hardware store clerk told me it was the strongest rope available. I’m going to take off your handcuffs don’t give me any trouble. Keep your wrists completely still.”  

Bill began to thrash around with his wrists. Eve quickly squeezed his cock and balls. He put his hands as fast as he could behind his back.

“You don’t seem to understand your situation don’t every do that again.”

She deafly wrapped the rope around his wrists and securely cinched his wrists together. After she finished with his ankles Eve left the room.

“Don’t bother to struggle you’ll only make the knots tighten.”

He tried to reach any knot he could find. Her rope work was a work of art. Her sister was a lover of bondage and she had taught her well. When Eve returned she put the vibrator back on his cock. Eve turned the vibrator on his cock on full power. Bill began to move about like a puppet. He was her puppet to do what ever she wanted to do with. Her fantasy was beginning to take shape.

“Bill you need to know something a video tape of this is going to a friend and two attorneys. If anything should happen o me a copy of this tape will be sent to your wife. I suggest that you do everything that I ask you to do.“

Eve’s demands were quite impressive. She asked for a home in the country with 300 hundred acres of land. She also wanted a Swiss bank account with 10 million dollars. “I know about your bank accounts that you have hidden from your wife. My requests are quite modest. You should have no problem fulfilling my demands. Now as to your bondage you will come to work strip and wait for me to put you in bondage for the day. The first weekend of every month you will spend in my mansion. One last thing you no longer run the corporation I do. I’ll be back to release you at seven enjoy your bondage.”

Eve opened the closet door and placed him inside. She took off the vibrator from his cock. Bill heard the dead bolt turn he was trapped in his own office. He struggled for fours hours but none of the ropes loosened, they only became more secure. She returned to replace his ropes with his handcuffs. “The key to your handcuffs are hidden in this room. Have fun I’ll expect to see you here Monday morning. If you don’t arrive on time you wife should enjoy your video“

Bill frantically searched for the key. But with his hands behind his back it was a difficult task. After two hours he found the key.

Early Monday morning Bill arrived at his office and quickly took off all his cloths. He wrapped a towel around his body to await her appearance.

“Bill I told you I wanted you in the nude. Take that towel off now!”

“I’m sorry’

“Did I tell you could speak. Turn around put your wrists together. I have some nice cable ties for your beautiful body. I found them on the internet. They are going to look fantastic on you.” Eve picked up the cable tie and with the tensioning tool pulled it snug. Zip zip zip zip zip zip zip zip When Eve was finished with his body it was covered in cable ties. His arms, chest, legs and ankles were welded together.

“You can’t leave me like this all day.”

“I knew I had forgotten something.” She stuck a cable tie through a ball and shoved it in his mouth. Zip “Now it’s perfect you look exquisite. Have a nice day I have a company to run. Oh don’t worry I’ll come back at lunch time.”

Bill began to hop toward his desk. He opened the drawer all of his escape tools were gone. Just then he heard his secretary on the intercom. “Oh I removed all of your tools goodbye Bill”

It was hard for Eve to concentrate on her work with her mind thinking about him. Her fertile mind was in sexual mode. No work comes first I have a corporation to run.

“Bill get out of that chair that chair belongs to me now! Get down on your knees now!” Eve sat down to enjoy her lunch.


“Are you trying to tell me something? Oh you want to eat. Well only if you don’t speak a word.”


She began to feed him some of her lunch. With her right hand she would feed him and with her left hand she would play with his cock. His cock quickly became erect. Eve opened a condom and put it over his cock with her mouth. She took a cable tie and tighten it around the end of the condom.  Eve slowly rubbed her foot against his erect cock. He was about to have an orgasm when she suddenly stopped.

“Sorry Bill lunch is over I have work to do.” She pushed him on his belly and put him in a hogtie. Eve replaced his gag and left the room. “I’ll be back at eight” Bill had found the lover he had longed for. He was in a state of ecstasy. The only problem it had cost him his company and his freedom. End of part one

Part Two

Eve came into the room carrying a massage table. “You’ve been a good boy I think you deserve a treat. I’m going to give you a massage.”

Eve cut off all of the cable ties except for the ones on his wrists and ankles. She put him on the massage table and went into the bathroom. Eve took a nice long relaxing shower. She came back in wearing a latex catsuit. Her spectacular body took his breath away. The feel of her latex covered body against his skin was intoxicating.

Eve began to slowly massage his body. She kissed him all over his body. He was in such a state of euphoria he didn’t notice when she replaced his cable ties with handcuffs. When she attached the ice cube with a handcuff key frozen inside to his cock. Zip! Bill came back to Earth.

“Goodnight Bill”

He quickly jumped off of the massage table and he began to thrust his cock against the table. After forty thrusts the key fell to the ground. Bill quickly showered and dressed. He rushed home to his wife.

“Darling you were fantastic last night. Last night reminded me of are Honeymoon.”

“I just started taking some new vitamins. Goodbye darling I have to be at work early.”  Bill had never felt more alive. Although he had lost his freedom he felt absolutely free.

Eve had a hard time sleeping she kept having dreams about new ways to restrain him. Her dreams were all about to come true. She would wake up get on the internet to search websites for ideas and new restraints. Eve found all kinds of interesting restrains and with her new found wealth she could buy them all.

While the secretary’s enjoyed their morning coffee break the subject of the boss came up. “I never see the boss arrive or leave anymore.”

“Your right he always left at 3 o’clock everyday except Friday.”

“He gave every secretary a raise. He increased are pension plan. He increased are health care package.”

“From the day he took charge he’s been a tyrant. How did change him Eve?” 

“He just needed to be shown the ropes.” 

“I would like to thank him for his generosity.” 

“That’s not necessary I’ll thank him for you. He has a lot of red tape to deal with today.”

Meanwhile Bill was wiggling across the carpet towards the bathroom. Eve left a bowl of food and water for Bill in the bathroom. Today Bill was covered in rope from his chest to his ankles. Eve then wrapped red duct tape from his neck to his toes. He was using his toes to push his way toward the bathroom. Just as he was a third of a way there the intercom turned on. ”Bill I’m going out to lunch with the other secretary’s enjoy your lunch.”

After a great deal of effort he arrived at his destination. He stuck his straw in the water and he began to drink. Eve had been kind enough to push a straw thru his ball gag. He was too tired to drink his liquid food.

Several hours later Eve cut his tape untied the ropes and put handcuffs on his wrists and ankles. Eve had frozen the key inside a large bucket of ice. She replaced his gag with an ice pick. “Goodnight Bill”

He began to hit the bucket with a steady pace this was going to take a while.

Bill arrived early stripped and knelt down in front of  Eve’s desk. Eve entered the room she had on a short leather skirt with black leather boots.

“Open your mouth now!” 

Eve sensually removed her wet panties and shoved them in his mouth. She pulled a leather hood over his head and pulled the laces till the hood was firm against his face. Next she put a leather posture collar around his neck and locked in place. “Stand up now and put your hands behind your back.”  Eve slowly tighten a leather strap around his wrists while she kissed his back.

Eve began to caress his body until she came to his cock. She tighten a vibrating leather cock ring around his cock. Eve had the vibrator switched off. She put a condom over his cock and used a zip tie to secure it. His arms came next Eve pulled the laces of the armbinder until his elbows met. She then tighten a legbinder around his legs. Eve turned on the vibrator and Bill began to give Eve quite a show. When Eve felt that he was about to orgasm she would switch it off. This went on for two hours. Bill’s mind and body were suspended in sexual frustration.

“Lunch time Bill I’ll just let you enjoy yourself.” Eve turned the vibrator on and left the room. “Enjoy your presents” 

Bill was caught in a constant state of ecstasy and agony. His condom was filled with sperm. When he thought that it was over it would start all over again.

“Eve why has Bill transferred all of are executives?”

“I have some great news every secretary will receive executive training. After you each complete your training you will replace them.”

“We all want to thank Bill.” 

“I bought a present for each of you and gave them all to Bill. Bill is wearing all of  your presents right now. I’ve never seen a man that loved his gifts as much as Bill.”

When Eve entered her office she couldn’t stop laughing. His condom had blown up to the size of an orange.

“Well Bill I see you really enjoyed your presents.”

Eve removed his restrains and replaced them with leather cuffs for his wrists and ankles.

“Bill the key is inside the hub cap of your car. I forgot something I need to put a fresh battery in your vibrator. Goodnight Bill”

Bill had to wait for the building to empty before he could attempt to the retrieve the key. He decided to wait in the shower because the condom was about to explode. Bill turned on the cold water in the hope his erection would subside. The cold water with a great deal of wiggling worked the cock ring off and the vibrator fell to the ground. He slowly opened his door to peak outside it appeared that everyone had left. With only a lock connecting his ankles together walking was quite difficult. He could barely move his feet a few inches at a time.

Eve kept upping the ante as each day passed. Bill’s heart rate was off the chart. He had never tried bondage in public before. Being nude added to his excitement. Bill looked around while he waited for the elevator to arrive. It seemed that he was completely alone. The elevator opened his heart skipped a beat. He though there was someone in the elevator. Bill slowly entered the elevator turned around and felt for the button to the garage. After a few wrong choices he pushed them all.

Finally the door opened to reveal the garage he looked around the place looked deserted. There was only one car in sight. When his barefoot touched the cold cement a shiver went thru his body. Bill carefully went toward his car. Now how do I get the hub cap off and which wheel contains the key? He knelt down but with his hands behind his back it was hopeless. Maybe she left a door open and I can find something in the car that will help. He tried the door son of a gun. Maybe the other door alright it’s open. Bill noticed a tire iron on the back seat. He stuck it in the hub cap crack, no key. He tried again but still no key. The third time he found a key. He picked it up but with his hands so close together he couldn’t get the key to work. The lock was facing upward instead of down. It was impossible so he tried the key on his ankles the lock opened.

Eve had placed pinhole cameras all over the building. She was able to track his every movement. She closed her notebook computer and now her fun would begin. Eve quickly headed for the elevator with her lariat in her hand. Bill would be more difficult to catch with his legs free. But that would just make it more fun for Eve.

He felt his best chance to remove the leather cuffs was to cut them off. His wife was having a dinner party at 7 o’clock. But without a watch he had no idea what time it was. The only thing he knew was he had to be home on time. His wife was suspicious because they had stop making love together. Bill was in love with Eve so he didn’t want to cheat on her with his wife. I know it sounds odd but a man truly in love will not cheat most of the time.

Eve was becoming jealous of Bill’s wife. She didn’t want to share him with another woman. When she finds him she will tell him how much she cares about him.

Bill was heading toward Eve’s office when he spotted Eve in a cowgirl outfit with a lariat in her hand. He hid till she passed by him. He turned around to open the door but it was locked. I need to find something to cut these cuffs off. Every office door was locked. I could go to the shipping department there should be something there to cut these off. Hopefully the door will be open. Bill was almost at his destination when Eve’s lariat tightened around his waist. He tried to run but it was hopeless. Eve just pulled the rope and he landed on his ass. Eve used all 100 feet of rope on him. When she had finished he was in a tight hogtie. She opened the lock on his wrists.

She removed his gag and placed a knife in his mouth. “Bill I called your wife to tell her you would be late. Bill you have till Christmas to decide between me or her. One more thing no bondage until you decide.”  

He dropped the knife on the floor. With a great deal of difficulty Bill carefully and slowly cut the rope. Eve watched with her notebook computer. Once she was sure he had not cut himself she dressed and left.

Two weeks later Eve placed an envelope on Bill’s desk. It contained a check and a signed Trust Deed to her Mansion. There was also a letter which said that the video tapes had been destroyed. Eve also told him that she loved him. Everyday Bill would kneel nude in his office for 1 hour to await Eve but she never came. Eve’s decision was final no bondage until you decide. He then noticed the letter on top of his desk. He had already made up his mind but with this information he knew his choice was correct.

It was Christmas Eve a bad day to tell your wife that you want a divorce. He placed everything back in the envelope added a note for Eve to meet him at the mansion tonight. He had regained control of his wife’s corporation. But without the bondage games with Eve his sexual life had no passion.  Eve’s new ideas had increased the profit and employee morale of the corporation. Bill couldn’t keep his mind on work anymore all he thought about was Eve. He would remember all the great bondage with Eve. Sandra was happy with there sexual life but I craved the bondage. She understood  his love of bondage but chose not to partake. Bill had found the love of his life and he wasn’t about to let her out of his life.

Sandra opened the door with a look on her face of despair. She hugged and kissed him. “Bill why have you stopped making love with me. Is it something that I have done or have you found another woman.”

“Sandra it’s not you, I have a woman that shares my love of bondage. She’s my secretary her name is Eve. I want a divorce and I’ll agree to any terms that you want. I’m going to marry her as soon as are divorce is final. I’m truly sorry for choosing this time of the year. But you and Eve needed for this to be resolved. Could you please send the maid upstairs to help me pack.”

“Alright I’ll give you a divorce I still love you”

“That’s what made my decision so difficult. I love you both” Bill kissed Sandra and then went upstairs.

Eve was busy wrapping Bill’s Christmas presents. She didn’t intend to breakup a marriage it just happened. It was a chance for her to live out her fantasy. For both of them it became so much more then that they had fallen madly in love. Her mind kept thinking of new ways to restrain her lover.

 “Delivery for Eve Warren”

“Just leave everything in the living room thank you and have a Merry Christmas”

It was two suitcases and a large trunk. There was a note attached to the trunk. (Give him what I couldn’t do for him all my love Sandra) Eve began to cry as she open the trunk. Bill was a hogtied Christmas present for Eve. He was covered in red ribbon and wrapping paper.

“Welcome home Bill you’re the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. I’ll be back at midnight I always open my Christmas presents at midnight. Eve went up stairs to take a nice long hot bath. His mind was in such a state of euphoria that his body felt no pain.

After her bath Eve came down the stairs in just a towel. “Bill I have one request from you don’t ever be unfaithful. I feel we have something very special. “  Eve slowly unwrapped her Christmas present.

”I’ll never be unfaithful to you the maid tied me up as a favor to me .” 

They kissed and made love in front of the fireplace. “Darling I have some presents for you close your eyes and put your arms behind your back. Its called the classic Chalet Cuff.”  

Once it was locked around his wrists his forearms were forced together.

“Lets go to bed its been a long day.”                                       




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