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by Marky J

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© Copyright 2010 - Marky J - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; caught; F/m; bond; chair; tape; gag; cons; X

It was mid morning, my only day off from work so I thought I would have some fun alone.

“But what to do” I thought to myself.

Actually I knew what I was going do, something I hadn’t done in a while, tie myself up.

I got my rope and tape, placed a chair in the living room. It was cold out so I put the fire on so I could keep warm. As it had been a while I decided to just practice on my wrists, I looped a small piece of rope into a knot and placed over my wrists, a gentle tug and it secured my wrists tight, a tug one the ends and it was undone.

“I think I will try it behind my back” I said out loud.

But me being me I looped the rope over one of the bars on the back of the seat, so I would be attached to the seat, the seat was a large dining room chair made from oak. I sat down placed my hands behind my back, into the rope the tugged the ends, tadah my hands were tied. I sat there for a few minutes just to get used to it before I started again with the rest of my limbs.

After about 5 minutes I heard my front door open “what the…” I whispered, as I panicked the rope on my wrist tightened a little and in the panic I lost the loose knot, which meant I couldn’t free myself.

My living room door opened and there stood my gran. When I say gran she was 50, she married my granddad a few year back after my real gran passed on. Because of my work I forgot what day it was and she came round to do some housework once a week. I was always close to my grandparents after a big argument with my parents left us not talking much, but life as it was I was like a son to my granddad and my gran accepted this and so did some housework for me. I am a single guy in a large house on my own how else is it to keep clean.

So there she was looking at me in shock at first asking me who did this, when I explained all I got was, “aahhh right, I guess you need to blow some steam.”

She stood in front of me wearing her boots, long skirt, long coat, gloves and scarf.

“Can you get me a knife please, I'm stuck” I kind of whimpered.

“Oh no” my gran said, “let me help you”.

I was puzzled at that response.

I felt her cold gloved hand fumble with my wrists, what I didn’t realise was she actually picked up some rope and started to tie my wrists tighter and to the chair.

“What, what you doing” I yelped.

“Just helping you out” she replied. “You should have said you liked to be tied I could have helped. I used to this to my ex husband”.

She still had not taken her coat or gloves off yet, she picked up more rope and tied my knees together, then moved to my ankles. This was tighter then I ever had done myself, but no chance of getting out. She then push my legs under the chair, I was puzzled at this, she grabbed the last piece of rope went behind me and started to tie it around my ankles again. Then I felt a tug and my legs went further under the chair and lifted off the floor, the end of the rope was then tied to a bar on the back of the chair.

At this point I was a little taken back my legs were secure and of the floor, I had no leverage. My gran walked in front of me took her coat off, but left her gloves on, these were brown leather gloves and asked me how I felt. I responded that I was stuck.

“Oh I’m not finished yet, shame no rope left” she said as she picked up a roll of black gaffer tape. With this she wrapped it around my chest, arms and back of the chair. Now I knew I had no chance of getting out...

“Now do you feel tied up” she said.

“Yes” I replied, wow I thought to myself this was good but weird, never had I been tied so tight or secure like this.

As I was telling my gran this, she walked behind me and lit up a cigarette.

“Hey there’s no smoking in my mmmpppphhhhhh” as she then placed her gloved hand over my mouth.

“Ssshhhhh,“ she said. “I know you don’t like smoke but you’re not in a position to do anything, now I need to keep you quiet”

With this she picked up the tape wrapped it around my mouth a few times.

She then stood in front of me and said, “It takes me two hours to clean up so you are staying like this, wish you told me before I would have helped you” she then left the room.


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