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Caught by Mother & Daughter

by Bondage Maid

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Part 1

My name is Heather and this is my story that started many years ago when I was still at college, back then I was an average young student with lots of time on my hands. One thing that was different about me compared to my mates was that I enjoyed bondage and worse if anyone found out I liked to wear ladies lingerie and outfits. Combined together I was in heaven. I had a hidden bag of items that I kept at home, including wrist and ankle cuffs, gags, small butt plug and a CB3000 chastity device and some basic girlie skirts and underwear. Wearing the CB3000 while dressed and bound meant that I was unable to cum so was permanently aroused until I could release myself.

I had lots of mates and one of my best mates was Richard, he had a beautiful looking sister and his mum who was only 37 and divorced. Sarah, Richard’s sister, was dead gorgeous with dark shoulder length hair and a fantastic figure. Richards mum, Janet, was just as desirable to me, I had often fantasied about her whilst I was bound up on in one of my sessions. I would imagine I have been humiliated by them caught and left in lingerie on the floor while they would come and taunt me about then play with me until I would beg for release. Sarah and Janet always dressed nicely and I always had to watch myself whenever I was around them as I felt I would be caught staring at them. They both wore sexy clothing, skirts were normally always above knee height and Sarah had some really short ones.

Quite often whenever Richard and his family went away I would be asked if I could go around and feed the cats for them, being at college this meant I always had time to oblige. It also meant that if I planned it right I could take some of my bondage gear with me and then plan a scenario in Richard’s mums’ room. I would feed the cats and then make my way to the master room. Most times I would initially put on my CB3000 then find some sexy lingerie from Janet’s clothing and then in Sarah’s room find a short skirt and a skimpy top. I needed the CB to make sure I didn’t mess inside the clothing otherwise I could be in trouble. I would then bind myself up with ankle and wrist cuffs, put on my short bob wig and then a head harness with ball gag. I would then lock my ankles and wrist together in a hog tie. Sometimes I would place myself on the bed whilst leaving my keys in my bag on the floor. I would wriggle and struggle imagining that Janet and Sarah had placed me here and would not let me go. I would then have to move across the bed and then lower myself down and then wiggle my way across the floor to where my bag was. Each movement would make me want to cum but being restricted in my CB I couldn’t. Once I got to my bag I then had to do two things, reach into a side pocket and remove a key and the reach into the bag and retrieve a small padlocked box. In this box were the keys to my chains and cuffs. This was not easy when I was in this hog tie but then I never did a severe one and always had some form of movement. Once I had freed myself I would go to the en-suite bathroom release my CB and then wank myself off.

This time I was there it was the last day they were away; I had just finished and was tidying up when I decided to have a further investigation into Janet’s clothing cupboard. On the floor she had two rows of shoe racks and I had sometimes worn a pair during a session but I my feet were two sizes bigger and so getting into these took some playing with and then became tight after a while. Sometimes I would squeeze myself into a pair of 3 inch high ones and walk around the house but my feet would get tired and painful quickly. Janet had a most glorious set of shoes though; nearly all were heeled from 3 inches or higher. There were some that looked about 5 inches and I would have loved to have been able to wear these. This time when I was looking through them I noticed two boxes on the floor, one had a label, and ‘Fantasy Heels’ and the other was unmarked. I moved them out of the cupboard and opened the labelled one first and found a pair of 5 inch shining black thigh high latex boots with side zips. I got an instant erection. I laid these boots out on the floor and rubbed my hands over the latex material. I could smell its wonderful aroma filling my nostrils. Aaahhh. I then opened the second box and as I did I got another waft of latex. Inside was a complete latex outfit. I lifted up the first item it was a pink latex corset with red stripes where the bones were and red latex frills running across the top. Next in the box was a short pink latex skirt, again edged at the hem with red frills, then there was a pair knickers with both the waist and legs edged in red frills. The last items in the box were a pair of long gloves with trimming and a choker with frills top and bottom.

I wanted to cum there and then I picked up the knickers ran to the bathroom and played with myself holding the knickers against my face and inhaling that wonderful rich aroma. It did not take long and I came again. I went back to the bedroom and looked at the clothes before me. I wanted to put them all on and tie myself up, but looking at my watch I had to go, I had an appointment with the dentist and couldn’t cancel it. I was upset with myself, why hadn’t I found this stuff before; this was the last day that they were all away on holiday so from tomorrow I would not be asked to come around. I carefully put everything back. I had also been a bit lazy about the place as I knew I had a couple of weeks with the place to myself I had left a lot of clothes around. I had got into the habit of leaving out stuff I was going to use the next day and now I had a lot of clothes to put away as well as underwear. Fortunately I had not made anything dirty but know had to remember where everything went back. I put all Sarah’s clothes back in her wardrobe as best as I could remember and then returned all of Janet’s underwear back into their respective drawers. It took me at least half an hour to do but when I finished it all looked tidy again.

I left and over the next two days I could not help thinking about the latex and also about Janet wearing it, mostly though I fantasised about being made to wear it and parade about for Janet and Sarah then being bound up. They would leave me on the floor and make me kiss their feet; sometimes they would place a firm foot on my behind and grind my cock into the floor making me want to cum. I had lots of dreams about this new set of clothing I had found. Every time I saw Richard I was careful how I acted as I kept thinking about his mum in latex. It was worse when Richard would ask me round to his house. His mum would see me, how could I look at her without giving the game away. Richards mum wanted to thank me and I had been invited round for a meal. Oh god this was going to be difficult. I decided that to help me I would put my CB on, at least this would stop me from getting too aroused and whenever I did start to get aroused, I would get a reminder as the CB would prevent me from getting an erection.

This helped but while I was there but every time I saw Janet all I could think about was the latex outfit and boots. A couple of times I caught myself staring at her but I don’t think she noticed. As we were finishing the meal Janet wondered if I could be a real darling and help her out. Help her out of course I would do anything to be in her favour. Richard was going away at the weekend to stay with his dad and Janet and Sarah were going away for the weekend to some shopping in London, could I come and feed the cat Saturday and Sunday as Janet and Sarah would not be back until late Sunday.

I nearly choked myself in trying to respond so quickly, of course I would it was no bother, yes I thought I could try on the latex this weekend, what more could I ask for. Today was Tuesday I only had a few days to go. After dinner I helped with the washing up, as I was standing at the sink I noticed that with my CB on the front of my jeans stood slightly more forward than normal. As I realised this I thought I saw Janet looking at my crotch as well. I moved my legs a bit and leaned forward a little to try and hide this bulge. She smiled at me and we carried on with the washing up.

Those days seemed to take forever, but eventually Saturday came around. I knew Richard had gone to his fathers on Friday, and Janet and Sarah were leaving early on Saturday morning to maximise their shopping time. So with this in mind I set off to Richards house, my parents thought I was going into town, and to allow myself more pleasure time I had told them I would be staying out. This meant I could stay all night for an endurance bondage session in latex.

I arrived at Richards house and let myself in. Firstly I fed the cats and then proceeded upstairs and into Janet’s room, I put my bag down and removed all of my items I had with me. I left my key box in the bag and wanting a longer session I went to Sarah’s room and taped the key on a chair leg by the window. I returned to Janet’s room and going straight to the cupboard removed the two boxes, opening both I laid out all the items on the bed and for a while just sat next to them touching, smelling and enjoying their beauty.

I decided that first of all I would hog tie myself in this outfit but not put the boots on yet, I wanted to leave that for later. As this was all latex I did not bother with the CB, this meant that I would inevitably cum during my session, and hopefully several times, but at least latex was easy to clean and dry unlike Janet’s normal lingerie. I had not had much experience with latex but knew that it is best to use talc on your skin to aid putting on the clothing. So I searched for some and found it in Janet’s bathroom cupboard. So I talced myself and proceed with dressing, I picked up the knickers and placed my left and then right foot through them. My cock was beginning to stiffen already and by the time I had pulled the waistline up my cock was completely rigid. I had to sit and wait awhile to calm down before putting on the remaining items. I then picked up the corset, it had heavy boning and tight laces with hook and eye front fastening. I loosened the lacing and undone the front, wrapping it around me a quick shiver ran through me as the latex was slightly chilly, but it soon warmed up to my temperature. I then closed the front and started pulling the lacing tight and the corset starts to shape around me. I do not make it too tight as I am not used to wearing one but the feeling is wonderful. I reach over to the bed and pick up the skirt and gently pull this up my legs and over my hips to waist height. I slowly slide the rear zip up and the waistband tightens up and covers the bottom of the corset.

My cock is producing a bulge in the front of the skirt and if I now had to be careful I did not shot my load before I was ready. I decided to re-arrange myself, so I unzipped the skirt reached into the knickers and pulled my cock so it was pointing straight up. I then zipped up the skirt and now the head of my cock was just below the skirt waistband underneath the bottom of the corset. I then picked up the choker and placed around my neck; it had a hook and eye fastening and was a little tight but did not restrict my breathing. Finally I then pulled on the gloves, slowly caressing my arms as I pulled them up. I sat for a few minutes gently caressing my body with the feel and the full aroma now filling my nostrils.

After calming down a bit I went and collected my ankle and wrist cuffs, I placed each one on and then securely locked each one with its own padlock. I picked up my ball gag head harness and strapped it firmly in place. I was now ready, I decided that as I was going for a long session, having to wiggle to Sarah’s room and then back again I would stay on the floor. I lay down carefully and as I lifted my legs up behind me I could feel my full weight now resting on my cock.

I now had to move carefully as each movement rubbed me and I was ready to cum now, but I had to wait. I got feet up and reaching behind me I fed my short hog tie chain through the d-rings on the ankle cuffs. Pulling them together I then threaded my left wrist cuff and then finally my right wrist cuff. With the padlock in my left had I twisted it over, hooked through two links in the chain and then snapped it shut. As I relaxed my hold on the chain, my limbs did not move much as I had padlocked close to tension I had pulled them to. I laid there for a while just feeling the glory of the moment, wrapped in latex, gagged, in a woman’s room bound and helpless. I let my mind wander and I was soon fantasising about being caught and humiliated by Janet and Sarah, kept in girlie clothes and made to do their bidding.

I do not know how long I was like this but after a while I started to come out of my dreams and then needed to make a move for the key. As I started my normal wiggle to move out of Janet’s room I suddenly felt how much weight I had on my cock, every wiggle gave me a firm latex rub and after about a minute I couldn’t hold myself anymore and shot my load. I could feel my hot cum shooting up my stomach and spreading against my skin and the latex corset. I rested for a few minutes to recover myself. This was also the first time I had cum while bound up in feminine attire and initially I was a bit worried. Remembering though that this was latex and I had all the time I needed I calmed down and started moving again. As I wiggled though it was not long before I could feel myself growing larger again. By the time I reach Sarah’s room I was fully erect again, but not ready to shoot. I could also feel my cum squidging around my stomach.

I now had to make it across Sarah’s room and back again so I took a deep breath and started to wiggle. It seemed to take ages as but as I moved across Sarah’s room I started to take note of how feminine the room was with lots of light pastel shades and smooth satin bed sheets. AS I approached the chair with the key I could feel that I was ready to cum again and this time had no worries about it. I wiggled, I came, and I relaxed. I then moved up to the chair and with an effort I was able to roll a bit and lean my hands and feet over to one side and reach the chair leg. As I said I did not do my hog ties too tightly so I would have some movement, I am always worried about putting myself in a position I cannot get out of and here in Richards mums house is not a good place to be caught.

I grabbed the key and prepared myself for the return journey to Janet’s room and my key box. By the time I reached the key box back in Janet’s room I was knackered. My cock was hard again although I was not sure whether I could cum again. I reached my bag pulling it up I fumbled my way through it and got my key box. I unlocked it and reached in and retrieved the padlock key, as I unlocked the padlock on the hog tie chain I realised how much I was again rubbing my cock. As the padlock released itself, the chain slipped through the d-rings and as my legs moved go flat on the floor I shot my load for a third time. Initially me legs ached a little bit but I just lay there on the floor enjoying the feeling of still being clothed in latex and feeling sexually sated. Laying there I drifted off due to tiredness from all the wiggling and the pleasure of my clothing.

When I awoke I slowly moved and started to roll over ready to get up. As I did so I could feel my stomach being stuck to the corset and then remembered the three lots of cum I shot up there. I slowly got up and moved to the bed, I sat down for a while and again gently caressed my latex covered body, arms and upper legs. I then proceeded to my bag and retrieved my other keys for the cuffs and released them all. I then went to the bathroom to clean up; on my way there I noticed the clock at the side of Janet’s bed and realised I had been like this for nearly four hours. I entered the bathroom and started to undress, removing firstly the skirt and then the corset and then the knickers. These items I then had to wash clean with warm water. Leaving the gloves on I washed them all down and then towelled them dry. I then removed the choker and finally the gloves. I took all the clothes back into the bedroom and laid them carefully on the bed. I then went back into the bathroom and gave myself a shower cleaning off my sticky cum from my stomach.

Once I had cleaned myself I went back decided that I would wear some of their clothes for the rest of the day before locking myself up for the night in a bed. I found some of Janet’s wonderful Janet Reager underwear in dark blue. I put the bra on and filled the cups with some other knickers from Janet’s drawer. I then pulled up the matching knickers and then found some stockings to go with it. I went to Sarah’s room and again noticing her bed realised that this is where I would be sleeping tonight. I went into her wardrobe and pulled out a bright red leather mini skirt and a matching satin shoulder less top. I then decided that I should finish this all off and sitting at Sarah’s dressing table I found some lipstick and coloured my lips in a shade called ‘Love Me’. I also found some matching nail varnish and coloured my nails. I had not used any of this before but thought as I was here for the weekend I had plenty of time to clean myself up tomorrow.

Once I had finished I went back to Janet’s room picked up my wig and securing it on my head, I then went to the cupboard and knowing that I wanted to wear the latex boots later on I decided I had better get used to tight fitting shoes and so found a matching pair of Mary Jane strapped 3 inch stilettoes in red. Once I had wiggled my feet in them and strapped them on I went downstairs. It was time to put some food out for the cats again and also feed me. Walking in this skirt I realised why girls always wiggle their behinds when they walk, I was enjoying it although I had to go slow walking in the shoes as I was not used to going up and down stairs.

Once in the kitchen I sorted out the cats and then proceeded to the fridge to find myself something. I found some eggs, bacon, beans and bread so decided to do a quick breakfast fry up. Of course once I had finished cooking and eating then like any good person I had to clean up, and finding some bright yellow marigold gloves I loved every minute of it.

I was going to watch some telly and prepare myself for bed but I realised that I was getting aroused again and decided that I wanted to have another latex adventure today. So I went back up stairs and removed all that I was wearing. I checked inside the knickers to see if I had left any stain, if I had then I would need to clean these immediately so they could dry by tomorrow. Fortunately I had not.

I knew what I wanted to do this time so I locked my keys back in the box and then took that key downstairs to the kitchen, placing it onto a worktop.

I then went back upstairs and began to prepare. I talced my body and then again got dressed in the latex outfit all over again. As before I had to go slowly as the smooth texture caressed my skin I could feel my cock wanting to shoot straight away. I was careful and this time I was going to wear the boot as well. I had all the items of clothing on but the skirt was not zipped up, I reach around and picked up the left boot, sliding my foot down the inside I could feel myself welling up with excitement, my foot reached the inside of the foot section and I wiggled and squeezed it in. I then carefully pulled the zip upwards and apart from a resistance at the start it came up nicely. The latex was carefully sealed around my calves and as I worked my way over my knee I had to slide the top section under the skirt and then finish zipping. Once done my leg looked fantastic, I stayed there rubbing my hands up and down my leg admiring the feel and look. When I came back from dreaming I picked up the right boot and repeated the whole procedure. I was now in heaven.

I then slowly got up and stood on the 5 inch heels, I could not quite get my legs straight and this made walking a bit difficult. I teetered over to my restraints and bringing them back to the bed proceeded to lock them all in place. I was not going to hog tie myself but just use the restraints to restrict movement, as I had left the key downstairs and then come back up to release myself. I locked on the ankle cuffs and then locked them together; this would restrict my feet to about a 4-5 inch step. I decided to be extra daring and picking up the JR knickers I had on earlier placed these in my mouth and then with my wig still on and the lipstick placed my ball gag head harness in place. Finally I the locked on the wrist cuffs, before locking them together I laid face down on the bed and then putting my hands behind me sealed my fate. I could feel my cock was wanting to cum, I laid there for a while again enjoying the pleasure of the latex clothing, the added feeling of the knickers stuffed into my mouth and I was now feeling the tightness of those latex boots on my feet.

I probably laid there for about 30 minutes and then decided that I should start to make a move as I was not used to being in 5 inch heels and I had to walk down and up a set of stairs. As I wiggled myself towards the side of the bed  my cock was being rubbed more and more and as I reached the edge I turned slightly and then all my weight was on my cock, I shifted again and then I exploded inside the corset. Hot cum squirted up against my stomach and I had to rest a while before continuing on my journey. Slowly I moved a bit more and then with my legs hanging over the edge I reached to the floor with my toes and managed to roll myself over so that I was sitting on the bed with my feet safely on the ground. Now for the real test, I started to stand up and gently took the weight. Once I was happy I moved one foot forward and then slowly shifted my weight and then moved the other foot. This was not going to be easy, my legs were bent at my knees as I could not stand up dead straight in these heels, and then balancing my weight as I moved.

I slowly waddled to the door and by the time I was there my legs were dead tired, the effort of standing up whilst bent at the knees takes a lot of effort. At this point I decided to that I could not make the whole journey on my feet, as the stairs were just across the hallway I leaned against the door fram and slowly lowered myself down. As I leant forward on my toes my knees came forward and then when they were about 12 inches from the floor I had to give way and my knees dropped to the floor. I had to wait a while, but fortunately the floor was covered in a nice deep pile carpet which cushioned my landing. I then crawled across on my knees and then once I reached the stairs I lowered leant against the banister and then twisted enabling me to get my bum on the floor. This then allowed me to swing my legs around and place them a couple of steps down on the stairs. Now I could get down stairs, I edged my bum forward and the as I reached the edge of the step I slid it down to the next step. I then moved my feet down to the next step and repeated this process over and over until I reached the ground floor.

Once I reached the ground floor I decided that the best thing I could do was again crawl to the kitchen on my knees. I had to be careful though as the kitchen was tiles and I did not want to mark these boots. I crawled slowly and very cautiously when I reached the kitchen. I made it to where I had placed the key down and then leaning my head on the edge of the worktop I managed to stand up. I could then turn around and reach back with my hands to the key. I then had to reverse the whole process to get back upstairs.

As I got within three steps from the top of the stairs I heard a car pull up. I stopped thinking it must be next door. I did not hear anything else so carried on. As I placed my bound hands on the next step and started to lift my bum up to the next step I heard two car doors and then some female voices. They were close and getting closer. I stopped and listened. I should have kept moving but I knew that it had to be someone from next door surely; Janet and Sarah were away until tomorrow night. Weren’t they? AS they approached the front door I realised it was them, now what could I do. I had to get back to Janet’s room and get changed I could try and make up some sort of reason to be upstairs. I quickly hoofed myself up the last two stairs. I had to rock and swing myself round so I could get on my knees. As I did this I heard the lock on the front door and then the door started opening, I started to shuffle towards the bedroom.

‘What was that, did you see that mum?’ I heard Sarah say, I hoped she had seen something downstairs and not me. ‘I think there is someone upstairs mum.’

‘See what darling, I didn’t see anything.’

‘I thought I saw a foot at the top of the stairs’ I was at Janet’s bedroom door.

‘Ok let’s go up, hold on, get that umbrella just in case.’ I was in the bedroom; I was passing the bed and heading for my bag. ‘What the hell. Stop there.’ I heard Janet shout. I stopped I was done for now, how the hell do I explain this, wearing a complete latex outfit, a wig and bound up in my friends mums room and found by my friends mum and sister.

‘Who is it mum, isn’t that like your rubber outfit, she has bound herself up.’ As Sarah was talking I could hear footsteps. I lowered my head and then saw a pair of feet walk around in front of me.

‘Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house?’ I didn’t move, ‘I am talking to you!’ I then felt a hand grab the top of my wig and head harness and pull my head back so my face was now looking straight up to Janet’s face. I was mortified, I wish I could have shrivelled up and disappeared into the ground. Janet stared at me for a moment and then I saw that twinkle of recognition.’ Ah so it is you. It’s okay Sarah this young lady is not going to hurt us, she can’t talk at the moment any way as she has gagged herself.’ She released my head and I looked down at the ground again. Was she teasing me or playing along so Sarah would not see my, why did she call me a girl if she knew it was me. Sarah walked round to face me.

‘Lift your head up girl so we can all see you.’ I felt like I was about to cry, I was now humiliated and did not know what to do. ‘Come on, let Sarah see who you are.’ I slowly lifted my head and looked straight at Sarah.

‘Oh my god, it’s Paul. Oh my I did not realise you liked dressing up.’ And then she giggled.

‘I thought something like this was going on, you were coming round here while we were away on holiday and wearing our clothes weren’t you. See Sarah you were right when you said your clothes seemed to have moved in the wardrobe; Paul here had been playing with them. And my underwear hey? If you are going to do something like that you should make sure you put everything away as you found it. But then you are only a boy, so messy is you nature I suppose.’ She then leaned over to Sarah and whispered something.

‘Oh yes mum that sounds brilliant.’ And then she almost ran out of the bedroom.

‘Now Paul what are we going to do with you?’ I didn’t move, I was caught now what would happen, everyone would find out about me I would have no friends and be a laughing stock, caught in bondage in my friends mums clothes and bedroom. Sarah then returned. I heard her walk to the side of me.

‘That’s good. Can you lift your head up?’ As I did so I turned to where she was standing and then realised she was holding a digital camera. It flashed. I turned away and then tried to shuffle away.

‘Oh no you don’t’ said Janet and she grabbed my shoulders. ‘You look so nice with the pink latex and your red lips surrounding the lovely ball gag. She held me firm and then Sarah came around the front of me. I closed my eyes and then felt another flash.

‘Open your eyes Paul, you look better that way.’

‘Come on Paul, you wanted to dress up like this, don’t you want some souvenir photos of your experience.’ I shook my head as Janet spoke. ‘Ok then Sarah as his eyes are closed lets help him finish. Now you have lipstick on but you should also have eye shadow as well.’ I opened my eyes and then flash, another picture. Janet released my shoulders and sat on the edge of the bed. ‘Come over here Paul, we need to talk.’ As I shuffled across Sarah kept taking more pictures. When I reached the bed kneeling in front of Janet I stopped and kept my head lowered.

‘Now look up at me, I don’t want to speak to a wig. Now you obviously enjoy dressing up like a girlie don’t you?’ I lifted my head and nodded. This would a short conversation, I was still gagged. ‘I bet your parents don’t know do they?’ I shook my head. ‘You also like being bound up and with two real women around hey?’ and with that she lifted her foot up and rested on my very erect cock. I hadn’t realised how erect I was, this humiliation was turning me on, I realised that I could easily cum again and this could be even more embarrassing. She rubbed my cock a bit. Involuntarily I moaned a bit.

‘Yep I thought so’ said Janet. Sarah was still taking pictures. ‘Now perhaps I should ring your parents and tell them about this and they can punish you.’ I looked Janet in horror and shook my head almost violently.

‘MMMMPPHH’ was the noise that came out of my mouth.

‘Was that a no? Well what else can we do? Here you are dressed like a sissy in my expensive rubber outfit without my permission.’ I stared blankly; if I could speak I would not know what to say. Sarah sat down beside her mum, still pointing the camera at me. ‘I have an idea, if you would like you can come here and dress up for Sarah and me.’ I felt her foot rub my cock. ‘Sarah and I understand about boys wanting to be girlies so we’re not shocked by seeing you dressed up and we would like to help you. If you had spoken to us before you could have been dressing up for ages with us. So to help you, you can come around here when it is quiet and Sarah and I will dress you and then we can spend the time as a girlie threesome.’ She rubbed my cock a couple more times and I was getting embarrassingly close to cumming. ‘Would you like to come around here and be a girlie with us?’ another rub, I nodded.

‘Good, now we should agree something’s first shouldn’t we? Now when you come around you will discard your clothes and will get dressed in whatever we tell you to, understand?’ anther rub, I nodded. ‘You will wear makeup as we see fit’, another rub and I nod. ‘You will do whatever we tell you to do to help you learn what it is like to be a girlie, like cleaning up properly and putting clothes away for starters,’ a rub, a nod. ‘If you are good then we can help you become a real girlie and learn everything about being a sissy girl, would you like that?’ two rubs and I am nodding now without really listening to what Janet is saying, my eyes are closed I am trying not to shoot my load while in front of these two.

‘You would like to be our sissy girl wouldn’t you?’ As I nod I moan a little bit. ‘Do you want to go all the way and be a real sissy girl and do everything that a real girl does?’ I nod and moan a yes. At this point I did not notice a slight change in Janet’s voice, ‘Would you like to become our slutty sissy girl, where you will be tied up in some cheap slutty outfits, dressed like a prostitute and trained to take cock?’ I moaned and nodded. ‘Again, you want to be our personal sissy girl slut who we can use and abuse for our own pleasure?’ I can feel the pressure on my cock increase, I nod emphatically and then a couple more strokes and that’s it. I push forward onto Janet’s foot and cum, I thrust my hips back and forth against her foot, my cum sprays up the inside of the corset against my stomach.

‘Oh mum, has he just cum?’

‘Yes dear he has just confirmed his desire to be ours.’ Once I had finished I lean back resting my bum on the heels of the latex boots. As I come back to the real world I start to remember where I am, what I am wearing and what I have just done. I don’t remember all of Janet’s words, but do remember about being able to come here and dress up. ‘Now first things first you need a girlie name for when you are dressed up, I think Heather is suitable for you. Secondly, you need to be punished for wearing my most prized outfit without permission. Sarah go and gets me a towel out of the bathroom please.’ Sarah went off. ‘Now let’s see what you have in your bondage bag.’ And with that Janet started going through my few items.

‘Ok I think I can find what I need here but I also have a few items which we will need to use.’ I wasn’t sure what she meant by that and was starting to get a little bit worried.

‘Mmmmmppphhh’ I managed.

‘No we can’t let you go just yet, now what time are you expected back home tonight?’ I shook my head. ‘What you are not going to tell me?’

‘Mm mph mppgg mphhh’

‘Oh, perhaps you weren’t going home, you were expecting to stay here?’ I nodded. ‘Oh well then we have more time that I thought. Good, we will be able to get a perfect start to this other new life of yours then.’ I was a bit startled again, I remember Janet saying about being able to come over and dress up with them, and some bondage but this sounded a bit more serious, new life? Sarah came into the room with the towel. ‘Lay it down beside Heather.’ Who’s that I thought then remembered that was me.

Janet came over to me and with Sarah laid me on my side and rolled me onto my front.’ They grabbed my cuffed ankles and then pulling them up they grabbed my wrists and before I knew what was happening Janet had locked my wrists and ankles together, this time I had no slack. I had never been this tight before in a hog tie, my back ached a little bit, I think due to the corset lacing. ‘I have laid you on a towel because I don’t want any of you cum on my carpet, now Sarah and I are going to go downstairs and finish unloading our car and have something to eat and discuss your future plans with us.’

‘Mmmppph’ I uttered.

‘Tough’ said Janet. I could see her feet from my floor bound position, and she turned and walked to her wardrobe. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing but she soon came back. ‘Now Heather, it is quite fortunate that you decided to get caught by us, as both Sarah and I like a bit of bondage and discipline, unfortunately we both like to be in charge so we don’t get to play much. But now you’re here so we will help you with dressing up and you will help us with being our bondage toy.’ With that she knelt down and then a blindfold went over my head. I felt a buckle being done up around my neck. ‘Now don’t go anywhere, we won’t be too long.’

‘Mmmppphhh’ I uttered but to no avail, I heard them start to leave and heard Janet say to Sarah, ‘it’s just as well we decided to cut short our trip we now have our own……’ and then I couldn’t hear them as they proceeded downstairs.

My head was spinning, here I was completely bound in a latex outfit, hog tied, my stomach was covered in cum and two good looking women were downstairs deciding about how I would be becoming more girlie for them. I wasn’t sure if I was worried or excited, both feelings kept running through my mind. After a while I drifted off into a world of dreams centred around being a girlified by Janet and Sarah.

I awoke as I felt the blindfold being unbuckled and removed, ‘Right then we need to get you cleaned up and prepare you for a full day of being a girlie tomorrow.’ I felt my hog tie being released; it must have been Sarah as Janet was still in front of me. As my legs came free I could feel my joints aching and then I started to feel my feet, they had been in these boots for several hours now and were complaining about the tightness. Janet started to release my head harness and pulled the ball gag out of my mouth. It was now that I realised how much my jaws ached. ‘What’s this?’ and she reached in and pulled out her now damp knickers from my mouth. ‘I see a real liking for my underwear. Right Sarah, when Heather cleans her cum up make her use these knickers and she can clean them later.’

‘Ok mum will do. Now come on Heather let’s get you up and to the bathroom.’ Sarah and Janet took an arm each and helped me stand up. Once up they unlocked my cuffs allowing my arms to drop by my sides and my feet spread apart. Sarah then eased on my left arm indicating for me to walk with her. I did so tentatively getting used to being back on those killer 5 inch heels.

‘Don’t worry heather,’ Janet said, ‘we’ll get you used to those heels in no time.

Once we got to the bathroom Sarah unzipped my skirt and then eased it down, ‘Well you have made a bit of a mess in here then.’ Sarah stated and as I looked down to try and step out of the skirt I could see my cum drying out on the waistband. ‘Now let’s sit you down and get these boots off shall we?’

With that I thankfully sat down taking the weight off my tired aching feet. Sarah unzipped both boots and then slowly with her tugging and my pulling we managed to squeeze one foot and then the other out of the boots.

‘I hope you have not stretched these as mum will be very mad with you.’ I didn’t answer as my jaw still ached and I just wanted to be out of these clothes for now. ‘Right I will help you out of the corset and then you can remove the rest.’ With that I stood up again and she undone all the lacing and helped me slip out of it. ‘Blimey you cum a lot don’t you?’ she said looking at the mess on my stomach and inside the corset.

‘I did cum three times I said meekly.’

‘Cool’ she replied, ‘right once you have removed the knickers using this pair you had in your mouth you are to wipe up all the cum up and then you can wash down the latex with warm soapy water. OK?’ I nodded.

‘Why use those knickers for wiping the cum up with?’ I asked.

‘Because mum said so Heather.’ I was beginning to feel whether being a girlie with these two was such a good idea, I was taking to the name Heather too well. But I did as required watched by Sarah ensuring that I got as much cum as possible wiped into the knickers and then washed all the latex and had a shower myself.

Just as I was finishing my shower Janet came in ‘I have laid out some items for you to wear, put them on then put away all of those items neatly as you found them and come downstairs so you can have some food before we retire for the night.

I went back into the bedroom I saw that there was a light pink baby doll outfit and matching panties laid out on the bed. I got dressed all the while being watched by Sarah, by now my libido had recovered and getting dressed in the baby doll my cock started to enlarge, Sarah giggled, ‘My you are easy to excite aren’t you. We are all going to have lots of fun.’ I then pulled up the panties and now I was starting to feel embarrassed again, my cock was almost fully erect. ‘Right put the clothes away, and do it nicely.’ Sarah said.

I carefully packed all the latex items away in their box and placed the boots back in theirs. We then proceeded downstairs, Sarah was giggling all the way down, ‘Hey mum, I think Heather is really happy, her little clit is bobbing around’

I turned around, ‘little clit, it’s my penis’

‘Well girls don’t have a penis, so HEATHER, this is your little clit, like the rest of us girls have. OK.’

I was annoyed, as we headed to the kitchen I had decided that I should call this all off. I was off the idea of being a girl with these two. I saw Janet and said, ‘look Mrs Jenkins, I don’t think..’

‘I am not Mrs Jenkins to you anymore,’ Janet retorted back stopping me from talking. ‘You were found in my house wearing my clothing, now so far only us three know about it. If you want to keep it that way you had better stick to the agreement we made earlier. We have pictures of you dressed up, we have video of you agreeing to come around here and be our sissy slut! So unless you want everyone to know your perverted little secret you will shut up and we will help you enjoy being a girlie.’ I was stunned, I realised that they were right, they had the evidence, I could not have other people know, especially my parents. ‘From now on when you are in this house with just Sarah and me you will address me Miss Janet, and Sarah is Miss Sarah, understand?’ I had no choice. ‘I can see you are enjoying it even now.’ She was right I couldn’t hide it my cock was erect at being spoken to like that, here dressed in a pink baby doll outfit. ‘Well do you understand?’

‘Yes’ I said.

‘Yes what?

‘Yes Miss Janet.

‘And ask us if you can come and dress up for us and be our sissy girl and do it politely.’

I wasn’t sure if I could say it, ‘Please Miss Janet and Miss Sarah, can I come here and dress up as your sissy girl?’

‘Of course you can Heather it is our pleasure to have you. Now let’s get you something to eat, you must have used a lot of energy today creating that much cum, Sarah told me, three times. That is good.’ I was given a plate of food and ate it down with a small drink. I didn’t really speak much for the rest of the evening but Sarah and Janet talked a lot about outfits and shoes and what fun we were all going to have.

When I had finished we went upstairs and I was taken to Sarah’s room. I was made to stand up and they re-attached my wrist and ankle cuffs, ‘We don’t won’t you accidentally walking away during the night and hurting yourself now do we.’ My arms were locked behind me and then I felt a strap going around elbows and pulling them together. Janet then kneeled down in front of me and I could feel something being secured around my testicles, a small chain was passed through my legs and locked off against my wrist cuffs, pulling my testicles tightly. My ankles were locked together and then I was made to hop over to the bed. Janet placed a ring gag on my mouth but this looked a bit different as it seemed to have a small screw thread around the edges. I sat on the edge and then Sarah disappeared for a short while, now in her hand was the knickers that were soaked in my cum from cleaning up earlier, as Janet held my head Sarah pushed them into my mouth.

‘It’s ok Heather you need to get used to the taste of cum, all girlies do don’t we Sarah,’ and Sarah nodded. ‘Now just to make sure they don’t fall out accidently,’ and then I saw in Janet’s hand a small 3 inch dildo and she placed through the ring gag, now three inches is normally small but inside my mouth with the knickers as well it felt massive.

‘Now get into bed and tonight Sarah will sleep with you, just to make sure you’re ok and don’t have any accidents.’ And with that she patted my cock.

‘Mum, wouldn’t it be better if….’ And Sarah whispered into her mums ear.

‘I think your right Sarah, good idea. Now Heather I think you will enjoy this.’ I then felt a hand on my cock and then Sarah placed a hand on my face and removed the cock gag. Sarah was speaking to me ‘do you like being dressed up in bed with me, does it excite to be in bed with bound up..’ and she kept talking about wearing other clothes, the hand on my cock gave a firmer grip and was pumping to rhythm until eventually I shot my load again. I didn’t realise though that it had all been caught by Janet’s hand. They moved quickly and I saw Janet’s hand move up to my mouth wipe the cum inside my lips and then the gag was re-inserted and screwed and locked into place. I then felt Sarah adjusting something around my cock and realised I was being locked into my CB3000.

‘Good idea Sarah that should prevent her from having any accidents. Night girls.’ And Janet left me and Sarah in the bedroom alone, Sarah got undressed and then also put on a baby doll. She got into bed and cuddled up next to me.

I could feel her reach around me and start stroking my cock, ‘Let’s see what we can do for morning hey.’ She kissed me on my cheek and then holding my caged cock she went to sleep. I soon followed but dreamt a lot that night, some felt like night mares but I slept and wondered what tomorrow would bring.



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