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Caught Red Handed

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

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“You better get going or you’ll be late.” Stacy said to her husband. “I want you back home on time today.”

“I’m going now.” Pete said taking up his briefcase. “See you at noon.” He said with a smile.

“I’ll be waiting for you.” She said kissing him back before he headed to the garage.

Each last Wednesday of the month, Pete took the afternoon off to spend some ‘quality time’ with Stacy, his wife of nearly 10 years. Their quality time consisted of at least 3 uninterrupted hours of gratifying sex before the bus dropped their kids off from school. Though they still enjoyed their physical time together after the kids went to bed, many times their late night sex was more from need than want or passion. After a long day at work and house making, they were tired and couldn’t count on the kids to stay in bed. More than once they had been interrupted by a child who had a bad dream or couldn’t sleep.

But their monthly afternoon delights were their special time private and both looked forward to it each month, wishing they could do it more often. But for Stacy, it was still not enough.

Stacy loved her husband with all her heart. Pete was a loving and generous man, a great provider, a devoted father and took care of everything they needed. But for Stacy, a girl that gave up her wild ways when she married, there was one area Pete lacked in: The bedroom.

Pete was a good lover, but was rather strait laced in his approach. He was always giving, making sure his bride’s needs were taken care of before he took his pleasures, but he lacked imagination and creativity. For Pete, doing it doggy style was erotic. The missionary position was their normal way to finish things off. To his credit, their Wednesday connections usually were double headers, but still lacking in the excitement Stacy craved and not seeing the need for added exploits or marital aids, such as sex toys, or for anything outside the norm.

Stacy’s prior exploits were far much more erotic and kinky. Years before she met Pete, a lover introduced her to bondage, tying her up for hours, used all sorts of gags on her, teasing her sexually till thought she’d loose her mind before giving her several breathtaking orgasms before he slammed his hard shaft into her or make her suck him off, often doing both throughout their adventurous hours of dominance and submissive play. When she moved on to other lovers, Stacy became the teacher with results varying depending on the man and his interest in such things.

Stacy craved nothing more than dressing up for her man in sexy clothing, strictly tied and gagged, rendered completely helpless in various positions and situations while hot sexual delights were heaped upon or denied of her immobilized body for hours on end, have multiple orgasms while struggling in her restraints before serving her lover or was ravished by him.

But Pete had no desires like that, even after she dropped hints and openly suggested they try it. He did like it when she wore racy lingerie or a pair of stockings and heels for him, but he had zero interest in adding vibrators, oils or other sex aids to their bedroom playtime. Once or twice a year, he’d tie her hands to the headboard at her request and such, but nothing like she experienced before with crafty lovers that gave her the erotic trills she craved.

At first, she tried to accept it, not give in to her fantasies. But her desires wouldn’t go away and she found herself starting to resent Pete for not giving in to her. Having an affair to satisfy her needs was out of the question but ignoring her wants and let it cause a problem in their marriage would not be good either. And spending hours inline reading erotic stories, many of which were completely impossible but still display some creative kinkiness, only fueled her flames of desire. So Stacy had to resort to doing taking care of her kinky desires herself yet keep it well hidden from her loving husband and especially her kids.

With the kids off to school and Pete on his way to work, Stacy got to work herself. Even though they were going to have a fun filled romp in just a few hours, Stacy wanted to get her self primed and ready beforehand. She often did this before their monthly hookups, to satisfy her kinky cravings, which made the afternoon of sex a great finishing touch.

First, she showered and shaved, even giving herself a bikini shave. She dried her hair and applied her makeup. Clad in a short robe, she got the clothes she wanted to wear out and laid them out on the bed. From the bottom of her dresser, carefully hidden in a small plain cloth bag under seasonal clothing that she rotated twice a year, she got out a set of leather cuffs, several leather belts, a wide leather collar, two small padlocks, a specialized vibrator and a roll of wide surgical tape. These were laid on the bed, where she would have easy reach to them.

She went to the basement and opened the freezer. From the bottom, she retrieved the small plastic bowl. Frozen in the ice was a coiled up string with both ends free of the ice. There were a couple of similar bowls in the freezer, larger one that would take longer to melt. She only had a few hours to play today, so only a smaller block was needed, this one timed to melt in about 2 hours. Some could last as long as six, depending on the season and warmth in the house.

She carried it up to the bedroom where she tied the key for padlocks to one end of the string. With the ice free of the bowl, she carefully taped the other end of the string to the ceiling, hanging the ice and key near end of the bed. She also placed a large metal bowl directly under the ice to catch the drops of water as it melted. She then placed fresh batteries in the remote of the vibrator and tested it, finding it working perfectly.

Satisfied all was ready, Stacy removed her robe and started to dress. Her attire would be simple, for she would still be wearing to entice when Pete came home. A short vibrant blue satin nightgown with black lace trim and spaghetti straps went over her body. A simple and elegant nightgown, It only came down to the top of her thighs, the perfect length to stay cover up yet give access to her vital areas. She slid her feet into a pair of black sexy cage sandals with 5” heels. That was it, at least for her cloths. The combo was one of Pete’s favorites. No need for panties, for she didn’t have a need to cover up. A quick look in the full length mirror confirmed she shapely body still looked sexy, even after having two children. Already, she felt herself getting warm and wet between her legs in anticipation.

Using a leather belt, one that was feed through a solid d-ring, she wrapped the belt around the tall and thick bedpost well above her head. A second belt was buckled on to the post just below chin level. Sitting on the corner of the bed, she slid the small red vibrator on, the elastic straps sliding up her legs, finalizing the exact placement in a few moments. Using two longer belts, she strapped her legs together at the knees and ankles, pulling the belts tight so her legs were firmly against one another but not tight enough to dig into her skin or cut off the blood flow. She buckled the collar on next, making sure the short chain was on the side. She then belted a padded leather cuff to each of her wrists. Lastly, she took a long piece of the tape from the roll and placed it over her lips. She did this once more, sealing her lips together and her mouth shut. The tape was somewhat transparent, so her bright red lips clearly showed through.

She stood and faced the bedpost, still within reach of the bed. Using a rubber band, she attached the remote for the vibrator to the bedpost at about waist height. She positioned the small vibrator so it was perfectly centered over her clit. A short test run confirmed the desired placement. A quick review showed everything was set and in place. Looking at the ice, it was just starting to melt, only a few drops splashing into the bowl by her feet.

She picked up the locks from the bed. Stacy was now at the point of no return. Once the first padlock was in place, she was committed till the ice was melted. Looking at the clock, Pete’s return was still about 3 hours away and the kids double that. Everything was ready.

Stacy reached down and turned the vibrator on. She adjusted it so it was powered about half way, not strong enough to make her climax in moments but not too weak that it would fail to arouse and satisfy. The setting was perfect.

She feed the first open padlock through the ring on the belt at her chin. She then feed the end of the short chair to the padlock and locked it in place. Now her neck was only a few inches away from the bedpost and locked in to remain there.

She feed the second lock into the rings on her cuffs, pulling her hands together. Reaching up, she fed the lock into the ring and belt combo above her head, having to stand on her toes to reach it before she snapped the padlock shut, linking her cuffs to the ring with the lock.

Stacy was now a prisoner of her own doing. The cuffs were locked to the bed high above her head, forcing her to stand tall, almost pulling her heels off the floor. The collar and chain kept her close to the bedpost but allowed her to turn away if she wanted while trapping her back against the post. Her legs were strapped together so she couldn’t move away or pull against the bed. The tape kept her sounds limited to erotic moans.

Looking up, the ice was slowly dripping. As some point, about two hours or so from now, the ice would melt enough for the weight of the keys to pull the string from the block, dropping the keys within her hands reach. It would take her a few moments to pull the keys from the ceiling and unlock her hands, freeing her from her self imposed bondage. Well before her husband arrived home, she would be free of her bonds, with everything put away and Stacy laying enticingly on the bed, with Pete none the wiser. By then she hoped she would have at least two or three orgasms and be ready for some bodily contact and pleasant sex.

The vibrator was slowly rumbling against her clit, teasing her and very slowing getting her more and more excited. Stacy turned away from the bedpost and leaned against it, her body gyrating as the vibrator continued the playful assault on her. Looking up at the ice block, it mocked her, slowly dripping and keeping the keys out of her reach. Sometimes cold droplets of water spattered out of the bowl onto her bare legs, adding to her erotic torment that freedom was agonizingly slow to come. This was so freakin good.

Stacy squirmed as her orgasm slowly built. She turned back and rubbed against the smooth bedpost, her nipples lightly rubbing against the wood and sliding against the smooth satin. The minutes dragged on as she worked closer to her goal. When at last her orgasm grew to a crescendo, she pressed her hips against the post and humped, driving the vibrator hard against her to making her orgasm to explode. She screamed into her tape gag as the climax rampaged over her body, sending shivers and waves of erotic pleasures through her entire body. It took 35 minutes to get to her first orgasm but the wait was worth it.

Stacy moaned and groaned, her body trembling as the orgasm peaked and began to slowly fade. Hanging limply by her chained wrists, he softly moaned, savoring the sweet sensations of a needed climax, letting her body recover slightly before working toward the next.

Stacy’s current scenario was one of a few self bondage situations Stacy engaged in, but one of her best. At least one day a week, and sometimes more, Stacy would lock, strap and tie herself into some kind of bondage situation. Through careful trial and error, she had developed a small menu of things she could do and enjoy, yet know she would eventually escape from without anyone catching her or needing rescue from.

Another of her other favorites was when she would spend a morning dressed in nothing more than a string panty and stiletto heels securely locked in handcuffs on her wrists behind her back and legcuffs with a foot long chain on her ankles. With vibrators strapped across and inside her pussy to stimulate and a red ballgag strapped into her mouth to keep her hushed, Stacy spent hours moving about the house waiting for the block of ice to melt and the key to the cuffs to drop free. Sometimes she’d place clamps onto her hard nipples, adding other elements of excitement and torment to her games. Even though the sheers and blinds would be closed, she still fantasized that her kinky captor was looking it at her as her sex toys forced her to come again and again. She would stand in front of the mirror or lay on the dining room table or kitchen counter as she withered and struggled till her orgasm exploded, then move to a new area and wait for the next till the key was free of the ice or dropped from the hour hand of the grandfather clock.

For the rest of the morning, the vibrator kept up a relentless assault on her sensitive clit, slowly building her up more orgasms. The second took nearly 45 minutes and the third almost an hour. By the time the third climax was over, leaving Stacy a quivering mass of flesh, it was well over 2 hours since she first locked herself in, yet the vibrator never slacked.

Stacy looked at the clock and it was a few moments past noon. Pete would be on his way home by now. He did whatever he had to do to get out of the office and home before 12:30, to maximize their time together. Rarely did he miss his departure time.

Stacy looked up at the ice that was lasting longer than planned. The string was nearly loose. She struggled in a slight panic, hoping the key would drop soon. She had no intention for her husband to catch her like this or find her putting her bondage toys way, even though she sometimes wished he did and take advantage. Besides, she was quite ready for a good hard screwing and wanted to be in place to receive it when her husband arrived to join her on the bed without needing to explain or justify her kinky activities.

The string slipped the first loop, dropping the key to within a few inches of her fingers. This was the hard part, waiting for it to happen and hoping she didn’t get caught while still being sexually teased. It was all part of her game, yet her timing was cutting it close this go around.

Up to this moment, everything had gone perfectly. All the dripping were in the bowl, Stacy had 3 orgasms and was still horny for her husband. Once free it would only take a couple moments to get things cleared up and hidden away. Pete was on his way home and she would be ready and for him.

But even the best of plans could go array. And today it finally did, causing her greatest fear to come to reality.

The last loop dropped from the ice block. But instead of the keys dropping next to Stacy’s hands, the force of the drop added to the weight of the remaining ice caused the tape holding the string to the ceiling to give way. The keys continued to fall, her outstretched fingers deflecting the angle, straight down to floor and out of reach.

“MMmmmmmmmmmoooooooo!!” Stack squealed into her gag as she looked down in dread. Instead of the keys dropping into her hands, they keys were now sitting on the carpet. And due to her bondage trapping her against the bedpost, there was no way she could reach down and grab them or even try and use her toes to pick them up.

Stacy looked at the clock. Pete would be home in less than 15 minutes. Panic set it as Stacy tried to reach the key with her toes, but the short chain on her collar and her hands locked so high up only allowed a couple inches reach. Even if she could, how could she get the keys to her hands? It was impossible, yet she still tried as the vibrator droned on.

Pete would be home any time now. He’d come straight to the bedroom, expecting to find her waiting for him in bed as usual. Now he was going to catch her tied up and gagged with a running vibrator on her clit. How would she explain all this? She could make up a lie that someone had broke in and done this to her, but would he believe it? No, the house was locked up and no signs of forced entry were around. And what thief would break in, bringing their own bondage and sex toys along, and spend the time doing all this to her and not take anything with him? Besides, Pete was smart enough to know better and would immediately know what she was doing. The question was how would he react? Now panic became dread as the seconds ticked by, listening for his car to drive up.

After several minutes, she heard the back door slam shut.

“Honey, you home?” she heard Pete call as usual. Her car was in the garage and he was expecting her to be here waiting for him. Naturally, she would be waiting for him in the bedroom, as she had done several times before, and she would call back to him to join her. He didn’t need to hear back from her, for he already knew where he would find her. His foot steps got closer and closer, yet she had no story in mind that would explain all this. How was he going to react? What was he going to say?

“I hope you’re in there waiting for me.” He said as he turned the knob and opened the door. Facing away from the bed, Stacy debated which way she should be looking, away or towards the bed, towards the door, at the floor to ceiling, but didn’t have time to decide. He came in, looking first at the bed and expecting find her lying on the covers waiting for him. A second later, his eyes found her where she stood prisoner.

There she was, standing on her come-fuck-me heels, with her legs tied together, a thin cord running under her short nightgown, wearing a collar and chained to bedpost, the tape across her lips and her hands stretched and locked above her head. She was quite a sight, still struggling softly yet her eyes wide in horror of being caught in the act of her secret pastime.

For a few second, he just looked at her, unable to fully compute what he was seeing. Then, after the initial shock wore off, a small grin started on his lips that grew into a wide smile.

“Well, well, what have I stumbled across here.” He said, taking another step into the room and crossing his arms across his chest. “I was hoping to find you in here ready for me, but it looks like you’ve been busy entertaining herself this morning.”

Stacy tried to say something but the gag only made it come out as muddled mumbles.

“No, don’t try and talk your way of out this, my love,” he said as he walked closer to her. “at least, not till I’ve had a look around to see what you’ve been up to.”

He found the vibrator remote attached to the bedpost and turned if off. Stacy was actually grateful, for after two plus hours it was now getting to be an irritant, especially since it lost it’s appeal when the key hit the floor. He moved the bowl of cold water away from her feet and found the lock key lying on the floor. Placing the remaining ice into the bowl, he held the key up and dangled them before her eyes.

“I guess this got away from you.” He said. “That’s a shame.” He said as he broke the string off and dropped the key into his pocket. “This is quite a setup you’ve got going here, all very ingenious. But it looks like your cleverness caught up with you this time, or at least some bad luck fouled up your plans. The question is, what should do we do now?” he said.

Stacy was shocked that he wasn’t mad or outraged or even repulsed. In fact, he seemed rather pleased that he had caught her and was going to leave her in her fetters. He slowly moved from one side of her to another then slowly turned her around to look at her from the back side, even running his hand over her body before turning her back to face him. She tried to ask her questions and her requests to be released, but he ignored her as he moved around her self-imprisoned body.

Finally, with his hands come to rest on her hips, he moved in close to her. “Answer me honestly. Did you do this so I would catch you today, or did things just go bad?” he said as he pealed the tape off her lips.

“Oh Pete, please don’t be mad…” she started to plead, only to have him put a finger on her lips to silence her.

“I didn’t ask you for an apology, I asked you a question. If you don’t answer it, I‘ll put the tape back on and leave you alone to think about it.” He said. “Or maybe I should improve my interrogation tactics.” He said as he picked up a small piece of remaining ice and slowly ran it over her streaked arms.

Stacy was surprised at his assertive and even erotic behavior. He never acted like this, and he certainly wasn’t acting like she was expecting him to. A shiver went through her, and not just from the cold ice he was running all over her trapped body.

“It just went wrong.” she said. “The tape pulled free and …” he silenced her again with his finger on her lips once more and the nearly melted ice on her neck.

“You can explain later. For now, only answer what I ask you.” He said as the ice tracked over her chest, a trickle running between her boobs. “Did you do this because I don’t satisfy you enough or to get yourself extra horny for this afternoon?”

“Well, it does get me excited and will make today better.” She said.

“And? Be honest.” He asked as another drop of cool water ran down her torso.

“And because I like being tied up and you don’t do it to me like I want.”

“Were we still going to have sex today?”

“Yes, I was going to be free and ready for you, but you see how it didn’t work out……”

Without warning, he discarded the ice and kissed her deeply, pressing his body against her and running his one hand through her hair, holding her in the deep kiss as their tongues flicked and explored each other.

“Are you still horny?” he asked when he broke it off.

Both his actions and his question took her by complete surprise. “I’m not sure.” She answered. “I was till things went bad, but if you keep doing all that I think I can be again.”

“Thanks for being honest.” He said as he stepped away to grab the roll of tape from the bed. “Let’s give it a try and find out.”

“What are you going to do?” she asked as he pulled off a long strip of tape, completely confused as what was going on.

“Get you back into the same state I found you in.” he said as he placed the sticky tape over her closed lips, sealing her mouth once more. “There, I think that will do.” He said as he smoothed the tape down and tossed the roll onto the bed.

“Since you’ve being honest with me, it’s time for some honesty on my part too. First of all, I know all about your self bondage activates. Well, I should say I’ve known about it since early last year.” He said. Stacy eyes went wide and she grunted in utter surprise. She thought she had her husband completely fooled. Now she finds out he’s known about it for almost two years. So much for all her cleverness and trickery.

“I found your ice blocks in the freezer one day. One had a handcuff key frozen in it. A few days later it was gone when I checked again, so I figured you must have used it. Being suspicious, I looked for and found your stash of bondage items one afternoon when you were out with the kids. After that I started noticing damp carpeting, the bed messed up or furniture was out of place from time to time. I didn’t say anything since it was obvious you didn’t want to tell me about it. I figured that some day you might tell me, or maybe I’d catch you doing it. And It seems that day has finally come, hasn’t it.” He grinned.

She was shocked that he knew about her self bondage games. She had been doing similar things for almost 3 years and he knew for almost 2 years, yet never said a word and let her go on doing it without judging or accusing her.

“I know this is a deep desire of yours. Without cheating on me, you found a way to fulfill for your kinky desires. I didn’t want to be critical of you, so I let you do it and I pretended I didn’t know. I’ve wanted to say something to you for months, but didn’t want to get into argument over it or seem like I was spying on you. I hope you’re not mad at me for disserving you.”

His hands were now lightly running up and down her bound body. How could she be mad? She shook her head to tell him so.

“Till now, I never understand why or what you get out of it. Call me prude, but I always thought this was stuff only perverts did. But when I came in and saw you all tied up like this, my thoughts were how incredibly sexy you look and how much I want you. I admit I‘m really turned on by seeing you like this. I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do with you, how I want to get my hands on you, play with you, even making love with you while you’re like this. So maybe I’m more of a pervert than I know. Or maybe this just isn’t so perverted after all.”

This was the biggest shock of the day, even bigger than the key falling to the floor. Her husband of 8 years, the man who resisted her pleads to play kinky games, was actually saying he found her sexy and wanted her while she was tied up.

His hands gravitated to her satin covered breasts, light caressing her chest through the smooth material. Stacy let out a soft moan from behind her gag, relishing his touch, the way she wanted him to do for so long.

“Now that I’ve admitted my lusts, and the situation had presented itself, may I join you in your bondage games?” he said.

Stacy nodded enthusiastically then moaned deeply when he took a firmer hold of her breasts. Her nipples grew hard and poked at the material. He noticed immediately and gave added attention to them, lightly pinching them, making Stacy squirm under his touch as she closed her eyes and groan, withering in her restraints as he played with her trust up body.

He kept this up for a few moments before his hands left her body. Before she could react, she squealed and her bound body jumped at the first wave of vibrations began hitting her clit again. Pete had started up the vibrator, this time on a slow speed setting.

“Might was well use what already here.” He said with a grin as he returned to fondling her body and chest again.

As the splendid moments went by, Pete worked Stacy into an erotic frenzy. Bit by bit, the vibrator was turned up higher as was Stacy’s level of arousal. He pulled her nightgown up and got his hands on the bare flesh of her swollen breast, paying extra attention to her rock hard nipples. Stacy squirmed hard against her leather shackles, constantly moaning and groaning as a new orgasm slowly build inside her. Soon she was on fire and soaking wet with excitement. This was far better than doing all her bondage games alone.

Her orgasm was building fast, getting close to release when suddenly everything stopped, even the vibrator. She looked at her husband, who had a wickedly sly grin on his face as he stood back and took his shirt off.

“It’s really hot in here.” He said. He knew he was teasing his bound bride, but wasn’t that part of bondage? Before long, he was totally naked, his cock standing at full rigid attention.

“Much better.” He said as she moved back to her and resumed his torments. The vibrator was restarted at a moderate setting, but his mouth came down onto her breasts, nearly sucking her whole boob into his mouth. Stacy realized her husband was a fast learner and was taking full advantage of the situation. This was getting good.

Soon the vibrator was at full strength again as was his groping and sucking. Her ass got a good squeezing and her boobs plenty of attention. Her orgasm grew quickly. Her body bucked and strained against her restraints, but Pete never slacked his efforts. She began to grunt hard, the tape muffling her pleads for climactic relief. At long last and all too soon, she was about to explode. She cried out as the first wavy of intense pleasure crashed onto her body. She screamed in delight as more waves of intense carnal pleasures swept through her. It was a long, marvelous orgasm, far better than any she had that day or in years and it just kept going and going all due to her husband and the attention he was giving her.

At last, the intensity diminished and finally ended, leaving her hanging limply by her wrists. The vibrator had already been turned off and he pealed the tape from her face, letting her catch her breath. She hardly noticed her husband had moved to her dresser.

“Oh Pete, that was wonderful.” She said at last as he rummaged through her top dresser drawer. “You’ve never made me come like that. Oh you’ve have now idea how long I’ve wanted you to do this to me.”

“Glad you liked it.” He said as he pulled out a long white silk scarf. “But I hope you’re not spent already?”

“Not if you keep doing that to me.” She replied. “Besides, you need some attention too.”

“My thought exactly,” he said as he folded the scarf over twice. “just with a little change.”

“What are you going to do with that?” She asked as he moved up to her.

“I was just thinking back to some movies I seen and I thought I just might prefer like seeing you in this than the tape.” He said as he presented the soft scarf to her mouth. “Open up please.” He said. A moment later, she was gagged with the scarf tightly tied between her teeth. Stacy was impressed Pete was taking such charge of situation, and extraordinarily happy he was applying his own touches to the game.

He opened the padlock holding her collar to the leather strap and removed the chain. The vibrator was turned on once more to a moderate setting. He then turned Stacy so she was facing the bedpost once more and slowly worked her feet back, making her body bend over slightly at the waist but stretched tighter than ever. He pulled her nightgown up, exposing her ass to him. Not able to see what he was doing, she felt him run his hands over her fettered body for several minutes before he pressed up against her, rubbing his raging naked hard on against her crack.

“We’ve never made love standing up before, have we?” he whispered into her ear as his cock probed against her. Stacy shook her head. “Or when your legs were bound together?” Stacy shook her head again. “Or when you were gagged?” Stacy shook her head a third time. “I’m dying to do it all now.” he said.

He pulled her butt cheeks apart and worked his cock head between, finding her very wet and warm. With her legs tied together and the odd angle, Pete wasn’t sure he was doing things right. But after a few seconds of probing, he found her pussy and worked his way into her, receiving a deep welcoming groan when he did. He pushed harder and plunged himself into his bound and gagged wife, making her moan deeply after he fully entered her. Pete moaned as well at the new and fantastic sensation.

Not wanting to mess up the moment by falling out, Pete bucked his hips, pumping his cock into her body. Taking hold of her hips, Pete intensified his bucking motions, driving his slicked up manhood deep into her again and again. It was amazing sex for both of them. His hands moved up to her breasts, squeezing them firmly as he drove into her repeatedly. Stacy groaned constantly around her scarf gag and Pete grunted with each thrust he made. Harder and faster he went, his cock burning from her heat and throbbing with excitement. The room filed with erotic sounds of sex, skin slapping against skin, the bed creaking and lovers moans and groans. The unrelenting vibrator and the hot driving sex were doing wonders for Stacy too. This is what she really needed.

Their sex didn’t last long, for both parties were very aroused and too excited to contain themselves. Pete took hold of his her hips once more and rammed in to his wife as hard as he could as his orgasm grew close. With one mighty thrust, Pete plunged in as deep as he could and his cock exploded. He cried out in sheer delight as he pumped piles of sperm into his tied up bride. Stacy even felt his cock erupting inside her, something she usually didn’t feel much of. He seemed to be pumping more into her than ever before. From the sounds he made, Stacy knew this was a fantastic experience for him as well and wished she could have come along with him.

“Oh, what have I been missing all these years.” He said aloud as the orgasm faded.

At last, his orgasm was over but Pete tried to remain in his wife as long as possible, both parties savoring the afterglow of great sex. When he could no longer keep inside her, he at last pulled away from her. He turned off the vibrator and retrieved the keys to release his wife’s wrists from the leather belt. It was a welcome relief to let her arms fall to her sides after having her hands locked above her head for over 3 hours.

After pulling the remote from the post, Pete helped Stacy to the bed, for her legs were still belted snuggly together. Then, on what seemed on impulse or fresh inspiration, he removed the short nightgown from his semi-bound wife, rolled her onto her chest, pulled her hands behind her back and locked her wrists together with the small padlock, securing her into bondage once more. Except for her leather restraints and sexy heels, Stacy was totally naked and exposed to whatever he wanted.

Stacy rolled onto her side and looked up at her husband, both pleased and stunned by his swift and decisive actions on her.

“Why did you do that?” she asked as she tested her new bondage position, now free of her clothes and the gag was pulled from her mouth. She wasn’t mad, far from it. She was just curious why he did it and externally thrilled he did.

“Because we’re not done yet.” He grinned as he stretched out next to his exposed wife. “We’ve got lots of time before the kids will be home and you looked too good to release yet. And, I kind of like having you tied up and all mine, so I’m going to keep you this was for a long as I can. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? You have no idea how long I’ve hope to her you say that.” Stacy said as she buried her head into his chest. “I’ll be yours, any time and any way you want.

After a few moments, Stacy and Pete were passionately kissing, with Pete slowly caressing his bound wife and Stacy contently moaning into his mouth. Her tied naked body squirmed against him, getting aroused once more from the physical contact of his hands and his mouth on her. She moaned long when he moved to suck on her boobs. Before long, she felt the tip Pete’s cock pressing against her, firming up nicely and getting ready to go once more.

Stacy decided to give her husband a little taste of what a tied up woman should do for her loving man. She wormed her way down his body, kissing his chest and tummy as she went till her mouth was at cock level. She took him in, slowly sliding her lips up and down his renewed cock, softly humming as she did. His cock swelled to full size and stiffness quickly. Within a few moments, she tasted the first drops of pre-cum that came from the tip. His hips swayed with the motion of sex. He was primed and ready for more and she was going to give it to him. She was the teacher again and this was his next lesson.

Pete was softly moaning as Stacy made love to him with her mouth. She decided that if all he wanted was a blow job, she’d suck him till he came and swallow as much as he could, no matter how long it took. Her action were dual purposed, wanting to both thank him for giving this kinky game a try and enticing him to want to do it again and hopefully often. She was very surprised when the vibrator came to life again. Pete held the controller in his hand and was playing with it. She giggled around his cock and continued to pump her mouth over his manhood while the tiny vibrator worked on her.

Even as Stacy tried to speed up her motions and please her man to the utmost, Pete resisted and finally pulled out of her mouth. While Pete would have enjoyed have Stacy finishing him off, he had other idea for his tied up wife that they both could enjoy.

“Don’t you want me to finish?” she said with a smile.

He rolled Stacy onto her chest and mounted her from behind. “I do and you can another time, but let’s do it this way so we can both enjoy it.” He said as he worked his cock between her ass cheeks till he found her love tunnel and drove into her again. After a moment, Stacy made a suggestion and Pete used it. He placed two pillows under her hips before he slid back into her. Now he could penetrate to the deepest level. He slipped the vibrator remote into her bound hands, telling her to set it as she liked. He knelt over his wife, grabbing her ass and driving his cock deep into her over and over again, with the vibrator now running at top speed. Both partners moaned and groaned as they both slowly came closer to climax.

Pete was plowing into his wife as hard and fast as he could. After several minutes of intense intercourse, Stacy cried out as an orgasm exploded over her leather tied body, trembling as the climax rocked her from head to toe. A moment later, Pete slammed in deep and blew his load of come into her once again as he cried out as well.

Pete collapsed onto his wife, the couple breathing hard but thrilled by the wild afternoon of fantastic sex as the last of his come dribbled into her. He later rolled next to her and held her tight as they enjoyed the lingering afterglow. Stacy savored being held in both his arms and her bondage.

“Why did I wait so long to join you in this.” he said softly.

“I’m just glad you’re here now.” she replied.

With time pressing, Pete released his wife from her leather bonds. Coated in sweat and sex, they took a shower together and were dried off and fully dressed well before the school bus came down the street. The bondage toys were back hidden in the drawer as well and everything else clear and cleaned up. The kids would never know anything had happened.

“So when do we do this again?” he said with a smile as they waited for their children to come home. “Personally, I don’t want to wait till next month.”

“Anytime you want.” She replied.

The normal routine of dinner, homework and bedtime came and went as usual. The children didn’t notice the pleasant demeanor or knowing looks their parents gave each other. With the kids asleep, Stacy and Pete sat together on the couch, with the TV off for once.

“You tired?” Stacy asked after a long, enticing kiss.

“Not really? Got something in mind.” He replied.

“I do. Why don’t you give me 10 minutes and meet me in the bedroom and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Stacy headed off while Pete made sure the house was locked up, the lights off and the kids asleep. He decided that they would need to place a lock on their bedroom door. Waiting till the allotted time expired and not hearing any sounds from within, Pete opened the door.

The only light in the room came from several candles. Stacy was on the bed, a black garter belt, black fishnet stocking and her sexy black cage sandals with 5” heels were her only clothing. One her wrists were the padded black leather cuffs. A matching set encircled her ankles. Laying face down, her wrists and ankles were held close together by a 4-way black leather belt gadget. Even Pete knew this was referred to as a hogtie, but didn’t expect that Stacy could put herself into one so easily. A broad smile was on her face.

“Aren’t you a little warm in all that clothing?” she asked.

“Warm is not the word I use. How in the world did you do this?”

“I still have a few secrets that you don’t know about.” She replied as she squirmed enticingly. “I plan to eventually show all of them to you, and I suspect you’ll come up with plenty of your own ideas too. But now is not the time to ask for details. Why don’t you get naked and let me finish what I started on you this afternoon.”

Pete was more than pleased at her suggestion. “That’s not very fair to you.” He replied as he started to remove his clothing, not being able to take his eyes off his sexy dressed and tied wife for one second.

“Don’t worry about that. I got more than my share today.” She replied as he removed the last of his clothes. It was time for another lesson. “Besides, who said we needed to be fair? Let me do this for you and don’t ask too many questions.”

With Pete nude, Stacy directed him where to sit on the bed. She wormed her way between his legs till she was comfortable sucking on his stiff cock. She took her time and gave him a long slow blow job. Afterwards, as they lay arm in arm, naked in the dark room under the covers, Pete commented it was the best oral sex he ever received, thought it totally erotic when she swallowed down his entire load of sperm and confessed he’d like to do it again.

“So I take it you plan on teaching me everything I need to know.” Pete said.

“Yes, I do. Then it will be up to you to do what you want with it.” She replied.

“School was never like this, nor did I have such a hot and kinky teacher like you. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store of us.” Pete said.

“There is so much I want to show you and we’ve only begun. You can only guess and imagine what you’ll walk into next time you ‘catch’ me.” She replied. She had at least a dozen ideas for him and was excited to show him all of them.

“Lover, I’ll be happy to catch you any time you want.” He was thinking of his own ideas too for the next time he caught his wife red handed in her exciting bondage games.



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