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Caught in Selfbondage

by Bondage Boots

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I have been partaking in the pleasures of self bondage since my teen years. Over the years, I have purchased and accumulated many bondage items, leather and latex gear. One Saturday afternoon, I pulled out my bag of bondage goodies to settle in for several hours of unhurried bondage fun. I began by putting on my extremely sexy thigh high black front laced ballet boots. The extreme arch of the 7 1/2" heel is bondage in itself, but there is much joy in the 20 or so minutes it takes to lace them to the top of my thighs. I love the feel of the leather against my bare legs and feet.

I was already somewhat lubed from the excitement of lacing the boots, so sliding the dildo into my snatch was fairly easy. The bulb shaped vibrating butt plug required some Vaseline, however, and with some slightly painful stretching of my rear hole, I exhaled a delightful gasp as it cleared the fullest part and slid into place. The narrow tapered end allowed my anus to relax, but I felt wonderfully stretched around it. I set the vibe on level 2, and felt a warm sensation all over as it focused my attention on the plug. I then pulled on my locking leather chastity panties, put the small Yale lock over the hasp, securing the dildo way inside my now dripping pussy.

Next, I put on the latex halter top, exposing my female six pack, giving a nice contrast between the black latex and my bronze midriff. I pondered for a minute which gag to insert. I ultimately decided on the 1 1/2" hard red rubber ball gag. Simple, but mouth filling and jaw stretching. I pulled it to the final hole in the leather strap, shoving the ball deep past my teeth and far into my mouth.

I took one more self admiring look at my body in the mirror before adding the lacing kidskin leather hood I had custom made by a fine shop in New England. It is made of soft leather, but the 14 measurements fit my head like a second skin, and when laced tightly, the juices began pouring down my thighs. Thank goodness for the locking chastity panties, or the dildo would have slid right out. I then took the 3" wide leather collar, cinched it in place, and allowed the strap with the wrist bonds to drape down my back for later use.

I started with the white corded rope, binding my ankles, then another rope around my knees. I frapped my ankles, and left about 6 more feet of rope loose. I then took my favorite training harness, strapped the over the head, under the chin, and around the back, for somewhat uncomfortable physical feel, but a very comforting emotional feel. Then, I inserted my wrists into the leather loops on the harness, securing my arms behind my back. I then took the rope from my ankles through the loop in the head harness, looped it back through my ankles, back through the harness a second time, and then back through the ankle bonds again. I rolled onto my stomach, and began pulling on the rope from my ankles. The doubled up ropes created a locking effect, so with each struggle, my hogtie became tighter. The extreme excitement of the moment was getting the best of me, and I challenged myself to how closely I could pull my head and ankles toward each other. The result was a very tight and uncomfortable back arch, and then I realized that the doubled up ropes were not going to release easily, if at all.

The excitement, and the fear, raised my excitement to a level in which I had not experienced before. I felt around for the control on the butt plug vibe, and cranked it on up to level 5, and the ass buzzing was too much to bear... it felt as if the Panama Canal rose and fell, as a thousand ships came through its locks. I could feel the sweat break out all over my body as the orgasm decimated my body. I could feel my muscles quivering uncontrollably, and I screamed against the gag, but only a muffled mmmmfffff!!!! was able to escape the gag, hood, and harness.

As I heaved with the denoument of the orgasm, I realized that I had not allowed for an easy escape from the bonds. The ropes were not going to release, and furthermore, the sweat created on my wrists would not allow for a release from the leather loops on the harness in my back. I was stuck, unable to see, speak, or move, trying not to panic. I had gotten myself into this, certainly I can get myself out of it... or could I? Would I possibly die here in my own house? I decided to stay calm and conserve energy, and work on a plan to get out. I began to "settle in to the bondage," and I felt I might could survive a night if need be, which is as far as I was willing to look ahead. The brutal back arch was not going to be tolerable more than 18 hours, if that long.

After an hour, the sexual urge began to reappear. The inexorable buzz of the butt plug raised my consciousness again, and I began to enjoy the struggle of the now seemingly inescapable bondage. The reality of being trapped caused the internal sex fire to light and heat up again, and this time, a small climax occurred, followed by another, then another, and then what seemed like an endless stream of orgasms, each one more intense, until finally I had no more to give. My body felt limp, but the reality was that I was still barely able to move any limb on my now exhausted body.

Part 2 to follow....

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