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Caught by my New Mistress

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

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John had been into to bondage since his teens, finding himself aroused by women being bound in TV and movies. He had girlfriends and some allowed him to explore his fetish but none shared it at the same level and when one girl actually outed his kink to some friends, John never felt comfortable enough to bring it up again with any other girls. During these years he had begun exploring self-bondage and even going as far as making his own equipment and would often “play” and found himself getting more and more strict with himself and it taking longer and longer to achieve an orgasm.

John had gotten married and his new wife had shared some bondage play time with him, allowing him to bind her while he teased and made love to her but never really got into it and because he loved her so much he wouldn’t push her to do more. John even tried introducing her to the idea of her binding him by restraining himself but she still never offered to do more and he got the idea she never would.

John had never showed how deep his interest in bondage went and played self-bondage games whenever he got the chance. His wife traveled frequently for work and while she was gone he would play extensively, even forcing himself to sleep in bondage when he could. As the years went by he found the internet and began to amass more and more gear, two of the things that he found interesting recently had been ballet boots and male chastity.

His fascination for seeing women wearing toe boots made him find a pair he could afford and ordered them and waited for them to arrive. While he waited he purchased a pair of 6 inch heels with ankle straps and enjoyed how they made it difficult for him to walk even when he was free of his bonds. He worried that this was how cross dressers started when he decided to make a hobble skirt out of an old pair of jeans.

Making the skirt anyway he made it so it fitted very tight from the waist down reducing his steps to only a few inches, he cut the length to be a little long for the heels he currently had so it would still work with the toe boots when he got them. As he hobbled around the house in the skirt and heels he thought about the cross dresser idea and decided since he didn’t want to dress like a woman and only wanted the restriction the items caused he wasn’t a cross dresser.

Remembering the last time he wore the dress and shoes was when he had become intrigued by outdoor bondage and decided to try some. John put on the heels and skirt then wrapped a chain around his waist using the belt loops to keep them in place and as he locked the chain tightly around his waist, he also locked his steel handcuffs to the chain behind his back. Applying his nipple clamps tightly behind his nipples, being sure to seat them firmly and adding a padlock to the connecting chain causing the clamps to pull his nipples downwards and making the clamps tighten further. He stuffed the large ball gag in his mouth before pulling the sensory deprivation hood over his head and buckled and locked all four straps tightly, pulling the eye, ear and mouth pads firmly against his head, making it impossible to see, hear and even muffling the grunts he could make.

Feeling that the skirt wasn’t enough he locked his ankle cuffs over the straps for the shoes, these cuffs had an attached chain that hung to the ground from the hobble skirt holding his knees together. John hobbled his way blindly to the back door, as he stood and pictured the back yard, and he tried to remember where everything was on the porch and how far away the pool was from the porch.

The pool was his big concern if he fell in he would not be able to swim with his hands cuffed behind his back and legs hobbled and was terrified of drowning. John took a deep breath and before locking his wrists behind him and turned on the cock ring vibrator then locked his hands tightly into the cuffs.

Turning slowly he located the door knob and slowly opened the door and stepped outside closing the door behind him. Feeling the rush as the hot air hit his bare chest, his erection became much harder. Stepping carefully he moved further onto the porch, as he stepped the dangling chain from the cuffs got caught under one of the high heels causing him to stumble and almost fall.

He twisted as he caught himself and while he figured out what had happened and tried to unwrap the chain he turned again, so when he finally got unhooked he was totally disoriented and stood trying to hear something and stretching his bound hands in their cuffs trying to find something to get his bearings.

John stood still for about 15 minutes completely frozen by fear of falling into the pool, he finally started sliding each foot forward and carefully moving still searching with his outstretched fingers for something to tell him where he was. John's erection had gone soft even though the vibrator was still buzzing away around his dick from the building fear of being totally lost outside.

As John crept his way he was starting to feel the heat as the sun was beating down on his black leather hood making him sweat profusely. He continued to move slowly until he hit something, he turned and felt the object with his outstretched fingers and could tell it was the fence. Turning again he began shuffling along the fence line, worried even more knowing the edge of the pool was within two feet from the fence and hoping he was going the right direction.

Bumping his shoulder along the fence to keep his reference he kept moving until he felt a bush and knew he was going the wrong direction, this trip had taken over an hour and had him out of breath as he fought for air around the large gag, only being able to suck air through the small hole in the hood. He turned around and began shuffling back towards the house.

As John grew more and more confident that he was heading the right way and would soon be back on the porch he remembered that this side of the tall fence was the only one that could be seen if his neighbors happen to look out of their upstairs window, with this thought his erection firmed up again as he fought the steel holding his wrists and tried to shuffle a little faster.

Suddenly as John bumped the fence with his shoulder it wasn’t there and the momentum he had forced him to swivel as he felt himself falling. The tight skirt and tall heels made it impossible for John to catch himself. John twisted and involuntarily let out a small scream as his body landed in a heap on his tightly covered ass and fell back hitting his head on the brick wall. John sat catching his breath and as he figured out what happened, he was grateful he had been able to fall and not close the cuffs any tighter, but began to panic when he realized he was now outside the fence!

The gate had spring latches that would pull the gate closed and there was absolutely no way he could reach the latch if it had closed securely and he was now openly visible to all his neighbors. He was still in shock from this realization when he noticed something was pushing on his trapped legs, he carefully pushed it and knew it was the gate, his feet were keeping the gate from closing. John quickly started to try and inch his way back inside the fence, as he scooted away from the wall he had been leaning on he found his hands were locked so closely to his waist that he could not reach the ground behind himself to be able to push himself further into the gate, also the pointed heels of the shoes gave him no traction to be able to pull himself in either.

John tried to “walk” further in with his butt, wiggling and trying to scoot but the skirt pulled very tight in the seated position and allowed no movement. John began rocking and thrashing, desperately trying to move his body and not let the gate close. John continued to kick and twist and after 20 minutes of desperate struggles John could feel the gate bumping his hip verifying to him that he was making progress getting back in.

John had to stop his struggles to catch his breath and let the pain from his trapped nipples subside from them swinging wildly during his struggles. John frantically listened for any sounds that might indicate someone had seen him as he rested but the hood blocked any sounds except his beating heart. After catching his breath he began struggling again until the gate was hitting his shoulder. Leaning forward he felt the edge of the opening and while pushing the gate open with his shoulder he forced himself to roll over landing on his left side inside the gate.

John was lying on his side as the gate slammed shut hitting his cuffed hands and forcing the cuffs to close tighter on his wrists trapping his left wrist while it was turned palm out. John felt the cuffs tighten, he struggled and rolled over onto his chest still trying to twist his wrists finding out that both were now firmly trapped by the steel encircling them. The pain in his chest made him forget the cuffs as he rolled again to get his body off the clamps, during the roll he felt his legs starting to slip off the edge of the pool, panicking he reversed his roll and flopped back onto his chest then over again the other way and began scooting his body backwards until he felt the fence behind him.

John lay gasping for air, he was really scared how close he had been to going into the pool. As he lay catching his breath he continued to try and twist his wrists inside the cuffs knowing he was now stuck with only one hand to be able to reach the key hole and release himself.

As he was calming down he became irritated that he was able to keep from closing the cuffs when he fell but let the gate trap him further, but was also glad that both hands hadn’t been turned out when it happened or he would really have been screwed. Now calm, John pulled his knees up to his chest and forced himself to roll on top of them and then scooted himself moving each leg forward by the fraction of an inch the tight skirt allowed to the fence, using it to push his head against and slowly worked his way to his feet, being careful not to push too hard and have to stagger backwards and possibly into the pool.

Now he was on his feet and knew where he was as he dragged his sore feet forward, it had been almost three hours in the sun and he was very tired and now his hands were losing feeling from the tight cuffs, he flexed them to try and to keep the blood flowing. As he shuffled forward the lock on the chain to the nipple clamps swung keeping them pulling tighter on his tortured nipples.

John was grunting from the effort to remain standing as he bumped into a post telling him he had reached the patio again, as John leaned against the post the vibrations from the vibrator wrapped around his limp cock started to arouse him again and before he was able to walk away from the post he had a raging hard on. The thick leather of the hood had been making him sweat badly and John could feel the sweat and drool mixture that had been trapped by the tight collar building up around his chin.

When John reached the door he had problems turning the knob with his numbed hand but was finally able to open the door and step carefully inside his house. As he hobbled his way towards the bedroom his climax was building and he was struggling again against the steel that held him trapped. The pain from the clamps had made him walk slumped over, until he snagged the chain on the back of a chair as he passed by it, pulling on the clamps brutally making him groan and stand up straight, as he stood up and the chain pulled free the orgasm shot through him and he stood and strained against his bonds until the sensation ended.

John felt totally drained but continued to move slowly towards the bedroom, finally reaching it and locating the keys. As he struggled with the cuffs his erection returned stirred by the continued vibrations and the frustration with the keys.

After a few failed attempts John finally had one cuff unlocked, he stretched his arm and flexed his fingers before opening the other cuff. He turned and sat on the bed and carefully removed the clamps, grunting loudly as the blood flow returned to his tortured nipples and feeling very relieved to have them off and finally be free of his bonds, at least some of them.

The sudden pain of the clamps and the relief of having his hands free caused him to shoot his load again. He sat panting after the climax before starting to unlock the 5 different locks holding his hood on. Once the hood was off John removed and washed the skirt and put everything away and waited for his wife’s arrival home thinking he would pass on any more outdoor bondage trips.

* * *

While he had been thinking about this past experience John had laced up the toe boots, now having both feet encased in the tight leather he began to wrap rope around the insteps of the high arches and cinch them off tight. He applied the same treatment around his ankles, calves below the knee and two more times above his knees. He had decided on using rope for today’s tie forgoing his normal chains and locks. After getting his legs bound firmly with the rope making them one unit down to his toes he squatted on top of his bound legs and wrapped a thick leather belt around his thighs and ankles and pulled it tight.

Wrapping leather cuffs around his elbows and wrists he took a long piece of rope and tied it off at one side of his thigh strap then pulling it across to his elbow cuff then looping it between the two before crossing back down to the other side of the thigh strap.

John tested to make sure the rope would pull his elbows together, pulling on the loose end until the rope loop pulled his elbows as close together as he could stand then he released the rope and was able to pull his arms apart. Satisfied with the results he strapped his large ball gag in and applied his nipple clamps, these were the same clamps he always used but now he had added small rubber bands to them to make them extra tight.

Letting the initial pain subside he slid the thick leather hood over his face and laced it down and pulled all the straps tight, no locks tonight he thought to himself as he took the remaining lace ends and pushed them under the straps until they hung down directly in front of his face.

He wrapped the tall posture collar around his throat and buckled it snugly over the hoods collar, then took the laces and slid them under the nipple clamp chain and pulled up while he forced his head to look down as far as he was able, tying them off there so that any movement from his head would be transmitted directly to his nipples.

He had practiced this many times and knew that the tall collar would hold his head firmly enough to not allow him to pull the clamps off completely but would give his nipples some serious tugs while he fought his bonds. John turned on his cock ring and laid carefully on his side before taking the rope from his elbow cuffs and started pulling all the slack out. He pulled until he could feel the strain in his shoulders and stopped, tying off the rope at his thigh strap.

Taking his last piece of rope he threaded it through his leather wrist cuffs a few times before working it under his ankles ropes and began pulling the slack out, during this process he felt the ropes running from his elbows to his thigh strap and decided to loop his wrist rope around the two ends of the elbow rope and run them back to his ankles.

John began pulling the slack out again and continued to pull until his wrists were snug to his bound ankles. He tested his tie by pulling and twisting his body a few times before pulling the rope harder and he could finally feel the ropes for his elbows begin to draw in further. As he continued to pull his elbows were pulled closer together than ever before and didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, he waited a minute before settling in and tying the rope off there. Making several loops around the center rope, tying knots in between each loop before passing it under his ankle ropes a few times and tying it off again.

John only had a pair of small scissors as a backup and they were across the room, he was relying on being able to untie the knots to free himself and as he struggled to turn himself onto his stomach he doubted he could move well enough to reach the scissors. He wiggled and pulled on his restraints enjoying the feeling of helplessness and the uncertainty of his ability to release his bonds. Each movement caused him to tug on his clamped nipples and his cock ring was making concentrating on anything else difficult as his orgasm neared.


John struggled and pulled at the ropes while he twisted his bound body trying to make it move towards the scissors just in case when he exploded, his orgasm took him by surprise and shortly he was lying limply in his strict hogtie panting through the small hole in the hood. John began to stir as his body was beginning to cramp up, his legs had been bound strictly together and folded over and bound tightly to each other and now were hurting as he fought them to try and move his body. Johns elbows had been pulled together and during his struggles the rope pulling the cross ropes together had drawn in much tighter and pulled his elbows until they were almost touching, stretching his shoulders severely.

As he lay on the floor trying to untie any of the knots holding his hands to his ankles he fought for air through the small hole, the string attaching his head to his now tender nipples not allowing him to straighten his head completely forcing him to cover the air hole when he tried to relax his neck. His nipples were being constantly pinched harder and were being smashed under his body’s weight as he lay struggling making them hurt even more.

All these sensations mixed with his arousal and vibrating cock ring made concentrating on the knots difficult, adding to his frustration was the fact he had tied them blind folded and now could not remember which way the knots started. John had been struggling for almost an hour, he was thrashing in his bonds pulling the knots even tighter as the climax began to build again.

He had gotten the first few knots untied when his lust overcame him and he began pulling and grunting trying to fuck the floor with his stiff cock. His hands were still useless behind him but he had managed to ease the tension on his elbows before getting lost in the struggle for another orgasm.

John was ready this time and really enjoyed the orgasm before laying quietly, spent from the exertions for another 20 minutes, he concentrated on his breathing before returning to the knots to free himself. After wrestling with the knots he was able to reach the buckles on his cuffs and remove them, then the belt around his thighs and stretch his arms and legs for the first time in almost three hours.

John pulled himself up onto the bed and fell asleep still wearing the gag, hood and leg bindings and slept well into the next afternoon. Waking from the pain in his jaw he quickly removed the hood and gag and realized that his wife would be home very soon.

John removed the remaining restraints and quickly put everything in their place and had the house ready when she returned. When Lisa and John were getting ready for bed Lisa called him into the room holding the large gag in her hand that John had forgotten to put away, she had a very upset look on her face and said she had found it under the covers of the bed and wanted to know who he was having an affair with.

John had no idea how to explain it other than tell the truth and soon was telling her everything and showing her his equipment stash. Lisa was doubtful and finally said, “Prove it, tie yourself up the way you did last night, show me no one was here to help you, or get out!” John truly loved his wife and decided he would show her and then hoped she would believe his story.

Lisa watched intently as John repeated the bondage from last night, even applying the nipple clamps to his sore nipples before pulling the hood down over the gag and securing the chain to the laces before tying his wrists to his ankles even more securely than the night before.

John had not put the cock ring on and had not pulled his elbows as close together but was still securely hogtied in his leather hood and toe boots on the floor in front of his wife. Lisa walked around his bound body before reaching down and feeling his arms and legs and really turning John on before saying, “I think you missed a few things dear!” and placed another rope around his elbows and pulled it hard, yanking his elbows together and quickly tying it off.

John could do nothing but grunt as the pain flared from his shoulders, Lisa also “helped” by adding more rope to his wrists and pulling them tighter to his ankles making him arch his back further before tying them off as well. John was truly stuck now and even though he was in pain he was enjoying his wife’s participation in adding to his confinement.

John lay grunting as Lisa went through his equipment bag and found the cock ring and a box that said CB300, his chastity tube, she studied both items for awhile listening to John’s grunts as he struggled on the floor before she figured out what each was and thought she knew how to use them. First she went to the kitchen and got several ice cubes, finding one that would fit into the tube and returned to the bedroom.

Telling John to roll over and watching him attempt to obey for a few minutes, getting turned on herself as she watched him struggle she finally helped him roll over onto his back. She stroked his erect cock a few times before saying, “I found something interesting, I thought we’d give it a try” and began working the silicone ring down to the base of his throbbing cock. After seating the vibrator she slid the smallest ring in the box around his cock and balls, once she had it lined up she took an ice cube and rubbed it up and down his cock, listening to him moan and grunt as his erection faded. Once his cock was flaccid again she quickly worked the tube onto his dick and lined up the pins and pushed it together.

Lisa didn’t know about the different size cock and ball rings nor did she know about the spacers needed between the ring and tube when she locked it together but John knew and could immediately tell she had used the smallest ring and had clamped the tube tightly against his balls because he suddenly felt sick to his stomach like someone had kicked him in the balls.

He began moaning and twisting as the ice cube fell onto his dick and the pain from his cock and balls increased. Lisa stood up rolling John onto his side and said, “Well if you don’t like me playing with you then I guess I’ll go to bed!” and walked into the bathroom leaving John to struggle in his bonds. John had managed to roll back onto his stomach and was fighting for air as he tried to find the knots for the ropes she had added, but when the cock ring suddenly came to life he began grunting and moaning again knowing she had come back into the room.

As she continued to get ready for bed he continued to struggle with the ropes and every time his dick would swell in the tube it touch the ice cube and quickly became painful causing his cock to retreat from it again. Lisa came to him again and said she was tired and that if he was a good boy she might untie him in the morning before she went to work, if not then he would stay as he was until she got home the following evening. John whined and grunted trying to shake his head no but the thick posture collar held it motionless.

John lay on the floor and listened to Lisa lay down and continued to struggle with the ropes holding his hands trying to find a way out of the position he had put himself in. Lisa leaned over the edge of the bed and smacked him on his bare ass and said, “You wanted to play bondage games, so either be quiet or I’ll make it worse for you!” John whined into his gag trying to let her know that this was too much, but she smacked his ass again but much harder and rolled back over and soon was asleep.

John fought his bonds for the next six hours waiting for Lisa to release him, praying she would not leave him all day in his current position. During the night the vibrator and his frustration caused his dick to swell inside the tube and cause the ache in his balls to become worse, and even though he was glad the ice had melted he really wanted his balls released from their entrapment.

He could barely hear her alarm going off and waited for her to release him, she got up and watched him wiggle in the ropes and flex his hands and pointed toes as he struggled, the vibrator had gone dead and now John had only the pain for distraction as he began whining again. Lisa showered and got ready for work making sure she walked by and nudged or tripped over him occasionally as she got ready.

John lay still only whining or grunting when he could feel her near until he felt her locking his leg irons around his ankles, she replaced the batteries in the cock ring and turned it on high and told him she was leaving for work. He began to struggle and whine loudly when she came to him and told him to calm down and cut the ropes holding his wrists and said, “If you can get out of the rest go ahead but the leg irons and boots stay on today then I’ll decide what to do tonight” he was pulling on the remaining ropes as she kissed his head and left the house.

John struggled for two more hours getting the remaining ropes loose until he could finally reach up and was able to remove the cuffs holding his elbows and able to unstrap his thighs. He stretched his legs and tried to remove the posture collar but found it locked on, he turned down the cock ring and rubbed his sore cock and balls before finishing untying his legs and moving up to the bed.

John unbuckled the hood and pulled it off gasping as he removed the gag when his jaw muscles cramped as he closed his mouth. He looked around and located his equipment bag and carefully walked on his pointed toes to it, needing to urinate he walked to the toilet and sat down still wanting to remove the too tight chastity tube but figured out quickly that between the small ring behind his balls and the tube being pushed all the way back trapping the cock ring behind it making the tube even tighter that there was no way to get it off without removing the lock first.

As he felt the tube he wished he hadn’t made the metal stud then she would have only been able to use the plastic one that came with the set and he could easily cut it off, now his only tool he had was out of reach due to his foot and neck wear. He struggled to his feet and after not finding either key set he went to the bed and fell asleep until the phone rang at noon waking him. Lisa had called to check on him and was leaving a message when he picked it up and said he was there waiting for her to come home. She giggled and said she was sorry and asked if he was ok. He said he would be when she tells him where the keys are, she giggled again and said, “I took them with me!” He growled and said, “Any chance of you coming home early?” she laughed and said “Maybe” and hung up.

John sat on the bed tugging at the collar and flexing his pointed feet before lying back again and falling back to sleep. He slept for a few hours before slowly making his way to the kitchen and eating some left overs and sitting in the kitchen not wanting to make the trek back to the bedroom because of the pain in his feet.

Finally working up the courage to stand up John stumbled into the bedroom and lay back on the bed thinking about what to do and decided to surprise her by binding himself again but making it so she could use him as she wanted. He set up his restraints and left her a note, making another trip to the kitchen for a bottle of wine and a single glass and going to bathroom before starting to chain himself down hoping she would release his cock and balls and allow him to cum.

Lisa called before heading home and got no answer and hoped he was ok but figured he was just too far away from the phone to be able to reach it in time because of his shoes. She laughed at the thought of him being trapped in them all day and admitted to herself that she was turned on all day thinking about him being under her control and sort of mad that he hadn’t told her of his fascination with bondage more than he had in the past.

Lisa entered the house and went straight to the bed room and found John chained to the bed, his hands were held by steel cuffs locked around the head board posts, his ankles chained to the foot boards and pulled as far apart as they could be, stretching the leg iron chain between his pointed feet. His head was wrapped in the leather hood was locked on over the large ball gag and the laces tied to the nipple chain again.

The note was lying next to the wine bottle saying, “Mistress please use me as you like, enjoy the wine while you please yourself with my vibrating cock as often as you like, remember we have a three day weekend so please take your time.” She smiled as she read this and thought about taking him right then but decided to prolong his torture longer and poured herself a glass of wine and turned his cock ring on high and watched him struggle as his aching cock filled the tube and tried to squeeze out of the holes.

Lisa got undressed and refilled her glass stroking his encased cock making him grunt before walking off again, she went and ate some dinner and took some more ice back into the bed room and stroking him some more even taking the plastic into her mouth and rubbing the bulging skin of his cock with her tongue before turning off his vibrator and refilling her glass again and sitting next to him running her nails up his body before inserting her own vibrator and bringing herself to a much needed orgasm.

John could hear her thrashing and groaning and figured when she started yelling she was getting herself off and grunted to himself wishing he had not restrained himself. She lay next to his stretched out body enjoying the afterglow of her climax and slowly running her finger nails over his skin causing him to whine and wiggle under her. Lisa was tugging on his nipple clamps as the wine crept up on her and she fell asleep with her hand on his trapped cock.

He lay there and could feel her breathing and knew she was asleep and tried to wiggle his body to wake her only succeeding in making her swat his dick like she would when she’s sleeping next to him and he was snoring, only then she usually slaps his back or butt. The pain from his cock being slapped faded but he was still unable to get comfortable enough to sleep from his head pulling his nipples every time he relaxed his neck, so he waited for her to wake up. Several hours later she stirred and got up to relieve herself and upon entering the bedroom again saw him still chained and smiled and laughed as she saw his dick begin to swell again.

She turned the vibrator back on and began stroking his cock making him groan and pull at the cuffs before taking the ice and rubbing it all over his trapped cock and balls making him lose his erection. He was being driven insane as she continued to arouse him, then ruin his erection for another hour before scratching his chest and telling him that if he could hold his climax until she was able to cum she would let him go, if not he would stay as he was until he did.

Lisa removed the tight tube and stroked his cock until he was fully hard before sliding down on him and turning the cock ring on high. She was riding his cock and digging her nails into his chest and back as she pulled on his clamps, watching them stretch his nipples and listening to him groan and grunt as she knew he was getting close to an orgasm.

Feeling sorry for him she dug her nails in further as she pushed backwards on his dick knowing this was uncomfortable for him and could tell by his breathing, his climax had slipped away from him as hers grew closer. She fucked him for another ten minutes before she screamed and thrust harder on his cock riding him until she felt him release his load and soon both lay spent and totally relaxed, both wondering if this was something that would bring them closer together. Lisa slipped the tube back on his cock and relocked it causing John to start struggling again.

Lisa said, “You will wear this until I am fully convinced you have not been cheating, if you do not agree then I will have to take some time to consider my options.” John lay still as she went to get the remaining keys for his bonds, thinking to herself that she really did believe John was not cheating but enjoying having control over him and his dick. Lisa removed his ankle chains then his wrist cuffs and allowed him to remove the rest of his gear himself, John was still locked in the toe boots and asked for them to be unlocked, Lisa smiled and said, “Maybe later, you still have three days to convince me to take them off.” John smiled and slowly moved to the bathroom to relieve himself and clean up before walking carefully back to the bed and lying next to his beautiful wife.

They snuggled for a while and talked about everything including the correct way to install the tube and soon she had all the right pieces on him and he was much more comfortable. The next three days they spent in bed her serving him meals and him servicing her sexual needs. John stayed in the boots the entire weekend and was normally bound in some way and the two decided that he would stay in the tube permanently with her as his key holder and shopped on line for more secure ones for him to wear. John was happy she had taken an interest in his fetish and she was happy that she now could control his sexual desires and force him to service her whenever she wanted and knew she could use his kink to keep him in line whenever she wanted something else as well. John’s new mistress was just learning about her new found power over him.



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