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Caught Casted

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Julie had been a self bondage enthusiast for years, since her first relationship with a woman in college who had been into bondage introduced her to it. Julie enjoyed it so much that even though the relationship did not last her love of bondage had remained strong. After several failed attempts to have relations with both men and women had failed because they wanted to be in control or to humiliate her. All she wanted was to be tied firmly in place, teased to an orgasm and left alone while helplessly bound to enjoy the afterglow. The helplessness brought her peace, and major orgasm’s making her feel safe and warm.

Sitting in her tiny office she had daydreams of the last truly spiritual bondage scene she had with her friend Lisa. Julie had been drawn to Lisa by her long black hair and extremely tight clothes mostly made of vinyl or rubber that showed her lean muscular body perfectly. No one else in her class would have anything to do with the dark foreboding young lady sitting alone but Julie couldn’t take her eyes off her and soon introduced herself. Julie being told “It’s about time you talked to me, I noticed weeks ago you were always watching me and wondered how long it would take for you to work up the courage to say hi.” Julie was embarrassed that she had be so rude to stare but the two became friends and within a few days Julie found herself being bound by this beautiful young woman who was already very experienced in tying other women up for their own and her pleasure.

Julie spent many nights bound while the two “studied” often finding herself bound to a chair gagged tightly as she was told to read a chapter and left alone until she completed it. She would get her reward by being teased and stroked for a few minutes before being forced to read another. If Julie didn’t read her assignments in allotted time she would be punished by having her full breasts tied tightly and her nipples clamped until she not only finished the passage but could answer yes or no questions about it. Julie had really liked being tied up, the nipple clamps were fun until they weren’t. The more time she spent with Lisa the more Lisa tried to dominate her inflicting more pain with each indiscretion. Nevertheless through a happy accident Julie found her true love, Long term bondage, and she left Lisa shortly after discovering it. The girls had nine days off and even though Julie was becoming slightly scared of Lisa the two had talked at length about her concerns and Lisa had promised to lighten up.

The duo planed a long weekend locked inside Lisa’s huge apartment while everyone else went away. Julie packed some clothes and a few of her favorite toys and headed to Lisa’s much larger and nicer apartment to spend the week with her. Julie was still hoping that after their conversation Lisa would be much less controlling and not try to hurt her anymore. Julie arrived at one minute after four, after Lisa let her in she immediately locked a large steel collar around Julie’s neck before practically ripping her clothes off and locking the collar to a long chain in her bedroom. Julie was so stunned she let Lisa do as she pleased locking ankle cuffs on her before telling Julie to go clean herself out and return.

Julie moved quietly to the bathroom dragging the heavy chain finding it just reached the toilet and did as she was told then returned to a waiting Lisa who was now dressed in a skin tight rubber dress that covered her from neck to ankles in the shiny black material. Lisa’s tiny waist was augmented by the tight corset pulling it in making her look taller and thinner. Lisa pointed to the floor and Julie did as she was expected and knelt in front of her noticing Lisa’s strapped on platform heels as she looked down. Lisa started by saying “You don’t know had to be respectful do you?” Julie looked up at the red faced girl standing over her with a questioning look as Lisa continued “You don’t even know what you did do you?”

Julie looked down and shook her head no as the now furious Lisa said “Well I teach you to be late!” Julie was trying to figure out if Lisa was just playing the mistress role to extremes when she felt her arms being engulfed by something. With her cuffed ankles and the large chain locked to the snug collar around her throat she stayed still figuring if she resisted it would only make Lisa madder giving Lisa an excuse to punish her more. Lisa began lacing the arm binder up muttering things about respect and teaching her something, Julie could feel her arms being pulled tighter together.

Julie had seen arm binders before on the internet but didn’t know Lisa owned one and as she felt  another freedom being removed. Julie’s pussy betrayed her by starting to get wet again as she listened to Lisa’s grunts as she pulled the laces tight crushing Julie’s arms and elbows together. Lisa wrapped the straps across Julie's shoulders pulling them tight before ordering Julie to her feet, Julie struggled to stand as she fought for balance learning how restrictive the arm sleeve really was.

Lisa snapped out a remark about respect again before yanking Julie to her feet. Lisa commenting on how slow she moved and that better change before pulling the leather hood over Julie’s head and roughly stuffing Julie’s mouth with the large phallus attached to it. Lisa pulled the straps tighter than ever before.

Julie was thrust into darkness as the hood crushed her head making her almost deaf but totally blind and silent. Julie stood struggling in her bonds making slight whining noises as Lisa went and got Julie’s new foot wear. Lisa had ordered them special for Julie and was determined that by the end of the week Julie would master them.  Julie was starting to get scared again even as her pussy began to seep from its arousal when she felt Lisa push her towards the bed forcing her to sit. Julie was now struggling harder and moaning behind the thick padding in the hood but Lisa ignored her as she forced the bound girls feet into her new shoes.

Lisa laced the new toes boots tightly before wrapping the wide straps around her ankles and across Julie’s feet locking each. Julie was frozen in place as she felt her feet being forced into the boots realizing that Lisa had just strapped ballet boots on her. Julie was actually thrilled at first having seen them on the internet and had mentioned she wished she could afford a pair. Lisa grabbed the struggling girl and picked her up to her pointed toes. Lisa held her until Julie stabilized herself then stepped back to watch Julie move about cautiously. Julie struggled to stand in the extreme heels but after a few minutes could stand without shaking and had even managed a few steps without falling.

Lisa sat back smiling as she watched her friend and victim maneuver around the room before walking up to her and saying “Since you’re in no condition to go out tonight I am going to a party alone, you will continue to practice walking in your new shoes and you better be much better in them when I return”.  Julie moaned loudly twisting her arms towards Lisa desperately wanting her to release her throbbing arms but this made Lisa mad again. Lisa applied nipple clamps and tightened them making sure they couldn’t fall off she said “Never enough for you is it! I invite you into my home give you gifts even after you disrespect me by showing up late and now you want more!”

 Julie stood silent and motionless as Lisa continued her rant “Now because of your actions I’m having to go out by myself and you expect me to remove a gift from me to you, well get used to it my dear because the arm binder and boots stay on until I decide to remove them and if you don’t do as you told many more things can be added and made permanent as well!” Lisa had continued to tighten the clamps during her entire rant. Julie with her engorged nipples being pinched much tighter than she had ever felt thought about the word permanent and wondered what Lisa had meant by it.

Julie spent the next twelve days in pain never being allowed any freedom and wearing the arm binder, collar and boots the entire time. Lisa changed her bondage from position to position and punishing her for things she didn’t, couldn’t, do. Julie’s arms had grown accustomed to their confinement, the pain easing to a dull ache in the first few days. Her feet caused her great pain for the first six days finally ebbing into an almost normal high heel ache for the remainder. Julie had been teased but not allowed to cum until the final day but it was the times she had been left alone that she most cherished.

Being helpless for the duration knowing she was unable to release herself allowed her to find some strange inner peace. On several occasions when she was left alone for long periods of time her fantasies had let her get very close to climaxing. Lisa had kept Julie either blind folded or in the dark making sure she would never be able to tell how many days she had been her prisoner even attending the few classes Julie had to make sure nobody missed her. Finally Lisa’s parents showed up for a surprise visit, finding Lisa had gone out and having the landlord let them in her apartment where they found Julie still in her arm sleeve and heels. The leather hood was laced tightly around her head and her arms hooked to the ceiling keeping her bent over and balancing on her pointed toes.

Lisa had tied Julie’s ankles together and strapped two large plugs into Julie leaving her doubled over with large weight on the chain from the nipple clamps almost dragging the floor. Julie had been left this way for several hours while Lisa had gone to their classes and upon hearing someone gasp she whined and moaned desperately trying to get them to realize she wanted out. When she heard a man’s voice asked her if she was “Ok?”  She froze not sure what to do until he asked her again and told her that they would leave her alone if she wanted them to and Julie went nuts trying to say let her out.

The man untied her from the ceiling and carried her to the bed sitting her down before carefully removing the hood and gag. Julie had not seen the light in twelve days and moaned as the brightness of it hurt her eyes. The man offered her a drink of water then asked her to tell him what was going on. Julie began by asking for him to release her but he insisted she tell him what had happened and where Lisa was. Julie had no idea where Lisa was and sat trying to cover herself up as her vision slowly returned and she found herself sitting in front of a strange man naked except for her restraints. The man told her who he was and that he knew of his daughters tastes and that if she didn’t tell him what was going on he would put her right back where he found her and leave.

Julie started telling the story and began crying as she fought the arm binder and her tied ankles while she continued telling this stranger what had happened. Julie found out in the process she had been held for twelve days and had missed the start of school. Julie was a mess when she finished and the man sat next to her stroking her head telling her it would be all right then asked if she knew where the keys were for her bonds. Julie shook her head no then asked “What keys?” he told her the arm sleeve, collar and boots where all locked.

Julie’s orgasm that had been denied for the last twelve days exploded as she realized that now that she had been found her rescuers could not release her. Before she could ask about cutting her loose she was thrashing and rolling on the bed as the waves of pleasure washed over her finally leaving her moaning on her side with Lisa’s dad watching over her. Nether parent could find the keys so they carefully removed what they could giving Julie some relief from the clamps and allowing her to separate her legs and remove the plugs from her. Lisa’s mom talking the whole time about her little girl as she cleaned Julie’s body and hair finally brushing it and putting the beautiful long red mane into a tight pony tail.

She dressed Julie in some work out pants that fit her extremely tight and pulling Lisa’s sleep shirt over her upper body making her look almost normal. The three set chatting about Lisa and some of the issues she has had in the past and finally the dad talked about compensating her for the troubles Lisa had caused. Julie had been unsure of what action she was going to take but had already decided that she just wanted Lisa to stay away from her and expressed this to her parents who both assured her she would never see Lisa again.

Julie was snapped out of her day dream when the phone buzzed reminding everyone it was time to go home. Julie collected her things she remembering Lisa arriving and the fit she threw when she saw Julie mostly free and raged at her parents about ruining her life before her father forced her to give him the keys. Unlocking the chain from the collar he grabbed Julie and rushed her home only then releasing her arms and leaving the keys to the collar and boots on her table before leaving the apartment. Julie had spent the next few weeks getting over her ordeal, she found her leg muscles so stretched she could no longer wear flats and still to this day craved the arm sleeve and wore the collar every night.

Looking at her tall high heels Julie smiled as she thought about how many times over the year’s people had told her they never understood why she punished herself by wearing such high heels and she would reply you get used to them. Thinking again as she rode the elevator down about the check she got from Lisa’s parents and how they had squared it with the school about her missing so many days. They had even paid for her remaining time at college and wondered what happened to Lisa and if she had been given a choice knowing the outcome would she have chosen to be Lisa’s victim? Julie had enjoyed some of it, well a lot of it, but shuddered to think what might have happened if Lisa’s parents hadn’t shown up and freed her.

With these thoughts in her mind Julie crossed the parking lot to her car, her heels clicking loudly. As the rest of the buildings patrons were chatting and laughing with each other Julie walked alone deep in thought about this long weekends restraints and how good it will feel to be helpless and alone for three days and nights again. Since she only uses holidays and vacation times to really secure herself it had been awhile since her last visit to her special place and longed for the evening to get started. Slipping into her driver seat Julie leaned it back and behind the dark tint of the windows carefully stripped out of her work clothes. Folding each piece of her outfit and laying them neatly in her briefcase putting her shoes inside it last before closing and locking it, the key for it was at home.

Julie now sat naked except for the corset and stockings attached to it as she rubbed the firm garment feeling the steel ribs under the leather. Untying the laces and pulling on them as she exhaled allowing the strong laces to pull the corset much tighter. Normally she wore the corset just snug only pulling her waist in a couple of inches to avoid any questions about her choice in underwear. After work Julie would always tighten whatever corset she is wearing drawing her waist down until she is panting, enjoying the compression around her waist and the constriction of her chest.

With her waist now pulled down the required six inches Julie sit back allowing her body to adjust before slipping the ballet boots on her feet closing the straps and locking them. These boots are the same boots Lisa had locked on her so long ago, Lisa’s parents had sent all Lisa’s equipment to Julie when they took Lisa from school. Julie has used many of the items ever since including the steel collar that she craved so often and now locked it around her neck. With her corset tightened and her feet and neck locked up Julie wiggled into the long leather skirt that would cover her from her tiny waist to her ankles making her take short strides as she walked.

Julie clamped her nipples adjusting the clamps until her eyes watered slightly before tucking her breasts back into the leather cups holding them snuggly. The tight silk top was next, the metal clasps making sure the shirt would stay closed even when she moved being stretched tightly across her compressed bosom and stomach showing her dramatic waist line. Now dressed Julie adjusted her seat and drove carefully to the fetish club she frequented. Arriving in the parking lot she stopped the car and laced the hood onto her head covering her lower face leaving only a small hole over her mouth. Her long red hair was pulled through the tube in the top of the hood letting it flow down her back making it bounce with each step.

Julie would not stay long, she had other plans, but had agreed to meet the few people she shared her passion for bondage with even though none of them knew her real name or exactly what she looked like. For the two years she had been coming to the club she had always worn a mask of some kind and usually a gag under it to keep her from talking too much. Walking confidently in her ballet boots she thought back to Lisa and thanked her for forcing her to learn her how to walk in them and for so many things that because of her she now had and enjoyed.

The only thing Julie still holds against those days she was held captive was that she had found that she needed no one to help her achieve helplessness in order to find her happy place and that had kept her from getting involved with anyone else since Lisa. Julie sat at the bar letting her pointed toes dangle from the stool drinking through a straw stuck into the hole for two hours. The hood like the rest of her additions was locked on and the keys were at home. Though she could sip through the hole the large bung inside her mouth combined with the pressure the tight leather held on her face did not allow her to speak something her friends had come to expect and enjoyed toying with her about.

Julie waved goodbye to her friends and walked to her car no longer wanting to wait to get her weekend started. She drove carefully home parking in the bottom level of the tall garage forcing herself to walk up three levels of parking garage to reach her large apartment. She had found this place when she got her first job out of college using some of the money from Lisa’s parents to buy what the agent called a “Condo”. To her it was a two story apartment but she had like the layout and especially the spiral staircase that she had put the girders and beams of it to good use. With two extra rooms she could make one her own dungeon and keep the rest of the place open.

Julie was gasping as she reached her door the long walk in the tight dress and corset had taken more effort than she had thought it would. She had not been alone in her climb up the parking garage as she had been in the past, three very drunk men had spotted her as she walked up the ramp and followed her two floors. First they complemented her on her figure then it turned it to harassing her when she wouldn’t talk to them. When they had caught her in the light they saw her mouth was covered and teased her as she walked off, now she was really looking forward to being alone for a few days.

Julie’s hands were still shaking from the adrenaline from the encounter as she tried to unlock the hood finally giving up and removing her evening’s clothes hanging each up. Julie’s arousal was rising quickly as she struggled to breathe and the hood making moving her head difficult pushing her decide to leave the hood on since she could still drink and breathe through it. Tossing the key for it into the time lock safe she had purchased years ago to help control her when she was bound. Walking downstairs Julie made her rounds through the sparsely furnished house as she checked her doors and windows making sure each was secure before walking back up to her dungeon and locking the door behind her.

The windows in this room had been covered and sealed off there was a small bed in one corner and the closet door had been replaced with a steel covered solid core door. The door had several locks two of which were automatic dead bolts that could be unlocked from both sides but only with a key. There were several over head hooks and a small winch on a short track that ran along the bed. The additional eye bolts in the floor and walls completed the decorations and gave her ample options on location and positions she could use in the room to secure herself. 

Julie latest innovation in her self bondage had been fiberglass casting. Julie had become very adept in working with the material and for this weekend she was going to secure herself with it. All her cutting equipment would be in the safe until Sunday afternoon forcing her to remain in her fiberglass restraints for almost seventy two hours. Preparing for the start Julie filled a large pot of water and carried it to the table near the bed, her cases of fiberglass wrapping already sitting neatly on another table near the bed. Next to the table was a large trash can for all the waste and packaging she was about to generate.  Julie moved to the door as she untied her corset laces and hooked them to the knob. Julie began pulling away from the door tightening the corset until it was fully closed making her gasp and her clamped nipples scream out in pain as she reached back and tied the laces.

Picking up the wide roll of pallet wrap Julie wrapped her corseted body quickly, she was not used to the tighter corset with the hood so she wanted to make it impossible to release herself before she gave up and loosened the laces. After wrapping her body in the plastic wrap Julie ripped open the first roll’s of the fiberglass wrap. She proceeded to wrap her torso in layers of the fiberglass sealing off all chances of loosening the corset or the clamps. As the heat rose telling Julie the cast was setting she stood on her pointed toes waiting for the material to harden before moving on to her next challenge.

Julie was still stroking her hardened shell dreaming when she realized she needed to get going and wrapped her legs in the plastic wrap. Julie wrapped three inch wide bands of the fiberglass around her ankles while she held them about ten inches apart. After making several loops around both ankles she took another roll and began wrapping the two bands connecting her ankles together. This forced them closer together and made a solid bar holding her ankles about eight inches apart now.

Julie stood up straight taking a deep breath, bending over had squeezed the air from her. She could not inhale while she was bent over so she had to do each layer one at a time. Repeating the first step but with four inch wide wrap soon Julie had her ankles securely bound together with a short spreader bar made from the fiberglass between them. The casting would hold her ankles rigidly not allowing them to turn making her only able to twist her hips if she wanted to walk which she would need to do to get to the cutting tools.

Julie had used this method of restraining herself many times but this time she would use it not only around her ankles but above and below her knees and one around her upper thighs, making her legs flexible in only one direction but limiting her ability to walk severely. Completing each rigid strap around her legs Julie was exhausted when she was ready to do the final strap across her thighs. The vibrators were inserted and their battery packs hung from the corsets back, Julie had been using these vibrators for years and they felt like old friends as they slid deep into her.

Once she was full Julie took more fiberglass wrap and starting at her waist and working down she covered her pussy and ass. The fiberglass would make removal of either plug impossible and she hoped the enemas she had been performing all week paid off. She knew she could pee around the vibrator but it would be very messy with the fiberglass in the way so she hoped she could hold it until she was released.

Now the last bands of fiberglass were wrapped tightly around her upper thighs.  Julie took another roll wrapping the bar connecting her knees to the thigh strap bar several times before wrapping them together. This made another solid piece of fiberglass connecting the two assuring that the strap above her knees would not slip down and complicate her alone time. Julie looked at the straps encircling her legs smiling under the hood at her skin bulging around them feeling very good about the job she had done as she leaned back to rest and let all the fiberglass set completely.

Resting for about thirty minutes Julie felt much more relaxed, she forced herself to sit up awakening her pinched nipples knowing that she would have to put up with that for the next three days made her smile. Taking the plastic again she wrapped her leather covered head poking a hole in the plastic for her breathing tube. Ripping more of the fiberglass open she wrapped her head sealing the leather onto herself.  As her arousal grew she decided to wrap her entire head leaving only her eyes uncovered and making her head and neck completely rigid.

Julie was now covered in fiberglass, her legs were restrained in four places by wide bands of the rigid material making even tiny steps on her pointed toes difficult and forcing her to swing her legs to move herself forward. Her compressed torso was covered in thick layers of fiberglass trapping her vibrators inside. The thick layers made it impossible to remove the corset crushing her waist and chest. The final step had been covering her leather encased head in a hard shell, deafening her as well as making the only sound she could produce a muffled grunt or moan.

Julie strokes her casted body peeling away any plastic wrap not covered by fiberglass letting the cool air waft across her sweaty skin. Julie had taken her ankle cuffs and locked them around her elbows before getting started. Now she took the pre cut chain and connected the cuffs behind her back holding her elbows close to her sides. Julie struggled, testing her elbow restraints trying to decide if she should use them or not. The sound and feel of the chain dragging across her casted back made her decide to keep the cuffs and chains and she wrapped her wrists with the plastic wrap.

Taking a roll of the fiberglass wrap Julie wrapped her wrists just like she had done with her legs making a solid bar between her wrists. Julie repeated the process twice more before flopping back on the bed panting as she tried to slow her breathing finally able to drift off. Julie slept deeply and dreamed of being trapped for weeks while she struggled in her fiberglass restraints.

Waking the next morning Julie tried to sit up but her rigid body and neck wouldn’t allow her to. She tried to use her arms but between the hard wrapping around her wrists and the cuffs on her elbows she could not get enough lift to sit up. Julie began thrashing as muffled grunts could be heard as she struggled. Gasping for air Julie calmed herself and thought about how to sit up finally twisting her spread legs as she rolled onto her stomach. Sliding her legs off the bed onto her bent knees and forcing her body up on to her toes. Standing Julie quickly found that the casts around her wrists had hardened at a strange angle, because of her lying on her back. The angle forcing her elbows to stay spread as far as the cuffs allowed. If she tried to close her elbows the fiberglass dug into her wrists. Julie now could barely raise her hands above her stomach without pinching her wrists and wondered what she had done to herself and if she could stand it for three days. But as she realized she had no choice she felt the stirrings of her first orgasm.

Julie spent the next few hours testing her limits and twisting her legs while she moved to the refrigerator in the guest room and was barely able to reach the bottles of her drinks. Julie had to strain and pinch her wrists just to be able to attach the tube from the bottle to her gag but was finally able to suck some liquid into her body. Working her way back to her room Julie was gasping and sweating as she closed the door and locked it. She looked at the bed deciding to lie down even though she didn’t look forward to getting back up.

Wrestling with her bonds while she slept Julie spent the next twenty four hours in blissful helplessness relying totally on herself for everything and waiting on no one as she waddled around the upstairs. The vibrators and nipple clamps forcing her to have multiple orgasm’s randomly as she moved around making every minute exactly what she wanted. Bending at the waist to look downstairs Julie was daring herself to go down them. Julie finally backed away from the stairs, more in fear of not being able to come back up than the fear of falling down them.

Late the second night Julie lay in her bed with the vibrators running on high as her orgasm exploded through her body she swore she heard something. The hood and fiberglass covering her head deafening her made her ignore it until she saw the locked door open slowly and could see two figures moving inside the darkened room. Julie laid still and tried to control her breathing hoping the intruders would check the bare room and leave. As they moved around one found the only light in the room and turned it on and she watched the eyes of the one standing over her open wide as he spotted a living person lying on the bed.  

He hissed at his partner getting his attention and the two stood over her staring as she moaned and struggled against her restraints desperately trying to figure out a way to get away from the men. She could hear her burglars talking to each other but could not understand them as she watched wide eyed as one of the men noticed the winch. He motioned to her and they both chuckled as one reached for the sling attached to the winch while the other moved the winch lower. She whined loudly as one man grabbed her and stood her up onto her pointed toes. She saw him pointing at her feet as he said something to his partner who wrapped the sling around her casted neck and raised the winch until her toes were barley touching the floor. Julie screamed inside her casted shell as she struggled to raise her hands and twisted on the end of the cable. The men stepped back and watched her struggle both turning and talking to the other as she fought harder bouncing on the end of the cable.

One stepped up in front of her and said loudly “You be good and we’ll leave you alone, you mess with us and we’ll take you with us and make it much worse for you!” Julie calmed herself and grunted as the men left the room leaving her to struggle alone in the dark. Julie was being vibrated again as she struggled and twisted unable to find any relief in her bonds and prayed the men would leave her as she was and not tied to the ceiling. Unable to move as the orgasm flooded her body making her moan deeply and really enjoy her added helplessness. 

Julie hung, leaning slightly forward on the cable for what seemed like hours before the men returned and asked “What’s in the safe?” Julie tried to straighten herself and looked at the man waiting on him to figure out she could not answer him. Shortly the man scoffed at himself and left the room returning a few minutes later with a pen and a pad of paper from her desk. Handing her the pen and holding the paper so she could write and asked her again what was in the safe? Julie scribbled blindly “Cutters”. The man read it then said “What’s the combo?” she wrote “ Timer”. He read it a thought about then said “When?” Julie grunted and scribbled “Sunday night”. The man threw the tablet on the floor and stomped out leaving her smiling knowing that not only did she have very little to steal being that she wore minimal jewelry and had only one TV that was several years old but without the cutters they couldn’t even violate her.

Julie hung limply for another hour being vibrated very close to another orgasm before both men came into the room and she tried to listen to them talk about leaving. One of the men noticed the heavy door of the closet and they got excited and quickly found her keys lying on the table and opened it. They found only more fetish clothes and bondage gear and stomped around cursing. Julie chuckled under her hood she heard one say “This must be what she spends all her money on”. She smiled again knowing he was right and was glad they were not into it or they would have realized how much her collection was really worth.

The men stomped around before one left the room and the other came close to Julie and started opening the boxes of casting material even stopping to read the instructions and telling her “This is easy enough to use, I see why you like it”. He pushed her rigid body watching her swing and try to stop herself with her pointed toes. Julie couldn’t see him but he was sitting on the bed trying to figure out what he should do when she felt her leg being wrapped by pallet wrap. He then started wrapping her legs in between and over the wide bands she had placed on herself. Julie moaned as she felt the heat rising on the skin between the bands then also on her foot and realized he was wrapping her entire lower leg. She tried to struggle only to have him pinch her exposed ass cheek hard and say “Stay still”. Julie couldn’t tell but he was wrapping her entire leg over again using almost six rolls before he stopped leaving Julie with her left leg now completely covered in an extra thick cast.

Julie hung moaning as she felt him start on her right leg and shortly felt the heat rising all over her leg and her foot and wondered if she could get to the safe with her legs completely rigid and held eight inches or so apart. The man sat back and watched the water beading from the casts and asked “How does it feel? Tight enough?” Julie moaned now unable to make her body swing on the cable as she struggled again briefly before he said “I see a lot of exposed skin that needs to be covered”. He made quick work picking the lock that held her elbow chain locked to one of her cuffs then raised her arms as high as he could and hooked them to the cable.

Still fascinated by the casting tape he covered her upper chest and shoulders with more plastic wrap. Despite her moaning and whining he wrapped her upper body covering her neck and then worked back down to her waist and then up to her neck again. Julie could see him moving and could feel the heat from the fiberglass setting all over her body. Whining again she knew he had used more wrap than needed and now hoped she could cut through the extra thick casting. He continued to wrap lower finally covering her ass and connecting her upper body to her rigid legs making her totally casted from head to toe only leaving her arms tethered together. Julie could now not move her body at all and feared her arms were next but instead he lowered them and held his finger to where his lips should have been silencing her. He went into her closet as she struggled and moaned inside her shell hoping they would leave her soon and that she could still free herself.

The man was suddenly very close to her and her world went dark as he slipped the blind fold over eyes making her squeal as loud as she could. His response was to cover her nose and plug the tube in her mouth as he held her feeling her struggling body inside the hard shell until he asked “Are you going to be quiet?” He let go of her nose and tube listening to her gasp for air but making no more noise. Julie was now afraid as she was more than helpless and also blind she felt a tug on her wrists and tried to raise them but found he had tied them to her waist. She pulled and twisted her arms when he said “Be calm I am just tired of wearing this damn mask, I’ll untie your hands before we leave just be still”.

Julie calmed herself as she realized they were going to leave and would untie her giving her hope. The man was rubbing her casted body feeling her body move inside it and then the vibrations as they started again and laughed as he said “That’s what these are for!” Grabbing the battery packs and turning them up to max enjoying being able to feel the vibrations between her casted legs as Julie twisted and thrashed inside her cocoon entertaining him greatly.  He played with the controls for several minutes before leaving them on high and hanging them back where they had come from, the only two small openings in her body cast.

Julie hung twisting and grunting in her body cast, the burglar by turning the vibrators on high had turned off the random setting and now Julie was being tormented and could do absolutely nothing about. Even as she approached another orgasm she knew that soon the powerful vibrations would become painful and could only hope the large battery packs would die quickly if she is left this way. The men hung around her home for the next few hours leaving Julie to her private torture not realizing that the once pleasurable vibrations had turned into excruciating pain for their captive. They believed her increased moaning and whining was her expressing pleasure as they sat around ignoring her. Julie had blacked out several times and as her next orgasm neared she screamed again wondering if she had been left to die of if the men were still there when suddenly the vibrations stopped and her hands were untied.

Julie hung by her thickly casted neck panting and totally exhausted while the casting material around her wrists was cut away. Julie felt her arms drop to her sides but could not raise them, her strength was gone. Feeling her arms being pulled behind her she tried to struggle and felt her air get cut off again and a different voice telling her to calm down but Julie continued struggling. Her body on automatic and fighting for her life and soon blacked out again. Waking Julie could feel her arms smashed together behind her back, she had not felt this tension since Lisa and moaned as she twisted her arms desperately trying to pull them in front.

Julie stopped struggling when she heard the voice say “Now now doesn’t that feel better?” Julie froze as the familiar voice sounded like Lisa. Julie could hear laughing again and her blindfold was ripped off and she stood frozen in place mostly by her own hand with Lisa. Julie stared wide eyed at her former girl friend and tormentor, Lisa’s face was the same but the dark makeup and long black hair making her look much more fierce. Julie’s eyes scanned down and could see Lisa’s body encased in tight leather, her ample breasts being squeezed by what Julie assumed was a corset under her dress forcing them to look like they were going to burst out of the dress.

Julie whined loudly as Lisa stroked her encased body and explained to her that she had kept tabs on Julie since their break up and now that her parents had died she had the freedom to reconnect with her beloved. “I see that you kept up wearing the boots I gave you, I’m so proud” Lisa stated as she walked around the helpless girl stroking and gently rocking her rigid body. “You are still able to wear the arm sleeve, very good, I was so deeply moved when I saw it was the very same one I had given you, it must have meant a great deal to you for you to have kept it this long”.

Julie moaned as Lisa stepped away from her allowing Julie to see her fully and Julie stared as she looked at her incredibly small waist following the tight skirt as it tapered sharply to her knees. Julie was stunned by Lisa’s body and when she noticed the ballet boots exactly like the ones she was wearing even locked on like hers she began struggling again desperately trying to get away from Lisa.

Lisa smiled at the struggling Julie as she continued her story “Like my shoes?” she asked “My parents locked them on me when they took me home, to teach me a lesson, they also forced me to wear a strict discipline corset and an arm sleeve much more rigid than yours, they had hoped they could break me but for years I endured the crushing corset and arm sleeve” Lisa continued getting much more intense as she said “They treated me like a slave while you got to have a life, I really should thank them and you, I now have the perfect figure and can only wear these kind of shoes which as you can imagine limits my career choices but as they grew older I let them believe they had won and eventually my arms were freed” Lisa was looking off in the distance as she continued “After serving them I was allowed to move out on my own and open a fetish shop that now has twenty locations including the one you visit”. Julie listened to her for over an hour and understood the shop is how Lisa had found her again and she waited until her parents had died and now wanted her girlfriend back.

Lisa ranted as she paced around the room telling Julie she new Julie loved her that’s why she had not had any relationships since they had been torn away from each other. Seeing Julie practice self bondage Lisa knew that Julie wanted her back and had just been waiting for her. Yelling at the men who came in and quickly casted over Julie’s arms leaving them crushed together behind her back as Lisa told her of her new life. “I have learned many things from my parents and as I have indicated they were where I had gotten my desires for kink from and now just as I served them you will serve me, yes I know you will fight but that is part of the fun right?”

Julie had been struggling while the fiberglass dried and now hung wide eyed as Lisa explained that she had already sent an e-mail to Julie’s boss stating Julie was quitting and was ready to buy her condo so no one would come looking for Julie when she disappeared. Julie watched helpless as her head was wrapped in plastic again and quickly wrapped with more of the fiberglass and she was sealed into total darkness. The heat continued to build and Julie felt herself being moved then leaned back as she floated down her beautiful staircase. Julie struggled inside her encasement her pinched nipples and crushed arms and waist making her scream as the pain radiated throughout her body.

The men carried her to the van and laid her on the floor, Lisa thanked them and Julie could just hear them talking about Julie and overheard Lisa answer a question. “Oh I’ll be fine, after a few weeks in her cocoon she be very cooperative and since the shoes and arm sleeve will never be removed again she won’t be able to run away even if she thought she might want to”.

Julie let the idea of a few weeks encased and tormented sink in and she started to struggle again. Realizing Lisa was right she had been waiting for her and had missed being under her control and settled down feeling her body moving again and tried to figure out how to tell Lisa she had truly missed her and dreamed about what surprises her girlfriend had in store for her in her new life.

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