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Caught Chained

by Kojack

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© Copyright 2012 - Kojack - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chain; stuck; mast; discovery; F/m; tease; cons/reluct; X

Skye and I had been friends with Tim and Rita for many years. We used to live beside each other in town. We bought some land together, divided it up, and we each built a home on it. Our houses were about 75 yards apart, and there was not another house closer than a mile. It was so nice living out here, so peaceful. We spend many evenings together with Tim and Rita... in one of our homes watching a movie, or simply sitting out on our porch. We had many meals together, and we could not ever ask for better friends. Did I mention that Rita was hot?... she was soooo fine. I had fantasized about her many times. I always loved to hug her whenever I could, just to have her marvelous breasts against me.

It was such a perfect evening. Skye (wife), was out of town, Austin (son) was staying the night with a friend... I was home alone. I had been interested in bondage for as long as I could remember. Skye had played with me and my bondage fetish years ago, but she really wasn't into it. I had no choice but to satisfy my own needs using self-bondage. I had used many different types of timers for release, but my most common was a clock... one with hands... and no covering on the face. I would tie the key to a string... and dangle it over the minute hand. I had to be careful... by pointing the hand straight up when starting, the key would not drop for 25 minutes. I would usually position the clock over a towel... the key would fall on the towel, and I would carefully pull the towel to me with another string.

It was such a pleasant night. I left one of the garage doors wide open. It was OK. Our garage faced Tim and Rita's garage, but I knew that Tim was also out of town visiting his mother who had been sick. Rita was a nurse. Her schedule changed every 2-3 months, and she was working until midnight, so no one was home. I was home alone, and no one else around for at least a mile, and 3 hours before Rita would be home.

I had set the clock, and towel. I was ready, or so I thought. In the middle of our garage was a steel pole. I looped the chain around my neck... just loose enough it did not choke me, and put the lock shackle thru it tight enough there was no way I could slide it off over my head. I then looped the other end of the chain around the pole and thru the shackle. I took one quick glance at the clock with the key dangling. Everything seemed so ready, so I snapped the padlock closed. Suddenly, in that instant, I lost my freedom. I was locked there with no possible way to escape. All I could do was wait until the key dropped from the minute hand of the clock.. some 20 feet away. It would only be 20 minutes or so, but that was enough for me. I had thought about putting the key on the hour hand of the clock and being locked up for several hours, but I had not gotten that much nerve just yet.

My cock was sooooo hard. Being locked up made me want to masturbate. I dropped my gym shorts and did so... all while staring at the precious key that was my freedom... dangling some 20 feet away. As much as I wanted to be locked up, and masturbate just a few minutes ago, I now wanted my freedom back. It's weird how it works.... as soon as I finish masturbating, I wonder why I do these silly things. I want my freedom back.. now.. but I know its impossible... until the key drops. In the meantime, I pulled my shorts back up.

All I could do was wait patiently. It seemed the more I stared at the clock, the slower it moved. The minute hand finally got to the position that the key usually drops, but it did not. As a little panic set in, I was thinking that the key had to drop any second. The next few minutes seemed like hours, the minute hand on the clock was now way past the position that the key had dropped many times before. In fact it was now on the upswing... almost to the "7". There I was... helpless and somehow the key to my freedom was tangled and was not going to fall.

I stood there... helpless as could be... I tugged at the lock..... pulled at the chain, but there was no way to escape. I was panicking. There was nothing I could do... no one for at least a mile to come to my rescue. My only hope to get my freedom back was Rita. It was now just after 10pm, and I knew she usually got home just after midnight. I had two hours to wait. I sit down leaning back against the pole. My mind raced, what if she didn't come home?...what if she had to work a double shift tonight, like she had done before. No matter what... all I could do was wait.

I think I dozed off for a bit. I awoke to the noise of a car driving up the gravel drive. The headlights shone up on Rita's garage. She usually parked her car just outside of her garage. I don't know why, but she had never used her garage to park in. There were a row of several cedar trees between our drives. I knew she could not see me... I could not see her, but I knew the one and only chance I had was to yell loud enough for her to hear me. If she got into her house, I would have to remain locked up. I heard her car shut off, and her door open. I called her name. "Rita....Rita"...I prayed that she would hear me. She poked thru the cedar trees.."Ridge... is that You?... Everything OK?"... I told her that I needed her help please... could she come over? She walked on over... looking as sexy as ever, and in my garage. "What's wrong?". I told her that I needed for her to please get the key for me as I pointed to the clock ...the key still dangling with the string tangled around the hands.

"What's going on?... Who did this to you?".... Shamefully, I told her that i did it myself. As I stood there helpless, I kept expected her to kneel down and get the key for me but she didn't. She came closer to me, and asked more questions about why I did this. I told her that I was interested in bondage and Skye wasn't. The only way for me to do it was self-bondage. I had done it many, many times, and this was the first time that something had gone wrong.

Rita kinda smiled at me... asking if I was enjoying it. "I did at first, but I would like to be free now". She said, "You know Ridge... There is no one else who can possibly help you. I have the power to release you or leave you there... and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe I'll let you enjoy it all night and I'll be back in the morning?".

"No...please Rita... Let me go..please"...she just smiled.

Rita then went over at sat on the steps that lead into our kitchen. She was so hot... so sexy... Like I said before, I had fantasized about her many times, but I never let anyone suspect anything. Tim and Rita were such close friends I could have never done anything to jeopardize our friendship. "Ridge.. you know you are very sexy?... I have watched you many times as you worked out in the yard... mowing your lawn without a shirt. I've wondered many times what you looked like below the waist". I am sure she had an idea what I looked like below my waist right now, there was no hiding the huge bulge that my cock made in my pants. I knew it had to be obvious to her. "I will let you out Ridge, but first I want you to do something for me. I want you to take your clothes off." I tugged at the lock and chain again, wishing so bad that the lock would somehow fall open. "I have wondered many times how good you would look... It's time now for me to find out".

"Rita... you don't want to do this... please don't. Please just get the key and let me go."

"Ridge... I did not lock you there, and I do not have to help you. It's kinda like coming up on someone with a flat tire. You could choose to help them or leave them to themselves... but either way, it's not my fault or my blame. So, if you want my help, then take your clothes off. I want to see you naked"

"Rita... what will Tim... or Skye think?"

"Well... they will never find out unless you tell them... because I won't. I want to see you naked"

Realizing that I did not have much choice if I wanted her to free me, I slowly and embarrassingly removed my shirt and then the gym shorts that I had on. I stood there with pleading eyes wearing nothing but underwear and the chained that was secured around my neck. "I have often wondered if you were a boxer or brief man" Rita said as she smiled evilly and then said..."Keep Going Ridge... I want it ALL off !"...

Again I realized that I had no choice, but to obey her, so I slowly slid my boxers down to my ankles. Rita smiled wide as she saw my erect cock. Silently under my breath, I was hoping that was all I had to do, and Rita would bring the key to me.

"Ridge... I want you to toss your clothes... all of them, over by the wall out of your reach". That would leave me there totally naked chained to the pole, and Rita was the only one who controlled my fate. Again, I did as she said, and tossed my clothes away. As they fell to the ground, my heart skipped several beats.

"OK..I have done as you asked Rita...Please get me the key now?"

"OK Ridge... I'll get it for you after one more request. I want you to kiss me"...and she walked over to where I was. She put her arms around me, pulled me close and purposely rubbed her crotch against my penis, making me all the more aroused.

We kissed for what seemed like a long, long time... She turned and stared at the key still dangling from the dead still hands of the clock. "Ridge..You want that key over there, which you cannot get to, but I can?"

"Yes please"... Reluctantly, she slowly went over to the clock and removed the key... and without stopping she brought it over and proceeded to unlock the chain from around my neck.

Relieved, I picked up my clothes and put them back on as Rita watched. Her face seemed to have such disappointment written all over it as she no longer controlled my freedom. It was a nice night outside, I thanked her for her help, and we walked outside of the garage. The tailgate was down on my truck and I sat down and leaned back staring up at the stars. Rita sat down beside me and said that I had .."Thanked her enough"...whatever she meant by that... We talked a while about different things... then she brought up the recent scenario again. "How long have you been into bondage?"..

I told her that I had been interested in bondage as long as I could remember, but Skye was not interested in it at all. Rita said "What a coincidence... I have thought about it many times myself, but Tim has no interest in it either. But now that we know that we do, we'll have to see that Tim and Skye get away for the weekends more often!"

"Tell me Ridge... How did it feel to have absolutely no control of your freedom?... You were completely at my mercy to release you?" I replied..

"Rita. I cannot put it into words... That is something you will have to find out for yourself sometime"

"Tim is away again in two weeks..Can you see if Skye has anything out of town to take care of?"

Part 2 coming soon !



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