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Caught in a Blizzard

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2013 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

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Damn snow!

The porch door was blocked by a drift that has been blown against it. After some pushing and a lot of swearing, I managed to squeeze out, dragging the shovel behind me. The wind was whipping the snow around and my snow pants, parka, hat and face were plastered with snow within seconds. I struggled for a half an hour to clear a path to the shed to get at the snow blower, but I was getting frustrated.

I stopped, wreathed in swirling snow, and looked around. Forget about freeing the car and forget about snow blowing anything. It was still snowing hard with a predicted 6-8 more inches. Fuck it! Snow clearing could wait.

I trudged back to the house, my earlier footprints already partially filled with new snow. I slipped back into the mud room and kicked off my boots and shrugged out of the coat and snow pants, leaving them to drip dry by the door. The coffee I had started when I first went out was a little burnt, but it was hot and with a lot of sugar and cream it tasted just fine.

I plopped down in front of the wood stove with my hands cupped around the mug and looked out at the falling snow. It was discouraging to be foiled at my attempt to clean up, but after being out there I knew it would be a fool’s errand. The weather channel had said the storm was going to go another 5 or 6 hours. I decided to just let it fall and clean it once.

The power was out. That was a usual occurrence out here in the sticks; it seemed almost any storm could knock it out!

My new generator was running smoothly, although I couldn’t hear it over the wind noise. It ran the furnace and lights and water pump. I had checked it when I was out trying to shovel and it should run another 6 hours or so before it needed attention. The wood stove was chugging away and the wood box was full. I was snug and warm, but what was I going to do for the afternoon?

I certainly couldn’t get out and no one was going to come here.

The cable was down so no internet or phone. The generator wouldn’t run the electric stove so cooking was out unless I really wanted to rough it and cook on the wood stove.

So what to do?

I could read, but I had been doing that and needed to rest my eyes. A nap maybe?


There was one thing I could do! It was something no one else knew about, not friends, lovers or family.

I could tie myself up! I had done it for years starting after college. I was pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

I am an only child. Growing up, both parents worked so I was alone a lot after school. I generally kept to myself and liked to read. I read the Nancy Drew books, but they were hopelessly outdated. I got into mystery and adventure stories and gravitated to female characters that always seemed to get kidnapped or threatened in the course of the stories, particularly if they got tied up. I scoured the library for damsel-in-distress stories without much luck.

As a teen, I discovered second hand book stores. In those stores, I found gross detective magazines with pictures of tied up women on the covers. I also found whole magazines that were devoted to tied up women by a publisher called Harmony. I managed, by hook or by crook, to obtain any and all of those I came across and was amazed at what I saw!

My liking for damsels-in-distress morphed into an acute interest in restrained women; I guess the start of my bondage fetish was in the dusty and musty old book stores.

I went off to college and discovered drinking, pot… and wild women and kind of got away from thinking about being tied up. After school, I moved to a large city and immersed myself in my fledgling career. But I also discovered the interwebs and found a whole universe of things there that I had no clue existed, including all kinds of sites that featured bondage stories, pictures and videos, you name it!

My interest in bondage was rekindled by what I saw on line. Even though there was a ton of stuff on the internet, I felt it was too weird to share my interest with anyone else, so I began to experiment with DIY bondage. I also discovered that there was as sexual component to being tied up. I found that being in the simplest of bondage greatly aroused me.

So I got more into it. I began buying and collecting stuff by mail order, handcuffs, hemp rope, gags, etc. and I started to use it on myself. Being brought up to feel if you are going to do something, do it right, I worked at making my self-bondage sessions as realistic as possible.

I was still a bit of a loner and, being new to the city, had a lot of time to myself. For a stretch of a couple of years, I probably tied myself up at least once a week. And the self-inflicted orgasms were amazing. Vanilla sex did not do it for me like bondage did, not at all!

I came to love doing it; it was an escape and a great stress reliever. When I was involved in it, nothing else entered my head. I was engrossed. And there were those orgasms!

What with work, relationships and the time pressures of life in general, particularly since I moved out here, I got away from it again. I still thought about doing it, I just didn’t have the time or motivation. I satisfied my itch for bondage by writing about it, when time allowed, and posting my efforts on the story sites that I discovered years ago.

So here I was with enforced down time. I was all alone, snug and warm in my house, while a storm raged outside. It was the perfect time to fantasize.

My excitement built as I sat at the kitchen table, thinking about how I would do it. I usually imagined that I, the hapless heroine, had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom by the bad gals. The kidnappers always had something sexual in mind for me, of course, but first I needed to be tightly tied up!

What should I try?

I looked around the kitchen. The wood stove was in the corner in a small sitting area that had a table and several wooden straight back chairs. There was a big bay window with a window seat that looked out onto the back yard. It was currently a swirl of white as the wind whipped the snow around. It was a cozy, snug spot that I loved and had been the main selling point of the house.

So the kitchen it would be!

I liked the look of rope on me; it was always rope that I used. No tape, except for gags, and no straps or handcuffs although I had a bunch of each. That was partly because I had taught myself to tie using rope. Obviously it was easier to tie knots than tape yourself up and I never trusted handcuffs, although I used them once in a while.

Back in the day, I usually did my bondage in the nude. I liked the feel of the rope on my bare skin. Even though the stove was emitting a steady stream of warmth, the windy storm was creating cold drafts. I wanted to be comfortable so I decided to go with what I was wearing. Under my parka and snow pants I had worn jeans over thick woolen socks and a bulky white turtleneck top. The outfit would be perfect! And warm!

I kept my stuff in a cardboard box in my bedroom closet. It had moved with me and although I hadn’t used it much I kept it close by. The box held multiple coils of hemp and cotton rope of varying lengths, tape, ball and plug gags, blindfolds, etc., you name it!

I ran upstairs to get it and, back in the kitchen, placed it on the floor next to the table. I pulled out what I thought I would need and piled it on the table and moved the box out of the way.

Before starting, I loaded the stove with some logs and waited while they caught fire. I adjusted the air intake some so that the new logs would last a while.

An idea for a gag popped into my head. I rummaged through the glove/scarf/hat drawer in the mud room and found a snow machine hood. In the bathroom, I pulled the hood down over my face. It was a black acrylic affair with only eye and nose holes, no mouth opening. When pulled down, it extended well below my chin. It would be perfect with a ball gag strapped into my mouth!

I set about arranging my gear within easy reach. There was nothing worse than being half tied up and then dropping something I needed to finish the job. Talk about buzz-kill!

I started with my ankles and tied them side by side using six tight wraps and several cinch loops. I liked to run the end of that rope up and tie it off around my waist. It felt good and really slimmed down my waist when I stretched out my legs. Since I was going to tie my ankles to the chair legs, I made the connection to my waist as short as possible before tying off the rope to a chair rung. It was nice and snug and I felt the first stirrings of desire. Next I did my knees. Two bands of loops above and below secured them; cinched loops of course!

I caught the waist/ankle connection under the knee loops which tightened it further.

So far so good!

I strung a rope under the seat and over my lap to hold my butt down in the chair seat. It was a pain to fish the rope under the seat, but I managed. I tied it off to my waist rope.

My lower half was done!

I secured my torso to the chair back with bands of rope above and below my breasts. To make it secure I made sure to use the chair back as an anchor point.

The only thing left was the gag and figuring how to secure my wrists. Obviously if I did my hands, I wouldn’t be able to get the gag on so I would do that first even though it would make the wrist tie harder.

The chair back was low; it was one of those hardwood school type chairs, but I could just barely get my arms over the back. The top horizontal slat dug into my arm pits. I made up a short rope with a loop at the end and shoved it between my butt and the chair seat. After I was gagged, I could catch one wrist within the loop and then wind several turns around both wrists. Then I could flip the tag end of the rope out and away from the chair causing it to fall between my wrists as a half-assed cinch.

I had done that a hundred times and I knew that while it wasn’t good and tight, I could always get out of it. I would just have to use my imagination!

I pulled the hood on and down. With a little pulling and tugging, I got it positioned correctly around my eyes. I strapped the ball gag in nice and tight over the hat, which pushed the fabric into my mouth; a nice little bonus I thought! I used a dog collar around my neck to secure the fabric under my chin.

My excitement was building now. I was one rope away from a damsel-in-distress adventure.

The wrist tying went off without a hitch; well actually I did a half hitch around one wrist to secure the tag end after cinching the wrist loops.

I wriggled around a bit to get a sense of the tightness of my work. My legs and torso were firmly anchored to the chair. Any struggling I did caused the chair to creak and scuff along the floor. The hat was tight and stuffy, although I could breathe quite well. It was also a little scratchy; I would probably have a rash to go with the rope marks. Oh well! One must suffer for one’s fetish!

I closed my eyes and conjured up a scenario that would explain my situation and went with it, struggling and moaning. I built up a good sweat and savored the beginnings of arousal. One of the things about my self-bondage was that I usually tied myself so that I couldn’t get off when I inevitably got excited. That was the case here, of course. The frustration added another dimension to the whole experience.

I lost myself in my fantasy! So much so, that I apparently didn’t hear the whine of the snow machine that was approaching my house until I was startled out of my fantasy by someone calling my name!

Oh my God! Someone was here!

I was caught! I tried to undo my wrists, but that would not help at all given all the other bindings holding me.

My excitement tanked and tears sprang to my eyes!

I was well and truly fucked!

It was Hannah, Hannah Franklin, my next door neighbor!

“OH MY GOD, Maddie! Who did this to you?” She rushed to my side, clawing at the gag. I had strapped it in too tight for her to just pull it away. She stopped in mid-pull, fear now in her voice.

“Christ, Maddie, are they still here? Oh god!”

I shook my head vigorously and tried to tell her around the gag that we were alone. She seemed to get it and went back to removing the gag.

Totally mortified, I couldn’t meet her eyes when she finally popped the gag out and pulled off the hood. I knew I looked a wreck, red-faced from exertion and shame, tear streaked with my hair all matted and sweaty.

Then she untied my hands.

“God, with so much rope I’m going to have to cut you out!”

“Let me get you some water!” She went to the sink returning with a glass of water that I gratefully accepted. Anything to delay the awkward moment of truth when I had to explain what I had done.

She waited until I had emptied the glass.

“Are you OK? Jeez! Look at you! How did this happen? My god, you’re trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey!” She collapsed onto a nearby kitchen chair.

I still hadn’t said anything. I just fidgeted, totally embarrassed, wanting out of this situation so badly.

She was quiet for a minute; the silence became very awkward. She was staring at me with a thoughtful expression.

“So what really happened here, Maddie? You did this yourself, didn’t you?”

I couldn’t speak. I stared at my hands folded in my lap and nodded my head ever so slightly.

“Huh! I thought so… well, after I undid your hands anyway. It wasn’t even knotted!” I still couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

“Embarassed, huh? Well, just relax. This will be our little secret. OK?”

Hope flooded through me. Controlling the damage to just Hannah would be awesome. And I knew I could trust her. I did begin to relax!

“I’ll let you in on another little secret!”

I looked up at her without lifting my head. She was smiling a little like Mona Lisa. I waited for her to speak.

“I’m into that too!” She lifted her chin at me in the universal pointing gesture. I must have looked confused.

“Bondage! I love it! Well, doing it to people, tying them up, stuff like that. As a matter of fact, I’ve fantasized about tying you up, but always chickened out. How about that?”

I was flabbergasted! I know I blushed red, even redder that my flushed face was already.

“Here! I’ll show you!” She got up and walked to behind my chair. I turned my head to try and see what she was doing. She placed her hands on my upper arms and drew my hands around the chair back lifting them over the back slat as I had done.

“Hannah? What are you doing?”

Hannah giggled. “Ah, she speaks!”

And I knew damn well what she was doing! My mind was all awhirl as I understood that unless I stopped her I would, for the first time, be really tied up! Did I want that? Did I want her to do it? My heart pounding, I tried to think it through. Would it spoil the exquisite pleasure I found in doing this to myself? Could I trust her? I was breathing hard, nervous and excited and fearful all at once. A few minutes ago I was reveling in the feeling of being tied up. Would it be the same if she did it? But there was the persistent nagging thought I got when I was tied by my own hand that it wasn’t really, really real! Hannah could make it real. I had never really pined to be tied up by someone else; self-bondage was quite satisfying to me, thank you very much! What to do?

She knew what I was thinking!

In a serious and sincere tone she said “Just say ‘stop’ Madison and I will!” She still held my wrists together behind the chair.

Maybe it was the reassurance I got that she would respect my wishes, maybe it was the feel of her hands holding mine captive, maybe it was the realization that it was time to move beyond fantasy; whatever it was, I whispered, “Don’t stop!”

I almost passed out from the rush of emotion as Hannah re-tied my wrists, only this time with knots I couldn’t undo. She must have tied them off to one of the bottom rails of the chair because there was more tension in my arms and I couldn’t lift my arms away from the chair. I swallowed and tried not to hyperventilate as I felt her gather my elbows and press them together. In all my exploring of bondage on the ‘net, seeing elbows tied together always, always excited me. I had even devised a way to do it myself, but this, this was so different. As she cinched the loops, the feeling of utter helplessness, the knowledge that I couldn’t possibly get free made me whisper, “Oh my god!”

She smoothed out my hair, tucking it behind my ears.

“I know, Maddie, I know! Doesn’t it feel great?”

And it did; all my nervousness fell away. “It does, it really does!”

She laughed then picked up my homemade ball gag. “No one is tied up until they are properly gagged. Open up!”

She pressed it into my open mouth, lodging it behind my teeth.

“We’ll have to get you a bigger ball. That one is way too small!” It didn’t seem small to me, but the idea of a more complete gag thrilled me.

She went over all my bindings, tightening and cinching until I was so tightly attached to the chair that I could barely rock from side to side let alone move my legs or arms. She sat back down opposite me.

“So what do you think? Like it?” I nodded, my apprehension had completely vanished and had been replaced by a feeling of serenity or something close to that. It was similar to what I felt when I tied myself up except this time there was an edge to it, an understanding that I was not in control. I was amazed at how quickly I adapted; I was totally in love with this!

“You look wonderful, too! Mind if I take a few pictures?” I shook my head vigorously. The last thing I needed was to have pictures of me plastered all over the internet!

“What if I covered your face? And they’re just for me; I promise I won’t post them anywhere.”

The idea intrigued me, but I was thinking that was the modern equivalent of saying the check is in the mail. That I could think of something that inane in this situation brought home to me how comfortable I had become in such a short time. What the hell! I nodded my assent.

Hannah picked up the roll of vet wrap I had pulled out but hadn’t used. She wrapped two turns over my eyes then continued wrapping my lower face, chin to nose with it. What a feeling! The wrap stretched as she wound it around and compressed my lower face tightly. I could no longer see or make an intelligible sound and it was awesome!

I heard her moving around and the artificial snap of the phone camera. At one point she moved the chair, presumably to get a better shot.

“OK, that’s enough of that!” She undid the wrap from my eyes and mouth. Holding the camera up so I could see, she ran through a slide show of Madison in bondage. I had posed in front of a mirror, but I had never really seen myself completely tied up.

I was fascinated, to say the least!

“Pretty cool, huh? So where do you want to go from here? Oh, right! Let me take that gag out.”

The question jolted me. I was so in the moment that I hadn’t thought what might be ahead. Obviously, my secret was out, to Hannah at least and I was OK with that. I certainly couldn’t pretend this never happened.

Hannah was my friend; we hung out and visited with each other on a regular basis, but that was all we were. I couldn’t deny having a teeny little crush on her. What was there not to like; she was attractive, smart and shared my weird sense of humor. And now I knew she could tie a good knot!

I looked her in the eyes as I considered her question.

Stalling, I said “Where do you want it go?”

“Hah! Don’t answer a question with a question!” It was Hannah’s turn to stall.


“OK! I guess I would like to do this again… with you, Maddie. I’ve… I’ve had a thing for you since you moved in and… well, I never did anything about it because you had Jenny and then I was getting the business going and…” Her voice trailed off.

“Excuses, excuses, excuses!” We both laughed. “So you have a thing for me, eh?”

She blushed. “Is that too much information, given the circumstances?”

“No, no, it’s perfect! I was just thinking the same thing about you!”



“Well… well, that’s… interesting!”

“Interesting? That’s all you can say?”

No… it’s great; I just didn’t see it coming, that’s all!”

“It doesn’t mean I’m going to jump into bed with you. I think we should, ah… explore our mutual interest and see where it goes.”

“By mutual interest I assume you mean this?” She gestured at me.

“I definitely mean this! Now could you please untie me? I have to go wicked bad!”


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