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Caught in Latex Selfbondage

by F88

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Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; cuffs; chain; timer; outdoors; stuck; caught; F/m; bond; gag; tease; arousal; cons; X

James had known he liked bondage from a very early age, when he used to play pirates with his friends and enjoyed being kept prisoner. Little did he know, it would make up a huge part of his adult life. 

When he reached his teens he saw one of his friends mums wearing pvc trousers and he knew he wanted to wear them too. 

**18 years later**

James had just finished work for the week, he worked in an office block and had recently been given a new job. This meant harder work but more pay. He had just had his first pay slip so had gone straight onto the Regulation website and ordered latex trousers and a latex jacket. The jacket looked like a biker jacket and at first glance could almost be taken for "normal" clothes - until the light hit it. The trousers, well more like leggings were also biker style and so tight they hid nothing.  

 Driving home from work he was praying the latex had arrived - he had big plans for the weekend. He stopped on his way home outside one of the pubs in the town he lived in, and taped one of his house keys to the bottom of it. 

When he arrived home he could see the parcel had been delivered next door so he went straight round to get it. 

When he got back in he lubed the latex up and slid into it - a perfect fit! He lubed it up a little more knowing it was going to be a long night and started getting the restraints ready. The lube worked as a dressing aid as well as a shiner and boy did it make the latex shine. 

The plan for the night was to walk down to an abandoned lorry that had no sides but still had its roof, and chain himself up in it with a 4 hour timer lock. His house key was already hidden in the middle of the town he lived in - about 2 miles away, and it would need to be retrieved before he could get back home. He would have to walk through town with his ankles still tied together with 4 inch chain, and his wrists cuffed behind his back. He added a collar as he loved the feeling of it locked on tightly round his neck.  

It was about 8:30 and pretty dark outside, so he was happy he could get to the lorry (only several hundred yards from his house) without being seen. The lorry was on a road that led to a quarry so no one should be going up to it at this time of night. When on the lorry the street light in front really showed off the shininess of the latex, and that combined with the feeling go James incredibly aroused. 

He locked his ankles together using the top of his new rock boots, linking through the zips so they couldn't come off, then he put the leather cuffs on his wrists. He took a deep breath before locking them together. He was now bound on the lorry, but he still had one more lock to put on. Looping a small chain through on of the loops in on the centre pole of the lorry, he then used the timer lock to lock his wrists to the pole. The lock beeped and changed from 4 hours to 3:59.59. 

At this point if anyone came he couldn't hide or move away. He was stuck in plain sight for any passersby. For the first hour, James enjoyed it, every movement the latex rubbed together, it made a sound he though must be heard at the end of the road, and he loved the thrill. 

2 hours in and he saw car headlights coming up the road and the thrill turned into pure fear. They got closer and closer and as much as James tried he couldn't get out of the light. 

The car stopped about 15 meters down from him and the door opened. He heard two men's voices and quickly worked out they were fly tipping. James couldn't move a muscle, the chains and latex made too much noise with even a little movement. The men were only there for a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity then they got back in the car. 

The car then carried on towards him - obviously going to turn at the end of the road. James stayed completely still and the car went passed, turned and drive back passed him. He was amazed they hadn't seen him, but then he thought to himself, no one would expect to see there be anyone tied to lorry in latex. He relaxed again, the next 2 hours passed without any more excitement, but his feet were aching from being forced to stand for 4 hours. He heard the beep and he undid the lock. He was free of the lorry, but not free of his wrist cuffs, or ankle bondage. He waddles over to the edge of the lorry and sat down on the edge. 

It was coming up to 1am and he knew it would take about an hour to waddle into town, he wished he had the key to his ankles. He slid down into the road and started the long slow walk into town. He stuck to the shadows but did have 2 roads to cross. 

When he was half way across the second road a car drove up the road. It slowed right down and James could see it was a taxi full of girls. They all had their phones out and filmed him as he got off the road and carried on walking. 

Eventually he got close to the pub his key was outside. It was after 2am now so it should be shut, how ever there was a lot of noise still coming from it. As James moved closer he could see a larger group of girls sitting outside the pub drinking and eating kebabs. It was a hen party, and his key was taped to the bench they were sitting on. The girls all had white t-shirts on with the words 'Sarah's Hen Party's on the front, and their name on the back. They were all in their late thirties or early 40s. 

 James was standing by a wall, in full view of the road and the girls if they looked over. He was panicking a little. He knew he needed the key, but how long were these very drunk woman going to be.

After an hour the girls started saying good bye to each other before starting their drunken walk home. One of the girls who James hadn't seen was wearing a blue pvc skirt and leather jacket with matching blue knee high boots. She started walking towards him, unsure if she'd seen him he started hobbling away but as he couldn't move quickly due to the ankle restraints, she caught up to him very quickly. 

As she came round in front of him she said "Well look at you!" James froze. He was bright red from the embarrassment, but also visibly aroused from what the girl was wearing, and how hot she looked in it. 

She ran her fingers over the latex.."When I saw you taping the key to the bottom of the bench earlier on, I did wonder what you were doing." She reached into her bra and pulled out his key. She inspected his ankles and wrists and smiled. "You've done this to yourself haven't you?" James managed a quiet "yes". His erect penis protruding though the latex was showing his thoughts about her. 

She grabbed the chain and lock that had previously been keeping him tied to the lorry out of his hand. She then pressed her body against his. He felt her hips press against him and his penis. Her hands moved around his neck and her lips almost touched his. He was in heaven until he heard a click and a beep. 

She had fastened the chain with the timer lock onto his collar and a fence, right next to the main road. He knew the lock wouldn't be able to be opened until the time expired, and even when it did, his hands were tied behind his back, and he wouldn't be able to reach it to free himself. He didn't have any idea how long she had set it for but the dirty smile she gave him had him concerned. 

She bit his bottom lip and slid her hand down so it just caught the tip of his penis which she knew would drive him crazy. 

As she started to walk away, she looked back "I'll look after your house key until that lock lets you out.  Have fun". She blew him a kiss and walked into the night. 

The next several hours passed, and with each one the feeling of dread built.. "what if the timer was for 24 hours, or she doesn't come let me out, or the police arrive". 

After 4 hours he heard a beep, the timer had run out, but where was the girl? Panicking James thrashed against the restraints and was making a fair amount of noise. 

A voice made him freeze, "Well if you want everyone in town to know you are here, you're doing a good job". It was the girl, but she changed her outfit. She still had the leather jacket on, but as it wasn't zipped up he could see she now had a latex catsuit and thigh high pvc boots on. 

She released the chain and timer lock and fastened a lead to his collar. Next she produced a ball gag and forced it in his mouth. James was scared but so turned on he couldn't even try to resist. "Before I walk you home, let's do a lap of the town". 

To be continued .......

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