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Caught in the Dog Pen

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2011 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

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Let me set this up.

I used to have two dogs. They barked at everything they saw. So I ended up putting a 7 foot tall privacy fence around their pen. Got rid of the dogs-kept the pen. It's a 10 x 12 foot area with a tree in one corner. The dogs had pretty much worn down the ground surrounding the tree, so it has a natural slope from the dirt up to the tree trunk. Almost like a recliner. The base of the tree is almost two feet from the dirt ground.

Patty, my wife, was gone for 10 days on business, so I planned a self bondage day.

First, I locked a large chain around the base of the tree. I hung two sets of pulleys from a branch running from the tree, and used a nylon rope to hang a bag holding a rock. I took my leg spreader, and used a landscape anchor to drive it into the ground about where my legs were going to be, keeping my knees open and pointed upwards. I attached the key that will unlock the wrist straps to the end of that rope. It dangles over where my hands will be Saturday. Since the privacy fence is on the outside of the chain kink, it leaves the metal available for use. I set up 2 bungee cords on either side to be attached to my knees. This will splay me out even further than the spreader bar would on it's own. They are just the right length to lay flat on the ground now, but once attached to the straps that will be around my knees, they will hold me open wide.

On Wednesday, I went out and bought four dozen roses. Two of the dozen, I put in water, and kept in the garage fridge. The other two, I basically just threw out into the pen to dry out. I started on my ice escape project. I have a metal strainer that I have drilled a hole into the center of the base, and bolted a 12 inch eye-bolt into. This will be what will eventually release my keys. Using a 2 gallon plastic mixing bowl I, first, add just enough sugared water to cover the bottom of the strainer, and set it in to freeze. When that is solid, I add a 1/4 inch of maple pancake syrup onto the top, and, again, let it freeze. That takes a bit longer, but I have the time for now. When it is finally solid, I mix up a batch of really super sweet kool-aid. I use the pre-sweetened mix, and add 3 more cups of sugar per package. Into that I poured a full 20oz, bottle of Pepsi. I put enough of this mix into the plastic bowl, to give me about two to three hours of melt-time. What this is intended to do, is to slowly drip down onto me, and drive the little ants that live around the tree to investigate my body at their will.

I gather the balance of my needs for the day, and put them into a bag in the garage. The items include, an anal plug, penis gag, blindfold, wrist straps, thigh and leg straps. As well as my key (and safety key). I also have an old leather belt, about two inches wide. I place that in the bag and two more of the anchors, along with a couple of warm new root beers. Then I zip it closed.

Friday night. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than hell, and humid. The past two days have been record setters, so the forecast is more than likely correct. I went to bed and started at once to "edge" myself. I took myself to the point of cumming three or four times, then let go. This has always gotten me hornier than anything else almost. I woke up a couple times overnight, and did the same. By Saturday morning, I was about ready to explode from being so horny. But, I knew I had to hold off. The payout later that day would be that much sweeter so I waited.

At 5am I got out of bed, and took a Viagra pill, then I started drinking a lot of coffee. I took a shower, and gave myself a very cleansing enema. Had some more coffee, and used the Vaseline we keep in the bathroom to lube my asshole up well. About 6:30, I slipped into a pair of loose fitting shorts, and a wife-beater shirt, and went out into the garage. I removed my big bowl of ice from the freezer, and took it and the roses out to the pen first. I went back in to get the bag, brought my hammer along, and returned to the pen.

All seemed right, so I stripped down, and put the ankle restraints on my legs, as well as the straps for the bungee cords. I took the old belt out of the bag, and pounded one of the anchors through it and into the ground. I placed this pretty much where my waist would be, and it would hold me tight to the ground forcing my ass down into the rose thorns, and making me keep it there. I spread the old dead roses out in a criss-cross pattern, and intermingled the fresh ones.

The sun was getting warmer, as I tied the eye-bolt on the strainer to the rope hanging from the pulleys. Testing the weight, I removed a couple of rocks to have it lower a bit sooner. It now was suspended about 4 feet off the ground, hanging over where my stomach and cock and balls would soon be open for the drops of sugar water/syrup/Pepsi to drip down onto.

I tied the wrist strap key to the leg spreader. While I was crouched down, I inserted my plug slowly into my rectum. The Vaseline made it slide in easily. I removed the wrist straps from the bag, and locked my left wrist into them. I strapped the gag into my mouth, and belted in place, and put the blindfold over my head just above my eyes.

I turn around with my back to the tree, and locked my ankles to the spreader bar. I stretched the bungee cords to the straps around my knees, and let go. Now, came the gut-check time. I had to lower my ass onto the rose stems and finish my bondage set-up. I tried to do it by leaning over and using my hands, but that didn't seem to work to well, so I let myself down onto my elbows, and slowly lowered my ass. The first thorn stabbed into the left cheek with a pain more than I had anticipated. But, since I was so far into the scene, and was getting more and more excited, and figured I would just drop down, and take the pain as it came. Doing so was like taking a band aid off, I guess. The faster the better. My ass screamed at me, but, at least, I was lying on the ground.

I reached over and grabbed the hammer, and the other anchor, driving the belt down over me-securing me to the ground for good. I grabbed one of the root beers, and gave it good shake. I have always hated the feeling of being sprayed with pop that had been shaken, but today is different. This was to get the ants' attention, and start their investigation of me that much quicker. I thought that if I poured the pop right out of the bottles, it would do nothing but drown them But, using the foamy spray would only give them the sugar and sweet smell they look for. So, I shook it up, and opened the top. The spray went all over my stomach, abdomen and genitals. Running down between my legs over my ass. I used the second bottle in the same manner, and finished my bindings.

I reached up and pulled the blindfold over my eyes, after checking to make sure the emergency key was at least there. It would be a painful struggle to squirm my way up to the key, raking my ass over the thorns, but at least it was there if I needed it.

Now came the last act of losing total freedom to the elements of nature. I locked the wrist straps to the chain, and attached the last strap to my right wrist.

Now, I'm stuck until the water thaws, and lets the rock down, holding the key to the handcuff lock.

I start to feel the ice beginning to melt, and drip onto my skin. The ants have found the pop foam, and start climbing their way up my side, and ass to get to the treats. Even though my ass cheeks are screaming to be let up, I'm getting highly aroused. The Viagra must be taking effect on me. That and the hundreds of tiny feet crawling over my cock, balls, ass, and body is giving me a huge hard-on. Occasionally, I felt them creep their way up my shaft, and onto the head of my cock. They would crawl around my piss slit, and drive me up the wall. I just couldn't move, due to the strap, and bar holding me down, but these things were maddening. On top of all of this, as that sweet water/syrup/pop mixture melted and dripped onto my skin, it would start to dry and stiffen into crusty shell. As to dried in my pubic hair especially, it began to itch- terribly itch. All added to the scenario as the minutes wore on, though, as ANY movement now gave me a new torment.

The neighborhood was waking up as well. I heard a lawnmower going somewhere off in the distance. Cars started going back and forth on the road in front of the house. Voices off in the distance. Nobody could see me, though-the way the pen sat in the yard.

Then I heard the buzzing of a bumblebee. I felt it land on my chest, and started searching for the sweet. I had to hold a still as humanely possible, but bees don't always do what you want them to do. It started by my nipples, lifted off, and landed back down on my stomach. Off again, and went into the thatch of my pubic hair. The feeling of it moving around there drove me insane almost. I knew I couldn't move, and just trying not to intensified the whole scene. Off again, and back down onto my balls. Here it decided to walk around a bit. Up, down, over my balls. Then he trekked up the shaft of my cock. His feet making me jerk and bob up and down. He paused at the top of my erection, and smelled around. I figured the son of a bitch would take the jerking of my cock as a threat. That would only piss him off, and he'd sink his little stinger into my cock. Finally he flew off, and I was left with only the ants to worry about once more. As time passed, I heard more of the bees flying around, but they left me alone. I figure they were going after the rose petals where all the nectar was, and just left my body alone.

After a bit, I feel the urge to relieve the coffee. I figured I would, but had not thought of my cock. It was hard. It pointed upwards. towards my head. When I let go of the piss stream, it flew right into my face, soaking my blindfold, and dripping into my mouth through the gag. I have drank my own urine in the past, but, not expecting it made me tense up again. Even though my waist was planted well onto the ground, any movement at all dug the thorns into either new places, or deeper into old ones. As the stream slowed, It fell over my body, coating me.

What seemed like an eternity went by. I was virtually covered with the sugar water now, and the bugs were getting as much as they could from me. Biting more often, now. My balls were covered with their bites, as well as my, still hard, cock. All over my exposed skin, they found a place to take a nibble. My skin was on fire from their torture. But I figured I still had at least an hour or more before I could release myself.

The urge to cum was getting stronger, the longer those things chewed on me. From the Viagra, and the edging I had done all night, to the lack of sex for over a week, not to mention the constant crawling over me of the bugs, I knew I wasn't going to last very much longer. I don't like to cum in self-bondage, because it takes the edge off. But I felt it grow with every minute that passed today. Soon, I just couldn't help it. My need for release took charge, and I started clenching my muscles. Soon, I had reached the point of no turning back. a completely out of control ejaculation. Untouched and unable to stop it, my cock took over on it's own.

"Mmmmmmmmmffffffffff" I groaned through the gag in my mouth. I arched my back, which crammed my ass down deeper into the thorns. Pain shot through me, but the pleasure overpowered that. It felt so damned good just to cum.

I shot the first spurt up on to my chest. The rope landed between my nipples, and down towards my navel. The second was just as strong, but shot to one side more. The third and fourth were small in comparison, but spewed over me just the same. From my angle, the sperm started to pool, and run down over my stomach, and filled my navel full, then overflowed down my side. "Fuck that feels good". I thought. I have the ability to cum multiple times in a time-span, and, normally my cock will deflate between. Not today though, I was still at full mast, and still throbbing after I shot my load. And my cock still bobbed as I reacted to the assault of the ants as they continued their search for sugar on me.

Then I heard the gate swing open.

"Hello, Steve" the voice was followed by the sounds of someone over by my head. "Now I have your key" he said.

I jumped out of my skin at that. Who the fuck was here??? Here I am naked, strapped down to the ground. Covered in piss, cum, pop, sticky shit, and ants, with my ass being forced down onto a bunch of roses,

"Patty sent us" he said.

'Patty sent you ???' "Oh shit. What the hell was going on here."

Then it dawned on me exactly what he had said.

"US" echoed in my head. F-U-C-K-K-K-K! my mind screamed. "How many is 'us"?"

"Looks like you're having a fuckin' good time, little Stevie, all bound on the ground." He seemed to be on his knees from where his voice was coming from.

"You have a pretty stiff hard-on too, all after shooting your load a minute ago. You must be REALLY having a blast."

A second voice said "What's that movie about a 'real purdy mouth'?" "He sure does have one of them, and I'm gonna have some of it!". I heard him take his clothes off.

"Yea, well get the camera first" #1 said. "We DO have a job to do, remember?" Then "Will you take a look at this?"

"A job to do?" I thought. what he fuck does he mean by that?

"He's got his ass crushed down on rose bushes, or something. Hey, Stevie, I know you like to tie yourself up, but are you into this kind of pain, too?"

It sounded as if he took picture of my ass embedded in the thorns.

I heard him stand up.

"How about if I help you out some?" "Get a picture" he said

I felt his booted foot step down into my pelvis, right above my cock. Then he stood up on me, and walked across. Till this point, I figured I had been scratched from the thorns, but now I was sure blood was running down from my cheeks. I heard the shutter go on the camera.

"How's that feel, little boy?" he asked.

The camera again

"How about again?"

The camera

"Again, you say?" Each step crushed my ass down into the sharp, cutting thorns of the roses.

"One more?" "Okay!!" he stopped this time, and did a little jig on me.


"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMph" I tried to scream through my gag, but all that came out was the muffled sound of agony.

I felt him get back down between my legs, and his breath on my balls.

"You have a hell of a lot of little bites here, Stevie" he said. "All over your balls, and your dick too."

"Your ass looks like a battle ground." "Those must really fuckin' itch like hell, huh?


"Here, let me brush some of those ants off of you."

His "brushing" was actually slapping. His slapped my balls again and again, Each time, I muffled into the gag, and jerked my hips as much as I could.


" I thought you LIKED pain" he sneered. He returned to his brushing of my cock, now. Each slap threw my erection in different directions, depending on how he slapped it.

"There, all gone" he said.

I felt his warm lips slide over my cock. He started sucking on me, and I was just about ready to cum a second time in just a few minutes, when he pulled off, and said "Nope, not yet... not you, anyway"

#2 was still straddling my chest, but #1 said

"C'mere and give me a hand- get the rope."

I felt the waist strap pulled off of me, and my kegs were set free from the ground stake. He took the bungees off my knees, and I felt my self being lifted into the air. They must have tied their rope to the bar, looped it over the tree branch above us, and secured it to the fence on the far side. I was basically resting on my shoulders, with my sore, bleeding ass swaying in the air.

"We'll just put your ice over here for awhile" I felt the dripping stop as he moved my strainer out from above me.

Due to the slope my chest was now in, the sperm I had shot out a bit ago was starting to run back up my body. I felt #2 take his fingers, and scape the flow onto them. He opened my lips around the gag, and smeared the cum into my mouth. Again, I have eaten my own sperm, but being force fed by this stranger only added to my utter humiliation.

"Okay", he said to #2, "you can have him now."

He straddled me once more, and said.

"You're gonna be quiet... right???"

I felt him loosen my gag, and slide it out of me mouth.

"Get the..." I started. His hand slammed onto my face, and at the same time, his other hand came down onto my sore balls.


I screamed into his hand, so he slapped my balls once again.


"mmffph" I muttered into his hand "fkkk"

"I said QUIET!!!" "We'll try this again."

He took his hand from my mouth. "Good boy" he said. "now.. open up"

I didn't move.

"Didn't you learn already?" he said, as his hand came down palm first onto my aching balls


I finally did as he demanded, opening my mouth just a little.

"More" he said. I complied.

"M-o-r-e" he told me.

I opened my jaws as wide as I could.


I felt his semi hard cock slip between my lips. He shoved it in a little farther, and directed me to: "Suck" I did as he asked, afraid of more pounding to my nuts. I could feel him getting hard as I sucked. Soon, he was at full size, and he began stuffing his cock into my throat.


Deeper, and deeper. I felt the urge to puke, but fought it off.

"Go ahead, let it go" he sneered at me.

All of a sudden #1 was into the scene. I felt him, take my plug, and slowly start rotating it. Pushing, and pulling it in and out.

"He must have know we were coming. he got himself ready for me." he said. I felt him take the shaft of the plug between his fingers, and making a fist, started to ram the dildo into me faster and harder. He started twisting his wrist, making the plug churn around my rectum. Each thrust of his fist rammed the plug deeper and deeper. I was afraid he was going to start fist-fucking me, but he just kept the pound-fucking going. He had metal rings on his hand, and they kept pounding into my asshole as he slugged the plug in and out. I started swinging my legs and swaying from the anger, and all of a sudden, I felt his palm slam down onto my balls again.

"Stop moving" he demanded.

All of a sudden, he yanked the butt plug out of me, and threw it on the ground. "Making room." he said.

He started spitting on me. I could feel the liquid slide down onto my rectum, only to have him coat his fingers, and dig them deep into me. He spit four of five time, and each time, inserted another finger onto my ass.

"Hey', he said to his partner "out of spit." "Come here and do some for me".

I felt #2 slip out of my mouth, but, before he got off me, he threatened me..

"You're gonna keep quiet, right?'

I could only nod my agreement.

He rose up off my chest, and I heard and felt him spit a time or two. I could feel his cock rub against my stomach, still wet from my spit.

"Should be good" #1 told him. He returned to my skull fuck, as #1 started his cock into my ass.

"Click" I heard the camera again, as he forced just the head of his dick through my hole.

He was big. My rectum felt as if it was going to burst. The spit helped, as well as whatever Vaseline was left, but he stretched my ass hole open wide.

Click, again as he shoved the head through, and half his length impaled me.

When he had gotten his entire cock deep in me, he took still another picture of him buried in my ass.

Then he started his thrusts. I was being pushed backwards from his fucking, and having my head thrown forward from #2.

I felt the gag urge again, and this time, I couldn't hold it back. Thankfully, it was only liquid.

"Ohhh" #2 stuttered. "Fuck that feels good".

He didn't miss a stroke on me. If I wasn't keeping up with him head grabbed my hair, and forced his cock deeper.

#1 was pumping into a frenzy now. His breath was raspy, and harsh.

"Cummin'" he moaned, and I felt his cock engorge, and grow even bigger inside of me.

His orgasm shot load after load deep in my bowels. He grabbed my legs, and plunged even deeper as the last of his load came spurting out.

"FUCK that's tight" he said.

#2 was moaning as well.

"Gonna cum" he muttered.

"Hold you breath, Stevie, boy". He took hold of my hair, pulled my face to him, and drove his cock down into my throat, cutting off my air. He held his place, and I felt his cock start spurting. He held me tightly to his pelvis and finally let me catch my breath. He left his dick in my mouth, though, and let it deflate on it's own, finally falling out of me.

"MAN, what a fuck" #1 told the other. He took hold of my hair again and told "Now, clean me off"

He left his shrinking cock in my mouth and said "Use your tongue to clean my piss slit out." " give me slow lick of the head."

As I did as he demanded, he muttered a low "ahhhh". "FUCK you've done this before, haven't you?" I could tell he was smiling as he said it.

"Oh yea" #2 said. But I want some of that ass meat for me now.

"Okay, have at it" #1 replied.

"No, you don't understand" #2 told him. "I want it the regular way." "From the back, like a pussy should get it" "Beside, I can get in deeper that way."

"Got cha" said #1. "But you still amaze me how fast you can cum a second time."

"Just me" #2 said with what sounded like a big grin.

"Hold on a minute"1 said. "Got something to tell our little man, here."

I heard him get close to my face, he grabbed my lower jaw, and forced my mouth wide. I felt his thick, hot tongue slide past my lips, and he started licking the entire area of my mouth. Side to side, over my tongue, around my teeth.

"Ya know something, Steve" he whispered in my ear. "I absolutely LOVE the taste of his cum, and you have it all over my mouth."

"Num-num". His licked my mouth again, and reinserted the gag, belting it in place.

I felt the ropes and bindings being re-worked again.

They took me, and turned me over in the air. Now, face down, I was terrified at what could be coming. Instead of lowering me completely to the ground, they left me swinging, face down about 3 feet from the thorns. I felt one of them loosen the bar locks, and spread them as wide as they would go. This opened my legs up to a 90 degree angle, stretching my asshole open for them.

"mmmpphh" I groaned at being split this way.

"There" #2 started "looks good to me" "You take some picture, now" he said to #1.

"That's both okie AND dokie to me" he snickered.

I hadn't realized just what the thorns had done to he skin of my ass, until 2 grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed them, spreading me wider still. He was digging his nails into the scraped, and scratched skin.

"ffffffffffffghhh" came out of my gag.


As #2 pulled my ass cheeks wide, he blew another spit ball at me. Wasting no time, he plunged his re-stiffened dick in with one thrust. As he plunged into my ass, his fingernails ripped into my throbbing flesh. He took his pleasure as he fucked me. He would squeeze me harder, pulling me back into him.just as he thrust into me. He was pushing hard enough for his balls to be slapping against mine soon.

"DAMN" #2 said. "oh-oh-oh-mmmm" I felt him finally spurt his load in my ass. He gave me two strong shots of cum, then he started to ease out of me. His semi hard cock slipped out of me with a "pop".

"Fuck, now I'm tired" #2 said.

"Well" #1 started " we still have a couple things for his pleasure." "But, we'll have to get him on the ground for the next one.. grab the bar"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I wanted to scream at them. But all that came out around the gag was a muttled "nnnnnnnnn" If they let me to the ground, my cock would be shredded by those thorns. I tried to swing my body away from the roses, but #2 had too good of a hold on the spreader bar holding my legs. Somewhere along the line, my hard on had softened, and my cock was almost completely soft. For that I was extremely thankful. Just as I felt the first barbs of the roses touch my cock head, I swung to my left. This made my cock swing off to the side just as I reached the pile of thorns. At least the head of my dick wasn't getting chewed up by them. The thorns did scrape and scratch along either side of my shaft. And my balls were now pressed painful down into the bunch of stems.

After I reached the ground, #1 sat down onto my left leg. He removed my shackle holding the leg to the bar, and replaced it with a leather strap covering my entire foot, and going up my calf 8 to 10 inches. He belted this in place, and strapped another leather piece around my ankle, over, and around my foot. Then he tied the rope to that leather piece.

I felt my self being lifted back up off the roses by my left leg. I was pulled up almost vertical, so my weight rested totally on my shoulders. My right leg was pulled off to the side, and tied to the chain link fence of the pen, holding me, once again, open to at least 90 degrees.

"Patty told me of a few things out in the yard we need" #1 told #2. "You get him hard again, but don't let him cum"

"Sure" #2 replied.

"Hey" #1 started "do a doggy on him"

"Fuckin' great idea #2 said.

'Doggy'? I thought.. what the fuck is that?

I felt #2 grab me around my hips, and pull himself close to me. To my surprise, he still had a hard on, and it poked at my navel. My balls had taken cover in their sockets, and my scrotum was loose and baggy from the heat.

#2, first started licking my sac. Running his tongue to the head of my cock, and then the entire length of me. I felt myself start to thicken. Soon, I was as hard as he seemed.

Suddenly, he let go of my waist, and grabbed my thighs, opening me even more.

His teeth sunk into the fatty flesh of my sac.

He started making a growling sound, and shake his head side to side, like a dog does with it's favorite toy.

"mmmmffffffffffffffffffffffffppfoommfnnf" I screamed.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" I shook my head s much as possible, being stuck face first in the dirt. "gggggggggggggffffffffffffffffff"

#2 bit down harder, and shook his head more violently. He loosened his bite, open his mouth, and pushing my balls from their homes, sucked them both into his mouth. Then he bit down just as hard with me deep in his mouth.

"mmppphhfffffmmmm!!!" I muttered.

I heard the gate reopen, as #1 returned. "Good boy" he chuckled at #2 "Good boy indeed." "Play real hard now"

#2 took that as a signal to not only bite down harder, but to start chewing on me.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno" I said "phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhz"

Finally #2 seemed to be done with me, and let my balls loose. I couldn't move. I simply hung there in agony. One of them gave me a push, and I only swayed back and forth, not trying to stop it at all.

"Okay" #1 said "lift his cock to level". #2 grabbed me by my head, and lifted my cock to the sky.

"Not with your hands- use the pliers." he told #2 "you won't want your hands anywhere around close in a minute or two"

I heard #2 take the pliers, and open them to adjust for the large setting. When the pliers are open this way, there is a small area by the arms, behind the teeth that remains open. #2 took a hold of my cock from the side, and pushed me into them far enough for my slit to get pinched in that small opening as he squeezed the arms together.

"ppphhhhh" I sputtered round the gag. "mmmmmph"

"He likes it" #2 laughed.

I felt one of the rose stems pushing onto my balls, and up the shaft of my cock. It bore down with a little pressure, then it lifted off me.

"swish"... CRACK!! it came down with force onto my shaft.

"Mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfff" I screamed into the rubber mini-cock in my mouth.

#1 had bent the stem up, and let it fly at me.

Again, I felt it lift, then swish..CRACK.




He moved his hand a little to the side, and pulled back from me. It pushed onto my scrotum then, and swish..CRACK.


My balls felt ass if they were going to explode.



Twice more.



He scraped the thorns down each side of my ass, twisting the branch as he went. I heard the swishing sound once more, and pain shot through my left cheek'

He attacked the right cheek, and I jerked as hard as I could in my bindings, but actually moved very little.

"Here" he said "let go of his cock, and put these on."

#2 removed the pliers form my dick, and let me drop down towards the ground again.

"Take these, and jack him off" #1 directed #2.

#2 took my cock in his now gloved hand. Pain, burning, and an intense itch gripped my shaft, as he began to slowly slide his hand up and down me.

Itchweed!! Milkweed!! Nettles!! Whatever you want to call them, they hurt. And now I was being assaulted with a shitload of it/them by these guys.

"Fffffffffkkkk!!!" I yelled. "mmmmmfffkkr"

#1 was busy behind at the time. He had taken a few leaves from the stems of the and slowly he began to slip them into the crack of my ass. He started right at my asshole, slipped the leaf into, and pushed to make sure it stayed. He worked his way up the crack, leaf by leaf. The sweat on my body help to hold the leaves to the skin.

"mmfffgghghghg" I muttered.

When he had finished filling up my crack, he must have grabbed a handful of the weeds. He placed his palm down onto my scrotum, and ground the little needles into the flesh.

"AAAARRRRggghhhhh" I said.

With his other hand, he started to "paint" my back, and legs with the nettles. "Get his front" he told #2.

#2 picked up some branches, and began to swipe them from my chest to my cock, that he still held onto in his fist. As he crossed over my nipples, he would grind the branch into me.

#1 had finally left my ball sac alone, and laid his palm over my ass cheek. With his other hand, he swat the palmed one, sending more pain into my skin. Each of the slaps left a palm sized burning zone on my ass. He continues this until my entire ass, from side to side, was on fire.

What seemed like forever, they seared my flesh with the tiny needles. I apparently blacked out for a minute or two, because all of a sudden, (sudden to me anyway), I was left alone hanging from the tree. No hands were on me for the moment.

"What time is it" #2 asked.

"Almost noon" #1 said.

I had been out here for over 4 hours. No telling how long in the hands of these two.

Click. the camera again. I guess they were too busy torturing my skin to take pictures a while ago, but now, they were back taking two and three at a time.

"We're gonna have to get going pretty soon" #2 stated.

"Yep, but, lets put him back in his scene. A little different, maybe, but back either way." #1 told him.

I felt my right leg being untied from the fence, and immediately tied to my left pulling my legs together.

The I started to be lowered to the ground.

The fear crept back, knowing what was on the ground beneath me. I started to wriggle side to side. Slowly, I touched the ground, but they had apparently moved the rose stems and I landed on cool dirt instead of the sharp points I had anticipated. The dirt felt good against my welted skin, It was still in the shade, so it was cool.

I felt my hands being unlocked from the chain, and pulled up over my head, then tied to the fence.

My legs were also bound to the chain link.

One of them stuck their foot under my stomach, and rolled me onto my back.




"Looks at those fucking marks" #1 said.

"Nothing but a red rash right now" #2 replied.

"Yea, from his tits to his balls" #1 said

" I have to get a close one of that cock" #1 said.



"Well, back to work" he said after the pictures.

I felt my hands being undone from the fence, along with my legs.

They sat me up, and #1 grabbed under my armpits, held my wrists in front of me, while #2 lifted my feet.

I was confused. "Why are they lifting me? It would be easier to simply roll me over to the tree".

That wasn't their plan, though.

I was carried the short distance back to the tree, and #2 let my feet down onto the slope from the tree. #1 bent over, and when I was a little off the ground, dropped me.

I screamed into the gag with all the force I had left.

They had made a nest-like area of the nettles, and rose stems. They and laid the stems up the middle of the nest, so they would gouge into the crack of my ass, and anus. Around them they had placed the nettles in a pile at least five to six inches deep. I knew that because the biting little needles now scratched up my ass and onto my lower back. Even though I guess I knew what moving around was going to do, I started twitching from side to side. The thorns digging deeper, and deeper into my ass flesh. I figured it out, finally, and stop moving.

"mmmmmmppphhh' "mpphh' "mpphh" came out of my mouth.

#1 locked my hands back to the chain, leaving me in the seated position- pushing my full body weight down onto the weeds.

In a daze, I felt my legs being freed. My mind caught up to what was coming. Each of the men took a leg, and spread me wide once more. My balls and cock, which had been in front of my thighs now both dropped into the nettles.

"mmmmmmmfffk" I sputtered

They took my anchors from earlier, and staked my legs to the ground, holding me wide.

Next, my hands were unlocked once more, and then redone closer to the tree. This position rolled my crotch down deeper into the thorns and needles.

"pppffffph" I could hardly make a noise.

Burning, searing pain shot through me from my lower back, down and under my ass, then back up over my cock and balls.

"Your ice is gone, but I filled your thing up with ours" #1 told me. "Should be free in about a half hour or 45 minutes at most."

Then, he was suddenly right behind me, whispering in my ear.

"One thing else" he said, reaching around and grabbing my nipples. Twisting and pulling each one.

"Patty told me about you and your nipples"

"PATTY!!!!!" that cunt's name burned in my head like the shit was doing to my skin. "Wait, whore. it's coming for you soon"

His twisting brought me back, and he went on."She says you like to have your nips played with a lot."

"By the looks of your cock, she was right"

I realized that I was getting hard again. Patty WAS right, it's like the nerves in my nipples have a direct line to my cock.

"She also said you like to be pinched" he dug his nails into the pink skin to emphasize his words.

"Well, I invented a new type of clothespin for you." he began. "It's amazing what little cheap wooden clothespins can be transformed into, all you need to do, is soak them in water for a while."

"Then you can push thumbtacks through the soft wood, and when it the tacks can't come out."

"So, Steve, I brought along 2 clothespins for you. One for each nipple"

"They have a total of 12 tacks in them" "SIX for each nipple.

"ffffkkk" I moaned.

He took his right arm over my shoulder while his left hand kneaded the nipple. I felt him push the top of the wooden pin deep into the skin right above my aureole. He rolled the pin over my nipple, and dug into the skin underneath. Then he simply let go.

"GGGGGGGGGGGGGGggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed, slamming my head into his chest.


He took a hold of me like an embrace.

"Only one more to go" he whispered.

He brought his left hand over to grab my right nipple, and his right arm around my side.

First the top , then the roll, then the incredible pain.

I am not sure what happened for the next minute or two.

When I came around, neither of them were beside me. I wondered if they had left, or not.

They hadn't "Get dressed" #1 said, then "oh never mind, then"

Let's pack up and get gone." he told #2.

" I really gotta piss, though" #2 said. The smile on his face was shining through his voice.

"You are one mean mother-fucker" #1 told him.

I heard a zipper coming down, and then felt the hot liquid splattering onto the top of my head. The liquid ran down both sides of my face, and even though I tried to keep my lips tight around my gag, some of the piss got around them and into my mouth.

I felt a second stream from behind me.

Suddenly the acid of the urine hit the welts and cuts on my body, searing the pain deeper. An the nettled intensified when they got wet as well increasing the already unbearable burn.

#2 stood directly in front of me, and aimed the last of his stream right done onto my cock, and the nettles beneath.

I had softened some, and the head was almost touching the needles at this point. Eventually, it was down deep in the weeds, burning the super sensitive skin.

"mmmmm" HHTHHTHhggh" I moaned.

I heard them zip up and turn to go.

"Hey" #2 said (FUCK I thought just get the hell out). "Let's take his blindfold off, and let him look at himself as the rest of the ice melts.

"Well" #1 started "if we can do it without him seeing us, that's fine."

"Tie a string to the blindfold, and pull it off him from outside the fence." #2 said.

"That should work" #1 said "go get in the truck, I'll be there in a minute.

The gate closed, and #1 did as #2 thought of. He tied a small twine to the front of my blindfold, went through the gate, and pulled.

Suddenly, I could see. I looked down to my chest. An angry red welted rash covered my skin. My cock had welts as well. I was afraid of what my ass would looked like after what they had done it it. My nipples were being bitten by the pins. No blood was lost, but the pain alone of having them trapped between the thumbtacks, was worse than my cock felt right about then. The ice above my head was melting fairly quick. As the water dropped, it was rinsing the urine out of the hair. Rivulets ran done my face, and into my mouth occasionally. The nest was getting worse, the wetter it got.

Checking what I was going to have do once I could, I saw that the key to my wrist straps was on my right ankle. Once I had gotten hold of the key holding me to the chain, I was going to have figure out a way to reach my foot. The key was only about 4 or 5 inches from my grasp. Water kept dripping down, and the key would lower. They had not calculated the weight of my rock bag too well, so they key moved visibly as the ice melted. Soon, I saw that if I reached I could finally get the key. Swinging forward drove the thorns and nettles into me even farther, but I had to get out of this as soon as I could. So, I figured I'd bore the pain a little longer.

I reached the key with my right hand, and pulled. With my left, I grabbed the rope and pulled it down to me.

I got the key into the strap lock, and I was free.

The first thing to do was get the fucking clips off my nipples. I took the ends of the clip attached to my left nipple, and eased the legs together, slowly pulled the thumbtacks from my skin. Sharp, intense pain ripped through the flesh, as I took the thing completely from me. I decided to do the right one just as quick as I could, that way feeling the pain, though twice as intense, for a shorter overall length of time. The same fire shot from the nipple skin as the clothespin came off. I knew not to rub the skin, but the urge to was overwhelming.

As the pain subsided in my nipples, I started figuring out what to do to get out of this as painlessly as possible. I had been right, they had laid the stems from my front to back, so my ass and balls were to take the entire torment. I made a fist with my left hand, and pushed my ass up off the ground enough to grab the stems with my right hand, and start swishing them side to side-clearing out a spot for me to sit back down onto. I finally got enough out of the way for me to sit down, and slowly inched my way forward. Since my hands were still held together, I could only scoot an inch or two at a time, by raising up on my fists. I finally got close enough to my right foot, and started uplling. Between my leg muscles and my hands, the ankle strap gave way, and I was able to draw my leg close enough to reach the key.

Once I got my hands free, I released my left leg, and rolled onto the dirt beside me. It felt remarkably good to my skin. I looked behind at my ass, and it was fire-red. It was covered in an angry, reds rash, and little pimple-like points. The urge to scratch it swept over me, but I held back, knowing it would only bring more pain.

I crawled over to the fence, and when I felt I could trust my legs, got up to a standing position. Slowly, I got dressed, and made my way back to the garage. Checking the clock, it was about 1:30pm. It had taken bout an hour and a half to get myself free.

I got into the house, and started getting cleaned up.

And planning Patty's "day"

Literally, the first thing that came to mind was "she has 3 holes" Only two had been fucked as far as I know. At least for the time being, that is. But, that's going to change. "Soon" I said outloud. "VERY soon".



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