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Caught on Camera

by Justin Forabit

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© Copyright 2018 - Justin Forabit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; camera; show; voy; collar; cuffs; ringgag; bench; vibrator; buttplug; insert; straps; nipple; clamps; display; caught; MF/f; bdsm; spank; paddle; breast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

My ex college boyfriend Brad was going to be in town for a few days for business so I suggested he stay in my guest room rather than an Airbnb like he had planned. It would save him some money and we could catch up a  little since the last time we were face to face. Our breakup had been amicable and mutual as following graduation jobs took us to different cities in different states. We tried the long distance thing but it just did not work out so we just maintained our friendship on social media. His flight was due to put him at my house somewhere after 5 P.M. at the earliest if everything went perfect for him and I told him there would be a surprise waiting on him when he got here. It was rather flirtatious of me as I meant his favorite comfort food, pizza and beer, but I could not help myself with a little tease. I gave him my guest code for the community gate and electronic lock to my front door so that he could just let himself in during his stay and gave security his name and description. I knew he had a new girlfriend and I told myself to keep my flirting down to a minimum and absolutely no sexual activity. To help curb my libido I decided on a bit of self bondage before he arrived and a cam show. 

I logged on as a couple to the cam site because it always gets more views that way and no one has yet to turn me in. As the viewers built up, I checked the time and it was high noon, plenty of time for play, recovery, and to get the pizza ordered so I began my setup. I stripped naked and stepped back to make sure the camera had a full view of my bondage bench/toy chest and it made me blush a little, I had come a long way since I first let Brad tie my hands to the headboard with his necktie in our senior year. Satisfied with the camera angle I slid opened the lid on the compartment containing my toys and began getting dressed. I put on the thick black leather collar with three rings, the weight of it always turns me on. Next I put on the matching wrist and ankle restraints thinking it had been far too long since someone else had control of them and that I really need to find some time to date again.

A peek at my monitor revealed 100 viewers, so I gave the pervs a wave, a wink, and a smile then returned to my suitcase of toys. I knew my jaw would be sore but I selected the largest ring gag and strapped it into place, then I selected was my Bluetooth controlled vibrator and went back to the computer. 140 viewers now perving my cam and tons, comments and several "tips" already. I turned on the vibrator and it started pulsing, it would do so for different lengths depending on how much someone "tipped". I put my foot on the computer chair giving the pervs a good view of my freshly waxed pussy, eased the vibrator inside me and it immediately started pulsing again as it would do with every tip. Next I selected a butt plug from my collection, not the biggest but the one one I thought was the cutest because it had "Spank Me" embossed on the bottom of its large base. I showed it to my viewers and was rewarded with a flurry of tips as I lubed it with drool and eased it into place. Once in place the added pressure deliciously increased the way the vibrator felt when pulsing from tips. 

Most of my prep work done I turned to binding myself to my bench. I found it at an estate sale only needing a few modifications for my needs, I think it was originally a sawhorse made out of 4x4s mounted on large, locking caster wheels with a compartment underneath it for tools. Several heavy eye screws, two rails for kneeling on, a few buckled straps, and some lightly padded leather upholstery stapled into place it was a surprisingly functional playground for me and the last man I dated. He was a lot of fun but got caught up in a bit of trouble with the law and sent to prison for insurance fraud. I kneeled on the rails and buckled the straps at my ankles then leaning forward I buckled the straps around my thighs and was rewarded with a round of tips that almost made me orgasm but I panted through it.

Laying fully on the bench with my breasts on either side I felt inside my toy box for a set of clover clamps and put them on my nipples with the lovely chain hanging between as the next round of tips forced me to orgasm. I checked to make sure the key ring for my locks was hanging on its hook and I could reach it then set upon finishing up my predicament. My release mechanism was a lovely gift from the now incarcerated ex, an electromagnetic door lock rated at 600 pounds bolted to the bench with a large, sturdy eye bolt affixed to it and powered by a rechargeable battery that could be set to release by a digital timer or remotely via a smartphone app. The ex had some really smart clients, except for that whole fraud thing. I flipped the switch on and gave it a hard tug to make sure it was working then I locked two four inch chains to its eye bolt. I then set the timer for 45 minutes and locked my left wrist restraint to its chain checking that I could reach my backup release with it. My backup was a key fob that alerted security when pressed and they in turn would alert 911 and "no knock" enter my apartment, I shuddered a bit at the thought of having to push that button. I steeled my nerves, clicked the lock closed on my right wrist restraint and succumbed to another orgasm.  

Ten minutes according to the timer and two orgasms later the "tips" were slowing down between viewers getting bored and dropping off as usual, I found myself  staring at the puddle of drool to be cleaned off of the floor when I heard my cell phone receive a text. I thought to myself that I really should put it on silent next time as it is distracting to wonder what text I am missing. I began to focus on the weight of the clamps and chain pulling on my nipples my cell ringtone sounded breaking my concentration and continued until the voicemail alert tone sounded. Now I was really wondering who was trying to reach me and annoyed that it would be 30 minutes until the timer would release.  The next sound I heard made my heart jump into my throat and blood rush to my cheeks as the chimes from my apartment door sounded. My mind raced over the possibilities, surely I had not somehow triggered security, the cleaners had done their job yesterday, I turned my head and body as far as my restraints would let me so I could see my door just as Brad's familiar and puzzled voice exclaimed  "Justine!?!".

He dropped his bags and hurriedly made his way to me. Kneeling in front of me he asked if I was OK and I nodded and said yes the best I could through the ring gag. Then a barrage of tips poured in from the pervs that were excited to see the new player but I was too embarrassed and bewildered to enjoy them. Brad then asked if someone else was here and I shook my head no. He stood up and looked around quite puzzled, chuckled and said, "I figured the surprise was going to be pizza and beer."

I shook my head no and tried to get out, "This is not your surprise." but the gag made it quite unintelligible and I felt a wave of humiliation flow over me that forced my head down in shame. Brad knelt in front of me again and gently lifted my chin with his hand so that I was looking at his face as he spoke, "I see people are watching and this took longer for you to do to yourself than the time between my text and opening that door so maybe this was not for me. Do you want to continue?" I gasped at the question, I had not even considered it until now. My mind raced and almost involuntarily my body answered as I shook my head yes. His concerned face gave way to a broad smile as he held my chin and I was overcome with another orgasm. 

Brad stood and walked back to his bags returning with a laptop that he positioned on a chair in front of me. As he typed he said, "I see you do not mind being watched so what is a few more eyes." Then he tapped at his cell phone and held it to his ear. After a second or two he said, "Hello Beth, I made it here just fine and the promised surprise was much more than I expected. Oh yes I like it very much, log in to my cam and see for yourself"

I gasped and felt a huge rush of blood to my cheeks, as I knew that soon his current girlfriend would be seeing me in my current predicament. He then walked around behind me and I could see myself on his cam feed now. Wide eyed, cheeks almost as red as my hair, with drool hanging from the bottom lip of my ring gagged mouth, I could see my breasts hanging on each side of the bench and how the clamps were pinching my nipples while the chains added weight was pulling them down.

"400 viewers here" Brad said as he walked back to his laptop and knelt in front of it blocking my view. I heard him type a bit and then he stood up, moving to the side and said, "What do you think of her Beth?"

I looked at the now split screen of his laptop and saw me on one side with a Beth, his beautiful blonde girlfriend on the other wearing a pretty blue blouse. After what seemed like forever Beth's voice came over the speakers with, "She is a yummy little slut for sure, this should be fun."

I could hardly believe this was happening and then Brad was kneeling in front of me again. He said as he looked down at the timer, "We are going to need a lot more minutes than that."

I nodded yes and he took the keys and unlocked the middle lock, looked at me and said, "As a matter of fact we do not need a timer." Then he clicked the lock closed on an eyebolt secured to the bench and I could not help but cum again, this time my whole body shuddered with it. Brad grabbed my hair, snatched my head up, looked me in the eyes saying, "That is the last time you do that without permission from Beth. Do you understand Slut?" I nodded and said yes through the gag as he released my hair. "Good. I am making Beth the moderator on both our cams, then we can get started." As he walked back to my computer I saw Beth smiling devilishly on half of the laptop and that the other half of the screen had been halved again to my camera feed so I could see my ass with the "Spank Me" butt plug inserted and the tail of vibrator hanging out of my pussy and the front view of me from his camera. 

Beth's voice came over the speakers, "Look at me slut", as I picked me head up and looked at the laptop she continued, "We rarely get on this site, but we may have to now that we know you are on it."

Then Brad said from behind me as he rapidly tapped my butt plug, "You never let me put anything here before, so I think this is the only place I will put my cock in today besides your mouth."

He was right, I was not into anal when I was with him and denied him many times, I knew I was about to pay for it. "Her cheeks are a lovely shade of red," Beth said, "let's see if you can make her ass match, give her thirty on each side."

Without hesitation Brad delivered thirty fairly hard smacks of his hand to my ass alternating sides with each stroke. As he finished I felt my ass warming and a barrage of vibrations from tips hitting at the same time prompting me to look at the camera in front of me and attempt to say, "May I cum" to Beth. She smiled and shook her head no and said, "Fifty more, and then we play cards Brad."

This time I had to squeal as the blows fell on my now reddened ass. Kneeling beside me Brad rummaged through my toy box and held  3 heavy lead weights in front of my face before hanging them on the chain between my nipple clamps tightening their grip and wickedly pulling them down. He then in turn held up for viewing before setting them on my back my tawse, my crop, my 18 inch wooden ruler, and my plastic dollar store paddle ball paddle. He stood and walked over to his bags returning with a deck of cards, as he shuffled he explained, "Each card I draw will be the number of strokes delivered, face cards are 20, Jokers are 50 for the small and 100 for the big. Hearts will be the tawse to your ass, Diamonds will be the paddle to your ass, Spades will be the crop to the sides of your tits, and Clubs will be the ruler on the under sides of your tits. The what and where for the Jokers will be decided by whatever joker Beth selects from your viewers out there."

My eyes widened as I tried to add up how many strokes in total but before I could finish he stopped shuffling and drew a card announcing "Jack of Clubs". I felt the the first blow and yelped at how much it hurt, not just the blow itself but the additional pain from the nipple clamps being jostled, as the next few strokes fell I suddenly realized that they were all landing on just my left tit meaning it would be the same for the right and tears began to stream down my face. Finishing the strokes he then knelt in front of me again wiping a tear from my cheek and asked, "Do you want to continue?" and I sheepishly nodded yes resigning myself to the punishment to come.

After the last stroke landed on my ass Brad lifted my head by grabbing a handful of sweaty hair saying, "Look at yourself slut."

Through my teary eyes a looked at his laptop screen, Beth's feed was not up but mine and his were. I looked a mess, tears, sweat, snot, and slobber covered my face and my hair hung like a wet mop. My nipples were free from the clamps, but only because at the draw of the little Joker one of the pervs on my cam wanted them to have the crop applied. They hurt so bad when the clamps were removed and I damn near passed out because Brad had me exhale everything in my lungs before he unclamped them and barely let me recover before the crop started stinging them. Looking at the feed from my cam my ass was not quite bloody but I knew sitting was not going to be comfortable for a while and the very little bit I could see of my under-boob revealed I would be bra-less and cursing gravity for a while. The angle of the camera did not give me a view of my feet but later I would see that they were not anything like I thought they would look after the tawse strokes requested by the perv that got to make the call on the big Joker.

It was the first time my feet had anything much more than a pedicure done to them. Beth's voice came over the speakers once again, "Brad, it is time for the slut to have some dick."

Brad dropped my head, unbuckled the strap on my gag and pulled it free from my aching jaw. "Thank you" came out of my mouth automatically and was answered with, "You will thank me soon enough" from Brad as he stepped out of his pants revealing his hard cock. Pulling my head up by the hair again Brad put his cock in my mouth with the warning, "I better not feel a single tooth" as he pushed into me deeper and my lips closed around him. I don't know how long he fucked my face but it was all I could do to remain conscious as I gasped for air between thrusts and gagging thrusts where he put the whole length of his sizable dick down my throat. I breathed heavily when he pulled out of me looking up at him as he lifted my head by the chin saying, "Now you can thank me".

Breathlessly I thanked him as he scooped some slobber off my face and rubbed it on his dick as he walked around to my rear. He rudely jerked the butt plug from my ass forcing me to yelp and clench my abused buttocks earning them a fresh round of open hand spanks as he scolded me to open my ass. I had not been into anal when we dated as he said and he was less than forgiving as he pounded on me for his first time. I felt him finish inside me and moaned as he slid out of my well fucked ass, the moan gave way to another surprised  yelp when he popped the butt plug back in my ass.

Brad returned to his laptop and when he stepped away the only feed showing was Beth's, she was grinning as she spoke, "That was delicious, I told Brad that taking an earlier flight to surprise you would be fun. I had no clue it would lead to something like this though."

I managed a chuckle before saying, "Well it was really nothing I intended to happen either and I am not sure how to process it."

Brad began unlocking my wrists saying, "Well we will have some time over the next few days to work this all out, that is if I am still welcome."

I promptly replied, "Yes you are, and yes we will I hope."

He then stood and released all of my remaining restraints as I rested limply on my bench with my mind bouncing between embarrassed, turned on, and nervous before asking Brad to log me out on my cam.

As he did Beth spoke again, "I am logging out too, after watching all this I need to go and take care of myself for a while, and just so you know I will be thinking about how your cunt tastes while I am doing it. Oh, and I lost count of how many times you orgasmed without asking, but we hopefully will address that another time" she blew a kiss and gave a wink before closing her cam.

I gingerly brought myself to a standing position on my now weak and wobbly legs then Brad took me by the arm and lead me to lay down on the couch. "I will go draw you a bath and we can talk as I clean you up, afterwards maybe some pizza and beer." Brad said to which I replied, "Yes please, and thank you". As he left the room I removed the vibrator and plug from my body letting them drop to the floor while I stared at my bench wondering where this was going to lead me, and I could not help but to smile.    

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