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Caught & Tickled by my Wife’s friend Antinette

by Bob Lives

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© Copyright 2013 - Bob Lives - Used by permission

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I often like to get myself dressed up in nylons and high heels and tie myself up just for fun. Being a guy it just isn't the thing most guys do. I am very lucky that my wife will let me indulge myself and tie myself up for her to find, but sometimes it just nice to tie myself up and enjoy my capture until I finally get myself loose. Just recently we moved and with all of the prep of getting ready to move and then moving I didn't have a whole lot of time to myself to enjoy my hobby. My wife's son and myself were just about done putting everything away in it's new place and life was starting to get back to normal.

It was a Friday I was at work when the office lost power so I ended up going home just before lunch. With my son at school and wife at work it was the first time in about six weeks that I could find the time to play with the ropes and handcuffs. I knew I had about four hours before anyone would be home so I knew I could have some fun. I always love the feel of wearing nylons and high heels so the first thing I need to do is get dressed. I pull on a brand new pair of nylons fresh out of their package and put them on, next came my four inch bright red high heels. At this point I am so hard already I don't know how long I can last before I blow my load. I grab all the ropes and things I will need for my little adventure and moved out into the living room.

One nice thing about the new house is the new very large 55" smart TV. With the smart TV I like to put a bunch of my favorite pictures and videos of me being tied up by my wife and getting tickled. Pictures of my legs and feet in some of my heels and last but not least I have photoshoped my wife and some of her friends onto some pictures from some bondage websites that look so good you would never know that they are not real.

I usually try to get some pictures and video of the fun so I set up my still camera on a tripod to snap a picture every 10 seconds. I put the video camera facing where I will finish tying myself up to catch the whole thing. Next I move over to the camera and hit the record button. I am so excited about getting tied up that it's hard not to shoot my load with just getting myself ready.

I sit on the edge of the couch and lay out all of the ropes and things I will need for today. I almost forgot to leave the handcuff key on a small table in the basement so that I have to do a little walking to get myself free. First thing I do is to tie my high heels onto my feet so that there is no way for me to kick them off no mater how hard I try. I use about ten feet of thin rope and proceed to tie each one, I also add a short hobble piece of rope so I can only take about six inch steps. Next I pull a nylon over my head and than use duct tape around my mouth for a gag and even work the tape under my chin to keep me from even thinking of making a sound. I must of wrapped my mouth and face about twelve times around and could not believe how tight it was. You have to keep yourself calm to keep yourself from becoming winded because the only air you get is in from your nose.

Another thing I love is the smell of my wife's shoes. She can never understand how the smell of her feet makes me so hard but it does, and she is always nice enough to indulge me. I love it when she gets home from work after wearing nylons all day and then has to go back out right away, she will change and leave and I will grab and sniff her shoes to my hearts content, it almost always makes me blow my load right inside of her warm moist shoe. The scent of her shoe will increase my orgasms so I usually tape one of her shoes over my nose with about six strips of tape so that there is no way its going to come off.

I like the feeling of having my cock and balls tied up also. I make a crotch rope and then finish it off by wrapping my balls and then tying it off by going between my legs and knotting it off behind my back. I pick up the handcuffs off of the couch and use a little of the rope from the crotch rope to tie my handcuffs too.I'm so hard I can't even touch my cock anymore because I will shot my load as soon as I did.

I have to finishing tying myself up before I just grab my cock and bring myself to an orgasm. I give my cock a few quick strokes before I reach behind my back and lock my hands into the handcuffs. At the moment the cuffs close I am overwhelmed with excitement and just about blow my load, I try not to cum so soon because of all of the work of tying myself up I hate to blow right away because the longer I am tied up the stronger I orgasm later.

I sit down and catch my breath and because of the duct tape gag I sometimes start to get a little winded and light headed. I get control of myself as I sit back and watch the pictures on the TV. I fantasize that my wife comes home early and catches me or that maybe it's my mother in law or one of my wife's friends, I think I would probably die of embarrassment but sometimes the thought of it seems like it might be fun.

I was tied for about twenty minutes when I calmed down and thought I should see how easy it is to move around the house. I carefully stand up and get my balance before I try to take a few steps. I am not too bad at walking around in heels but when your hands are cuffed behind you and have your ankles tied it's just a little tougher. It takes me about five minutes just to make it over to the computer room which is only about twenty feet away and sit down and enjoy the videos of myself I left playing on the computer. I put the mouse and keyboard up on top of the desk so I can't shut off or change what is playing. I made a playlist of some of the best videos I have.

I sat down just in time to see my wife slowly removing my high heels and playfully tickling both of my feet at once. She really gets into it after she had a few drinks and this video was from on of those nights, my cock was starting to stir a little more as I listen to her taunt me, "That doesn't tickle does it? I would sure hate if it tickles" she told me as I watch her smiling and tickling away at my nyloned covered feet. I am starting to really feel the need to cum, I am getting that excited feeling in my gut so I figure its time to make my way downstairs and get the key to my cuffs so I can finally blow my load.

The walk over to the stairs was making me tired, I will not tie my ankles so close together next time because it makes walking so tough and with how much duct tape I used on my mouth I had to move slow so I didn't get winded from lack of air. I finally get to the stairs and now have to be really careful, with my ankles tied so close I can't make it down the steps walking, I have to sit down and scoot and slide, I don't want to fall down the steps.

I slowly slide down the door jam and sit down. I can put my feet all the way down to the first landing so I kind of slide down the two steps and I'm now on the landing only 12 more steps to go. I was getting ready to work my way down the rest of them when there's a knock on the side door right behind me. I nearly pissed myself I was so shocked at the knock, I just sat there not making a sound, trying not to move a muscle so they would just go away because they would think no one was home. I'm so glad our side door doesn't have any windows.

Knock knock knock, someone was still at the door I just hoped they would go away so I could get myself free. Finally I heard the screen door shut and I could hear someone walking away, it sounded like whoever it was had on some high heels, I can tell that sound every time I hear it. My heart was racing and felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest from all of the adrenaline of the knocking.

I sat motionless for a few seconds before the coast was clear and I twisted my legs over to the next set of steps so I could make my way to the basement. I put my feet on the second step from the top and got ready to slide down when I hear the screen door being pulled open and the sound of a key being put into the lock "Shit!! this can't be happening" I thought to myself and just sat there dumbfounded by what to do next.

The door starts to open and someone knocks while they are opening it, "knock knock anybody home?"

I know that voice its Antinette my wife's best friend and now I'm starting to shake with nerves running on overdrive I don't know what to do next! I am so busted, I am freaking out but I just sit there not moving, trying not to hyperventilate hoping its just a nightmare.

"I guess no ones home, I thought that was their car in the street but I guess not" I hear Antinette talking to herself while she moves into the house and turns right away to close the door. I hear and see her high heels clicking on the tile landing I can't even look up I am so embarrassed without her even noticing me yet.

"AAAHHHHH WHa WHat WHo who OH MY GOD are you OK who did this to you?" Antinette screamed as she saw me sitting on the stairs. I couldn't even look at her until she bent over to get a closer look at me as I started into her dark brown eyes.

"Are you OK?? I need to get you untied and call the cops oh my god I can't believe this!!" Antinette said but then looked a little better at the situation and then realized that there might be more to the story. "I think by the way your avoiding looking at me you might be guilty of doing this to yourself aren't you? I bet you could tell me but I think you might have gotten carried away with the duct tape" she told me as she seemed to be enjoying herself knowing that I had no way out and couldn't say a thing.

I am shocked and excited about getting caught but what is Antinette doing here and how did she get a key to the house.

"Now I am really glad I forgot my camera at your house the other day," Antinette told me, almost sounding a little cocky, "I was just going to come over later tonight but when I was talking to Kelly she told me to save myself a trip and use the key you guys had hidden in the back yard and that my camera was in the front room next to the TV. I told her thanks because I didn't feel like going out after I got home today. I had a going away party for one of my coworkers and I had a few too many drinks, with stopping now I didn't have to go back out. That way once I got home I could take a nap and sleep off a few of these drinks, I'm so glad my husband took the kids on a camping trip. I'm so lucky to have stopped now because I would have never guessed I would of come across and see such an act by you in my life" she told me.

I am in total shock here is Antinette is way too calm about finding me tied up the way I am. I know she doesn't drink very often anymore but I can tell she is hammered. I'm trying to still slid my way down stairs but Antinette grabs my shoulder and works her way past my and goes down the stairs.

"There must be something good down here with the way you are still trying to make it down here. I thought after being caught by your wife's best friend while dressed up in nylons and high heels and tied up you would have just tried to get me to help you but I guess you know I might be feeling a little frisky"

Antinette told me as I see her looking around the basement and seeing the key to the handcuffs sitting on a table at the bottom of the stairs. "The way I look at this is your Kelly has no idea that you're home otherwise she would of told me to just knock on the door. Secondly I bet Kelly has no idea you do this kind of thing by yourself. The way I'm looking at it I can do anything I want to you and you will never tell Kelly because it would be a little hard to explain that you had yourself tied up in nylons and high heels and Antinette just let herself in and took advantage of you. It seems like you might be in trouble because the way I see whatever happens today is our little secret" Antinette says as I can see a little devilish grin come over her face.

Antinette is twirling the key as she walks by me on the stairs as I just helplessly watch as the key to my freedom is carried away. "Don't go anywhere I will be right back" she tells me as she drags a finger across my chest as she walks by. I'm in trouble I thought to myself as I watch Antinette who was dressed up today wearing heels, skirt and tight blouse showing off her size D chest. As much as I was trying not too, my cock started to get hard again, all that it took was to see Antinette in her high heels walking by. "I guess if I was going to forget anything yesterday my camera was a good thing with how I found you today, no one would of ever believed me otherwise." Antinette told me as I listened to her walk away towards the room where Kelly told her he camera was.

Oh Shit!! I thought to myself just then remembering that I had the slide show running on the TV and Antinette is going to die when she sees what is on the screen. I just sat there not wanting to move, maybe she won't see the pictures and just let me go. "Oh my GOD!!! What in the world are these pictures? I never posed for these kind of photos. All of the times I let Bill tie me up I never let him take pictures... I mean I never let anyone do those things to me" Antinette said as she caught herself admitting that she has been tied up before and it sure sounds like it has been more than once.

The house becomes super quiet, I hear nothing but silence going on in the other room and nothing is being said to me. I finally hear the sound of her high heels clicking again and slowly walking back toward me. "I think I am going to have some fun with you today" she says as she walks toward me with a devilish look in her eye, "You had no idea that anyone we be coming by today did you because why else would you do this and leave yourself in such a vulnerable position? I think I need to help you make it upstairs so I can take a few more pictures and email them to myself for safe keeping." Antinette told me as I see her point the camera at me and snap off a few shots.

"I need to take this shoe off of your face so I can really see your face." Antinette tells me as I feel her working the tape loose holding Kelly's high heel on my face. "Now either you can let me help you make it back up stairs or I can post these pictures on YOUR Facebook account I'm sure that you're still logged in on your computer in the other room. I wonder how long until you could get yourself loose and delete them. I am sure by that point you would never hear the end of it" she told me. I just looked down and tried to get my footing as I felt her small hands grab my elbow and helped me back up onto my high heels and working my way back up to the first floor.

I was so overloaded with feelings that I was almost shaking, 'I have no idea how this is going to end' I thought to myself as I followed Antinette into the living room and tried not to look at the TV for fear of just blowing my load right then and there seeing all of the pictures on giant screen.

"I need you to lie on the couch for me" as she forces me to sit and lifts my legs onto the couch I am now on my back trying to get my wrists comfortable looking at Antinette with my cock standing straight up like a flag pole.

"I see that you are really enjoying yourself by the looks of it" she tells me as she sits on the ottoman and lightly strokes my cock a few times, "Oh my god you are so close to cumming I need to slow you down if I am going to have any fun with you" she tells me and as her words are still hanging in the air she flicks the head of my dick super hard. "OOOMMMMMPPPPHH" was all that would come out of my duct taped mouth.

"I am so sorry, I promise that after I'm finished here today you will forget I even had to do that" she whispered into my ear as I felt a red hot fire burning in my groin as my cock started to get a little softer, "I heard that's how nurses do it to male patients in surgery when men get hard when they're sedated I promise I will kiss it and make it better later" Antinette told me with a smile.

I watch as she walks over to my pile of ropes and grabs a piece and heads back toward me and tells me to roll onto my stomach, "I need to put you in a hogtie. I bet you never thought you would hear those words coming from my mouth" she says and she is right I never thought I would hear that.

I slowly try to get on my stomach and am having a very hard time, "I can give you a hand" Antinette tells me as I feel her pulling my shoulders up so I can finally get on my stomach. "I am hoping that you will help me with this because I sure don't want to post any of your pictures, now can you please bend your knees" she told me. I bent my legs up as far as I could and I felt her wrapping a rope around my ankles and tying it off to my handcuffs.

"That should give you some time to think about what you've done to yourself and what I am going to do to you," she tells me in a sarcastic tone. "I'm still going to email myself some of these pictures just to make sure I always have a few for backup in case I ever need anything from you!" she told me as she poked my side as she got up and walked away.

I am toast, I'm on my own couch hogtied wearing nylons and high heels, taunted and teased by my wife's best friend. "I may be a few minutes I didn't have any idea that you were so kinky" she yells to me "I am shocked by all of the folders of pictures and video you have. I am going to look at some of your stuff to see what makes you tick."

I must have left my folder open on my computer and there she will see everything. Antinette was in the room for about 15 minutes and more than once I heard a gasp or ooohh come out of the room. I can only imagine what she thinks of me now. I have stories some with her in them, all of my fake pictures, my high heel pictures and video of me tied up by my wife and me in self bondage.

"I will be out soon!" Antinette says to me as I start to hear a little commotion in the other room. I am so rock hard again with laying there tied up watching the pictures going on the TV I just couldn't help myself. I hear the clicking of high heels again and look over to see Antinette walking out from down the hallway wearing only her high heels, nylons and a black bra! I am shocked and excited at the same time. That's when she tells me, "You didn't think I was going to let you have all of the fun did you? I am going to re-adjust some of your ropes. Remember no funny business or the pics go online"

What can I do I have to listen to what she says from now on all I can hope for is that I am loose by time the rest of the family is going to be home. Antinette sits down and plops her feet right next to my face. "So I knew you had a little thing for nylons and high heels, you always want to talk about shoes but I would have never guessed it was so strong" she tells me. "I bet right now your hoping that my shoe might dangle off of my toes a little bit? From looking at your folders on the computer I saw that you have a whole folder of women dangling their shoes. I never knew that such things turned on guys" Antinette says as I see her foot working to pop her heel out of her shoe.

She starts to rub her hands up and down my legs as she finally get her shoe to break loose of her heel, "Oh that's better, I hope the smell doesn't bother you I have been in these shoes for the last three days they may smell a little bit" she tells me as the scent of her nylon covered foot reaches my nose, I take in a huge whiff and Antinette notices. "I can't believe it!! You do like the smell of my feet. I just thought the shoe over you face was kinda of weird but I never knew that feet could make people do such strange things, but I think I like it," as I feel Antinette fingers lightly dragging her fingers down the tops of my toes.

"I also found out another thing about you I never knew. You are quite an author, I think I might be one of your favorite subjects. From reading your stories I can tell that, One you like to wear nylons, two you like to wear high heels and three you like to tickle and be tickled. I am a little proud to be the one you wrote the most stories about." I am so busted I don't even have any idea where this is all going. "I think I might make a few of your story ideas come true!" Antinette says to me as I am feeling really ready to blow my load from all of the excitement of being caught in such a mess.

Antinette has lost all of her inhibitions and has totally taken her foot out of her high heel. "I can tell how much you are liking this but I think I can make it a lot more fun. I have a question for you. I know you can't answer but I bet you can still nod your head. Would you like the chance to tie me up today?" Antinette asked me and I didn't even have to think for a second as I nodded my head yes. "I was thinking I already have my blackmail photos so I know you won't tell anyone about you tying me up but I never get tied up as much as I want so I think this might work put good for both of us. I am first going to tie you up a little tighter then I am going to have my way with you" she told me as she rubbed her foot up and down my duct taped faced. The scent of her foot was driving me mad and a just wanted to nibble on those toes but had no chance with my face duct taped.

"I am going to untie your hogtie and I am going to have you sit on a couple of chairs if you try anything funny I'm gone and the pictures are on your Facebook page" Antinette says as she gets off of the couch and move into the kitchen.

I watch as she grabs two chairs and sets them in front of the TV about a foot apart with the back of the chairs facing away from each other she uses a piece of rope to tie the legs of the chairs so they cannot move any farther apart. Next she grabs a third chair and sets in behind the first two. "O.K. I need you to have a seat on the chairs"

I walk around and slowly sit down and notice that when I sit down I am going to be very vulnerable because the way she put the chairs only my outer thighs are on the chairs. I am sitting when Antinette kneels in front of my right foot and starts to wrap a rope around my ankle and pulls to lift my foot off of the ground and tie it off on the rung of the chair with the sole off my shoe facing like you are trying to but the bottoms of both feet together. I can not touch the floor with my foot no matter how much I wiggle. "I thought I should really tie you up before I'm done with you" Antinette says as she begins to tie my left leg the same way. I am sitting with my legs tied the way they are with my knees about a foot off of the seat of the chair next she wraps a rope around my knee and ties it off to the back of the chair and repeats the same to my other leg.

I am still handcuffed with my rock hard cock at attention sticking out right in front of me. "Ooh that seems to be doing something for you right? I can tell because of his reaction" Antinette told me as she moved behind me. Antinette grabs my handcuffed wrists and makes me lean forward until she slides the chair right up behind me and then lets me go and that's when I felt her tying off the handcuffs to the bottom rung of the chair.

I can hardly move at all when Antinette kneels right in front of me and starts to drag a fingernail up and down the bottom of my cock and I try to pump my dick to get her to play with it a little harder and after the third time she stops, looks up at me and begins to drag her fingers all around my chest, sides and armpits tickling and or pinching me slowly but surly. "I guess you didn't like me playing with your cock otherwise you wouldn't of kept moving it. I know you like to be tickled so I guess I will do that some more" she said in a playful tone as I squirmed to get away from her hands to no avail.

"I can't wait until I take off your shoes because I think you feet might be really ticklish" she says just playing with my body like she has not a care in the world. "You know I am doing this all because I know you want me too. This is just like a scene out of one of your stories" she tells me while she moves one hand onto my cock and starts to stroke me up and down.

"I have a little game for you. I am going to now tape my high heel to your already duct taped face and see how much you like that. If your still being good and stay hard I may tickle your feet for only a little bit" Antinette whispers to me as I see her stand up and walk behind me.

I am breathing really hard now knowing that I am soon going to have the high heel of my wife's best friend taped to my face and me with no way to stop her, I wouldn't even if I could this is going to be great!! I love the scent of a shoe when it freshly comes of a nylon covered foot. I stay still as I feel Antinette hold the shoe over my nose and use strips of tape she had already cut to tape it over my nose.

"I think you'll like that, I can tell by the way you are breathing that you just love that smell don't you?" She says as she walks back in front of me and begins to drag her fingers up and down my chest and sides once in awhile touching my rock hard cock. After about five minutes of teasing she steps back and grabs her camera again to take a few more pictures of me I am helpless to do anything about it. "I want to get a few self portraits of you an I also because I think I am going to want to remember this moment for a long time to come."

Antinette now with camera in hand sits on my legs and cuddles cheek to cheek and starts snapping pictures of the two of us and I can tell this whole thing has really gotten her hot. I don't know how much longer I can stand it before I blow my load, when Antinette tells me that my wait is over and she is going to tickle my feet once and for all. I am trying to think of anything else but what is happening right now because once she touches my feet I am going to shoot my load all over and make a huge mess. I watch as she slowly walks over and sets down the camera then just stares at me for a second but felt like a lifetime.

"You're so close to cumming I don't think I want that to happen so fast" as she turns and walks into the kitchen and open the fridge. I hear the sound of a can being opened and see her come back into the room a Coke in hand and sit down right in between my legs "I think this should slow things down some" as I watch her take a big swig and than moves the can and pushes it right against my cock and balls. AAhhhhhaggghh mmmpphphp was the only sound I could make as my dick was slowly getting a little softer and less likely to explode by accident while I breathed in the scent of Antinettes high heel.

I am now totally spent and starting to get a little sore from being tied up for so long and put through my paces. My mind is still racing and body is more sensitive than ever and that's when Antinette starts playing with my tightly tied legs. "It's going to be a little sad that after I make you cum I don't think there will be enough time for you to tie me up today. After I make you cum I am going to untie your legs and re-handcuff you and put the keys back downstairs for you to get but I promise I will let you tie me up in the near future". I am shocked and stunned about what she is telling me. It is going to take me forever to get loose after being tied for so long and what if I don't get loose before anyone gets home I can't believe she is doing this to me!!

I soon forget my troubles as she begins to slowly tug at the high heel on my left foot. "Come on let it loose, I know you are waiting for this. I can tell just from watching your videos, you love when your feet are tickled. I bet you never thought you would hear the coming out of my mouth did you? Now lets see how ticklish your feet really are shall we, don't make me get mean on you" she says with a laugh as my shoe is off and Antinette sets it on the floor next to the chair.

"I know I am going to feel bad a little bit when I see you all laughing and squirming trying to get away from my wiggling fingers" she says as I feel her lightly dragging one finger up and down the sole of my foot. I am doing the best I can trying to stay calm and that's when she reaches over to my other foot and pulls off my shoe. With both shoes off she is now having a little too much fun with me. I am almost having a hard time breathing with how tight Antinette has taped her shoe to my face but she doesn't stop from tickling both of my feet at once for what seems like forever.

"I can only think of one way to make this any better" and with saying that Antinette gets up on her knees and and leans in to start sucking on my cock! I know it's not going to take any time!! My god I am getting a blowjob by Antinette when I almost forgot about all of the pictures still playing on the TV screen. I am starting to shake from every nerve of my body being overwhelmed, I am looking at Antinette going to town on me then back at the TV for fake pictures of her tied up then back at her when she starts to slow down and lick the head of my dick.

"I know he's ready to cum so I am going to take you over the edge" and as she says that she is back at taking me down all of the way while she reaches back and begins to tickle both feet at the same time! I start to moan trying to give her a warning that I am about to cum when she looks at me and says, "I hope this is everything you dreamed it would be because I am going to suck you down too, every last drop while I keep tickling you nylon covered feet" and that is all it took, I was cumming, and cumming with such intensity that if I wasn't tied to the chairs I would of falling off of them.

I continued to shoot forever then, when I had nothing left Antinette just kept licking me clean and still lightly tickling my feet driving me mad, I was moaning and shaking my head trying to get Antinette to stop but she just kept on tickling and licking and said, "I can't wait until my turn. Just remember how much I tickled you because I want you to tickle my just the same".

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