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by Averti

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One afternoon last year I was fixing Toby's intrusion alarm. Toby, my fantastic free-lance domina, had been hanging around and kibitzing, and apparently finally got bored with all the wiring and testing and nonsense. 

"I'm going out'' she said. "Be back around eight.'' 

"What about my reward for fixing your alarm?'' I teased. 

Toby grinned evilly. "If I come back and find you tied up in the closet bound hand and foot so you can't wiggle more than the odd finger--I'll give you a double reward.'' 

I licked my lips. "Something ultimately involving the expression of semen?'' 

"All over the walls and ceiling, if you can manage it. Ta ta...'' She left, with an extra wiggle of her bottom. I bit my soldering iron. 

Tied up in the closet, eh? I had sure 'nuff copious experience at tying other people up; I had tied myself up partially more than once. But I had never tied myself up completely, for several not-very-complex reasons. If I was by myself I needed one hand free for the actual sex bit (not able to whack off by rubbing my unit against a chair leg, like some lower animal; a college graduate, requiring hand-to-penis coordination.) Went to bathroom, prepared for several hours until next comfort call. Brushed teeth. Popped decongestant (hey, it's dusty in a closet, even Toby's closet). 

In said closet, Toby kept belts, straps, ropes, cuffs, gyres, gimbals, and the elusive wabe. Not having a plan (let alone a clue) I took off my clothes and started binding, feet up. A belt around the ankles. A belt around the calves. A belt just below the knees, alive alive-o. A belt between the legs and around the three aforementioned, taking up any slack. A belt just above the knees. A belt around the hips, just below the crotch. Began to feel pretty good now. A belt around the lower pelvis, just above the genitals. A nice wide belt around the waist. How does the average householder get along without 4 or 5 dozen belts? 

A small strap around the hip and pelvis belts, on each side, drawing the two horizontal belts together and framing the apparatus. Would have liked to tie the fun bits up too, but not a safe idea for an immobilized person alone in a closet in an empty house. Looking for fun, not gangrene or ruptured dick veins... Couple more belts around the abdomen and lower chest. These belts had handy-dandy D rings. While arms and hands still free, grabbed blindfold and slipped it on. Not requested, but enjoyable. Loosely slipped belts around upper arms and above elbows. Pulled half-tight. Hoped it all worked. Slipped belts over forearms and wrists. Pulled another belt through D rings of abdomen belt, and then around wrists. Alternatively pulled this last belt and arm and wrist belts tighter. Last bit of slack taken in by extreme contortion of right hand. 

I was now truly bound. Legs squeezed together, arms and wrists pulled together, wrists and hands immobilized at D rings near waist. Could I get free? I could, if I really applied myself. But I felt pretty righteously restrained. I lay in the nice dark closet and meditated. Thought about how simultaneously powerless and powerful I felt. Dreamed about Toby, her curvy smile, her long, strong arms and legs, her flashing eyes, her shiny red fingernails drawing racing stripes on my skin...after a while, I got into honest trance state; my erection went away, my respiration dropped down to next to nothing, I could see through my eyelids and up into the cloudless sky... Fell asleep, is what I did. How romantic. 

Toby came in along about the time she promised, called out to me. I didn't answer. Heard some whispering and giggling (six foot tall women who giggle are CUTE!). The closet door opened. I could see the light through the blindfold. More than one woman laughing. 

"Well, well'' Toby said. "Look what crawled in the closet to hibernate for the winter.'' Hands reached in and gently pulled me out into the room. Lifted me upright, easily. Damn, she's strong! Propped me along the couch.

"You're a good boy!'' Toby continued. Somebody--somebody else--licked my nipple. Wow! 

"Who's here?'' I said in what I intended to be a calm voice. 

A big, smooth hand trailed down the side of my face and across my chest. Toby. Hands like a pro basketball player. A small, hot hand traced up my thigh and wriggled past my scrotum and kind of rooted around between my legs. "Eloise? Is that you?'' I asked. To Eloise, the anus is the seat of the human personality (minor pun intended); that was a fairly safe guess. I didn't know that I wanted Eloise playing around with me while I was helpless; might find myself sleeping on my stomach for two weeks while my bottom recuperated from whatever insane tortures the little Anal Angel could think up. But I wasn't ready to force the issue yet. 

And then yet another hand, skinny, bony, hot and dry, traced down over the blindfold, down my face, put a finger in my mouth, slid the finger out, worked on down my front until the hand reached the head of my once-again ready for prime time penis. The hand tickled around the top of my cock. I twitched. I didn't know that hand! "Who the hell is that?'' I demanded. Toby whipped off the blindfold. The light overloaded my eyes. At first all I could see was Toby's earsplitting grin and Eloise's long straight hair and huge nerd glasses. Then I looked down. Some sort of vampire or ghoul had a hold of my cock and was about to put it into its mouth! "Yaaaa!'' I screamed. The thing looked up. My blood ran cold (and out of my cock, in record time). The thing had chalk-white skin, a long, narrow face, red eyes, and pure white, spun-glass hair. It was dressed in some kind of shroud like costume made of velvet and lace, and when it smiled at me, it disclosed red gums and shiny, white, slightly pointed teeth. Teeth that I had no trouble envisioning tapping into my unit and draining me like a savings and loan. 

Toby slapped me lightly upside the head. "Be polite! This is Cesura. She's a guest. You know what that means.'' I strained against the belts. 

"Yeah. She must be's a long flight from Transylvania.'' 

Toby glared at me. Eloise again tried to get at my asshole. It was like a sexual version of the Addams family. 

Cesura said, in a deep, fluty voice, "That's all right. I'm used to it. I'm an albino, my man. That's all. The skin, the eyes, the hair, the nocturnal lifestyle... just part and parcel of albinism.'' 

In spite of my alarm, I laughed inwardly. The vampire had a pronounced Texas accent! I felt bad. "I'm sorry. I'm not usually this rude. Of course, I'm usually not naked and tied up in a closet when I meet somebody new.'' 

Eloise snickered. "That's how Toby got her to come over here. Bet her that she had a naked man tied up in the closet. Improbable bet unless you know Toby.'' 

I looked at Cesura. Actually, once I got over my fright, she was looking more and more interesting. There was something unearthly and superhuman about that white skin and and those red eyes. I looked at the pink linings of her eyes and the pointed pink tongue that she ran across her lips and wondered what other artistic combinations of pink and white one might find beneath that fancy dress... 

Time passed. Toby placed me flat on the floor, along the length of the couch like a big bear rug, and the three women snacked on cheese and fruit and wine while digging their bare toes into my hide and belts. I got lots of little treats, fed to me from hands or from lips. I was having about as fine a time as I had ever had in a fully bound condition. Eloise tried to give me a foot job (my cock was by now pretty much six degrees past ready) but she wasn't very good at it. With Toby's permission Eloise rolled me over and went to work on the part that she was really a specialist in. Had a peeled, buttered carrot slid up into your ass lately? At least she warmed it first. At the end of the simple meal, Toby proposed a toast to me, Starr the Belt-man. The three women raised their glasses and saluted me in a mocking, good-natured sort of way. 

Shortly thereafter I was sprung from my bonds. Of course, I could hardly move. The women ran a hot bath and pampered me lavishly, massaging my muscles and soothing my belt burns. All three women disrobed to help bathe me. The newcomer Cesura was obviously used to the effect that her naked body had on new acquaintances. She was tall, almost as tall as Toby, with long, slender arms and legs that probably looked more fragile that they were due to her white, translucent skin. Her breasts were small and high, widely separated on her chest, with large oval nipples of the palest pinkish hue. I could see a delicate tracery of bluish veins under the skin of her breasts and in other places where the skin was soft or thin. This was not off-putting; in fact, it made Cesura resemble some fantasy demonness from a Russian fairy tale. 

Her body was nearly hairless except for a silky patch of pure white down above her sex. As with white-skinned blondes I have known, her pussy, at rest, was ``reticent'' like that of a child; no labia visibly protruding, just a smooth seam in the flesh, surrounded by two guardian strips of flesh and muscle. 

After my bath, rubbed down with fluffy towels until my skin gleamed, I was led back into the living room by my three erotic captors. They told me to sit once again on the floor in front of the futon, and I complied. I asked Cesura, "Now that you know better than to bet with Toby, what's your forfeit for this evening's bet?'' Cesura smiled slyly. Damn, what a unique-looking human being! 

"Oh, I have to jill off in front of everybody. I gather that's standard around here...'' which came out as ``aroun' hyar...''. The mismatch between her appearance and her voice was making me crazy! Cesura was obviously a little uncomfortable with the notion. Toby tends to attract people who are highly passionate but also highly secretive (like, for example, myself). It's often extremely hard for such people to do things such as have sex or even get naked in front of others, let alone masturbate. 

Self-love has passed from the status of a sin and/or a perversion to quasi-respectability, but still remains intensely private for most people, even confirmed exhibitionists. In our male-dominated Western society, the majority of the people (when they consider it at all) consider self-sex as being immature, sordid, and something that no fully-adult person would ever resort to if there were an opportunity for hot genital sex. Toby smiled. "And so you will jill off in front of `everybody,' Cesura, and everybody will jill off with you. All except the closet king here!'' Pointing at me, "who is going to be retied so we can watch him go crazy watching us.'' 

I faked a groan. "Okay, but bind me in different places. I'm little more than a mass of belt bruises as it is.'' 

And so Toby and Eloise tied me up again, in a fairly comfortable position, sneaking the occasional pinch or stroke of my cock as they did so. I was hoping I would actually have an orgasm sometime before dawn. But I was emotionally getting off profoundly at being bound up and dominated by two of my closest femfriends while being watched by the extremely strange new friend. Cesura's body, white on white with accents of pink, now reminded me of paintings by Klimt and Schiele of turn-of-the-century expressionistic sex vampires in opulent settings... 

Cesura lounged on one end of the futon, spreading her long legs and running her hands up and down her smooth white body. "I imagine ya'll can guess that I spent a lot of time fretting about how ugly I was, as a kid'' she said. She looked down at her body, trapped a palepink nipple in her fingers, and gently tugged and twisted it. "My brother and me were the only albinos anywhere around, and the other kids were pretty rough on us. Plus, my health wasn't all that robust--it tends not to be. I didn't start men'strating til I was 16.'' 

"You look plenty healthy now'' Toby said, "Unique, but healthy.'' 

"Oh, I am. There's all sorts of maintenance drugs now that didn't use to be. Albinism is a condition, not a disease. It's just that albinos are more susceptible to certain problems. For instance, we live a lot of our lives at night partly because what would be an annoying sunburn to you might be fatal to me.'' 

"Oh, that's why no bikini lines'' I joked. 

"You shut up'' said Eloise. "Shut up and watch.'' She sat down next to Cesura and spread her slim little legs wide in the air. She cupped her buttocks in her hands and spread her behind so that her round pink anus came into full view. "See this?'' she asked mockingly. 

"Yes, Eloise, I see.'' 

"Like what you see?'' 

"Every time...'' 

"Well, you can't have any, smart guy'' Eloise said, with fake toughness. "This asshole is mine and mine alone, to play with. So watch, and eat your heart out...''


Well, Eloise feels about her asshole like Timmy must have felt about Lassie; indispensable constant companion and faithful comrade. She tickled circles around it with her fingers; she rubbed it, softly, then briskly; she stretched the flesh on either side, giving herself a long, oval asshole. Toby looked on with amusement; she had seen it all before. Cesura sat there with her mouth open, one pale hand still absently twiddling her nipple. After a few minutes of all this rubbing and massaging, Eloise, her legs still stuck up in the air in a V-shape, dragged a finger through her snatch and held it out to Cesura. "How about that!?!'' Eloise gloated. "Wet enough to do almost anything.'' Cesura looked at the pussy-juiced finger and grinned. 

"Ah'm gonna have to re-think this whole asshole business'' she said. 

Eloise nodded. "Sometimes I can come just by playing with it, without even having to touch my clit.'' 

Toby nodded. "It's true. She's in all the record books.'' 

Eloise leered at Cesura. "Now you get to show us what you're good at.'' 

Cesura smiled. She further spread her lean thighs and began to caress her vulva with both hands. She rolled her pink-rimmed eyes upward and bit her slim lower lip as her fingers found a good place. "Take a look at this,'' she said, catching each labium majora between thumb and forefinger and making a butterfly. "Ever run across see-through pussy before?'' It was true. I leaned forward, as best I could, and took a close look between Cesura's thighs. Each flap of skin, pulled and stretched to maximum thinness, showed a delicate tracery of veins, and, at the right angle, a translucency that allowed backlight vaguely to show through.

"Amazing'' breathed Toby. She looked down at her own meaty, dark red labia and grinned at the contrast. "What other albino special stuff have you got?'' 

Cesura let go of her pussy flaps and began rubbing at the top of her vulva with a fair amount of vigor. Eloise had two fingers in the portal of her asshole by now and was frigging her little clit with the other hand as she stared at Cesura. Cesura let out a little groan and said "Just about ready now... Ah know lots of people talk about the 'pearl,' but ah'm one of the few that really have one.'' She spread the top of her vulva with the fingers of one hand, and, with the other hand, worked her labia minora/clithood until her clitoris first peeked out, and then slid down to a fully exposed position. 

"Oh my GHOD!'' said Eloise, with a trace of jealousy. "Don't let Starr too close to that clit, you'll have to take him back home with you.'' 

It truly was a remarkable and remarkably beautiful organ, a pure pearlescent white without the slightest hint of a pinkish or conventional flesh-tone shade. It seemed to be not only erect and hard, but polished, floating in the top of Cesura's vulva like buried treasure. "We've gotta see you masturbate that beautiful pearl, and right now!'' Toby said, stroking shamelessly in and around her own center. 

"Ya'll sure are wierd'' Cesura drawled. "But a lotta fun...'' 

Cesura slumped back onto the futon and temporarily relaxed the hand that was holding her clithood back. The pearl receded from view, but we all knew that it would not have been possible or comfortable for Cesura to leave it exposed. We wanted the pale visitor to make love to herself in her own best way (although all three of us swore separate inner vows to get up-close-and-personal with that clitty before the night was through!). Cesura played with herself for several minutes, rubbing, stroking, pressing, pulling. She stuck her slim ankles behind her head at one point, displaying a pink anus that was of equal beauty to her other secrets. Eloise practically lost all control at that point. I think she scared Cesura a little; Eloise asked the pale visitor if she could rim her, and Cesura gently declined, saying that Eloise's tongue on her ass would likely distract her rather than enhance her masturbation. Eloise took this refusal in good grace, but continued to gaze fixedly at Cesura's asshole as long as it was visible. Parts of this were funny, and the rest was hot! 

I remained on the floor, looking from one woman to the next, happy as could be. By and by Cesura approached her climax. She was making lots of thin, slippery pussy lube, and her routine was to dip her fingers down to her vagina and transfer some of this wet to her partially exposed clitoris, then rub the love nub with a familiar circular stroke. She was a silent wanker; no groaning or moaning, just heavy fast breathing. Just before Cesura went over the top, she opened her eyes very wide. Peering into those unearthly red eyes made me even hornier than before. Cesura's climax seemed to travel in waves up and down the center of her body, tightening and relaxing her thighs, buttocks, and pelvic muscles. She sighed through clenched teeth as she came, and didn't stop fingering her beautiful pearl the whole time. Eloise, following closely along, gazed near-sightedly at Cesura and managed her own, ass-probing come. Toby I could see was lightly caressing herself but appeared to want to save the heavy business for later. She wasn't trying to come, just keeping the pot at a simmer. 

The three women sat on the futon across from me, naked, legs spread, and continued touching each other and themselves. Eloise curled around the longer, slimmer Cesura and they joined their mouths in an extended deep kiss. Toby, who doesn't usually kiss or stroke anybody else, beamed at the other two and lazily fingered her smooth skin. I slumped in my tied position and feasted my eyes on my bisexual cronies. My cock had been so hard for so long that copious streams of pre-cum were leaking out and dripping down to stain the binding leather. I could feel my pulse beating somewhere in my groin. It seemed like only a few minutes before Eloise slid off the couch, knelt, and went down on Cesura. I caught the dull gleam of safe-sex equipment before Eloise's tiny mouth burrowed between Cesura's long, pale thighs. Good for you, Eloise, I thought. The albino goddess mewed and sighed and tugged at her own nipples with her long, white, red-nailed fingers. Eloise easily licked Cesura to another climax; it seemed to take next to no time. Eloise attacked Cesura's entire vulva through the thin barrier of the safe sex dam, while holding two handfuls of the pale woman's outer lips and pubic mound in a tight grip. Cesura's red eyes rolled up in her head and her long, pale pink, pointed tongue came out to lasciviously lick her thin lips. 

After what seemed like a very short rest, the three women whispered together, sneaking glances at my miserable belted-up prone form as they conferred. Cesura sidled over to me and licked my face with her long, pointed, pale pink tongue. 

"Tell me, Belt-man, do you lick pussy on the first date?'' 

I gulped. "Yes ma'am. Every opportunity I get.'' 

Cesura slithered back on her knees, spread her thighs, opened her labia majora with one hand, and teased around the opening of her vagina with the other. "Would you like to lick this one?'' she breathed. "It's all sloshy from my last orgasm but there's plenty more where that came from.'' 

Sloshy! I loved that! "Er, please may I? And please may I be at least partially untied?'' 

"Ya'll have to ask Toby about that--she's the boss.'' Don't I know it! 

"Please, Toby, may I be untied so I can please our guest?'' Toby looked up from the contemplation of her own nipples, which she was tickling with a large feather. 

"Be untied so you can get your nasty old rocks off, don't you mean?'' She glared at me with mock severity. "

Well, yeah, that too...'' Toby instructed Eloise to set me free. 

I sat on the floor, naked, rubbing dozens of belt-welts, my dripping penis hanging out in front of me in a manner that must have been more amusing than arousing. Cesura arranged her long self on the side of the futon, legs apart and dangling over the edge. I crawled over and reverently parted her damp pussy lips. Eloise sidled up with the micron-thin safe sex barrier. "I'm going to hold this in place so you don't have to worry about it'' Eloise explained, with a grin."And also play with the parts you aren't attacking.'' She reached over with her other hand and pressed down on Cesura's clithood, not hard but steadily, until the pale woman's love bud first peeked out, then slid free. It was again achingly beautiful. Is there a color whiter than white? 

Cesura groaned like a pinned wrestler. "Aw'' cooed Eloise. "Does that tickle?'' She took her tiny thumb and forefinger and pinched Cesura's naked clit, rather hard, I thought. Cesura groaned a LOT louder at that, and her entire pelvic area seemed to snap-contract. Eloise looked over at me, baby face a perfect picture of glee and lust. "You better start eating, Belt-man, before I wear this spook out with a couple more of these!'' and she pinched again. Cesura's red-rimmed eyes were squeezed shut and her pearly teeth gleamed in a snarl as she appeared to hang suspended by her clitoris from Eloise's fell grasp. 

"Eloise, you are stone GREEDY'' I muttered, bending to graze between Cesura's legs. I felt reasonably safe in licking Cesura's pubic patch above the transparent dam, so I did, long, slurpy, doggy licks that plastered down fine angel hair down onto her mons and made her hum like a prairie power line. I did this for a while during which Eloise played with Cesura's clit outrageously, practically doing everything but unscrewing it with her small, pointed fingers. The intensity of this play almost made me nervous except that it also made me very horny. I wouldn't treat a clitoris that way, but then I'm not a woman, so all my clit data is second-hand. Besides, everybody says I'm sappy over clitori anyway. 

Well, everybody has a favorite thing of some kind; mine just happens to be the only body organ that exists for the purpose of pleasure alone. So sue me. I licked the visitor's pussy as best I could given the safe sex barrier. I enjoyed the sensation of my tongue sliding up and down Cesura's pale pink inner surfaces, and really enjoyed looking at her exotic privates as I came up for air. However I really think that it was Eloise's relentless clitplay that brought Cesura to her third orgasm. Eloise kept the clit unhooded with one hand while stroking, rubbing, poking, and (it seemed like) scratching at the magical little organ with the fingers of the other hand. (I made a mental note that, the next time I topped Eloise, I would try out some of this agressive clitplay on HER; since it's often the case that people do sexually unto others as they themselves would like to be done.) 

Finally Cesura stretched like a summer sable and made a satisfied Texan kind of noise. "Lord, ah'm all sexed out!'' she drawled lazily. She looked down at me. "This poor gentlemen hasn't come yet'' she said, reaching down and running her long fingernails up and down my reddened shaft. 

Eloise looked up. "Oh, he doesn't need any special treatment. Starr, jerk off for the lady, and then you can go out and clean up the kitchen.'' 

Very droll, Eloise. Your time is coming. Cesura flung up her hands in mock distaste. "Oh, no, I don't want him to masturbate! He's worked hard all evening, he deserves a treat.'' 

"But, he likes to masturbate.'' 

"Yeah, I like to masturbate'' I muttered. 

"But wouldn't you like to take advantage of the situation and have a nice Texas albino blowjob?'' Cesura asked, swiping her long pink tongue all around her thin, erotic lips. 

"Yes, but...'' Toby interjected "Starr doesn't usually come from a BJ when he's got a condom on--even the condoms we buy, the lightest, strongest made-- and if he's getting a BJ, he's doing it safe.'' 

"No reflection on you, lovely Cesura'' I said. "But the Tobe is right.'' 

"Well, shoot! Ah'm an old fashioned gal, and I like to cause a penis salvo SOMEWHERE during the evening.'' 

Cesura looked around the litter of sexual accessories and equipment and came up with fresh plastic gloves and a tube of Astroglide. She pulled the gloves on over her bony fingers and gave me a sly, red-eyed smile. "It's a first-class hand job for you, Belt-man, whether you like it or not!'' 

Of course, I hated the idea! Cesura squirted a goodly dollop of goo into her gloved hands and began lightly carressing my rigid cock. This was the point at which all the earlier being tied up came together, for me; I was just a mass of belt-welts with an aching penis protruding from it. Cesura's touch was subtle but firm. She stroked and slid and swirled with one or both hands, looking at her work every now and then, but mostly looking into my eyes, which I found to be additionally exciting. Eloise scooted over and leaned up alongside me, sticking her tongue in my ear, playing with my nipples, and whispering remarkably (for Eloise) soft and romantic nothings into my ear. 

My eyes searched for my Toby. She was draped over the futon, her breasts shelved on the cushions, her behind toward us. She was looking over her shoulder at us, one large hand dabbling between her spread legs. The view of the beauty that flourished between my lovely domina's legs almost made me come right then and there. "Do it with us, Toby'' I said. "Come when I come, my love.'' Toby made a hot smile that turned into a brow-wrinkling sexual grimace. I knew she was right in tune with me. Cesura had definitely masturbated a man before. She precisely gauged by my breathing and body tension where I was at on my journey, started speeding up at just the right point, and finished me off with a blurring jacking of my cockhead that sent gusts of thick white high into the air. The feeling of every muscle in my body straining forced all my energy into my central chakra, and I came in hard, deep bursts until I could come no more. 

I looked across at Toby with glazed eyes and saw her positively bouncing on the futon as she jammed fingers in and out of her pussy with erotic brutality. Toby moaned a long, drawnout, almost lonesome sound as she came, and then collapsed in a heap on the futon. By default, once I have had my orgasm, I am out of scene, unless we have made contervailing arrangements. Eloise and Toby toweled away the lube, semen, sweat, and anything else we might have generated. My circulation was still shaky from the bondage, and I was still spaced from my wonderful climax, so the three women picked me up and arranged me in state on the futon. 

"You are something else, see-through'' I said, caressing Cesura's cheek. She turned her head and first bit, then kissed my hand. 

"You--you people are something else'' Cesura returned. "You're the only folks I've ever met who wanted to share sex with me, rather than either exploit me like some kind of a freak or throw me a bone.'' She laughed, a little bitterly. "Would you believe I've never got a compliment, a sexual compliment, delivered in good faith, in my life?'' A tear gathered at the rim of one pink eye and started down Cesura's cheek. "An', an' here you bypass all the obvious stuff and stroke me and tell me I have a beautiful clit'' (she pronounced it ``clee-ut'' which made me have to swallow a grin) "--I just don't know!'' Cesura hid her face in her hands. "Scuse me a minute here.'' Toby rubbed the albino's shoulders. "That's all right, Cesura. We don't discourage tears here, as long as they're happy tears.'' "That's right'' I cracked. "Sometimes we beat each other for hours and hours until the happy tears start up.'' Cesura laughed wetly. 

Things I learned from Cesura in one night:.. many albino body parts are partially translucent, including some very intimate parts... if you ever get the opportunity to stretch an albino vulva labium out and hold it against the light, you will see a perfect anatomy lesson, down to the capillary level... white, silky pubic hair feels and tastes amazing... making love to somebody whose natural body temperature is a few degrees higher than normal puts you into a kind of cooperative shared fever after a while... what happens to red eyes during an orgasm defies verbal description; somebody oughtta film it (Eloise probably will)... 



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