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Chained on the Chair

by Selfbound2000

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© Copyright 2001 - Selfbound2000 - Used by permission

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This is a TRUE account, not fiction.

I had been itching to do a self-bondage session for a while, and was looking for ideas over the Internet.  I had planned the session for Tuesday, when I had nothing to do and I would be free to enjoy myself.  I found nothing of interest over the Internet, so I had to come up with something I either hadn't done or hadn't done in a while. 

After a few days of thought I decided I would do a chair tie, which I hadn't done to myself in a while.  I also decided I would be mostly chained to it rather than just bound with ropes. 

I gathered my gear, 2 sets of leather locking cuffs, 3 different lengths of chain, 6 locks, my metal chair, 2 lengths of 5' rope, a length of 20' rope, my ball gag, a nylon strap, my large butt plug and my massager.  I set everything in the area I planned on doing my bondage, the living room underneath an eyebolt in the ceiling.  The gear was placed on the couch where I could access it. 

Before tying myself, I had to dress the part.  I took a hot bath and then applied my makeup.  I did it in a rather slutty fashion, really glossy lipstick, lots of blush, and my eyes were done with a silver eye shadow and black eyeliner.  I looked like a slut, looking for satisfaction.  Next came my clothes.  I put on my corset, black panties, and a pair of thigh high stockings.  I slipped into my silver and black dress, which was about a size to small and really brought out my breasts.  To finish I put on a pair of 3" heels and applied some perfume.  I was set. 

I set up the VCR so that I would have a long porn tape to watch, a collection I put together that ran about 3 hours.  This would be perfect since I only planned to be tied for about 2 hours.  I placed the remote near my chair and then started to set up my release mechanism, the old ice in a stocking method with my backup being keys frozen in a large container (that would take about 6-9 hours to melt enough for me to get the keys). 

I grabbed my large butt plug.  I bent over, lowered my panties, and then after lubing the plug and my butt slid it in.  It didn't take too long to get in, and when it did it felt absolutely wonderful!  One day I'll get an expanding one and a vibrating one! 

I sat down in the chair, and began to place myself into bondage.  First were my ankles.  I placed one cuff around the left ankle with one end of the longest chain, but not locked yet.  Then I did the right ankle, passing the chain behind the rear legs of the chair to do so.  I locked this into place.  The remaining length of chain went back to my left ankle, where I locked it all tightly together.  My ankles would not move much from the spot.  I took the second longest length of chain and locked it in the middle of the ankle chain, then left the free end under my butt for later access.  

With the two 5' ropes I tied my knees to the chair, so that they would be spread.  With the longest rope I tied my torso to the chair, so that I could not move from it.  I took the nylon strap and placed it around my body so that I would have just enough room to slide my arms through.  I grabbed the ball gag and tightened it so that I could not push it out.  I took my massager (already plugged in ahead of time) and put it in place - in my panties against my cock, and turned it on.  I pressed play on the VCR to start the movies.  I placed my cuffs on my wrists, slipped my arms through the strap, then locked my wrists to the chain behind me, as low as I could get it so that I wouldn't be able to raise my wrists much.  I was now bound, chained and tied to the chair, and being immensely turned on. 

I decided to test my bonds.  I struggled around in the chair, twisting and pulling, but to no avail.  I was now helplessly bound until I could free myself.  I was a prisoner of my own bondage; there was no way of release.  I couldn't stand, and I could only wiggle the chair about a half-inch at a time.  This was a good tie, I could hardly move at all. 

The massager and butt plug were doing their thing (not to mention the movie, which was pretty hot!).  I was sitting on the plug, its size stretching my butt hole and filling my ass.  It felt good.  The massager kept me erect, and was driving me crazy.  The first "scene" of the movie was really hot, and I almost came within the first 10 minutes of bondage!  I didn't want to cum immediately, I wanted it to build up to a massive climax. 

Time passed, with me struggling against my binds and thrusting my pelvis as much as I could.  Watching the movie really made me want to be part of the action!  An hour had passed, and I couldn't contain my orgasm any longer.  I thrashed in the chair, my bonds keeping me in place, as I came, screaming into my ball gag, my body shaking all over as the massager drained me of my cum.  It felt like it was a rather large load, and I could feel it seep all over my panties. 

The massager, movie, and butt plug would not let me relax or go limp long.  Within minutes I was hard again, my stickiness over my cock, being driven again and again.  How much longer did I have?  I leaned my head backwards, and was able to see the ice.  It was not even half melted yet!  I had at least 90 to 120 minutes left!  Facing forward again I started to moan into my gag.  I should have stuck to one ice cube!  With it being winter, and with me not wanting a large heating bill, I keep the temperature just comfortable.  It does not melt the ice very fast. 

The phone rang, and my dog looked at me with a look that said "Well, aren't you going to answer?"  I couldn't help but laugh at her expression, and doing that almost made me gag on the ball gag! Resigned to my fate, I continued watching the tape.  I would again test my bonds over and over, relishing the fact I was helpless to get free and very restrictively bound.  This got me even more hornier, and pretty soon I was building back up to a climax.  The butt plug was really letting its presence be known to me, and I began thrusting my pelvis again. 

At about just after the 2-hour mark, I came yet again!  Again I shook all over, moaning as loud as I could into my gag.  I felt spent, but I could not get limp again.  I was still hard!  This is odd for me, as my medications kill off my libido pretty much!  The massager was getting rather warm, and my cock was starting to hurt a little.  I needed to get free, or be able to turn this infernal gadget off!  I couldn't unplug it; I wouldn't be able to the cord with any part of my body.  I was now being tortured by my own self-bondage.... 

Finally, after 3 hours and 11 minutes, the keys dropped.  I could free myself!  I reached behind me with my fingers, but couldn't quite grasp them.  I wiggled the chair backwards, and almost tipped over.  I reached again, and voila!  I got them!  I unlocked my wrists then quickly turned off the massager and removed it.  Relief!  I then began the process of removing the rest of the bonds.  I felt my panties, and they were drenched.  I removed them, then licked off and sucked out the cum.  I then undressed and took yet another hot bath to relax my muscles. 

This was one of my better self-bondages, where nothing serious went wrong, and I was really restrictively tied.  I think I may just try this again in the near future, with just one ice cube though! 

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