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Chair Bound

by Roller

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© Copyright 2002 - Roller - Used by permission

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This is a story about one of my best experiences in self bondage. Not long ago, I tired of the standard hogtie position and became fascinated with being tied to a chair. I experimented with several variations and discovered if I used a small chair I used at my makeup mirror made of steel wire and metal with a padded seat and back and had plenty of places to hook the ropes.

Anyway, one evening when I was sure I would be alone for the night, I began assembling my equipment for a super session of self bondage. First, I set up the video camera so I would have a good view of my handiwork. I set up the chair and ropes so I could tie myself as conveniently as possible. I then set about putting on my hot looking bondage outfit. This consisted of a well padded push up bra and corset that reduced my waist by about 4 inches and made my already pretty good figure into something almost out of a comic book. Next came the sheer black hose held up by the garters on the corset and the red leather short skirt and spandex long sleeved red turtle neck along with red patent 5 inch heels. Since my corset had a crotch strap, I then placed my butt and pussy plugs in place and put the crotch strap in place to hold them there. 

Looking in the mirror, I could scarcely resist trying to get myself off right then, but I held off. Then I set up the knife and ice release mechanism. The ice holds the knife out of reach til it melts, then drops it on the floor where I can get to it. It was getting close now. I went over and turned the video cam on and got started. I first sat on the chair and tied my ankles together and then to the chair legs. Then came my knees, together and to the chair. I then tied my thighs to the chair seat and my waist to the chair back. I was pretty well immobilized at this point, so I figured I better get my gag in place. It is a half hood with a penis gag that I was able to make even bigger with a little ingenuity. After I got this thing in place, I could barely make a sound and couldn't even breathe very well thru my mouth. 

Now I roped my chest, above and below my boobs, to the back of the chair. I realized that I could tighten this rope up really tight , so I did. This restricted my breathing too, not dangerously so, but enough to provide quite a bit of anxiety while totally helpless for an hour or so. Now came the gloves to prevent wrist marks and now I was ready for the moment of truth. I secure my wrists behind me with a triple loop of rope that I can just get my hands thru with a  zip tie between my hands that, when tightened, makes it impossible to get my hands back out. There is no escape without a knife if tightened properly. I slipped my hands thru and pulled the end of the zip tie a little. I could still back out at this point, so I looked around to be sure I hadn't  forgotten anything. 

Things looked ok so I gave the tie a good yank and then another for good measure. I yanked my wrists but I was now trapped completely for at least an hour when the ice melted. I started squirming around and feeling my bondage when I realized that my plugs were really having a real effect. I found that I couldn't sit still, and was really jerking around when suddenly my first orgasm erupted. I strained and yelled into the gag as my body jerked from the intense feeling, but nothing moved very much. I could scoot the chair around the room, but for what? There was nothing in reach that would free me. Still scooting the chair around had the effect of making the plugs rub in a most erotic way, rekindling my horniness. 

In a few minutes, I could feel another climax building and sure enough, pretty soon another intense orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I thrashed around like crazy and screamed into the gag until it finally began to subside. At this point, I shifted around in the chair to try to get more comfortable, and triggered an aftershock that really sent me over the edge-literally-since my spasms tipped the chair over on my side. I almost saved it, trying desperately to keep it upright, but finally went over on my shoulder. I was a little stunned for a moment , but took inventory and discovered that I was still ok. The problem was, I was now lying on my side securely tied to a chair and was about 12 feet from where the knife would fall, not to mention that it wouldn't fall for about another 30 minutes. 

This was much less comfortable than being upright, but not unbearable. I could see that it would take plenty of effort and time to get over to the knife though. I started squirming and wriggling scooting the chair toward the knife about 1 inch at a time. In about 30 minutes, I had covered most of the distance, and the knife fell. Hooray! I thought, except I was still about 3 feet from it, and was dripping wet with sweat and just about pooped out. I rested for a few minutes then resumed my trip. Soon, I was within reach of the knife. Now all I had to do was find it behind my back. This wasn't as easy as it might sound, since my hands didn't have much range of motion and I had to do it by feel alone. Finally my hands closed around the handle and I cut myself loose. 

It still took me another 15 minutes to completely get all the ropes off. I lost count of all the orgasms I had in all this jerking and squirming around, but I got a clear picture  of the meaning of "multi-orgasmic". This turned out to be a near perfect session, since the video came out perfect. I can relive it anytime, except that i'd rather do the real thing when I can. 

Hope you like this. 



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