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Chair Tie

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2005 - Rockett - Used by permission

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A few days ago, I had the entire night to myself and got the itch to try a self-chair-tie that I had seen on the net. I ordinarily use the wire chair in front of my makeup mirror for this, but what I saw used a bentwood chair, which I also had upstairs. Since it was a lot lighter than the makeup chair and somewhat more comfortable, I thought it would be ideal. Little did I know? 

I assembled all my ropes and zip ties (for the wrist rope). Since I had not tried this tie before I just put the knife on the floor across the room so I wouldn't have to wait for the ice to drop it. I decided to use a ball gag and a high posture collar just to make it interesting. I then put on my corset and cinched it up VERY tight making my figure into an exaggerated hourglass. Butt plug and chastity belt completed my discomforting outfit. The dynamite 3 strap 5-inch heels topped off the deal. I was now ready to start immobilizing myself. 

First, I roped each ankle to the outside of the front legs of the chair, which turned out to be a mistake. I came up to my knees and tied them together. I then tied my hips to the seat and roped my chest to the back above and below my breasts. Since they aren't very big, I tightened this rope up very tight to keep it from slipping down. Then I made another mistake. I roped over each shoulder crossing in front and back sort of jamming me down on the seat tightening this down very tight and connecting it to the chest rope thereby tightening up both ropes and assuring that the over boob chest rope would go nowhere. 

At this point, I took stock and realized that I was pretty much welded to the chair and could barely move. I popped in the ball gag and buckled it up snugly and fought the posture collar into place. Now I couldn't make much of a sound and couldn't move my head in any direction, not even sideways. This thing is really tight. At this point, all I had to do was get into the wrist rope and I was really in it. Little did I know how much. 

I assembled the 4 loop wrist rope with the zip tie between my wrists then slipped, well, I guess I jammed my wrists into the loops and tightened up the zip tie a little. The shoulder ropes made it difficult to get my wrists close enough together to get into the loops. The combination of all this made it nearly impossible to move at all once my wrists were in the loops. I looked over at the knife on the floor across the room and figured it would be a long haul to get to it, either scooting the chair over to it and tipping it over, or tipping it over and trying to scoot it over on my side on the floor, which I have been able to do with the other chair albeit slowly. I thought it would be tough, but doable, so I gave the zip tie another yank, which sealed my fate. 

I jerked and wrenched and squirmed with almost no results at all. I figured it would be a real adventure at this point, since I could hardly move the chair at all. Since I didn't want to be tied up all night, I thought I better start my trek toward the knife. I started scooting the chair toward the knife as well as I could, which was about 1 inch at a time. I had moved about 3 feet, in about 15 minutes, and realized that with my ankles tied to the outside of the front legs instead of together, cinched up the cross piece of the chair as well as the tippy quality of the chair itself, I could easily go over backwards instead of sideways as I had planned. This is not a good thing as you might imagine, since I would land on my arms between the floor and the chair back. That could hurt, needless to say. I tried to slow down and position the chair to go over on my left side toward the knife. As I turned the chair a little, I got a little overbalanced and I could feel the chair going over---backwards. 

My first fear was that I would hit my head on the dresser, which was behind me. As I hit the floor, I felt relief at not hitting my head, but pain from landing on my arms under the chair. I also felt a little panic wondering whether I could roll over to my side, since I knew that I could never move the chair at all if I was on my back like a turtle. Panic is a powerful thing! It took a couple of minutes, but I finally got it rolled over. Now I had another problem. I was about 12 feet from the knife and didn't know if I could scoot the chair at all much less that far. I rested a minute or two and tried to take stock to see what I would have to do to move across the floor tied to the chair. 

Now panic really set in because I didn't see any way that I could move the chair at all other that to rock it back and forth in the same place. I began really jerking and yanking around trying to move in any direction to no avail. In the 5 minutes or so since I had tipped over I had not moved 6 inches outside of rolling off my back. I was desperate enough to think that I might be able to break the chair, which I tried mightily to do. It creaked a little, but I finally gave up on that idea and began working on the wrist rope and zip tie. 

As I twisted my wrists I thought of an old Stephen King novel that told of a woman handcuffed to a bed in a lake cabin by her husband during a love bondage session during which HE DIES! Leaving her handcuffed to the bed with no help in sight. She was able to finally slip one wrist out of the cuff by breaking a glass and cutting her wrist enough for the blood to slick her wrist up enough for it to slip out of the cuff. Of course, that wasn't an option in this case, but I thought that if I worked it hard enough, I might be able to slip the zip tie one or two notches and get my thumb bone past the rope. This isn't as great an option as it sounds, since a rope that tight will rip up your wrists pretty bad. Since I had nothing else to do or could do, I set at it. 

Every once in a while, I resumed my efforts to scoot the chair over to the knife. This was amazing since I had never been in any kind of tie that I couldn't move anywhere. This was a first, tho. In all my gyrations, I had not moved 2 inches. I realized that if I was gonna get out of this, I would have to pull my hand out of the wrist rope. I don't know if all my pulling stretched the rope or what, but in about an hour and a half, I felt the rope slip over my thumb bone. I realized that it would be possible now, but very painful. The pain seemed inconsequential at this point. With about 15 minutes more of twisting and yanking, my right wrist finally came out of the loop. 

It took another 20 minutes to get the rest of the ropes off and get completely free. My right hand was pretty skinned up and bruised, but other than that not much else was wrong. I can tell you though, 2 hours of effort and panic, can make you very sore the next day. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't been able to get my wrist loose, since I hadn't moved but about 6 inches in all that time. I guess in about 6 or 8 more hours I would have been able to figure a way to move over to knife, but I really don't know. No one was coming in until a day and a half later, so lots of unpleasant things could have happened. Just having a knife or key available is not enough if you can't get to them. ALWAYS do a dry run before doing yourself up in the real thing to be sure that everything will work as planned.

I have to say after the fact, I really enjoyed this session, but it could have turned out much worse. 

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 



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