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The Chair Wrap

by Lisa Latex

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© Copyright 2001 - Lisa Latex - Used by permission

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any SB scenarios so I decided to start with one of my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of tight immovable bondage, so I decided to try my chair tie. This is the one where I wrap myself to a chair using plastic wrap. I use a chair with a high thin back that’s very solid and sturdy. Once I’m bound to this chair there’s no moving for me. 

It was a sunny, comfortable day with nothing to do. I was feeling kind of frisky and a little turned on.  I could have just used my vibrator on myself and been over with it.  But it’s been a long time since I had any bondage fun so I figured Hey; this is a good a time as any to get started again. 

It was early and I had the whole day ahead of me.  I took a relaxing shower first then threw on some sweats, no underwear of course, and went out into my guest house. Once out there I took off my sweats and locked them away in a large trunk. The key to which is safely back in the main house. Now I’m totally naked in the guest house with no way back until cover of night. I started getting excited already, just being naked and trapped out here without any clothes.

The thoughts running through my head of me being bound and in control of some outside source was driving up my arousal quickly. I knew I had better hurry with my plans or I would wind up masturbating right there and ruin my day’s activities. Either way, I knew I was already part way into my plan, being trapped in my guest house naked, forced me to have to wait until darkness to retrieve my key and run back into the safety of my house. 

Being out there alone and naked was causing me to feel very venerable, being a totally naked and trapped woman, anything could happen to me. But this was the feeling I had wanted. These feelings made me hot and would get me very wet and excited. I felt my heart pounding. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any bondage and it was feeling like my first time.  I love this feeling! 

I decided to add only one item to wear for this bondage. I took out my locking posture collar and locked it around my neck. The key to which was back inside of the house. It wasn’t coming off until I got back into my house. This was a new purchase of mine and I was excited to wear it. It held my neck very straight and erect limiting my ability to turn my neck around or look up and down. I knew this going to become one of my favorite items to use again in the future.

I then got started by pulling the chair I wanted to use into the middle of the living room. I placed it under a hook in the ceiling I use for just such an occasion. I had my plastic wrap on a small table along side of me along with my ball gag, nipple clamps, some thin string, Scissors for my release, along with my massaging vibrator. I sat myself in the chair and sized up where I needed to place all my props. I placed the vibrator on the center of the seat between my spread legs almost touching my pussy. I then took the plastic wrap and secured it to the chair. I plugged it into a timer set to start in approximately an hour.

I then took the string and passed it through the hook in the ceiling and let the both ends hang down. I then sat myself down and started the process of securing myself with the wrap. I started with my legs, wrapping them to the legs of the chair from my ankles up to my knees. I then snuggled my butt back up against the chair back and proceeded to wrap myself from my butt up to just under my tits. I pushed them up and wrapped more of the plastic above and below my tits leaving the nipples and center of my breasts exposed. This created the effect of enlarging my breasts by being squeezed through the plastic. It was a very pleasurable effect. I could feel their sensitivity growing as I worked.

Now came the difficult part. I picked up my nipple clamps and squeezed open the clamp and released it on my left nipple. I felt the pain surge through my engorged breast trapped between the two biting clips. I believe they’re called butterfly clamps and they do not pull off easily if at all. I then repeated the same with my right breast. I needed a minute for the initial pain to subside. I then took the one piece of hanging string and fed it through a loop in the front of my collar and tied it securely to the chain connecting the nipple clamps. I then reached above myself and grasped the other end of the string, pulling VERY gently. The opposite end of the string began rising, pulling the clamps with it. 

As the chain became taught the clamps started pulling my nipples upward. I pulled a little more until I felt my entire breast begin to rise. This I decided was enough. At this point I tied the string to a loop on the back of my collar effectively immobilizing my head and neck from ANY movement. I tested my immobility by leaning forward as much as the plastic wrap allowed. I felt the clamps bite into my nipples causing me much discomfort. I was going to stay as still as possible now. It was hard moving now with the clamps attached to my collar. The string was right in front of my face but once I was secured with my hands behind me there would be nothing I could do.

I then gently reached for the ball gag alongside of me, and pushed the red ball into my mouth and secured the straps tightly behind my head. I tested its effectiveness making yelling sounds and trying to talk. I knew I could not be heard anywhere outside the guest house. This was both good and bad. I felt good knowing nobody would hear me moaning from an orgasm. But I also knew nobody could hear me if I needed to cry for help!

I thought about adding more plastic wrap to my already tightly bound body. But I knew that would be impossible in the position I was in now. Besides, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere with the amount I already used.

Now came the moment of truth. I could stop now and satisfy my already aching pussy or I could lock the handcuffs behind me and suffer waiting at least an hour for the vibrator to turn on. Knowing I would have to work very hard to achieve an orgasm. The space between me and the vibrator was about an inch. I know that doesn’t sound like much but being secured as I was even that much movement was going to be a strain. 

I accomplished what I wanted as far as being tied as I was. The position I was in was arousing me quickly. The bondage itself was a powerful aphrodisiac for me and I was very excited accomplishing it this far. But still I pondered the thought of releasing myself and having myself a beautiful mind numbing orgasm. I knew it was possible at this point, no further teasing would be necessary for me to climax intensely now. But, being the true masochist that I was I locked my left wrist first in front of me then reached behind the chair. 

I stopped for a minute and made sure everything was in order. My release key was frozen in a bucket behind me, the string was attached to the center link of my handcuffs, and all was ready to go.

I heard that little voice inside me beg me to stop now! Just pleasure yourself NOW! 

You know you want it now! 

You can feel your pussy throbbing, wanting to feel pleasure right now. Why wait?


Both my wrists were now securely locked behind the back of the chair.

Shit! I thought. I should have just come. Now I was stuck…… I loved it.

I sat there staring straight ahead. I had less movement than I thought I would. The collar was a very effective piece of equipment. Any bit of swaying or slouching would cause my highly sensitive nipples terrible pain. I found that if I stayed still long enough the pain would subside and they would feel numb.


Once I moved them just slightly. I would feel red hot pain surging through them.

How could I not move for so many hours? I knew from past experience that this size bucket could stay frozen for 3-4 hours.
I had to endure it. I wanted this, now I got it! 

I tested my bonds as gingerly as I could. I pulled at my ankles, my legs, my thighs, nothing moved. Even if I Had I the movement ability without being hampered by my nipples I still couldn’t release myself. The plastic held me firm and unyielding. It wasn’t very hot outside but I could feel my body heat rising inside the plastic. I was glad I had left some breathing room above my breasts and around my hips and pussy. I could feel the heat escaping from my pussy. I could feel the sweat or was it my juices flowing down onto the chair. I was getting so frustrated!

I tried unsuccessfully to try and press my clit against the vibrator for some stimulation. I was worried, what if I couldn’t reach the vibrator once it turned on. Would I have to suffer sexually until I had released myself from my self imposed bondage?
And, what if I was able to feel vibrations only subtlety causing me terrible sexual frustration?
I wondered if this was a form of torture that masters used on their slaves for wrongdoings.

Sexual frustration was certainly a viable form of torture for me. I wondered how long I could last being teased like this. 

I had no idea how much time has passed. I couldn’t see the timer from where I was sitting even though it was only off to my side. My collar prevented any of that. I wanted to know, how much longer?

I pulled at my chain attached to the keys that would free me eventually. They felt heavy. I knew it would be a long day. After awhile I began feeling sore from sitting stiff and erect so long. I tried readjusting my position but my particular form of bondage prevented any movement without consequences for my sensitive nipples. I was wishing I had used a blindfold to add to my predicament.

I was getting tired of just staring straight ahead. All I could look at was the wall in front of me. Next time I’ll have to choose a better scene to look at. I could not even look down at my nipples to see their discomfort. I knew that they must look red and swollen in their predicament. Better I didn’t see them in their condition; the sight of their torment would probably increase my discomfort. My pussy was also out of my view. I could feel the moisture between my legs increasing every minute, not sure if it was sweat or my juices flowing out from my pussy. I was certainly turned on enough now, even without the vibrator adding to my frustration. At least not yet………

I left some of the windows open and I could feel the soothing breeze flowing in. It caressed the exposed areas of my body, my pussy, my shoulders and head. The sweat evaporating off caused a tingling sensation that sent me further off into the joys and submission of my bondage. I could see from my peripheral vision the shadows of the curtains blowing in the breeze. I could hear the world outside, cars passing by, a plane flying overhead, occasional unfamiliar voices in the distance, the sudden slamming of a car door. 

As the world went about its business outside, here I sat, tied, bound with plastic wrap, my nipples being pulled toward the ceiling, unable to move an inch. A vibrator secured between my legs waiting for the opportunity to drive me to the ends of frustration. All of this was increasing my excitement more and more.
How wonderful I was feeling! These are the times that make all this planning worth it. 

I was beginning to wonder if I had made an error in setting the timer. Or maybe I was getting impatient. 
I wanted so badly to climax!!!!! 

I had lost track of the time and was becoming increasingly sore. I had no options but to wait for the ice to melt. I tugged at my release line again, it was still held firmly. I could feel the afternoon sun heating up the room along with my body temperature. Even though I couldn’t see it, sweat was running down my legs dripping off of my bare feet. A pool of sweat and juices was also forming on the seat allowing me some squirming room. 

Suddenly, a loud CLICK echoed in the room. The vibrator had come to life. It was set on high and the buzzing filled the room. I hoped that nobody was able to hear it. I could feel its power vibrating the seat of the chair through my ass. This vibrator was not made to be placed on the sensitive parts of a woman’s body; it was designed for deep massage. Direct stimulation on my clit would have probably been somewhat uncomfortable. I didn’t move, I just allowed the vibrations to ripple through my body. I could feel a tingling sensation building up inside of me.

Suddenly!! I shuddered! Pulling on my small string attached to my sensitive trapped nipples, the reaction causing an awakening of my numb breasts. Suddenly they were reminded of their predicament. I saw red, burning red. I whined through my gag as my body shook with the sensation of being lightly tickled. I knew I mustn’t move. My nipples would never forgive me, at least for a couple of days. The vibrations were making their way to my pussy creating a very pleasing, lightly tickling Sensation.  I knew I was now in trouble. There would be no stopping it now. (Not that I wanted to.)

My breathing rate was increasing. I could feel my heart beating faster. My pussy was screaming for attention! I couldn’t resist any longer. I moved my hips closer toward the vibrating head. Ahhhh!!! Shit. Not close enough I mumbled through my gag. 

I strained harder against the tight plastic; I could hear it squeaking against the pressure. I could feel the moisture below, my butt sliding in the slippery mixture of sweat and juices. Each movement I made caused the small string to torment my tired nipples. How could such a small, tiny piece of string cause someone so much discomfort? It felt as if the clamps had tightened down on my nipples considerably. I stopped moving.

I needed to give my nipples a rest. The pain was starting to distract me from obtaining my orgasm. Pain is a curious thing, a little in the right places can enhance ones pleasure, but just a little too much and it becomes undesirable. I was passing that threshold. I could not see what the clamps were doing to my nipples, the collar held my head straight and erect. I thought I could feel moisture on them. Perhaps my sweat was dripping down onto them. The salt stinging at their engorged state of arousal. I felt each breath rising and falling beneath my plastic cocoon, holding me firmly against the back of the chair.

I let a few minutes pass, allowing the pain to subside. Oh… now I was wishing that I hadn’t used such menacing clamps. Why hadn’t I been more thoughtful of their dissatisfaction to my little game? I hadn’t considered how long I might be stuck here. Having not preformed any SB for awhile I had become too daring. Assuming I could withstand a long term bondage wearing butterfly clamps was foolish of me. I should have known better. Why hadn’t I used a smaller ice bucket, allowing only an hour perhaps.  I was a little to brave for my own good.

However, as I rested the vibrator continued its assault. I could feel the powerful vibes emitting from its head. I’m sure my pussy was looking red and swollen, covered in sweat and juices flowing from my sex. I wanted to look down and see its condition, its suffering. I wondered if it was possible to see the throbbing that I was feeling, just as when ones eye twitches, the sensation feels as if your whole face is moving, but upon looking into a mirror, nothing is seen.
The throbbing continued. 

I debated weather I should just sit still and await my release, suffering the torment of sexual frustration brought about by this mechanical monster, or give in to my body’s desire to meet it, however difficult, and delight in the climax. I shifted my hips forward, careful not to upset the string holding onto my nipples. The plastic stretched to its limit.  Again, I shuddered, this time stopping it before it could do any further damage. I backed off. I was now in a quandary, if I allow myself the pleasure of the vibrator by forcing my pussy onto its vibrating head, the movements would surely awake my sore but now resting nipples. 
There wasn’t enough play to allow me both the freedom of climaxing and the absence of pain. And, would the pain push me over that threshold of pleasure into one of discomfort, eliminating my enjoyment, or possibly the exclusion of an orgasm!!

I tugged at the release line, foolishly hoping that it would have been melted enough for me to gain my desired freedom, along with my desired orgasm.

One of the problems of performing self bondage is the inability to plead to your partner for release. Even if unable to speak, one can use their eyes or body language to beg for release. Perhaps even, the sexual frustration conveyed by you could prompt ones partner to forgo the length of bondage, and enjoy the passions that were inevitable. But, having an inanimate object as your captive ensures ones length and suffering of the bondage. Ice melts at only one rate, depending upon temperature, of course. 

A vibrator never stops its assault upon ones sensitive sex, even with the most desperate of pleading for it to stop. How can one convince a battery operated device to stop its incessant teasing when it’s locked inside of you? Saying, “please turn it off” just doesn’t do it. I’m not implying that a good master would so quickly give in to a slave’s request, but at least there is a remote chance.

And, of course, there’s always the issue of safety. A self bound slave has an added level of anxiety to deal with. There’s no one there to rescue me should I fall victim to an unforeseen event; the release string breaking, numbness of a limb, or any number of possibilities.
God forbid…. 

What if someone should break into my guesthouse while I was bound? I would never have time or opportunity to escape. Hiding would even be impossible. Imagine the satisfaction of a burglar coming across a thoroughly bound and gagged and quite possibly, sexually frustrated young lady. Her sex would be completely on display for his amusement, depending on her chosen position that day. She may not even be aware of his presence, if I had decided to play a sensory deprivation role complete with hood, blindfold, gag and earplugs, as I sometimes do, I would not even know of his entering! I could easily become a victim of rape, violence or worse! Some people may think that this is a desired scenario to play out. Maybe for some, but this would be utterly terrifying for me. 

These are the thoughts that go through my head while bound. As I’m sure other self binders do also. Oh…. If only I had someone to plead with. I would happily bargain to perform oral sex, face humiliation, or endure further bondage for the opportunity of an orgasm and climax! I’m sure I could convince my tormentor to allow me an orgasm, or to at least remove these #%**&! Nipple clamps so that I could at least struggle to a blissful climax.

My breathing was still rapid, my chest rising and falling against the tight constraint of the plastic. Sweat completely covered my body now, the salts burning my hypersensitive nipples with each drop. Still, the vibrator buzzed on, enticing me on toward it with the promise of orgasmic release. I was feeling as if I was loosing voluntary control of my body. My mind was in another place, (I’ve often heard of slaves going under when there into a scene,) I felt like I was going there. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I’m sure my pussy couldn’t either. I was too hot and too horny to continue this way any longer. My body took over at this point, loosing all voluntary control.

Regardless of the pain and discomfort, I thrust my pelvis as hard as I could into the awaiting vibrator. I could head an audible change in the pitch of the vibrator as my pussy swallowed its head as far as my bonds would allow.
YES!!! I screamed into my gag.

Waves of pleasure were building rapidly within me. My whole body tingled with the anticipation of an impending orgasm. I could feel the pain in my nipples surging into my chest, red hot, burning pain. I never imagined I could endure such discomfort and still feel pleasure. Surely, I must be drawing blood, I thought. There was nothing I could do. My pussy refused to pull away from its comforting friend. It wanted it more than anything else. I started rocking back and forth with a distinct rhythm that my pussy was beating too. I could only stare straight ahead, rocking, feeling the waves building and growing! Faster I said through my gag, as if someone was there to listen.

Let this happen I moaned, saliva slipping around the edges of my gag, dripping down onto my collar and eventually onto my plastic covered chest. I was out of control, my pussy grinding into the enormous head of the vibrating monster. I couldn’t reach the vibrator far enough for it to stimulate my clit directly, but that was not going to be necessary. The powerful vibrations from its head sent more than enough stimulation through my lips to achieve nirvana. My fists were clenched tightly behind me cuffed together, unable to assist in the ensuing event.
YES!!!! YES!!! YES!!!

I shouted, pushing more saliva past the seal between my lips and the ball in my mouth. I felt waves of tingling heat, rising up from the center of my pelvis. I wanted to laugh aloud at the extraordinary sensations washing over me. I didn’t want this to ever stop. I think my eyes rolled back as my body started convulsing rhythmically following the lead of my throbbing raw pussy.


My whole body was convulsing with the waves of orgasm.
Such pleasure, delight, nirvana washed over me.

After a few minutes of bliss, I started coming back to reality, and the seriousness of my situation. I hurriedly pulled at the string attached to the handcuff key. 
SHIT!! It was still frozen.
I had no idea how long I was now in bondage.
I was however, VERY happy to have finally achieved an orgasm, unlike any other I’ve had recently.

I knew I had to get loose soon, I could not see my body below the collar or any damage I may have caused my nipples in my delirium. The pain I felt radiating from my nipples was excruciating. I was truly worried that I had caused permanent damage to myself. I tried straightening myself in the chair; I must have slouched or slipped down during my rocking and shaking orgasm. I felt added pressure being pulled on my already raw nipples as well as on my collar. It felt as if the ceiling had risen or the floor lowered on me. I couldn’t gain any leverage to straighten myself out of this predicament. 

As my breathing slowed, so did the pulling on my nipples. The tension was so tight that every time I exhaled the tension would increase slightly, but enough to cause discomfort. Having achieved my orgasm I now needed to get out quickly. But, there were no quick solutions to be found. My bondage was too successful for my own good.  I felt that I could start crying if I didn’t escape soon. I rationalized that soon, the ice would melt and I could then free myself. This was certain. Remaining calm when in such pain is very difficult under normal conditions, so I had to convince myself that even under these conditions; being totally immobile, nipples clamped tightly, all by your own hand, freedom and relief was near.

I drifted off into a kind of trance state for the remainder of my bondage. I could feel the afternoon sun on my back; I could see the shadows growing longer in the room. The colors changing as the sun moved about. I heard the sound of car doors slamming, people returning home from their day at work. I heard the sounds of children playing outside. I remained very still, even though the vibrator remained running all along, tempting my now resting but always curious pussy. I had to make a conscious effort to keep from moving toward the dreaded monster, once bitten, it would be hard to back away from it, its bite can be very addictive.

Every fifteen minutes or so I would give a tug on my escape line, I found that I could move it more and more. I was afraid to give it a hard tug, fearing I may break the line!

Suddenly! The vibrator turned off, I didn’t remember setting it for an off time, I was glad it did. My perseverance to stay away from it was growing weak. An eerie silence filled the room. I could hear every breath I inhaled and exhaled surging through my nose.  My chin and chest were drenched with my saliva, still drooling from my gag. Every now and again I would hear a sound that would make me jump, a cracking branch, and a voice that sounded too close, would cause me added anxiety. I was growing tired, having to endure this strenuous position much longer than anticipated. I wanted to yawn but my gag prevented any such activity.

I tested my line once more. 


I quickly pulled it up towards my waiting hands. There was still some ice attached to the key, which quickly melted as I held it in my hot hands. I carefully positioned the key into the lock, this was quiet difficult being sore and stiff so long. I turned the end of the key and heard the cylinders move, releasing me from my self made prison. I slowly pulled my stiff arms forward, shoulders aching from their fixed position, the handcuffs dangling from my one wrist. I unlocked the other cuff and dropped them onto the floor, rubbing my wrists to encourage circulation.

I then took the scissors from the table next to me, reached behind my neck and cut the string holding me erect and in pain so long. I neglected to hold the string to cushion the sudden release. The weight of the clamps suddenly being released dropped down, pulling my breast and tender nipples with them.

The sudden surge of pain on my breasts caused me to grab them involuntary to try and comfort their pain. I wanted to quickly remove the clamps from my nipples but I knew of the impending pain ahead of me. The sudden rush of blood into the sensitive nipples would cause me terrible discomfort. I slowly removed my hands away from my breasts, leaving the clamps attached. With the scissors, I then started cutting away the plastic from around my body. I could feel the heat that was trapped inside the plastic escaping from my skin. The sudden rush of cold air felt invigorating on my hot clammy skin. I leaned forward and cut my legs loose from the legs of the chair, being careful not to disturb the still attached clamps.

Once completely free from the chair I slowly stretched my sore, stiff body. I slowly rose up from the chair and felt my ass, as it pulled away from the puddle I left behind. I had to move my entire body to see anything; I was still locked into the posture collar, until I could retrieve the key which was sitting on my kitchen table back in my house, moving my head was still not allowed. It could have been miles away and it wouldn’t have made any difference, I was still trapped out here until it was dark outside.

I carefully walked over to a comfortable chair, careful not to swing the clamps biting into my nipples, and sat myself down. I pondered how I should remove the clamps from my nipples, causing the least amount of discomfort was vital. I could not tolerate much more pain today. I held my left breast in my left hand, slightly squeezing, and grasped the ends of the clamp with my right hand and pressed slowly.

I trashed back into the padded back of the chair and screamed. Luckily, I was still wearing my gag or the neighbors would have certainly called the police. I grabbed my whole breast and held it firmly for a couple of minutes, slowly kneading it back to life. I regretted having to repeat the procedure with my right breast but I knew it was inescapable. Again, I screamed into the gag, holding my breast as it throbbed with pain as the blood rushed through to the nipple. I wished I could inspect the better but the collar held my head firm, only allowing a glance of the tip of the nipple if I pulled it forward enough.

I settled back into the comfortable chair and removed the ball gag. It came out with a soft pop, covered with saliva, I threw it aside. I opened and closed my mouth slowly, exercising the stiffness from the joints. I wanted to get rid of my collar too but I set things up to prevent that luxury. Here I would stay, wearing it until later tonight.

I awoke in darkness, only the soft glow of the street lights shining through the windows and the sound of crickets calling outside. I had no idea how long I slept. I rose out of the chair and strolled over to the window and peeked out. The neighborhood looked quiet; I didn’t hear any activity over at the supermarket behind my yard. It must after 10 I thought, that’s when they closed. If that were true, then I was sleeping for almost 4 hours.

I always feel trepidation at this point of having to venture outdoors and retrieve my house key. I was bare foot and naked except for a posture collar. I slowly opened the door of the guest house and peeked outside. I could feel the chilly air brush against my still sensitive nipples. It felt wonderful to finally be free! I inhaled the fresh night air deeply, allowing myself a minute to adjust to the sudden temperature change. It must have been in the 50’s that night.

I just stood there, head held high and straight, proud of my accomplishment, and surveyed the area. Everything looked safe, I ventured out of the safety of the guest house, in search of my house key. The door closed behind me, I was now alone and naked in the cool night air. I quietly sneaked into the yard to where I had hidden the key earlier. I reached up, having to press my breasts in to the rough surface of a tree and grabbed my keys.

Suddenly! I saw headlights. A car was pulling into my driveway!!!
My heart raced and I broke out into a sweat!!

OH SHIT !!!!!

I almost froze like a deer on the roadway. I ducked behind the tree I was standing next to. I didn’t think I had been seen. The car backed out and continued on its way. He was just making a turn using my driveway. I stood frozen for a couple of minutes, scared to continue on my journey to my house. It wasn’t a far walk, maybe 50 or 60 feet from where I stood, but it looks like miles when you’re naked. I regained my courage and continued onward. Step by step I tiptoed back to my locked door, put in the key and turned the handle.
Finally !!

I was now safe inside my house. I quickly went into the kitchen and picked up the key for my collar and removed the dam thing. It peeled off of me, from all the sweating and tightness it adhered to my neck. I glanced up at the clock; it was 12:30 am, later than I thought. I was glad to be off from work the next day.  I finally had an opportunity to inspect my tortured body. My breasts were sore and nipples still red, there appeared to be a dried liquid around my nipples, saliva perhaps. Nothing permanently damaged there. Wearing a bra may be a little uncomfortable the next few days however.

I inspected my poor pussy next; dried juices were apparent as well as fresh lube, was I still aroused? 
It was reddened and still somewhat swollen, no sex for me 

For a few days, that shouldn’t be a problem after tonight I thought. My pussy got me into all this trouble after all. I headed upstairs and took a relaxing warm bath; fantasizing about my next adventure. That night, I drifted off to sleep with a beautiful breeze flowing in through my open window and the sound of chirping crickets. I had the most wonderful dreams that night.



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