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Changed Perspective

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2006 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Changed Perspective (furry)

He had given me a present a year earlier for our anniversary. It was a simple enough looking bracelet. My husband had told me that it had the power to turn the wearer into whatever the next person that looked into the wearer’s eyes wanted. Let’s just say that that idea was REALLY far fetched, but I’ve learned over time that my husband, when being serious, is always right. My husband told me that all I had to do was put the bracelet on and make sure that he was the next person to look at me. He told me it was a bit of an experiment, he didn’t even know what he wanted, he explained, “But the bracelet will know”.

Well needless to say I was afraid. Not afraid of the bracelet itself, but afraid of finding out that I was not exactly what my husband wanted. I’m a realistic person, and I know I’m not perfect, but deep inside of me I wanted to put on the bracelet, and have him look in my eyes, and nothing would change. Finally a year later, I had worked up the nerve to try it, but I knew I would need a little help. I would bind myself to the bed, spread eagle, and wait for him to come home. I would set myself up hours before he was supposed to come home so that I would not be as nervous as I would be if he was due home any minute. I would put the bracelet on and be stuck in it.

I got started early in the morning, eating a good breakfast and getting myself and all the stuff I would need ready. I loved self bondage, and my husband was getting used to finding me tied up helpless at least once a month. I always tied myself in a position so that my entrances were vulnerable. Today would be no different. I always set up a release mechanism just in case. Normally this was a small bucket of ice sitting on the floor with my release keys frozen in it. The key was tied by a string, to the bedpost or somewhere near my hands so that once it was thawed I could haul up the key and release myself. More than once I had spent extra hours in bondage, replaying in my mind the answering machine message from my husband saying that he would be late from work. But never had I gotten a chance to use my key.

I took a shower, shaving every inch of my body from my nose down to my toes, and then put lotion all over my body to make my skin extra soft. My body was now fully hairless, even the peach fuzz that covers normal skin, the only hair left was my scalp hair, and my eyebrows. I set the heat in the house a tad warmer, being winter, and being that I would be naked for hours. I straightened out the bed sheets, and laid out on the bed the objects I would need later. On a whim, I picked up my wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on early. They where fuzzy on the inside, leather on the outside, and felt tight and conforming on my skin, just the thing I needed to keep me in the mood through lunch. I checked over the safety list in my head and decided my supplies were good. I went downstairs and had myself a good solid lunch that would last me a while. Tuna fish salad sandwiches always seem to hold me for a long time.

Wearing pajamas, I checked the doors and windows to make sure everything was locked. I checked the heater to make sure that it had turned off at a good temperature. Everything looked good so I started my way upstairs to start.

Stripping naked, I added some more lotion to my skin to protect against razor burn. I walked to the mirror to enjoy the look of my mostly hairless body. The black leather cuffs with their chromed D rings where a stark contrast to my light colored skin, but I needed something more. I went to my drawer and pulled out a collar that we had bought a long time back that had “pet” embroidered on it. Checking the mirror again, the black leather collar matched the cuffs perfectly and added an extra look of submission.

Back to the bed, I attached the ropes I would need on each of the bed posts, and laid my penis gag next to the pillow. Knowing I still had a trip downstairs to make, I took out my largest butt plug and, with a little help from some lubricant, slid the vibrating butt plug in. This was a great toy; it had all of its electronics internal so there were no hanging wires to get in the way. Under a latex protective cover was a switch that was just on or off, but the great thing was that the vibrator had a mind of its own, turning on and off randomly. I turned on the switch, and a powerful quick buzz followed letting me know it was working. My knees buckled from the sudden jolt.

It was time to go downstairs and get my ice bucket from the freezer. Risking being seen, just for an extra thrill, I went downstairs as I was, not covering up. I ran past the front bay window into the kitchen, not daring to look outside. I grabbed my ice fast, and ran back upstairs, grinning madly from my daring little stunt of exhibitionism.

I attached the other side of the frozen key’s string to the bedpost near my hand and sat down in the middle of the bed. I tied my feet to their posts. I laid back and pulled myself up in the bed as far as I could with my ankles bound. I picked up the penis gag and placed it in my mouth, attaching it behind my head with its buckle. My favorite gag for use with my husband, it had a latex flap that covered my lower face so I can barely get any noise out as he is bringing me to multiple orgasms.

Now I was starting to get a little nervous. I pulled open the drawer again, and grabbed the box for the bracelet that my husband had given to me. I put on the bracelet with a resounding click, and placed its box between my shins on the bed so my husband would see it right away. Lastly I picked up my two locks off the bedside stand and locked my right wrist to the post. Trying to think of any last problems that might arise I laid there with my fingers clenching the last lock in place but not closed. This was my last shot to think of… BZZZZZZZ….. CLICK…. Damn, I had totally forgotten about the butt plug. It surprised me so bad that I clenched closed the last lock.

Well this is what I wanted anyways. The excitement of the buzzing plug, the sudden unexpected captivity, thoughts of what might happen tonight, I was really excited. Just as I was coming close to climax though, the vibrator did its job, and shut off, leaving me excited, panting, and writhing my hips. Trying my best the press the toy deeper into me.

I was careful not to writhe too much though, as my wrist and ankle ropes were on a ratcheting mechanism that pulls slightly on the rope and takes up any slack provided to it. This meant that the more I struggled the tighter the ropes would get. This was a nice addition to my bondage because it kept me ever wary of my bondage, and when my husband would finally come home and use me, every thrust of his body against mine would tighten my bondage slightly until the end, when I could not move an inch. Luckily though, the mechanism that keeps the ropes tight can not pull the bonds tighter than my body can stretch, it can only take up slack.

As I started to calm down from the initial shock, my favorite part of bondage started to flow into my mind. I started to daydream about all the things that could go wrong (or right). Normally I would daydream about a burglar, or a neighborhood teenager breaking in and teasing me, then using me for their pleasure. Every once in a rare while my mind would get away from me and I would daydream that they would call all their friends over to play with me, or I would dream that they would bind me tight and carry me out of the house, throw me in the trunk, and take me home as their new toy. But today was different. Today I had other things to dream about.

I started to think about what the bracelet would do. Was the bracelet just figurative, a kind of roll playing incentive? Would it change me into a buxom blond with huge tits, would it be permanent? Would the bracelet affect my mind? Did my husband want a mindless sex slave to fuck and to clean the house only dressed in skimpy clothes. What if the wrong person came into the room first? What if my husband brought home one of his friends, who saw me on the way to use the bathroom. What would I become then!? Oh well, to late to change my mind now!

Well I had plenty of time to think about it, so I focused myself on thinking up a good daydream. I started to think about what would happen if … BZZZZZZ… and I squeaked into my gag. Damn that vibrator. It only buzzed for about a second this time, but then there came another noise, a thump downstairs. My mind raced; what could it be. I suddenly remembered my running downstairs in bondage. What if someone saw me? What if someone noticed me carrying the ice bucket and knew what it was. What if someone was coming upstairs right now? What would they think when they looked into my eyes and saw me change into their wildest dream! No matter what happens I’ll keep my eyes shut I thought, but all the time getting wetter and hotter, thinking of the possibilities.

A couple minutes of silence later and… BZZZZZZ… This time it stayed on for a while. I preyed silently that it would stop, but my hips ground, pushing the plug into the bed, trying to get more vibration from it. I thought of what it might look like, for a stranger to come into the room and see this bound girl, with gag in her mouth, riding the waves of pleasure, so vulnerable. I kept my eyes shut imagining a man standing in the room above me now.

Sudden movement on the bed scared the FUCK out of me. I closed my eyes even harder, and froze all my movements, now scared. I could feel the different parts of my mind fighting for control. Part of me was so unbelievably horny, yet another part of me was scared for my life. I felt the bed’s surface move again, and I imagined someone in my room rubbing their hand across the bed’s surface straight at my pussy.

The vibrator cut off, and then there was no sound. I listened so carefully, I swear I could have heard a flea sneeze I was being so quiet. There was still no sound.

I felt the sheets move again, ever so slightly, but no sound. Then BZZZZZ for about ½ second, I grunted into my gag from the shock, but I didn’t move, frozen in place.

That’s when I felt the first touch. Something soft yet rough brushed my pussy lips and made me jump. I couldn’t control my response; I leaned my head up and looked down toward the sensation. There was my freaking cat, staring intently at my pussy, poised to strike at any movement.

I tried to tell him to go away, but the gag and my bondage did not lend toward helping me scold him. I laid back and relaxed hoping that if I lay still enough he would become uninterested and leave.

That’s when the rascal laid down facing away from me, with his back pressed into my inner thighs and my pussy. The feeling of his warm fur against my completely hairless skin was kind of nice.  I wiggled my hips a little bit and tried to get him to move off of me. All I managed to do was get him to sit up, and he started licking his paws as if nothing had happened.

BZZZZZ… it came on again. I looked down to see my cat staring intently on my pussy again, obviously intrigued. He pawed experimentally at my lips, lightly at first, then harder like he was digging for the culprit. The thought of my cat playing with my most sensitive place was not what was having an effect on me. My body’s response to the sensations on the other hand was doing a number. BZZZZZ… then it stopped.

My cat just sat there and pondered the noise that it had just heard, still staring, and pawing at my privates lightly. The pawing felt kind of nice, but when he started to sniff me, tickling me with his whiskers and nose, I really started to squirm. My bonds where ratcheting significantly tighter as I tried to control myself and not move under this tickling torment. Soon the tickling stopped and I felt him walk up my chest, digging his nails into me ever so slightly. When he got to my face he started rubbing his cheek in my cheek. I was so frustrated, one part of me was intolerably horny, another part of me was pissed at my cat’s interference, and yet another part of me was saying “awwww how cute” at his cat love rubs on my cheek. I could hear him purring now, making me feel a little more relaxed.

I tried to use eye language to coax him to get off the bed; I kept looking at him and then making exaggerated looks off the bed. He took me in, trying to figure out what I was doing. Finally he got the clue and stepped off the bed and went off to do his catly things.

After all of that trauma and stress, I was having a hard time now thinking up my first bondage daydream. It also didn’t help (or maybe it DID help) that my struggles had left me tied a lot tighter than I was earlier, barely able to move now, I was unable to shake off the tickling cat hairs he had left behind in his exploration of my bound body.

My skin tingled, I felt like there was cat hairs all over my body. I thought I was just having a psychosomatic itchy reaction to the couple of hairs he had left on me, but the tingling just grew worse. I concentrated and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to push this tingling feeling out of my mind. But as I concentrated I noticed other things. My hips ached, my jaw hurt and I had a headache. My teeth felt weird, like the “Novocaine tingle” you get after the dentist. My ears where buzzing with noise, my nose was picking up smells from everywhere. I could smell my own sex, and I could smell something else, something musky in the air. Then a sharp pain in my lower spine and I blacked out.

….. BZZZZZZZ…. Waking up to the lovely feeling of the vibrator in my ass, I yawned, or... tried to yawn thanks to the penis gag. I felt funny all over, I felt warmer than normal, I felt shorter than normal. I just didn’t feel like myself. What I did feel for sure though was my cat walking back and forth urgently from my left foot too my crotch, rubbing up and down my leg the whole time. I looked down to see what his fuss was all about, and what I saw shocked me. There, all down my chest and legs was a black coat of hair. I was hairy from my toes up to as far as I could see, and from the feeling of it, it covered every inch of me. I looked up at my hands, and saw that same black coat of hair covering my arms and hands. I moved my tongue around in my mouth feeling the penis gag and noticed that my tongue was smaller and felt like it might have been rougher. I took another look between my legs, any yup… there was a tail!

…BZZZZZZ…. Another hit from the vibrator, and my cat stopped to check out the sound again. He turned around to face my pussy, and came closer for a look. From the feeling of his nose on my pussy lips I could tell that there was no hair there, but I could not feel his whiskers on my thighs. He started licking at my lips. I squirmed from this attention and was quickly reminded of the ratchets as I heard one of my legs ratchets clicking away more of my freedom. How had I heard that all the way down there? And I could hear my cat purring too as he licked away at my lips. Sooner than I would have thought normal I was purring into my penis gag. Purring?! I tried to moan, but all that came out was a deep purr from my chest! Oh my god! That dambed cat! He had looked into my eyes when I shooed him off the bed earlier! Oh my god! The bracelet actually worked! And now I’m a cat woman! Oh my god! Is this going to be permanent?!

Sensing my distress, or something, my cat walked back up my chest and came to rub on my face again. The musky smell that seemed ever present since I woke up suddenly was very strong in my nose. Just from the smell I felt my heart flutter in my chest. It was the most wonderful smell I had ever smelled, and I could feel myself getting instantly and uncontrollably hornier if that was possible at all. Animal urges filled my mind; all I wanted to do was get into position so my mate could mount me. Where are these thoughts coming from! Deep in me more visions of me getting mounted filled my minds eye, clouding out most other thoughts. I could see myself in my mind, a wild black panther, getting fucked hard from behind by a huge male. I could feel the urges to turn over and get mounted, but my bonds held tight. I was purring loudly now, I could feel the purring vibrations from my chest all the way down in my sex. My mind thought only of sex.

My cat kept rubbing my face with his cheek, marking his queen with his pheremones. BZZZZZ… My cat pounced down my chest and swatted at my pussy, trying to catch whatever was making the noise. He stuck his paw as far under my butt crack as possible trying to pull out whatever vermin was making the buzzing noise, but to no avail. This new sensation ended quickly though as he went back to licking my privates. From all the excitement and my now super human arousal level, my lips had spread out and gave room for my cat to lick anywhere he liked. I could smell my scent and it smelled different now, completely different from a human, my mind knew the smell, it was the scent of a cat in heat, and it was obviously affecting my cat. He licked at my sex, licking everywhere, inside my labia, thighs, vaginal opening, and every once in a while hitting my clit, sending shocks through my body that threatened to make me black out again. He rubbed his cheeks on my sex and licked away aggressively, he even made two miserably failed attempts to mount me, which my body on its own accord pushed my hips up into him out of habit attempting to help his entry.

Through all of this attention, I could imagine myself lying tied to the bed spread eagle helpless to stop my cat’s attention and helpless to help him mount me. Something older in my mind kept trying to tell me that I didn’t want to be mounted by my cat, but most of my senses where buzzing happily with the prospects of getting fucked. I could just imagine what would happen when my husband would come home. Would he flip out and leave, would he come free me from my binds, would he mount me!?

BZZZZZZ… again that damned vibrator, and my cat still licking away at my sex, was too much to take. So close to climax, so far from getting mounted.

Click, click, click, I heard with my now enhanced hearing. I could hear each tumbler in the lock turning individually. My husband was home. No time left to wonder what he would think. Wanting to get fucked badly I took on a face that I thought most resembled “fuck me hard” and waited for my husband to come upstairs.

As my husband entered the room, he gasped and ran over to my side. I was breathing hard now, breathing deeply trying to get his scent. In an instant the story of his day unfolded in my nose. I could smell his musk, I could tell he was horny, I could smell his coworkers, I could smell his lunch. I could smell the scent of every girl at work that he had come even close to today on his clothes. I was jealous even though I could not smell the sex of any of these women on him. I wanted to take him into me, make him mine so he would have no need to turn to these other women for what he needed.

I could see in my husbands eyes a look of terror at my plight leave as he realized that everything was ok, that I was not hurt. “Relax honey, relax, you’re ok.” My husband said. “The effects will wear off in a couple of hours, I was told the transformation takes less than an hour but the reverse transformation takes about 3-4 hours.” “Honey” he said, “are you hurt?” I nodded “no” to him. “Let me unbind you then, hold still. You know you are kind of sexy like this, you know I prefer shaved, but your ears and button nose are just so cute,” he said with a smirk.

As he unbound me I stretched. I turned over on my stomach and stood on my knees and hands, and arched my back noticing my new flexibility. Bent over in this position I remembered my purpose, I remembered how bad I wanted to get mounted. As swift as a cat, I got up, grabbed my cat, threw him out of the bedroom and closed the door. Without missing a beat, and taking my husband by surprise, I knocked him off his feet onto the ground and with amazing new strength pinned him. He looked surprised but not scared, and I didn’t stop. I quickly took the bracelet off of me and clasped it to his wrist. A renewed look of surprise washed over my husbands face as he fought against me. I held him down until he passed out, just as I had.

I watched him closely as I stripped him naked. The moment I had clasped it on his wrist, I had envisioned what I wanted most. I envisioned an intelegent black panther to take me and make me his. I watched his transformation closely, watched his body fold up into the fetal position and take on a drastically new shape. Unlike my change to a half human half cat, his transformation was looking a lot more complete.

While I waited for his transformation to complete, I examined my own body. I was still mostly the shape of a woman, but with a couple obvious cat features. I realized quickly that my skin was a lot more sensitive to touch, and I even enjoyed petting myself. My chest still had my same breasts on them, but now there where 6 nipples, my top nipples right where they should be, but the next two nipples down where on new breasts about 1/3 the size of my real breasts, below these was my last pair of nipples on yet smaller breasts, almost unnoticeably small. My tongue was indeed smaller and rougher, somewhere between a human and a cat. My ears had risen on my head and formed cat ears. My hands and feet now had blunt claws where once where nails. And seeing my tail whip back and forth by it’s self was a thrill in it’s own.

In under an hour he had changed fully from my husband to a massive 180lb sleek black panther. I ran my hands over his fur, petting him, caressing him. As he started to come to, I welcomed him back with loud purring, and I began licking his face.

He turned to me and raised his head, sniffing the air around me. I pushed him back to lying down, and continued to lick his fur. I wanted to get a full feel for his majestic body now that there was less urgency. I knew I was his queen to fuck and now there was no rush.

I licked his fur, “cleaning” him. Traveling the length of his body, the whole time admiring the strength and tone of his muscles. I realized that if he wanted me, there was no way that I would be able to stop him with my half developed cat/human body. Still purring, I managed my way down his stomach. I repositioned myself so that I was straddling his upper shoulders, knowing damn well that my scent would drive him mad. Sure enough, within moments his erection started to pop out. I licked him up and down, and felt that the texture of his penis was somewhat like my tongue, barbed in one direction. I wondered what this would feel like pumping into my swollen sex. I took his penis into my mouth, massaging his testicles as I worked. Over my purring I could hear him still sniffing the air.

Without warning he rolled his weight from under me, knocking me off balance. He took this opportunity to place a paw on my chest and knock me backwards and come to stand over me. I just laid there, not knowing what would happen next, but knowing that I was powerless in his presence. He brought his nose to my cheek where my cat had been rubbing his smell on me. My husband let out a deep, yet almost silent growl. He licked my face, cleaning off the smell of my cat, then rubbed his cheeks on mine, marking me as his. He took that rough tongue, and traced it down my body, just as I had done to him, but stopping at each of my 6 nipples to tease them. Still with that one paw on my chest, he moved it down to my stomach to hold me in place, while he moved his head down to lap at my thighs and cunt.

He stepped away from me, and swatted roughly at my legs seemingly trying to turn me over. This is the moment I thought. No turning back now, I was going to find out what those barbs on his penis would do to my vagina momentarily. The thought of finally getting mounted surged back into my memory. Lust filled my mind with images of him on my back.

I rolled over on my stomach and put my ass up in the air with my legs spread, he waited absolutely no time to mount me. Having his weight distributed differently in his body now than that of a man’s body, I was now pinned down by almost his full weight. He wrapped his front paws around my waist and humped his penis franticly like a wild animal trying to find its way into me. Obviously aggravated he let out a kind of disgruntled growl/sigh.

The difference in anatomy was aggravating both of us. Without a conscious thought, I reached back between my legs, grabbed his tool, and lined it up. Instinct seemed to take over both of us. As soon as he had entered me, my body seized up like I was frozen in time, I could not move a muscle. While my husband on the other hand was now frantically pumping me at an un-human rate. I could only feel the barbs on his penis when the tip of his penis got to where my hymen was. When his penis was deep in me there was no pain. It did not take long before his humping was done and his seed was spent. He tried to withdrawal. The pain of his barbs trying to exit my body, and something deep within me, caused me on turn to him and hiss loudly. I brandished my teeth and claws at him for trying to exit, and he paused. But after a few moments, as his member started to shrink within me, his penis slipped out of me smoothly and painlessly.

I lay next to him, as he bent down to clean himself off I fingered my clit and stroked my soar pussy lips, purring away.

“Honey” I said, “can you understand me?” my voice was somewhere between an odd whisper and a purr. He nodded “yes”. I reached over and took the bracelet off of him. “Honey, I want you again… but this time I want you as myself. Can you control yourself enough not to hurt my human body?” After a moment he nodded yes again. Without a word I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of my panties as he sat on the floor watching me. I rubbed the panties all over my sex cleaning as much of my juices off as I could, then I pushed the panties inside of me just deep enough to get them soaked even more. I felt my body tingling again, so I rushed off to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Lying on the floor in the fetal position the aching and pains started again. It didn’t take long for me to pass out.

When I woke, I stood up and looked in the mirror. “Damn, I should have gotten photos before I changed back” I thought out loud. There I was in the mirror, normal and hairless again. I quickly took a shower and went back into the bedroom to find my husband there, sleeping curled in a ball next to the heater.

Walking over to him and kneeling with him, I started petting his scruff and neck. He woke with a start and purred almost instantly. “Honey get onto the bed” I said as I got up and went to the bathroom retrieving my soaked panties. “Here this should do it for you” I pressed the panties into his face and rubbed my cat body scent into the hair around his nose. Not a minute had passed and he was hard again, with me licking his shaft. I didn’t feel the same as before, I didn’t have the driving animal urges, but I knew that this was my husband, and somewhere deep inside I was still his queen to be taken.

I pulled a jar of lubrication out of the drawer and lubed up his shaft and my own hole so that his barbs would not hurt so much. Climbing up on his chest, I lowered myself onto his rod, pressing him deep within me. I gasped from how large he was when inside this human body. After a moment I started stroking him with my sex. Slowly, getting myself aroused. To my surprise the feeling of the barbs tugging away at the deeper parts of my sex was turning me on. In this position I could feel the barbs lightly tugging on my G spot. As I got closer and closer to climax, I pumped him slower and slower, holding off my orgasm for what seemed like minutes. Finally when I could not stand my own torment any longer I slowly, carefully pulled him out of me and assumed the position to be mounted. I spread my knees extra far so that I was under the level of his chest.

This time, my husband carefully walked himself over my body and positioned himself. I reached back and pulled him up to my sex as I pulled my knees together to raise my hips into his smooth cool hairy chest. I moved my hips back and pushed him into me slowly, making sure to get him as deep as possible so the barbs would not be pulled back into my hymen. He was so much warmer, almost burning me with his body temperature being much higher than mine.

It was a chore for him to fuck me slowly, I could feel his instincts trying to take over and start brutally fucking me, but he held himself back. I put my face into the bed sheet and screamed in ecstasy as my orgasm built. I reached back with one hand and felt my stomach. A feeling of loss hit me as I realized that I no longer had 6 nipples. I moved that hand back up to play with my breasts, and moved my other hand down to play with my clit.

Coming closer to orgasm now, I yelled out at him “Harder, Fuck me!” All self control he had been showing to this point left him. He pulled his front paws off the bed and wrapped them around my waist taking my breath away. He pressed the entire weight of his torso into me and fucked at me harder and faster than I thought would be possible. Soon I was riding the waves of pleasure, screaming into the bed sheets with my last breath. He squeezed his paws even tighter around me and gave one last fierce jab. I could feel his entire body tense and I could feel his semen surging against my cervix, many times hotter than human semen.

We waited for his erection to subside again as I caught my breath. Once he had fallen out of me I laid him down on the bed and used my own mouth to clean him off this time. When I was satisfied that he was clean I laid myself down behind him, throwing one leg over his hips and one arm over his chest, I hugged him and fell asleep.

When I awoke I was still on the bed hugging my husband, but now he was back to normal and my cat was lying behind me matting on my back purring sleepily.

To my readers, there will not be a sequel, sorry.


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