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Chastity Tube

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Some time ago I became interested in chastity, I had read a great deal of stories about forced chastity and became intrigued at the idea of not being able to have an erection unless someone else allowed it. I of course had no one to be a key holder but I wanted to see if it was something I would be interested in as a life choice. My thoughts carried me to at least try it since I am a great believer in not asking someone to do something if I do not understand fully what I am asking them to do hence letting myself be used a slave by a mistress so I would understand the ideology behind having one myself, something I had done three times.

At the time chastity “Tubes” were limited to how much money you wanted to spend most being inhibitively expensive for a “tester”. After studying many designs I created one myself made out of heavy steel materials and made to fit me exactly. My creation was not attractive but it was very secure and the heft was a nice reminder that my cock and balls were locked up. I wore the device for many weeks adjusting and tweaking it until I was finally being able to wear it for weeks at a time. I found I was constantly aroused by the thought of being out of control and “exposed” for the lack of a better word, when I wore it. The idea of wearing it in public strangely was the biggest reason for my arousal.   

I liked the idea of being in “bondage” while no one around me knew it and the nagging fear of someone finding out became exciting. After a few months I purchased a CB3000, I really liked the design of it and even though I wasn’t sure, since it was made of plastic, that it would give me the same feeling of security I had been getting with my own device but I wanted to try something new. The device was wonderful, it was able to be fitted well and after a few of my own modifications, adding a metal guide and locking pins and covering the hinge of the ring etcetera  until it fit perfectly and could be worn daily and used in my own self bondage practices.

Each day I wore it something seemed different than when I wore the heavy steel one. After wearing it for a month straight, I had sent a package to several friends that had agreed to relay it to the next person. I had wrapped it in several layers and addressing and posting each layer of wrap. It was by far the most daring action I had taken with my chastity, I really didn’t have control of my own cock for the first time. During the whole time I really never felt like I would be in any serious trouble if the key never returned, the confinement was exciting and the frustration was real but I kind of went though each day slightly bored with the plastic device.

The first few days were stimulating and on several occasions I caught myself twisting and pulling on the modified device wanting to remove it and even had an evening where I was expected to have sex. I managed to work my way out not having to explain my self chastity, it involved lots of rope and a very orgasmic, by the end of the event, young woman. During the evening I found myself planning ways to release my swollen and aching cock and realized that due to the plastic it was made from I could, in reality, release myself in a matter of minutes given enough privacy. This discovery also made me aware of why I had not been as enthused or aroused the same way I had been when I was wearing the heavy steel device it was just not secure enough.

Since my revelation I removed the plastic tube donning my fabricated steel device only using the plastic one for private times since it was more comfortable than the one I had built when I wanted to have a restricted erection. Shopping for metal devices became a priority but I still could not justify spending hundreds of dollars on a custom device so when I saw that steel tubes were being made that had the same design of the CB3000 I started looking for one. As I shopped I found several that were exactly like the one I had but made of steel and almost purchased one immediately.

As I shopped I found someone was building a tube that was much shorter than the standard 3000 and the thought hit me that it could be much more uncomfortable being shorter than the standard length. I mean the whole idea is to make it uncomfortable to get an erection right? I ordered the shortest one I could find, less than half the standard length but the same inside dimensions. I waited eagerly for it to arrive when it did I studied it carefully making sure the inside was smooth and became impressed at how well they had duplicated the shape of the 3000.

After scrubbing it thoroughly I slipped the steel ring on my cock and balls. I had asked for the larger ring and the company gladly sent me both sizes so the ring compressed the base of my scrotum and cock nicely so I slipped the tube over my cock and locked it shut. It felt wonderful, the extra weight was very nice and the slight rattle of the lock bouncing on the tube as I walked really turned me on. I wore it for hours at a time adjusting the fit and tweaking the tube along the way.


The first thing I noticed was the tube fit a little loosely on the ring so I designed a slip on piece that would not only snug the tube to ring but would also add to the strength of the tabs on the ring and tube. Once I had the design and mock up made I took them to a machine shop and my friends there made a metal one for me. I had told them I only cared about one thing that whatever metal they used had to be very strong. While I waited for that to be made I went to my locksmith and asked for a very strong lock with a hasp of 5/16th of an inch. I had done lots of business with him so he asked no questions and showed me one in a catalog that I thought would work perfectly.

I covered the hinge of the ring with surgical tubing and made a spacer to tighten the tube to the ring. I began wearing the tube everyday while I waited enjoying the added weight and rattling noise having to explain it several times as change in my pocket. When the adaptor was finished I was stunned by the quality of the workmanship and snapped it in place and locked the tube back on. The added knowledge of the reinforced tabs made me more excited than ever knowing that cutting would be extremely difficult, not to mention painful, and there was no way to remove the tube or ring while the small lock stayed in place.

I had found that like the stories on the internet had said I possibly could twist the tube and ring freeing my cock from the tube. I looked on the internet and found several locking rings for the tubes and fashioned one of my own. The thin locking ring would slide down my cock and fit over the tab of the ring effectively locking the base of my cock to the ring and making it impossible to turn the ring without cutting my cock. The new lock arrived a few days later and opening it for the first time I noticed how sturdy the lock was and was shocked at how large and heavy it was.

When I studied the lock I could see how strong it was noticing the intricacy of the key cuts and read the pamphlet about the metal used and found that it would also be very difficult to cut off. Now I was really excited as I stuffed my cock into the tube and locked it all together with the new lock. I let the lock hang on the tabs and noticed the extra weight right away and smiled as it felt a little heavier than my homemade tube. After a few hours my body felt comfortable in the new set up and I began wearing it daily.

After a week of uncomfortable nights and being distracted everyday by the weight and clanking the lock made on the tube. The constant focusing on anything that wouldn’t let my cock swell almost made me give in and removed it. The next week my body and mind adjusted and I spent several days completely uninhibited by the tube and getting excited I decided to take a chance and send the keys away again. This time I used five friends three of them out of state the last being one of the mistresses I had served briefly and again used my neighbor’s car as a place to hide my extra key limiting my access to it but not taking it away completely. I removed the device and cleaned myself and trimmed the hair around my cock and balls and locked the tube on dropping the small package in the mail as I went to work.

It had already been weeks with no sexual release and I was still seeing the young lady who I had not given any thought to how I would explain not having sex for another three weeks to a month with. Even though Kate had been enjoying my special attention to her needs during the next few weeks I could tell she was starting to question why we hadn’t had sex yet. I was also starting to get anxious about needing some release, the short tube had proven to be much more of a challenge than I had thought. Keeping my cock smashed inside the metal tube had become very uncomfortable again and one evening before meeting Kate for dinner I decided to get my spare key and free my cock when the time was right.

I hadn’t visited my neighbor in a few weeks and slipping around the fence to his driveway I stopped and stared at the new car in the driveway. I quickly checked the temporary tag on the car and read his name so I knew he had purchased in and the date said less than a week ago.  I stood frozen knowing he had traded off the other car and noted the dealer and ran to my car. The idea was to try to get to the car before the dealer had time to get rid of it since I knew they wouldn’t sell that old of a car from the lot. I scoured the lot finding the back lot where the trade ins were kept but not finding his car.

I was dejected and sort of afraid, my only back up was now gone and I knew without the key I could not have a duplicate made. Racing to Kate’s apartment I got there just in time to go out and have dinner where she asked me several times what was wrong and why I seem so distracted. We returned to my house enjoying a bottle of wine before we started kissing, the wine and my distant mind caused me to not react quick enough to keep her hand from drifting to my entrapped cock. Feeling it she suddenly pulled away and asked what was going on.

I was caught, I stammered for a moment then admitted everything to her. We sat talking for almost an hour about the tube and its modifications when she said, rather firmly “I want you to show it to me”. Kind of surprised I stood and lowered my pants showing her. Kate inspected the tube closely, twisting and turning it making me grunt and hiss when she would cause it to pinch me. Kate let go and sat back saying “Aren’t slaves forced to where those?” I was pulling my pants up and answered “Yeah, I guess” Kate smiled and said “Well since you are locked up then we’ll pretend you are my slave for as long as you are forced to wear it”. The cute smile and slight giggle lulled me into agreeing and very quickly I found myself bound spread eagle on my bed.

Kate had not seen the full extent of my bondage equipment collection so she had used the restraints and blind fold I had been using on her. But while she was tickling my foot she asked where the gag was and I told her in the closet, immediately regretting the slip of the tongue. Kate bounced off the bed and I could only hear her rummaging around in the closet listening to her sounds of surprise and giggles as she found more interesting items. Retuning she whispered in my ear about being naughty for not sharing my toys with her and strapped a large gag into my mouth.

I recognized the gag by feel alone and knew she had picked the one that had multiple attachments and knew it was going to be a long night. Kate scraped her finger nails down my chest then clamped my nipples with some very strong clamps that I had only used once because of the strength of their bite. While the pain was still fresh Kate began stroking my cock making it swell even more inside the steel tube forcing a low groan from my gagged mouth and a long giggle from her as she rubbed the tender flesh squeezing out of the holes in the tube. Kate seemed fascinated by the sight of my cock turning red, constantly rubbing and occasionally reaching up and pulling on the chain between the clamps.

After an eternity she moved to the gag and I could feel her attaching what I assumed was the large cock to it. Kate was giggling again as she forced a pillow under my head taking a lot of time to adjust it until she said “Perfect”. I could do nothing to stop her, she had seemed to know how to use the restraints very well and had even used the ratchets to stretch me very tight. My hands twisted involuntarily in the thick leather cuffs as she climbed of the bed again and I listened to her humming as she undressed.

I felt her get back on the bed then suddenly her legs were on either side of my head, I could smell her arousal as she slid her pussy past my nose and mounted the large cock sticking up from my mouth. I quickly realized she was facing my feet and every time she leaned back she smashed my nose making breathing impossible and causing me to start fighting for air. She was enjoying herself pulling on the clamps and scratching my chest all while stopping every few minutes to settle back onto my face and watch and laugh when I started thrashing under her.

After an hour of this treatment she starting pumping the cock hard and fast while I lay listening to her breathing increase and her moans get louder. Finally Kate exploded on the large cock sitting back and moaning while I held my breath as long as I could waiting for her to lift herself off. When I started to struggle again she raised herself off the cock leaning forward licking the tube holding my tortured cock. I could feel her love juice running down the sides of my face as the pain from my cock and balls increased feeling ten times worse than I had ever felt.

Kate kept me bound to the bed all night, she did remove the gag once and forced me to bring her to another climax while she pulled on the chain finally ripping the clamps from my screaming nipples. After that she lay down beside me and fell asleep leaving me bound and helpless to try and ease my aching cock. Waking the next morning she released one of my hands before running to the bathroom leaving me to struggle to release myself. Before I could get my ankles uncuffed she darted out of the bedroom saying she was late for work. I freed my ankles and relieved my bladder prying the gag from behind my teeth as I groaned with relief.

I spent most of the morning rubbing my cock and balls with ice desperately trying to ease the pain from the torture Kate had inflicted on them. When I could finally walk normally I got dressed and went to work planning Kate’s next session under my control. I didn’t see or hear from Kate for a week other than one e-mail saying how much fun she had and hoped I didn’t get my key back too quickly since she enjoyed having a slave. I chuckled at her enthusiasm and reminded her that that was a onetime deal. I got no response from her and continued my chastised life for another week hoping each day my tiny package would arrive.

Arriving home one night I spotted Kate’s car parked out front and pulled into the garage. Turning towards the open door I watched a true vision of fetish beauty slowly walk up the driveway. Kate was wearing a long skin tight black latex dress! It showed every curve she had and her erect nipples were very pronounced as she strode towards me. My dick reacted immediately making me groan as I continued to watch her take the tiny steps the hem of the long dress allowed noticing the thick platforms of her shoes as she moved.

The large bag over her shoulder told me she had more surprises with her and as she got closer I could see the wide collar around her neck with a silver badge in the center. Her hair had been done making her look ferocious and the dark make up and ruby red lips made my cock press harder against the steel covering it. Finally reaching the garage I watched her heaving chest as she stood panting from the exertion of the “long” walk and heard her ask “So what do you think?” I stumbled for the right words as she turned around slowly for me and watched her wonderful ass twist under the tight rubber.

“Incredible!” is all I could mutter and watched her smile and giggle as she shuffled quickly to me and kissed me deeply. “I got it for you, I mean your mistress should look the part shouldn’t she?” I still couldn’t think straight and just shook my head. Kate pulled my hand leading me into the house laughing saying she had something’s for me as well. I followed staring at her ass amazed as she hopped up the single step into the house and continued dragging me to the bedroom. In a more demanding tone she told me to go relieve myself and get undressed. I was so entranced by Kate’s new look I didn’t even think about my plans and just followed her orders.

Returning to the bedroom Kate smiled sweetly as she slipped the blind fold over my eyes then cuffed each wrist in my own leather cuffs and pulled them towards the ceiling by the small eye hooks I had installed and previously used on her. I listened to the rubber that was stretched so tightly over her body creak as she moved around my restrained body running her finger nails over my skin as she explained that we were going out tonight so she could show off her new slave. I started protesting getting a hard slap on the ass for the effort but I explained this was not what I wanted and told her I didn’t want to play the role of slave.

I could hear her walking around me and started to get nervous about her just leaving me bound to the ceiling when she pulled the blind fold off and I could see the tear streaks running down her face as she stood looking at me. Tearfully she told me how much she liked me and that she had never been with anyone that had trusted her like I had. Continuing she said she had wanted to make my time locked up as interesting as possible. She went on to tell me about having to order the dress and other items and then wear it over just for me and now I didn’t want to play anymore.

Kate had dropped my hands so I held her rubber covered body close to me feeling like a complete asshole. I told her I had misunderstood her intentions and that as long as she would stop anything I wasn’t comfortable with immediately I would go along with her plan. The one stipulation, if I would be dressed in public enough of my face had to be covered so no one would recognize me. Kate asked several times if I was sure, saying she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable or be forced into anything and I said I was sure. I should have stopped everything when she added in that firm tone of hers “But once we start you will do as I ask until I release you”, but of course I didn’t.

My hands were yanked towards the ceiling again and the blindfold went back on followed shortly by a gag I was not familiar with. It had a fat long phallus attached to what felt like a ring gag at the base. She said no one would recognize me with this on since it covered so much of my face so I knew I would be wearing it tonight. She buckled the harness around my head very tight and I listened as each lock snicked closed around my head. Next I felt her wrap something over my mouth and lower face and felt her fussing with it as it grew tighter and tighter finally sealing my mouth completely shut around the phallus keeping my tongue pressed down and my mouth spread wide open.

As I struggled with the gag, having never had anything this large in my mouth before I felt her wrapping leather straps around my chest then stomach and up between my legs pulling a strap tight against my sphincter. Kate tugged and pulled on the straps until my chest and stomach were compressed under them making me unable to take a deep breath. As I struggled to breathe I felt her start wrapping my legs with more straps starting below my crotch working her way to my ankles. I could feel six straps on each leg then she pressed my legs together connecting the straps around my thighs directly together and the rest were connected with short chains.

I was really starting to get aroused again at the idea of being strapped so tightly but then she said “I wouldn’t want you to be able to run away from me”  as she pulled the chain between my ankles tighter. Kate rubbed my body purring at her handy work slowly telling me how wonderful I looked lulling me into another false sense of confidence. Lowering my arms she left the cuffs wrapped tightly around my wrists locking them together behind my back before pulling the thick armsleeve up over them and began lacing it. I had never used or had an armsleeve used on myself but it had always interested me so I didn’t struggle while she kept pulling and yanking the laces. The more she pulled the more my shoulders started to complain until I could take no more and started whining and pulling away from her. She coed in my ear “I think that’s tight enough for now, we’ll adjust it later”. I moaned behind the gag knowing I had screwed up again and now had no other choice but to go through with whatever she had planned for the evening.

Now that the armsleeve was tightly holding my arms behind my back and I was limited to just a few inch step she said only two more things then we could go. I moaned again then felt her attach something to the lock on my chastity tube and felt her whip the leash over my shoulder. The last item was a pair of shoes “We can’t have you walking around bare foot now can we” she said as she pushed me onto the bed and stuffed my feet into what felt like super high heels. They turned out to be only four inch heels but since I had never worn heels before I was sure they were ten inches tall. She locked the wide straps around my ankles below the cuffs and pulled the harness forcing me to stand. I whined as she talked softly to me urging me to try and walk in the new shoes.

I wobbled around with her help until I could manage on my own then felt her tugging on the leash directing me around the room. I mumbled stop several times as each tug sent a great amount of pain through my cock and balls but all that came out was mumm making it sound like I was enjoying the treatment. Kate continued tugging on the leash leading me out of the bedroom through the house and out to the garage. I was teetering on the edge of the step whining knowing the short stride I had would not let me take the step, Kate kept pulling on the leash finally making me take the step and almost falling down.

Kate laughed as she steadied me while I moaned and struggled in the restraints pulling against her desperate again to show her I wanted it to stop. Kate pulled the leash towards something and tied it off leaving me flailing at the end of it while she stood back and watched. When I stopped and was standing gasping for air she stepped back up to me and said “Feel better?” “Well how about worse” and started pinching and twisting my nipples before snapping a pair of serious nipple clamps onto my erect nipples. I squealed behind the gag as she tightened the monsters up. I had worn clamps a lot, I have always enjoyed having the added pain from them during self bondage and even during sex with a bound and gagged woman but none of them had even bitten as hard as the ones she had put on me.

Kate raised the chain to the clamps attaching it to the gag straps forcing my head to bow forwards keeping in a more “submissive posture” she said as she pulled the leash again. This time I followed, letting her lead me to my own car and sit me backwards into the trunk. I had no more fight left in me, my mind had convinced my body it was better to go along than to fight so I sat in the trunk and let her raise my feet and rolled onto my side so she could shut it on top of me. The evil snicker I heard as she shut the trunk gave me butterflies in my stomach as the depth of my helplessness hit me.

Kate turned the radio up loud as she drove hitting every bump as hard as possible causing my nipples and shoulders to hurt worse. Feeling the car stop I heard the trunk pop and felt Kate grab my ankles and pull me around. She pulled the harness helping me to sit up and drug me to my aching feet. I was still blind and completely silent as she pulled the leash and led me as fast as I could go to somewhere that I had no idea where it was. It seemed like the walk was a long one and I was wishing she had removed the blindfold so I could watch her firm ass struggle under the rubber. I started to hear music and realized she was taking me to a club. The only thing I could hope for was that she was leading me to the fetish club she had been talking about and not just a regular dance club.

Kate stopped me and told me there was a curb in front of me and started saying “Jump up boy, Come on you can do it!” Eliciting laughs from apparently a group of people standing around the door way. I hopped up catching the curb with my toes and wiggled forwards until my heels touched the ground again getting cheers from the group. I was led around the club twice wincing and grunting with each step as my feet hurt more. Kate yelled into my ear “Sit here I’ll be right back!”  Shoving me into a deep chair then wrapping the leash around my neck and the back of the chair. My feet throbbed but felt better with my weight off of them, my shoulders were aching and my cock and balls felt like they had been stretched out a foot but with everything that had happened I still felt better than when Kate tortured my trapped cock for hours on end.

I spent several more hours at the club being the entertainment for everyone she knew and just about the time the sleeve had stretched a little and my shoulders had adjusted slightly someone commented on how loose it was. I heard Kate’s voice say “Go ahead!” and felt the laces being pulled. Within seconds my arms were crushed together making me whine but no one could hear my gagged moans over the loud music. Kate adjusted the clamps tighter enjoying my thrashing and just before leaving she took the strap that I had felt dangling from the end of the armsleeve and pulled it through my legs wrapping it tightly around my trapped cock and balls. I had leaned back slightly to ease the tension but had done it to early allowing her to pull the slack out forcing me to lean backwards while keeping my head down so I didn’t yank on my screaming nipples.

The only thing I was thankful for while I stood balancing on my high heels was that none of this aroused me to the point where my cock was swelling too much inside the steel. Kate finally led me away from the noise and stuffed me into the trunk again, I had whined all the way to the car hoping she would understand but we were both partially deaf from the music so I don’t think she ever heard me.

The ride home was more eventful since she had been drinking and my arms were now attached to the cock ring pulling on it with every breath. Kate parked in the garage leaving me inside the trunk for another eternity before finally pulling me out and yanking on the leash. I could tell the alcohol had now hit her fully and was quite irritated she drove us home in that condition but that would be a topic for another time. She yanked and tugged on my cock leash letting me bump into everything as she drug me to the bedroom.

I stood gasping wondering where she was when she pushed me to my knees and slurred “You're worthless like this, I can’t even use you to make me cum!” I turned my arms to her whining desperately trying to plead with her to free them. I heard her sit down hard on the bed and call me over to her. I walked on my knees towards her voice then she said “Turn around”. Once I had turned I felt her trying to untie the knot in the laces but after a few minutes of messing with it she mumbled “Screw it” and pushed me away. I listened to her crawling onto the bed and couldn’t believe how fast she fell asleep leaving me bound and gagged on my knees until she came to.

I whined and moaned while I twisted and pulled at the arm sleeve, feeling she had definitely made it looser and since I knew she had pulled the shoulder straps off it gave me hope I could wiggle out of it. For hours I twisted and pulled on the strap connected between my legs until finally the sleeve fell away from my arms. The relief was so intense I almost fell over and had to lean forward onto the bed to let all the feeling come back into my freed arms. I wiggled a twisted in the cuffs knowing them well and managed to get one of the buckles to loosen slightly and pulled my wrist out of it.

Rubbing my hands for several minutes I finally could feel them well enough to begin working the blind fold out from under the head harness. Now I could see and had the use of my hands again but I was still locked in the gag harness and my legs were welded together by the tight straps that she had locked on as well as the shoes. Thankfully Kate had passed out with the lights on so I was able to look around for the keys. Forcing myself to stand in the painful shoes I couldn’t see any keys lying around so I moved to the front rooms and looked for a purse or something she might have been carrying.

Finding the car keys next to her shoulder bag I dug through it producing a key ring that only had padlock keys on it, no house or car keys and knew it had to be the one. I had thought about removing the gag first but I needed more time to search for each key blindly and I wanted to make sure “mistress” Kate was secured before she woke up. I started with my ankles and worked up to my thighs then finally unlocked the ankle straps of the torturous shoes moaning loudly as I removed them and rubbed my cramped feet.

I unlocked the wrist cuffs and grabbed several pairs of the cuffs, linking two sets of the legs cuffs together and descended on the unconscious maker of my recent torture. I first cuffed her wrists together then her ankles, taking the longer straps I wrapped them around her thighs above and below her knees pulling each strap tight enough to see her rubber skin bulge out from under them. Once she was secured I started wrestling with the harness locks. Kate lay quietly while I searched for the correct keys and was finally able to pry the strange gag from my mouth.

Relieved I sat rubbing my sore jaw before noticing the clock and figured I had been gagged for over eight hours and bound for at least six. Grunting I thought to myself twelve hours should be enough to teach her a lesson and quickly lowered the blind fold over her eyes and stuffed her mouth with the torturous gag, but not before figuring out why the phallus seemed so strange. Once the head harness was locked exceedingly tight I grabbed the armsleeve and wrestled it up her limp arms. I had found the zippered panel that could be undone to make it larger and closed the heavy zip before lacing it completely closed. Her lifeless arms gave little resistance making it a simple task to weld her arms together from wrist to elbow.

The shoulder straps were tightened to the point of digging into her rubber skin and for good measure I pulled her cuffed ankles up to the strap on the end of the sleeve and pulled her ankles up to her finger tips. I sat for a moment thinking about what I had been through smiling at a few of the memories but for the most part getting more angry as I thought about how she had abused my trust, now it was my turn. I went through the heavy bag she had carried in finding several items that led me to believe she had not intended on releasing me as she had said. After finding the items I sat thinking and formulated a plan to keep her my bondage slave for at least a week deciding that if she wanted to see me anymore or not that it just didn’t matter anymore.

I composed an e-mail to a mutual friend that worked with Kate asking her to tell her boss Kate would be out next week making up a story that I knew she would like. Next I e-mailed all the people I had sent the package to asking if they had gotten it and sent it on as I had asked them to do. With my chores complete I lay down next to my bondage slave still wrapped in her tight latex and leather and fell asleep with my arm draped over her.

Waking the next afternoon by the squirming and whining rubber clad package I slowly roused and asked Kate what was wrong. Kate grunted and whined loudly behind the gag while she shook her arms and legs. I said “Comfortable?” She whined again and thrashed harder in her bonds. I lay watching her struggle for a few minutes listening to her pant through her nose then asked “I’ll bet you have to pee don’t you?” Kate whined and nodded her head. “Go ahead, I’m sure that rubber dress will hold as much as you got”. Kate screamed behind the gag and started thrashing again finally rolling herself off the side of the bed.

I caught her and let her fall much slower to the floor then rolled over and napped for a little longer waking again to her whining and could tell by the smell she had relieved herself in her rubber cocoon. “Feel better?” I asked as I patted the bubbles of body fluids moving under the tight rubber. I went to the bathroom and then told her about how she was going to spend the next week or so learning about how it feels to be forced into slavery then maybe she would think twice about doing it to someone else. She screamed and whined when she heard that making me laugh as I went to get something to eat and check my e-mails.

Everyone but the last recipient had responded as well as our friend that said she understood and would tell their boss a good lie for her. I called my former mistress to ask if she had gotten my package or not having to leave a message asking for her to call me. Kate spent all day Saturday locked in her hogtie forced to roll around in her own urine as I cleaned the house and myself and prepared for her next position. About ten o’clock Saturday night I got a call from my mistress and after a brief chat she ordered me to come to her house to show her why I needed the key I had mailed to her. “Damn!” I cursed to myself, I had hoped she wouldn’t figure it out or care enough to look now I was at her mercy again but I knew I needed the key so I agreed and she told me to be there by midnight or she would throw away the key.

I didn’t have time to do anything with Kate so I rolled her over and clamped her nipples with the same clamps she had used on me and quickly got dressed and sped to Angela’s house. She lived a little over an hour away but with luck I would be there early. I drove thinking about how our relationship had ended still convinced it had been amicable but worried about her tone on the phone. Arriving a few minutes early I gathered myself up and knocked on her door desperately trying to control my breathing and not look scared. Angela opened the door with a smile and stepped back to let me look at her wonderful body asking “Do you like my dress?” I stammered I did as I stared at the wonderful lines the tight leather made.

She wore a tight leather pencil skirt that drew her silk covered legs tightly together at her knees. The platform shoes she wore had multiple straps around her ankles and sharp looking spikes that stuck out all over. I followed the lines up to her tiny waist noticing the tight leather corset she had on and how it pushed her wonderful breasts up and all most out of the top. The large collar around her neck held her head rigidly straight making it look long and thin with her red hair flowing around her beautiful face. I smiled weakly as she motioned for me to come in and fell in behind her as she led the way to her living room. Again I was transfixed by her firm ass moving under the tight leather and had to think of something else as I felt my dick harden.

Looking away from her leather covered ass desperately trying to look at something less arousing I stared at the corset lacing that was pulled so desperately tight causing the thick leather to pucker around each eyelet making my dick try to shoot to full attention inside the steel tube. We sat across from each other and she began chatting about what she had been doing watching me stare at her heaving breasts as she inhaled between sentences. I remembered being in love with her body, loving it more each time I laced her corset and pulled her stockings up to the garters. I moaned slightly as my cock fought the steel entrapping it catching her attention.

“Well let’s see it” she said suddenly. I looked down suddenly feeling very embarrassed at my situation. When she snapped her fingers I stood up instantly and dropped my pants showing her the shining steel around my cock and balls. She drew me closer and inspected it, “I see you’ve made some modifications”. I nodded yes “Well tell me about them” she ordered. I quickly explained what I had done to it as she twisted and pulled making uh huh sounds as she spotted what I was talking about. I politely asked if I could have my key returned followed by mistress. Angela dropped my cock and stood up in my lowered face and said “You don’t get to call me that anymore!” I felt the ground open under me as she continued “You wanted to leave, remember and look what that got you!”

I could think of nothing to say and just stood there with my shining cock and balls waiting for her next words with deepening regret of sending her my key. “I think we can come to some kind of arrangement” I looked up slightly and said “Thank you”. “You were the only slave I didn’t get tired of and release from my service” Angela stated “And now you are here asking me for something, I only released you because you had said you were really a dominant but seeing you like this I wonder.” Angela finished “ I wonder if you have figured out yet that you are really submissive and all this talk about trying other things out first was just a cover story for you to leave me?”    

I stood with my face lowered and listened to her talking not pulling my pants up until she told me to and though maybe she was right. We talked for another hour about me and how things were going for her when she finally asked if I would agree to spend one weekend a month with her to see if she could help me decide. I told her it would be my honor to stay with her but secretly I thought she was going to use the key as away to control me until she was satisfied. She rose to her feet to walk me out handing me my key and said “No, I don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do” she continued as I stood there in deep thought “Call me if you still want to spend time with me as your mistress” looking up I said “I don’t need time, I still would consider it an honor that you would even take the time to help me.”

On the drive home I thought about what she had said and decided that my revenge on Kate was not the way to treat her. Arriving home I quietly checked on Kate finding her just as I had left her then ran a hot bath and as gently as possible removed the restraints I had placed on her. Once she was free of everything except the head harness and blind fold I peeled the latex from her soaked skin and led her to the bathroom picking up her spent body and setting her in the hot water. As I began washing the trapped fluids from her skin I explained what I wanted from her. She would choose what happened next, I would not force her to stay with me and be my slave but I would not ever be treated the way she had treated me again.

I told her if she wanted to stay with me I would like her to but she would need to accept that I was not her submissive and that I wanted someone that wanted to be treated as mine. I slipped the keys to the harness into her hand and told her I would be waiting in the living room for her when she made her decision and to take her time deciding. An hour later I heard her exit the bathroom and could hear her dressing and waited anxiously for her to join me. After another thirty minutes I checked on her and found a wonderful sight, her answer was to redress herself in a latex catsuit. All the leg restraints had been placed back on her and she knelt with her hands stuffed in the loosened armsleeve.

I was shocked and very happy and asked her quietly if she was sure this is what she wanted. Kate moaned and nodded her head turning her arms towards me while pushing them up at me. I quickly relaced the arm binder closed tightening the straps across her shoulders and turned her around noticing that the center of the gag had been removed leaving her mouth stretched open in a perfect circle. My cock had already hardened again and I quickly stripped off my clothes and carefully unlocked the steel tube that had been restraining my cock for so long. I watched it stretch out and sighed then asked if this is what she wanted reminding her I had gotten my key back. Kate vigorously shook her head so I wasted no time stuffing my cock into her mouth and stood panting as she sucked and stroked it until I exploded filling her gapping mouth to overflowing.

Kate refused each attempt I made to free her arms or remove her head harness over the next twelve hours. I retied her in several different positions and relieved my sexual tensions many times during that time. When I came the last time I was exhausted laying back panting telling her I was done. When I started to untie her from the awkward position she was in she moaned and wiggled her up swung ass finally communicating to me she wanted to be left as she was. I told her I was going to sleep, probably all day she still insisted on being left restrained and mumbled “amsh”. After a few yes or no questions I found out she wanted the clamps put back on her nipples. I smiled and did as she had asked inserting a small cock shaped vibrator into her pussy before zipping the crotch of the suit closed.

I fell asleep happy, I now had a willing slave that really liked tight bondage and a wonderful mistress I would be spending time figuring out my sub/dom questions. I found out the next day after releasing Kate she had just wanted to try out being a dominate and knew she should be punished for treating me the way she did so that was one of the reasons she had asked to remain bound. “Besides” Kate said as she wiggled her bare ass on my lap “I really enjoyed it and figured you needed more relief”. After hating myself for getting stuck in the chastity tube now all I could think as I locked it back on was how lucky I was to have done it.        

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