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The Chocolate Factory

by Texvector

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When I was in High School, I was a goddess. Men wanted me, women wanted me, and the female teachers wanted to be me.  But in the last seven years, I’ve spent every Valentine’s Day alone.  Sure I’ve had my share of boyfriends and even a few girlfriends. But they always seem to desert me at the start of February.  

I’m 5’5”, 109 lbs., 34c natural with pierced nipples. I have long sunflower blonde hair that comes down to the middle of my back.  I also have piercings in my bellybutton, two labia piercings and a vertical clit hood ring.  

Two of my boyfriends and several of my girlfriends liked bondage.  I loved it when they would tie me up and lick me to orgasm.  They were able to have their way with me and there was nothing I could do about it.  When they would leave me, however, I would still crave that feeling of helplessness. That was when I started self binding.  Gromet’s page has helped me immensely by providing me numerous stories from which to draw my ideas from.  

Now, I want to share what I did this Valentine’s Day. Regrettably spent just like the seven previous ones, alone. Sob.  When my last boyfriend left me January 4th, I knew what was to come.  A day all alone, eating chocolates, sitting nude at my computer chatting with people who just wanted to watch me play with my pussy.  But since this year it falls on a Monday, I have a chance to do some self bondage over the weekend and hopefully make this a year worth remembering.  

I started by ordering The Chocolate Factory.  That product that you see advertised on TV that lets you melt your own chocolate and make it into molds and different things.  When that arrived I had two weeks to plan and prepare for what I was determined to make the best Valentine’s Day ever.  I started by making up several dozen chocolate snacks. These were made of the darkest, sweetest chocolate that I could find.  I put them into the freezer to keep from eating all of them before the day arrived to use them.  

This routine continued until the twelfth when, at last count, I had over 300 chocolates.  Friday morning I took all of my bondage gear that was to be used to the back bedroom that I had stripped of all furniture and the bed.  I installed a small wall mounted electric heater and plugged it into a timer. This would turn the heater on tomorrow morning at10 am and off at 10:30. Then it would cycle on and off, half an hour at a time until 3 pm.  This would make the room nice and warm despite the fact that it was only about 65 degrees outside. Texas winters, don’t try to figure them out.

I took some heavy construction paper and blocked out the window to keep any light from coming in.  I plugged another timer to a lamp that would come on at 9:30 am and start cycling half an hour at a time at 10:30. Now came the hard part. Not as hard as making 300 chocolates without eating any, but very close. I wanted to cover both the floor and the walls with plastic.  I would only need to cover the bottom 4 feet of the walls because I planned to be in a hogtie and thus wouldn’t be able to reach much higher.  This took the better part of the afternoon, and just before I normally start dinner, I finished.  

After supper I rented two movie cameras with 6 hour tapes and plugged them into the wall so I wouldn’t have to worry about the batteries dying.  A piece of electrical tape over the record lights meant that I wouldn’t be able to tell if they were taping.  One would record normally and the other would record with night vision.  I could splice them together to make one film later.  I have used this room for bondage before and there are consequently dozens of eye screws inserted into the walls and ceiling.  The two movie cameras would be on opposite sides of the room on shelves near the door and side window and angled downward to watch the floor.

I put a chain around the handle of the regular camera and locked it on along with a key that I had put onto a welded metal ring.  The only way to open the lock which that key fit was to carry the camera with it.  This key fit a lock that held another chain securely around a branch in the tree in my front yard.  Yes, the front yard that faces the street.  On that chain was the lock to the door on my bedroom, in there was the key to the lock to my wash room, in there was the key to my ankle shackles and to my car. The car key was useless without the key to the garage or the transmitter to the garage door.   

The key to the garage was at the bottom of a large bucket of chocolate milk that I would later add 4 whole bottles of chocolate syrup to and place in a tree in the back yard that can only be entered by way of the wash room or a locked fence.  The transmitter I went out and hid inside of a large box that I then put into my trash dumpster. 

On top of this box I dumped a box of flower petals into the dumpster.  Since no one has bought me flowers for Valentine’s in 7 years… I bought some for myself.  The poor trash people don’t get Valentine’s Day off.  So I figured I might as well give them at least a chance of getting off, or at least a show, if I couldn’t find the nerve to get the key to the garage door.  

I wrapped the camera in saran wrap to keep from gumming up its components with chocolate when I was carrying it. The only parts left open were the lens, microphone, and the record button.  I laid a pair of hand cuffs, two pairs of ankle cuffs and my box of master locks.  

In my bedroom I laid out what I had chosen to wear for my bondage in chocolate.  A white latex corset with breast holes to allow my tits to jiggle and swing with the breeze.   A white garter belt and nude stockings, 4” heels with ankle straps so I can’t kick them off.  To the kitchen I took:  ankle and wrist cuffs along with a large pair for my thighs.  4” wide black lace choker over which I would strap on a 2” wide white leather slave’s collar with a gold plated ‘D’ ring in the front.  I also wanted to use my big red ball gag that strapped on over my face.  

The final bit of preparation was to lay out my chastity belt and decide which vibrator, if any, I would put with it for tomorrow.  I decided that this could wait until morning. A local radio station was sponsoring a ladies night and I felt that it might be worth the time to try to find someone for a last minute Valentine.  This despite the fact that if I went and actually found a worthy guy, I couldn’t very well bring him home and show off all of my bondage fetish for him, now could I; hmm, could I?  

I entered the bar and instead of paying a cover charge, all the women had to do was fill out a door prize slip. Some of the prizes were 40 lbs. of chocolate candies, $100 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret, dinner for 2 at several restaurants, etc.  Everything was decorated with red hearts and cupids and there were people dancing and kissing and holding hands and ……..and …… and everyone there was just making me so damned lonely and depressed.  

I quickly ended up at the bar as the bartender was passing out a round of “Heartbreakers,” a shot of brandy with melted chocolate at the bottom and set afire.  I joked to the bartender that he should pass these out to all the guys before giving me one. That way I had a better chance of not ending up alone.  He just smiled, turned away, and like all the rest of the men in my life, left me alone with nothing but a mouthful of chocolate.  

That was all that I needed. I headed for home but now I was mad. At men, at women, at everybody. I wanted something to make that pain go away so I stopped at the only place that I knew would be empty on Valentines’ Day eve eve. To my surprise, the adult video store was packed with all of the couples who wanted to make their upcoming Valentines’ Day, ‘all the more special.’  I bought three masturbation videos of women getting off without help from anyone else.  I also bought an 8” long, 1.5” thick jelly vibrator and an 8” long 1.5” thick studded dildo.  I didn’t care who saw me, who recognized me, or who … whatever.  All I wanted was to be alone. All alone.


I left with a miniature little smile knowing that the clerk and I had both figured out how this evening was going to end.  When I arrived home I stripped naked, turn the heater to 80 and pushed my TV and VCR to the bathroom door. I lit some candles, drew my bath and shaved my legs and pubic area while intermittently playing with my new dildo and watching several women getting their groove on.  After I got all pruney from the bath, I moved the TV-VCR back into the living room and continued watching my movies.  My new vibe also got a work out which left me sitting in a pool of sweat and pussy juices in my leather recliner.  

Around 10 pm, I felt very naughty. This naughtiness is what drove me to strip my closets of all but the sluttiest of my clothes. The rest I took out and put into the garage, but since the floor was messy I shoved them into several garbage bags to keep them clean.  Then I went and sluttied up my remaining clothes even more by cutting the crotch out of the tight blue jeans that were about a size too small, and the breast area out of the tops that were left.  My remaining bras and panties also went out to the garage.  

It was now 11 pm and I was bored, horny, and without much to wear.  There wasn’t much else to do so I decided to start putting out the chocolates so I could sleep a little while longer.  I opened my freezer and grasped my nipples as the frosty air hardened them.  The five bags held around 60 chocolates each. Only three of them held the copies of the key that would release the lock holding me in my hogtie.  Problem was, these three keys were mixed in with the other 297 regular chocolates. I would have to crush, squish, splat, or use my body heat to melt the chocolates until I found a key.  

I entered my bondage room and started placing chocolates in the far corner near the cameras.  I put one about every 10 inches in a grid pattern.  This repeated until four of the five bags were empty.  I left a pathway from the door to the far corner which was directly in the view of the cameras.  Above this corner were a few shelves that I placed my rope bag with all of the locks and other things that I would need tomorrow.

Now I was tired and finally decided to go to bed. Before retiring for the evening, I checked the power supply and tapes to the cameras. Then I reached behind the poster board and just opened the window about an inch.  When I left my bondage room, I closed the heating vent and stuffed a towel under the door. The cooler outside air would keep my chocolates from melting and assure that they would require lots of body heat to melt.  I took a quick shower to wash off the sweat from earlier but ended up playing with myself in the tub.

I got up around 8 am and showered, again, played with myself, again, and had a good cum, again.  I gave myself a nice little enema and then fingered a good bit of lube into my anus.    I dressed by putting on my stockings, garter belt, high heel shoes, and finally my corset.  I carried my chastity belt, new vibrator and dildo, and a few lengths of rope to the kitchen and set down for breakfast.

I had a banana, some dry cereal, and a glass of chocolate milk and then I set up the bucket of chocolate milk and chocolate syrup hanging from the tree in my back yard. The cold air and my lack of dress made sure that I would accomplish this job quickly.  I went back inside and set up my movie camera on a tripod in the kitchen. This was my personal camera and not one of the two that I had rented. 

I sat at the kitchen table and spoke to the camera, locking on my wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs as I spoke.  “My name is Opal, and I am a self bondage slut who can’t get a date for Valentine’s Day.  I have tried men, women, and couples and no one wants to be with me on Valentine’s Day.  I never get any cards, gifts, or flowers from anyone. So, I’ve decided to give myself a present in the form of a good fucking, a little bondage, and a whole lot of chocolate.  But first, we’ll start with that little bit of bondage and that good fucking.”

I stood up and dipped my fingers into my glass of chocolate milk, followed by rubbing them over my breasts. I caressed them and squeezed them for the camera.  Then I took a rope and placed the knot in the middle of it over my head and let the ends hang down between my breasts.  I lifted my left breast and started to wind the rope around my tit.  I left it only tight enough to keep the rope on but not too tight so as to cut off circulation.  Then the right tit got the same treatment.  They were both tied off to the knot behind my neck.  

Next came the chastity belt.  I inserted the vibrator and dildo into the belt, vibe up front, faux cock in my ass.  I crawled up onto the table and gave the camera a good look at my well shaven body.  I sat the chastity belt up on the table like the vibe was the center piece at Thanksgiving dinner.  I slowly lowered myself onto it, pumped a few times, and then repeated with the dildo into my ass.  A few minutes of exchanging holes and I finally settled fully onto both intruders.  I rocked my legs forward and snapped the clasp onto the chastity belt.  “OH, NO!” I exclaimed to the camera. “I forgot to turn it on!!!”

My vibrator was lifeless within me.  I reached down and tried to force my fingers around the belt to turn the dial at the base of the vibe.  Finally, with my index finger of each hand, and coming from either side of the belt, I managed to put it on a low setting.  Satisfied that this was the best that I could accomplish and since it was already 9:30 I moved to the last item on the table. 

The ball gag that I had chosen was very unique. It was large enough that it would force my teeth apart when it was in place.  But what made it unique was that it was formed into the shape of a man’s scrotum.  The ‘balls’ would rest between my molars preventing me from closing my mouth.  It also has a ‘drool tube’ that allows my spit to run out the front of the gag and down my chin.  “I’ve chosen this gag to prevent me from tasting any of the ‘sweet rewards’ that you will see me using in just a few minutes.” I said to the camera.  

Stretching my jaw around the red rubber ball sack, I strapped the invader into place and used a small padlock to secure it there.  I pulled my hair out from around the gag and allowed it to cascade over my shoulders and down my back.  I let the camera watch me walk to the freezer and remove the final bag of chocolates.  I decided to amend my previous scenario and took my video camera to the bondage room also. This would enable me to capture another point of view of my struggles.  

I removed the towel from the bottom of the doorway and stepped into my bondage room closing the door quickly behind me. It was like a meat locker due to the window being open even so slightly.  I tiptoed through the chocolates and closed the window fully. On my way back to the door I set the first two cameras to record and then set my third camera on a low shelf, 90 degrees to the other two.  I started it recording again and stepped over to the door. From the bag I left a trail of chocolates which led over to the corner under my bondage bag and locks.  

I ‘painted myself into a corner’ using the chocolates.  Once I was there I still had about 20 chocolates left so I scattered them around the room. Just then, click, 10:00 came and the heater went on.  I had forgotten about the room light so I had to tiptoe back around the chocolates to turn it off.  When I got back to the corner, I grabbed my restraints and locks and sat down.  First I put a pair of ankle shackles on just below leather straps.  Then I used a padlock to secure the ankle cuffs together.  

I snapped one end of a second pair of ankle shackles onto the loop of rope that bound my breasts.  Rolling onto my right side, I put another padlock onto the cuffs that surrounded my thighs.  I laid another padlock on the floor behind me and then reached for my handcuffs.  I snapped one side of the handcuffs onto my right wrist and then reached behind my back to secure it to the left wrist.  The padlock on the floor was difficult to reach but I managed to get it and use it to secure my wrist cuffs together.  Finally, I felt for and grabbed the loose end of the ankle shackle that hung down my back.  When I heard it snap shut around the chain of the shackles around my ankles. I knew that I was in for the duration.  


Immediately I started fumbling for the chocolates.  They were still hard and the heater had only been running for about 10 minutes.  The chill in the room was gone but it was anything from warm.  I dragged my breasts over the plastic as I sought to collect as many chocolates together as possible.  I thought that if I could roll over along my sides, I could get to more chocolates in a shorter period of time.  As I rolled the plastic acted like a funnel and pulled the chocolates away from my hands.  They accumulated in nice rows but they were still too hard for me to break with my bare hands.

I resolved to at least collect the chocolates into a few rows so I wouldn’t have to traverse the room checking each candy individually before moving to the next.  I flopped and rolled across the center of the room and managed to bounce enough on the plastic to get the candies to follow me into the depression of my body.  I figured that I had about 60 candies in the pile in the middle of the room but they were still too hard to work with when the heater and light went off.  

I laid there in the dark, lukewarm room on my breasts atop a number of little chocolate treats that I could neither eat, lick, or break.  I could however feel the ones beneath me starting to melt as my tits ground them into the floor.   I started to smell the chocolates and finally became truly aroused.  Here I was, essentially nude, bound, gagged, filled with a dildo in my ass and a vibrator in my pussy. All held firmly in place by a chastity belt which I had put onto myself.  Locked in a darkened, plastic covered room surrounded by hundreds of Valentine’s Day treats.  I was even videotaping myself to be able to live this moment again and again. 

I started humping against the floor trying to get more stimulation from the vibe.  That was when I noticed that I could feel the chocolate lubing up my breasts and making them slip along the plastic.  I lifted myself up and allowed more chocolates to fall under me and continued to hump. I have no idea how long I was at it, but when the lights came on and I was able to bring myself to my knees, the chocolate was literally dripping from my tits.  That was when I realized that kneeling in a hogtie wasn’t such a good idea.

I lost my balance quite easily and fell face forward into a pool of melted chocolate.  That was an experience filled with pain, embarrassment, and a spray of chocolate coating my face, hair, and the nearby wall just above the plastic.  I rolled over again and managed to use my head to rake another pile of chocolates into the pool at the center of the room.  Then once again I laid tit first into the pool and resumed humping the sauce.  The room was now comfortably warm and I rolled onto my back facing each of the cameras in turn to show off my candy coated front.

I took a moment and rolled away from the pool of chocolate and then turned to allow my hair to fall into the melted liquid. I rolled my head and pushed it downward to thoroughly soak my long blonde locks turning me into a chocolate brunette.  My hair slicked into a chocolate ponytail and dragged along the plastic as I rolled once more, again onto my tits, wrapping my hair around my neck like a mans tie.  

I pushed my face into the pool and tried to drink through the drool hole in my gag.  A stream of melted chocolate poured from my lips and I sucked at the gag and swirled my tongue, trying to suckle some of the sweet delight into my wet mouth.  Though it was very thick, I managed to drink up some of the dark nectar.  I turned towards the cameras to show my browned face and newly died hair.  If it turns out good on film, I’ll consider dying my hair like this for real.  That way I can have a daily reminder of what I did on my Valentine’s Day.  

After a long slurp from the pool, I rolled onto my left side to show the camera the mix of drool and chocolate spill from my face.  I was about to repeat this for the other camera when I noticed a shiny spot on the plastic. ‘AWWWW,’ I thought, I’ve already found a key!  ‘I’m going to be out of here in just a few more minutes and I haven’t even played with half of the chocolate.’ Not to disappoint me, fate intervened; ‘click!’ the room went silent and dark.  I half smiled half sneered. 

Part of me wanted to get moving but the rest of me knew that what was to come was inevitable.  So why not just enjoy what was here for as long as I was able.  I rolled away from the pool again and gathered more chocolates.  Pushing them as fast as I could with just my shoulders but also using my head and now stiffening hair treatment.  I once again found the pool of now cooled chocolate and added the whole of my gatherings.  Face down into the plastic, I once more used my breasts to grind and heat the tiny candies into a soup of liquid sex juice.  I could tell that my drool was also mixing with the chocolate but I didn’t care. As long as I couldn’t see it, it wasn’t too disgusting to handle.  

Once I was satisfied that the pool and once again liquefied, I spread it over as much of myself as possible.  I scrunched up and coated my stocking clad legs with the mix. I sat in it. I rubbed my crotch in it. I used my hair as a mop and tried to paint the floor with it.  I was only lacking a hundred hungry tongues lapping at my skin to push me over the edge to orgasm.  Though the denial of such a pleasure was almost as sweet.  ‘Click,’ the lights and heater were on again. “Oops,” the only thought that ran through my head as I searched the floor for the key that was so evident only half an hour ago.

It was on the very edge of the pool but now that pool covered half the room and was easily deep enough to cover the tiny key.  I searched and searched. Again the lights went off and back on. Still I could find no key. Then it hit me, literally. I was whipping the floor with my hair trying to thin the chocolate carpet that hid my release when I heard something fly off, hit the ceiling, and land squarely on my head. Sure enough the key had stuck to the cooler chocolate that entangled my hair.  I turned over and felt for the key, finally grasping it and freeing my hands from the handcuffs.  

I encountered difficulty releasing the ankle shackles because the locks were full of cooled chocolate. ‘That is going to be hard to clean up,’ I thought.  Now free of the hogtie I stood and took into my hands the wrapped camera and waddled towards the door.  Keep in mind my ankles and thighs are still held in place by the leather cuffs. As are my hands behind my back. Thus the camera got an ‘ass eye’ view of my trip.  I made it to the door and walked to the front door. Oh, I forgot to mention that my floor along the paths that I have to take through the house are lined with poster board.  

I looked out the window next to my front door and checked out the neighborhood.  It was about 20 after one and the sun was trying to peek out of the overcast skies.  There was little traffic and as such I decided to make a break for the key. I opened the door and immediately the cold air found every inch of my skin. It felt like the chocolates that I had frozen for the last two week were getting even with me.  I scurried as fast as I could to the tree and bent down to open the lock. At least I had sense enough to put it on the side of the tree facing the house.  After struggling to open the lock I finally managed to get it free but failed to make it back into the house without falling no less than twice. 

I carried the camera and keys to my bedroom which I unlocked and then took the key within to the washroom where I gained the key to my ankle shackles and to my car. Decision time, go outside and get covered in freezing cold chocolate milk, or get frostbit trying to dig around in a trash dumpster full of flower petals.  I wanted to do the flower petals but with my hands still behind me, it would be very difficult to do so.  With no other options, I stepped into the back yard and stood beneath the bucket. 

With a tug of the string I was soon soaked with thick chocolaty syrup and milk. Most of the contents had missed me but enough landed on my head and face to cover me thoroughly.  There, dangling from the string attached to the bucket was the key to my garage.  I entered, opened my car door and retrieved the keys to my wrist and thigh cuffs and to my gag.  I ran back inside and straight to my bondage room which, thanks to the heater still running, was toasty warm. I removed the breast bondage, gag, cuffs, corset, garter, stockings and shoes.  They all dripped with melting chocolate.

Finally I walked to my bathroom and drew a hot bath.  Taped to the wall, above the shower curtain was the key to my chastity belt. And a few minutes later, I was free from it all. I looked at myself in the mirror above the sink and saw a chocolate covered sex fiend who still had to clean up her bondage room. But maybe not until after a few more sessions that day. This time with the heater on full, all the lights on, fresh tapes, and the vibrator turned up ALLLLLLLL the way.  

RING! RING! RING! RING!    “Well, you’ve got me, I’m not here or I’m tied up at the moment. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you if you sound sexy enough.”

Humph, I sound like a slut on that message.

“Ms. Morse, hi this is Lisa from the Wake Up Morning Show.  I was covering the party at the Northgate bar last night and I’m just calling to tell you that you’ve won one of our door prizes.  You’ve won a romantic evening for two, including dinner at the Outback restaurant and tickets to any movie you want to see. Congratulations.”


Fate and Irony are two lesbian-dyke, prison bitches wearing 12” strapons and at that moment, they were both eying my ass with newfound lust.  I’ve put myself into this position and now I have an even greater desire to do SOMETHING to forget this damned holiday. But I’m too tired right now. I’ll think of something about 15 orgasms from now. Good night, and happy FREAKING ‘Ass-in-tine’s Day.’


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