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A Christmas Carol

by Restricted

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Carol had just turned twenty. She had been dumped by her boyfriend once more. Oh yes, she could tell you a few things about boys. They were only after her body. When they realised she wanted to be a virgin when she got married, they ran a mile! It was not as if she did not jerk them off. Although she loved to tie them up first before she did it. A few liked that, especially Alan. She cried her heart out when he left. Keith liked her tossing him off, but was not struck on the being tied up! He would not tie her up and frig her so she had to make do with self bondage and her trusty friend, Roger the rabbit!

But Christmas was coming up; it was a time for good cheer and all that. Except Carol was an only child and her parents had been killed last year in a car crash. She was all alone! Well, not quite. She did have an older brother and sister. Both of them married. They decided last year that they would each meet at Christmas time to celebrate the season’s greetings.

Last year was the first year without mum and dad being there. It was hard for Carol. Oh yes she went to her sister’s house for Christmas. Her brother and his family were there as well of course. It upset Carol inside to see the happiness their families were giving them, in fact at one point she wondered if they missed mum and dad!

She played with the children and took part in the usual party games of charades and pin the tail on the donkey, but although she did not show it, she felt the pain inside. Carol thought long and hard about not going to them for Christmas. She hated that time of year. The worry of what presents to buy everybody, the bills for the presents, the bother of hanging up the decorations. In fact last year, she didn’t put them up. Her brother and sister came round and put them up while she was out!

Not wanting to ruin their Christmas, she agreed to join them at big sis’s house. This year it would be her brother’s turn to host the party. Her turn would be next year! She had three weeks to plan the presents, decide whether to by a new outfit or just go in her usual jeans and T-shirt!

Carol went to the DVD storage cabinet and looked at the long list of DVD’s. She pulled some out of the bondage pile. Carol had quite a few of these and she had a few she had bought a few months ago and for some reason could not be bothered to watch them. Now she had the chance.

She had forgotten about a lot of the films she had bought and read the titles. “Tarzan tied!” “Beauty bound” “Madeline’s mistake!” But one film stood out. “Belinda’s belt!” She turned it over and saw it was about some girl who was silly enough to get caught out in a chastity belt!

She got out her handcuffs and secured them together. A chain went from them around the back of her neck stopping her from getting rid of her sexual frustration if she had any from watching the films.

Carol started the film playing. The girl was captured walking along the road and bundled into a van by some girls. She was taken to a house where they tied her up tightly. She watched as she wriggled gradually causing her skirt to ride up revealing her knickers. “Oh blimey, another typical crap film!” she thought and just went to turn off the player when one of the girls produced a chastity belt.

The girl was held down and they put the belt on her, put her back in the van and dropped her off with her hands tied behind her back, gagged and blindfolded. “Oh yeah! Where did they get that chastity belt from? And how comes it is the perfect fit!? This film is rubbish!” she thought, but the sight of the belt excited her for some reason and she wanted to frig herself silly. But the chain would not let her do it and so her frustration built up. Eventually the film ended and Carol removed the chain and undid the handcuffs. But she kept repeating the part of the film where the girl was trying to remove the chastity belt or another scene where she was trying to get her fingers inside it to give herself a good frigging! There were close ups of her trying to get her fingers inside, but the belt was so close a fitting, she had to give up. Carol could hear her panting with frustration. She was a good actress. “Chastity belts would not want to make you cum!” she thought.

Carol looked at the credits on the film. “Chastity belt was supplied by Impossible Access!” Carol looked on the internet and found their web site. She looked at all the different models and found the one in the film. Stainless steel or tungsten with D rings at each side for attaching wide matching handcuffs or chains, and D rings at the front and back. Matching collar available. Engraving also available at extra cost!

Wow, this was some site. They even had hand cuffs to match the belt. They separated to all them to be fastened individually on each side of the belt! There was even a clip where a dildo could be clipped to. This saved having a hole in the front for the screw or having the screw stick out spoiling the lines of the belt. The clip was tiny and hardly noticeable. Carol thought it would break if anything was clipped to it! But they explained it was made of tungsten. The whole thing including the collar and handcuffs were chromium plated. She looked at the price. Two hundred and fifty pounds for the belt, handcuffs at ninety pounds and the collar was another one hundred and ten. Ankle cuffs at one hundred and ten. D rings on sides an extra ten pounds each. Cuffs made to split to allow leg spreader to be used. Leg spreader at fifty five pounds. Chains at seven pounds per metre, all fastening free. Made to your design! Engraving at one pound per letter.

Carol got out her notebook and wrote the prices down. Two fifty plus ninety, three forty so far. One ten makes that four fifty. Twenty pounds for the extra D rings. She might as well go the whole hog! Four seventy. Fifty five pounds makes that five twenty five. Four metres of chain makes a grand total of six hundred, and thirty five pounds. Then she saw the gag and the head harness.

“Six three five plus seventy for the gag, and another one hundred and seventy five for the head harness including attachable blindfold. That makes a total of eight hundred and eighty pounds roughly. That would make a lovely outfit for Christmas” she thought to herself, “far too dear. How would I justify spending that sort of money on this?”

So she wrote a silly letter, “Dear Santa, can you please let me have the following items for my Christmas present. I know it sounds selfish, but it is to save my sanity”. She wrote out the list and after measuring herself, put the sizes of the chastity belt down by getting the sizes required from the web site. Just then the doorbell rang. Carol stuffed the note into her handbag and answered the door. It was her brother’s wife and her sister. “We have come to drag you out to get you a new outfit!”

Carol threw her coat on and the three went shopping. Eventually they found some clothes that she liked and she tried them on while sis looked after her handbag. Sis paid for the clothes. “That is your present from us!” Carol thanked them and they went to a local restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat!

The two girls said that as they were near Carol’s house, would she mind if they left her there so they could get back to the kids. Carol did not mind. At least she said she didn’t. She told them to go and she would see them at Christmas.

While she was sitting at the table, Keith walked in and they greeted each other with a warm embrace. Keith told her he missed her and that he was sorry for walking out on her. The shock of the bondage had done it to him! “But I have grown up a lot since then. I am no longer the straggly spotty faced teenager; I own my own business now!”

Carol congratulated him for his success and she stayed and chatted with him and had a few more drinks. Carol got up to go to the toilet leaving Keith sitting there looking after her shopping. She got back to see him still there waiting for her. He asked if she still like tying people up. Carol told him she did, but she would love someone to tie her up instead. They both laughed!

Keith walked to her house with her and promised to see her after Christmas. “I have to go to my awful aunt’s house!”

“I have to go to my brother’s” They both laughed and promised to meet after Christmas for a drink.

After unpacking all her new clothes, Carol looked in her handbag for her makeup. Then she spotted the note still in the bag. She had forgotten all about it. Supposing somebody had read it. They would know she is raving mad! But it looked intact. No one had opened her bag!

She went outside and struck a match and lit the note. It was only a silly thing really. But the thought of her wearing all the gear made her horny once more. She watched as the flames went out and the note only smoldered. It was taking forever to burn. A gust of wind got up and lifted it high in the air. Carol watched as the note blew away across the fields at the bottom of the garden. “Even if it does not go out, no one would know who wrote it” she thought.

Two weeks went by and she had got all the presents, wrapped them and left them at her brother’s house. So there were no surprises left. She had her presents. She would be wearing them!

The days flew past. But Carol was busy working trying to keep the wolf from the door. She was a secretary to a high powered businessman. It paid reasonably well and she had quite a bit of savings. But she would not spend her money on the bondage equipment she craved! Not at that price anyway. Maybe if it was half price. But seven hundred and ninety eight pounds was a bit much! She could have a great holiday for that! Or a second hand car!

But she went merrily on her way working whenever she could, just to get out of the house! She even took a job in a garage in the evening to break the monotony of being alone indoors. Her problem was that all her friends had moved away and now she was a lonely soul. Hence the re-invigorated interest in bondage and now the chastity belt.

Arrangements were made for her to be at her brothers by midday on Christmas day! Christmas Eve came and she was content she had bought the presents for everybody! She really would have loved to buy her brothers children a cage and lock them in so she did not have to hear their constant screaming! Funny how parents never hear their kids!

Evening came and Carol sat down to watch the television again. All the rubbishy programs were on, so she thought of the chastity belt and got her gag, rope and handcuffs. Having put keys to her handcuffs in a bowl and frozen it, Carol was ready for a little adventure of her own! She tied her feet together, and to the chair, put the ring gag in her mouth, strapped it up tightly and cuffed her hands behind her back! She sat back to watch the television.

“Oh blast I have the wrong channel!” she said as the Opera started to play! Carol wanted to see the Tom Cruise film. But she could not get the keys to undo the handcuffs to allow her to untie the ropes holding her feet so she could turn over. All she could do now was shut her eyes and imagine that Tom was kidnapping her and holding her prisoner. He had ordered a chastity belt for her and was awaiting delivery to enslave her forever. But the vision of the chastity belt kept entering her head spoiling her fantasy she was setting out in her mind! But she had one thing in common with the wearer of that chastity belt! She could not frig herself off either!

She had tried her utmost, but the opera singers were singing too loud and spoilt it all for her. “Just my luck, another evening’s entertainment was ruined!” She even wished Keith would come back in and play with her while she was unable to resist!

After five hours of listening to that nauseous music and the political discussion as well, the ice bowl melted. Carol unhooked her arms from over the back of the chair. Now she had a problem of getting onto the floor and retrieving the key from the bowl! She plucked up courage and threw herself towards the bowl, landing on her breasts. The chair followed her! She knocked the bowl over spilling its contents over the carpet. She eventually managed to shuffle around and get the chair to allow her to pick up the key behind her back. She managed to get the key into the lock and release her wrists. It did not take long to untie her feet and undo the gag.

Wiping the carpet, Carol decided there was nothing else worth watching, she had missed her film, so she might as well go to bed! That night, she slept like a baby! Nothing would have woken her!

Christmas morning was a nice sunny day. The light entered Carol’s bedroom and woke her up. She did her toiletries and got dressed. “I wonder what Santa bought me this year? Tom Cruise in a sack? I doubt it very much!” she thought. She made a coffee and went into the lounge. She stopped dead in her tracks. There was a huge parcel slap bang in the middle of the floor. She put her coffee down and looked for a label. There was just the “To Carol, Merry Christmas, love Santa. Ho! Ho! Ho!” label on it. Who on earth could have sent it and even more worrying, how did they get into the place?

Carol opened it and saw all the bondage items she had written on that silly list! There at the top was the chastity belt. All shiny and new! She pulled it to one side and found the handcuffs and manacles. There was four separate metres of chain as she had wished. Now she came across the gag. It was beautiful. It was made of tungsten and it had a ring gag built in. This could be replaced by any type of gag they made. In fact there was a ball and a penis gag supplied. When the gag was in place, the metal band locked behind the head and that was it.

The full head harness was a treat. It had a blindfold built onto it. The penis gag was permanent, but had a hole through it to allow breathing. But there was more. Rustling the bubble wrap, she found a helmet. Made of tungsten and shaped like a ball. No eye or ear holes. Just a series of small holes at the front and rear. The two halves swung down over the head and locked tightly. Carol tried it on her head and found it fitted perfectly.

But she looked back at that beautiful chastity belt. There it was glaring at her telling her to try it on. Carol looked for the keys. She hunted in the box once more and found an envelope. Carol saw the instruction leaflet and read it. “Chastity belt. Have a new key cut immediately in case of loss. To lock, insert key turn clockwise on full turn. To unlock turn clockwise a further complete turn”. Carol did not bother to read the rest of the instructions. She could guess what you have to do and what the rest was about.

She inserted the key that looked like the one that fitted the belt and found it did. She closed it all up placed the key into the lock and turned clockwise to lock it and turned again clockwise to unlock it.

By now Carol was getting excited. She did not know who sent her this present, but it was the best present she had ever had! There must be a Father Christmas. This was all her Christmases rolled into one!

Carol inspected the belt carefully. It was made of tungsten and was chromium plated as in that film. There was a two inch wide belt about three sixteenths of an inch thick. Thin, but immensely strong. It had two flaps. One on each side. These came round and overlapped. They had a hinged D ring fastened to them.

She stripped off, checked her shaven pussy and closed the belt around her waist. The back part had a catch. The bottom part was one piece. It was triangular at the front and had to be pulled up and clipped into the catch. The front had a triangular piece and it was held up by the two flaps crossing the top in front of it. The hasps were mounted horizontally so the waist bands slipped over them giving the waist band maximum strength.

The bar that went underneath had the holes to allow the necessary functions to take place. But there was another bar that clipped into the bottom bar and came up and covered the front of the waist band! So the lock was on this cover. It slid two bolts home through the hasps of the part that covered the underneath of her body and ensured there could be no release. This too had a hinged D ring on it.

Carol clipped the bottom part into the rear of the waist band. She stepped into it and pulled it up. It was difficult to get it to go past her hips. She closed the front waistband flaps over the triangular shaped piece and stuck a pen through the hasps to hold it in place. This fitted her waist perfectly. The underneath part was a little uncomfortable, but she thought she would cope and get used to it!

Feeling underneath, Carol realised she could still touch her pussy lips. In fact she worked them into the hole. She liked the feel of this. The hole was pinching her lips together and getting her excited. Carol took the last part, the cover and clipped it underneath to the bottom bar. She pulled on it until the triangular piece was in line with the waist band, removed the pen, shoved the plate back and turned the key anti-clockwise one full turn.

Carol looked in the mirror. She liked what she could see. It was turning her on already and she found that the cover prevented any touching of her now moist lips. She tried the sides of the cover and the underneath bar, but it was such a good fit there was no way she could touch anything, let alone get relief.

She twisted and turned and lined up the mirrors on her wardrobe and saw what it looked like from the back. She was more than pleased. She wanted to try everything now! On went the manacles and head harness. Now the handcuffs were snapped shut on her wrists. She sat on the chair and realised wearing a chastity belt was not all that easy while sitting

A few moments went by and she decided to remove the bondage gear and get ready to go to her brother’s house! She removed the manacles, gag and handcuffs. All she had left to do was take off the chastity belt. She inserted the key and turned anti-clockwise one full turn. The lock did not open. So she turned it clockwise one full turn. It still stayed shut. She tried it once more and it stayed firmly closed.

Carol looked at the leaflet once more. She realised it was turned back on itself. She read in large red letters. “ON NO ACCOUNT MUST THIS KEY BE TURNED ANTI-CLOCKWISE. DAMAGE TO THE LOCK WILL OCCUR IF THIS IS CARRIED OUT!”

“Oh crikey, that has torn it. I should have turned the key clockwise. Never mind, I will shower and try it again afterwards when I have calmed down!” Carol went and showered ready for the party at her brother’s house. She tried the key once more and there was no joy! “Oh hell, what am I to do? It is Christmas and the manufacturers will not be there”

Carol decided not to go to the party. But the phone rang and her sister asked when she was coming. Now she had to go. She dressed and went out to her car. But as she walked, she noticed her pussy was being massaged by the belt. She tried to ignore it, but it got more intense as she walked. Fortunately she reached the car and climbed in.

At her brothers house she noticed that the belt was getting her excited once more. She had to rush to the toilet and try to free herself. But the belt was unmoving. It was there for good. Playing with the children once more made it even worse. She was ready to scream out loud by now.

Carol got her brother and sister and their partners and asked, “What do you know about chastity belts?”

They all looked at each other. “What a stupid question to ask. Why?”

Carol lifted her dress and showed them the chastity belt. There was a gasp of admiration! “Wow, beautiful!” and all sorts of compliments. Carol dropped her dress again as the kids were coming back!

“The trouble is I can’t get it off and I know one of you bought it for me, so how do you remove it?” Everyone shook their heads. They all said they had nothing to do with it. Carol told them it was making her frustrated with desire. But they still insisted that they knew nothing about it!

“So who brought it, Father bloody Christmas? Bruv, get a hack saw and cut it off!” He took Carol out to his shed, got his junior fretsaw and carefully tried to cut the waistband. Ping, the blade broke. A new blade inserted and after five minutes he gave up as it had not even scratched the belt. Carol thought about the Christmases past where she had enjoyed herself with the family, this horrible Christmas and the Christmases to come with her pussy safe and soundly locked up! The thought made her really go down in the dumps.

Poor Carol, was near to tears by now. She told every one she had to go home. Perhaps she could pluck up the courage to call out the fire brigade. It did not take long for her to drive home. She rushed indoors and stripped off down to the belt. She covered her body in butter, but she still could not slip it off.

She had to make the most of it now. She looked at the other equipment and manacled her feet together which pinched the underneath bar between her legs where they join the body!

Carefully putting all the keys on the table beside her she slipped the helmet over her head and closed the back of it and inserted the lock through the hasps. Now she was unable to see as the holes at the front were down at nose level. She felt for the handcuffs and locked them on.

Now she could pretend she was someone’s captive for the last time before she called the fire brigade out and ruined the chastity belt. The hood made all sounds seem strange. He voice echoed around inside the helmet. “Oh sir, I don’t know what to do, here I am all trussed up and at your mercy! Please be gentle with me, I beg you sir!” she was saying in a pleading voice!

Carol was shaken when a voice said, “Of course you are. Merry Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! I have my present. You! You are now at the mercy of my merest whim!” Carol jumped up and reached for the keys. They were gone. She felt all around and was certain the keys had been moved. She felt her hands being pulled to one side and she screamed. But the noise was deafening to her ears. The handcuffs were unclipped from each other and her hands were attached to the two side D rings on the belt. Now she could not reach out and hit her attacker.

Two hands now massaged her breasts paying particular attention to her now stiffening nipples. She began to get a familiar stirring between her legs. She was soon sobbing for release from the chastity belt. “You can have me as long as you get this damn thing off of me!”

“But you have only been in it for one day. Just think what it will be like in a month’s time!” The words were distorted and echoed around the inside of the helmet. Carol was crying both with tears of frustration and from being upset at her predicament. Then she heard the fatal words. “And to think, you will have this on for the rest of your life. God knows what you will be like by the time you die! I wonder if you will die of excessive pleasure. You did not follow the instructions and now you will never feel the pleasure of a mans stiff throbbing cock massaging your inside! The fire brigade will not cut it off as they would have to burn through it and you would get seriously hurt!”

Carol felt a pair of lips encircling her nipples and gently rolling them around with the tongue. Soon she wanted to cum, but she was held on the edge without any release. The sucking went on for twenty minutes and she could feel a hand running over the chastity belt! Even that got her more excited. All her soft moans were amplified in her ears by the helmet.

Carol did not know how long she would be able to stand it for. Perhaps she should consider suicide! She never thought that pleasure would cause so much pain! The massaging stopped and this got her even more frustrated. She pulled at the handcuffs, but her hands were going nowhere!

Whoever it was had her where he wanted her, but at least he could not rape her and it seemed that he was not going to hurt her. She felt the keys being placed in her hand and one handcuff was unclipped from the chastity belt. She heard whoever it was leave. Now she would never know who it was and how they came to get into her flat. She would phone the police as soon as she gets free.

Taking off the helmet she looked round and saw a letter addressed to her. She was to walk to the bar at eight in the evening, where she had met Keith a few days ago. She must go to an alcove that had been reserved. There she will be shown a way of getting release, but she must not scream, fight, shout or whatever or the master key would be destroyed and she would be in the belt forever. She was to wear a nice dress and stockings and suspenders. “Stockings and suspenders? I don’t own any! He must be a sex manic.” She thought. Then she saw the parcel, but decided to leave it for a while, Parcels had caused her enough grief as it was.

Looking at her mascara that had run making her look like a clown, Carol decided to have a shower and freshen up. The spell in that helmet had made her all sticky and hot! Thought of whoever it was racing through her mind. Her sister or brother or their partners or was it Keith or some depraved lunatic?

She opened the parcel and saw the suspender belt and the stockings. “Oh well, I am at his mercy, whoever it is has me! I have to obey or be stuck in this for the rest of my life!” she thought. Quickly dressing she looked in the mirror and she looked good. But the walk to the bar started that familiar feeling up again. She was glad when she reached the bar, ordered a drink and sat down.

But the drink she ordered never turned up. Instead the barman turned up with a bucket full of ice and a champagne bottle in it. Carol thanked him but never looked up at him. He sat down and she was about to fly into a rage and tell him she was waiting for someone. It was Keith.

He smiled at her. “I have a present for you!”

“No thanks, I have had enough of presents!” But he handed her a box all wrapped up in Christmas paper. She opened it and saw a key and a ring shaped like a chastity belt and covered with small diamonds.

“What the!” she said in a loud voice. Keith put his finger over her lips. “That is a copy of the master key. Now go and take the belt off. Here is a bag to put it in. Will you marry me?”

Carol rushed into the toilet. It felt wonderful to have it off and stop the pressure on her body! She put the belt in the bag and went back to Keith. She handed it to him and told him to stuff it. But then her brother, sister and their partners turned up and joined them. She could see them all grinning. What was the joke?

Keith gave her another key and told her that key was for another belt. She must look after it! He asked her again about marriage. Carol looked at her family and asked how he could expect her to marry him when he had done this foul deed to her? Keith replied that he had done nothing except make her Christmas wish come true. She had done it to herself.

Her sister told her they were all in on it. They had found her bondage equipment last year when they decorated the house! They had met Keith who asked about her and if she still liked bondage. When they went shopping with her, they had found her note in her bag and realising that Keith now owned Impossible Access bondage equipment making industry they approached him about selling some to them cheap. Keith had supplied it all for nothing as a present to Carol!

Carol felt the cool air on her exposed pussy as the door to the bar was opened and closed. Her brother told her that he had given Keith the spare key to her house. He knew that Keith would not hurt her or he would get hold of him and belt the daylights out of him.

Carol looked at the ring and said she would think about it. “What is the key for?” Keith swapped seats and sat next to Carol. He guided her hand down to his crotch and she felt something smooth and round and hard. She felt around and found it was a chastity belt. She looked at Keith and he said, “Yes it is. It is my chastity belt? You have the key to it. I will repair your one later! That is my business. I own Impossible Access, the bondage equipment makers. You got me intrigued and so I started the firm up. Now will you bloody well marry me?”

Carol agreed to marry him and she put the key in her handbag. Now, for a while, she had Keith at her mercy! She handed him back the master key for her chastity belt and they all drank a toast “to Carol and Keith! And the future”



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