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Christmas Vacation

by bound_tiger

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Part 1

The last few months had been nothing but work work work and it was exciting to have some rest and relaxation to look forward to again. It was Christmas Eve and two... Good friends were coming over to visit from out of state to stay the long holiday weekend with me. I'd promised them both a look at my rather extensive collection of bondage toys, the idea of which was almost as exciting for me as it was for my guests, as it had been quite some time since I'd really had a chance to play with even the simplest toys.

I decided that I should go through my collection and make sure it was all organized, a bit of a time sink, but I thought it would be worthwhile to be able to show my collection off without having anything be missing or off in the wrong place when I wanted to have it at hand.  I meticulously organized the toys in to twelve drawers of equipment, and for the larger things, two full hanging racks. Each toy got a bit of handling and care, plus a few of them got a little extra as I tried them on or reveled in the intensity of their leather and rubber scents.

I knew my guests would be arriving shortly, though I was certain I still had plenty of time before they got to the house. While their flight had not been delayed, outside it was just starting to snow and I knew that the ride from the airport would be slow as they wound their way up in to the mountains.

I ran around the house cleaning up the last bits of things which were out of place, then glanced at the email they had sent me right before leaving. The message was short; it had their flight details and an obscure sort of reference to some kind of Christmas present. I thought about this and smiled as an idea came to mind. A quick glance at my watch told me they should be here in a bit under an hour, according to the schedule. I turned on the outside lights and made sure the front door would be unlocked. On the table right inside the front door I left a note on the small yellow pad I kept there indicating that I would be in the master bedroom upstairs, then headed up to it so that I could ready my idea for a Christmas present.

Opening my toy closet always made me smile, the sight of all my toys brought back fine memories of past… appreciation of them, and now with them all properly filed and organized along with the promise of an especially enjoyable weekend to come, I was grinning like it was Christmas morning already.

I found my favorite ankle and wrist cuffs, a posture collar, corset, breathe through gag and hood, along with locks for each. All of these were brought out to my bed and laid out in the order they needed to be applied.  As I mentioned, it had been a while since I last played, so I took the time to enjoy the feel and smell of the leather, putting each piece on slowly so that I could savor both their delicious aroma and the toe-curlingly good feeling of their tightness.

The cuffs were to go on first, the double straps of the bracer-like wrist cuffs were done up one at a time with a lock applied to each.  Next were the ankle cuffs; these were not quite as wide as their wrist counterparts, but they both took two locks as well and I paused to shake a wrist here, an ankle there, just to enjoy the small clinking noises that the tiny brass locks made against the buckles that their hasps were secured through.

I checked that everything was snug, but not too snug, and secure before I got the corset and began lacing it up. This is a bit of a process, even when I am in practice, so I slowly worked the edges of the corset together a little at a time. I laced, then tightened, then tightened again before tying the rest off at the top and tucking in the ends of the laces.

My next step was to see if the straps at foot of my bed were positioned correctly and were secured properly.  They were perfect and I could easily attach the d-rings of my ankle cuffs to them. Once clipped in I did some squirming around to make sure that my legs were comfortable in their spread wide position.

When I got things just right I reached to the dwindling pile of toys, retrieving and putting on the posture collar. Another lock was applied to the hast at the back of the collar, then I added the gag, chewing a couple of times to get used to the soft rubber, then testing with a few deep breaths to make sure that the gag would let me breathe as I expected.  The last thing from my pile of toys now, aside from the locks I was due any moment to need, was a black leather hood.

This hood, one of my favorites for years, was soft with wear, well broken in, but still smelling of the sweet, intoxicating aroma of leather…  Of course the smell was not the only intoxicating thing about this hood, for it was also one of the most restrictive pieces of headgear that I had ever worn. The only opening was a grommet at the mouth barely large enough for the tube from my breathe-through gag to fit through, and there were thick, padded sections over the eyes and ears. I pulled the hood over my head and pushed the tube from my gag out of the grommet in front of it. Once my breathing was assured I reached back, blindly feeling at the laces until I had them mapped out in my mind. This was much easier to lace than the corset had been, though it took be a bit longer since I couldn't see what I was doing, tying an awkward bow at the end when I was done. Next I started tightening the straps on the hood, the first one pressed the padded leather down hard over my eyes, the second pulled my jaw up tight and the third went around my neck. Each one of these got another padlock and then I carefully lowered myself to the bed so that I could finish up the job.

Until this last step, I could always go back, the keys were within reach if I stretched and contorted my body to get a hand to my bedside table. I reached out and felt around on the bed instead, however, until I located the big red bow that had previously adorned the neck of a giant stuffed bear I owned. I carefully worked this over the hood and left it around my neck, the posture collar making it just thick enough that the bow was tight and wouldn’t be falling off. I then felt for the straps, finding one, and then the other, fixing their locations in my mind and reaching to lock my right arm to one and after a moment's hesitation, locked my left arm to the remaining strap. A few tugs and squirms helped me determine right away that I had done a good job with the restraints; I was not going anywhere until my guests arrived, or possibly quite a bit after they arrived.

I lay there on my back waiting, hard and occasionally dripping a bit from the excitement of being bound and the wisps of fear mixed with anticipation of the arrival of my friends. Outside the snow fell heavier and thicker than before, the hood depriving me of the knowledge that the predicted flurries had turned in to a real storm that would leave a foot of snow on the roads before my friends would have made much progress from the airport at all. It seemed a long time where nothing happened, no muffled sounds of my guests arriving, no wandering hands touching me, and after a while boredom crept in enough that I drifted off to sleep.

Downstairs in the darkened kitchen there was a beep from the answering machine, then a voice from its speaker, "Hey, it’s Eric!  Andy and I just wanted to let you know we're here, but the roads are so bad we may need to stay at the hotel here at the airport. Sounds like you might already be in bed for the night already anyway, so we'll see you in the morning."  The speaker emitted a click as the call disconnected and the house fell in to silence once again.

Part 2

I’ve never experienced anything but restless and fitful sleep when bound, and I had experienced just that sort of sleep on a number of occasions in the past when I had experimented on my own.  With the hood on there was no way for me to tell how much time was passing, sometimes it seemed as if it was a lot, other times I tried to reason that my mind was playing tricks on me and that it had been various times under or just over the amount of time I had expected to wait for the boys to arrive.

By the time I had slept five or six hours on and off, I was certain that this was longer than I could have managed to make up in my head.  I was really starting to struggle when I felt a hand touch my foot.  Immediately I froze, not that my struggling was much of a movement at all in my restrained state, and the breath caught in my throat.

All sorts of ideas flashed through my head.  It had been hours, I thought, possibly the whole night, though I couldn’t be sure of that, and all the while my front lights had been on and my front door had been left unlocked.  I lost my train of thought for a moment as my lack of breath became the momentary focus of attention.  I gasped for it, at the same moment that I was readying to draw in the fresh air the hand moved up to glide along my thigh and then reaching to inspect the collar, hood and cuffs, each lock getting tugged on and checked to make sure they were all secure.

My heart was racing, the thumping of my blood pounding in my ears until even with the straining I was doing to listen for any sounds outside of the hood, it was all I could hear.  With each tug on the restraints I struggled, or tried to, though I was too well bound to hope for escape, even in my desperate position.  The hand ran down my chest, fingers sliding over the bumps formed by my nipple ring.  I couldn’t help myself, all of the struggles and thoughts during the long night left me in quite a state, and while I wasn’t hard when my mystery visitor arrived, the gentle touch of their hand sliding down towards my groin me there in seconds.  I made muffled grunts and whimpers, trying to protest or explain my situation before I fell silent rather suddenly.  The gag compressed under my clenching jaw as I thought again about how anyone might have walked in my front door to be touching me right now.

As suddenly as the touch of my unknown visitor arrived, it vanished and I was left seemingly alone once again.  This time as I sat and waited for something else to happen, I was aware of a few noises that made it through the hood.  Things being moved, set down, the clicking of...  what was it? Snap after muffled snap reached my ears, locks being closed? But on what? No, the sounds were too close together, too regular, it had to be something else.  After a few more moments the idea hit me, the snapping sound was that of a shutter, a camera was being used to take pictures of me!

I struggled as hard as I could, grunting muffledly and thrashing my head left and right.  There was murmuring; I couldn’t make out the words even though I strained to hear.  I felt someone get on to the bed, lying on their side facing me and then felt their naked skin against my side.  I was so startled by the second person joining on my other side that I jumped in the restraints at first before I could settle down again.

It became obvious right away that both of them were boys, I felt one growing erection against my left hip, then another, already hard, pressing against my hip on the opposite side.  The two leaned together over me and I could tell their hands were exploring each other’s bodies, then they leaned closer, kissing passionately while each of them thrust their hips, rubbing themselves against me while they enjoyed each other seemingly without regard for me.

It felt like the two of them teased and kissed each other for a half hour before they parted and I felt them moving various things around.  I was still hard, this was noted with a grope and several fast strokes from one of them.  He seemed focused on making sure that I was as hard as I would get, then held my erection up and out while the other pushed some sort of sleeve down over me until my entire cock felt like it was encased in a very thick rubber tube.  More strokes, this time lubricated, though this time I could hardly feel them due to the thickness of whatever the rubber device was that I was now wearing.
There was a lot more moving and shifting things around, then I felt a tightness descending down muted shaft that could only be one thing.  I let out a muffled whimper and tried to buck my hips forward, though I didn’t have enough slack in my legs to really do much thrusting.  The pressure of the other boy’s weight moved towards me and in a moment I felt my head being straddled.  Now with one knee on either side of the hood I couldn’t even really move my head left or right at all, my last small struggles finally stilled.  I could taste the air, thick with pheromones and musk.  The breathing tube from my gag must have been right up under the balls of my tormenter, but there was nothing I could do about it.

The tightness around my rubberized cock finally came to rest, my anonymous partner’s rump sitting heavily on my hips now, pinning down whatever wiggling might have been left there.  He seemed to pause to catch his breath, tightening around me a couple of times as he calmed and then leaning forward, down further and further until, for a moment it felt like something pressed down against my breathing tube.  My air was cut off, only for a moment, but it was a moment of pure panic for me.  Once again I bucked and failed to make any real sort of movement.  The tube cleared and I sucked in a quick breath and let one out again before I was cut off once again.  It took until the third time before I began to correlate the movements that I was feeling from the legs straddling my head and those of whoever was impaled on me for me to realize what was going on.  The one straddling my crotch was going down on the one straddling my head, and this little interruption in my oxygen supply was going to be repeated over and over for some time to come.

As I had imagined, the balls of the one straddling my head pushed down rather regularly.  I had to get in my breaths when I could, though neither of them seemed to be paying any real attention to this.  Their movements were slow at first, but gradually became faster, then frantic, the one over me making enough noise that I could hear him clearly through my hood.  At the last moment the one straddling my hips pulled his head back and he must have caught his partner’s orgasm right in the face, I could feel the still-warm fluid dripping down and on to my chest. 

He didn’t even pause to clean himself off; instead he sat up and started rocking on me, using my rubberized erection as his own personal dildo and shaking like he was stoking himself very quickly.  I whined, certainly unheard, muffled as it was by the gag and hood and with all of the noise that the one on top of me was making, and tried to move my hips and thrust as much as I could.  I reasoned that the sheath couldn’t be so thick as to not allow me release, though I was so driven by my pent-up need at that point that I was most certainly not thinking clearly, all I wanted to do was thrust my way to orgasm.  It wasn’t long before he was also crying out, his hot juices joining his partner’s over my belly and chest.

The one who was astride my hips settled his weight down to pin me and keep me from thrusting any more, denying me even the idea that I might be able to force an orgasm.  After a few minutes where the two kissed and caught their breath, they both climbed off of me and I could feel them settling on the bed, one on each side again.  In one ear I heard, "Thank you for the wonderful Christmas present." and in the other, "Yes, we like it a lot, though we’ve decided not to open it just yet," I mnnfed through the gag rather muffledly and tried to shake my head to tell them that I really though I should be let go.  Perhaps they didn’t have any idea how long I’d been here! The one on the right tsked and said, "Oh that disobedient behavior is going to cost you extra time, I’m afraid."

They both got up and one returned a bit later with a warm, damp towel to clean off my chest as well as removing the thick rubber sheath from over my slightly softening erection that had so effectively rendered me a toy for one of their enjoyment.  He leaned in close and said so I could hear through the hood, "When you invited us, you promised us we could use any of your toys we wanted to.  We’ve decided we want to see how each and every one works.  Now you rest, we’re going to go make some breakfast."

He left and I was alone again in silence and darkness.

Part 3

I was left alone for a time while the boys found their way through the supplies in the kitchen and made breakfast. Eventually someone began unbind me, legs first, then arms. I was helped to sit up and the cuffs from my wrists were removed. I was stiff and sore from the prolonged bondage, and therefore not in any real shape to resist even with my arms and legs free.

Gently the agent of my newfound freedom rolled me on to my back and gave me a good rubdown. Starting with my shoulders and down my back, then my arms and legs got some attention. These were a bit tender so I ended up squirming and grunting through my gag softly as his skilled fingers got the blood flowing through my limbs.

After a time he seemed to have finished and got up off the bed, disappearing for a while before coming back with something that felt like fabric. He helped me sit up on the edge of the bed and guided me to step in to what felt like shorts at first. It didn't take long for me to realize that this wasn't just a normal garment though; as soon as my arms were pulled in to the sleeves I knew I was wearing my darlex straightjacket. I was still too weak to really put up much of a struggle, something I think my captor had been counting on, since it felt as though it was just him working on me. The other of the two boys must have been downstairs, I couldn't sense the presence of anyone else, not that my senses were sharp under the hood, but still.

The straightjacket was warm as it went on and tightened up when the zipper in the back was pulled up and secured with a small lock. Despite being somewhat sore, this restraint was quite a bit more comfortable than being stretched out on the bed after so long, plus the material wasn't hot or clingy, so I would probably have little excuse to try and talk my way out of it for some hours, if I got ungagged, that is. My arms were crossed over my chest and the strap linking them together behind my back was tightened up securely. I grunted and struggled a little, tugging on my arms and testing my bonds, though they were rather unforgiving and I found myself unable to get free once more. I wasn't exactly in shape for a mighty struggle, but even if I was I think it would have held me smartly.

I heard the clicks of several locks being removed, and then the straps around my hood loosened one at a time, followed by the lacing in the back. The strap holding the breath-through gag in my mouth was unbuckled, and whomever it was that had been releasing me pulled the hood off and the gag out at the same time.  The room had been darkened, but even still, my eyes were extremely sensitive and I kept them squeezed for a long while, working my tired jaw a bit, now that it was finally free of the gag. The boy used this time to gently wipe my face, neck and hair down with a warm, damp cloth, then just as carefully dried my hair with a towel. Once he was done he pulled the matching straightjacket's matching darlex hood over my head just as my eyes were starting to adjust to the light enough for me to open them. This hood had eye and mouth openings, so I could still see and I could, in theory still talk, though I also saw that he had gathered a ball gag and pair of eye covers, possibly for after breakfast.

Breakfast, I could smell it from the kitchen and my stomach rumbled, I was famished. My eyes finally cleared and focused enough that and I could see who was who, the dark haired one, Andy was cooking when I was lead down the stairs by his blond partner Eric. I murmured something about hoping that they had a good flight coming here and Eric shushed me, admonishing, "Toys don't talk."  He was holding the gag and eye covers that I'd seen on the bed and held them up so that I could see that he had them in the free hand he wasn't using to guide me with.  The look he had on his face made it clear I wouldn't be eating if I wasn't quiet.

I was sat down, the two of them moved chairs so they were sitting on either side of me and they ate, each one from time to time stabbing a bit of food and offering it to my mouth. I ate everything offered to me hungrily and took sips of juice through a straw that that had thoughtfully hunted down. This was all very relaxed other than the implied threat of the gag and blindfold sitting within reach of either of them on the table.

When all the food was finished the blindfold and gag were gabbed up so fast that I was startled when the ball started to be forced in to my mouth.  I started to mnf and get up in protest, which they didn't stop; instead one of the two grabbed my shoulders and spun me around before guiding me to sit on a wheeled chair that had been brought out from my office. My legs were held still and my ankles were bound the center support post of the chair with rope.  I didn't even know these two knew how to tie knots, but they had obviously brought rope with them for the occasion, because when I saw it being wound around me I didn't recognize it as being from my collection. Rope was also wound around my middle above and below my thighs, several pieces tied around the seat and back of the chair to make sure I was perfectly secure.  The moment that the last knot had been tied, the padded eye covers went on and were tightened down until I could see nothing but darkness once more.

Struggling and mnfing loudly under the gag I tried to get myself back up, but it was no use, my own weight counteracted most of my struggles and the rope work was too well done for me to wiggle loose. I settled down with a dejected grunt and was wheeled in to my office by the two of them. One said, "I came in here to use your computer and look what I found." He lifted one of the patches over my eyes so I could see. I already knew, of course, what I had last been looking at, chastity belts on the German Neosteel website. The boys had obviously looked at several more pages, including one on how to take measurements, which was up on the screen the moment I looked. He put the patch back down over my eye and I felt the two of them moving around me with their hands and something cool, my plastic measuring tape, it felt like. I was measured in a dozen places, maybe more, it was hard to tell what they were doing all the time, a lot of it felt just like teasing me, but there was some definite measurement going on.

Clicking at the computer keyboard alerted me to the fact that something new was being done. One of them was groping and teasing me, the other was... I lifted my head way up and looked under the blindfold. The boys had found my credit card on the night stand next to my table and were using it to place an order. I grunted and struggled mightily to try and stop this, but I couldn't do much but dangerously tip the chair. After a few tries I gave up as the one teasing me tugged down the padded eye covers so I truly couldn't see and then steadied the chair and held me even more helpless than before. 

The transaction seemed to get finished up and I was rolled to the living room where I was left next to the couch. My blindfold was removed and the two of them sprawled out together on the couch. They'd put some sort of porn on the tv and watched it for what seemed less than five minutes before they started shedding their clothes and playing with each other, ignoring the movie. Their hands explored each other's bodies as if they were doing this for the first time, though I was getting occasional glances from the both of them that indicated to me that my presence as captive observer was adding something to their activities that porn never had. Eventually they changed position and I was given a fairly good view of the two boys as they arranged themselves one turning around as they licked and teased each other's erections, then went down in a 69 that was so hot and enthusiastic that it completely eclipsed professionally created pornography that was on the television. I couldn't keep my eyes off of my two friends as they worked each other with their mouths and I was having a rather stiff reaction inside the straightjacket, but pull as I might at my bound arms and legs, there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.

The boys moved and writhed, thrust hips and bobbed heads until nearly simultaneously they fed each other huge spurts of their orgasmic fluids. That didn't stop them though, for a while the sucking and squirming and touching continued, only after another half hour did they calm down and catch their breath. I sat in my chair, muffledly whimpering for attention and was more or less ignored. Well, not entirely, they did get up and move me so that the only thing in my field of view was the television, then they both went upstairs to shower off together.

Part 4

I sat for quite some time in front of the television. The rather kinky film, one obviously unearthed from my secret collection while I was bound upstairs contained more rubber and bondage fetish than sex.  The boys had left it so that the dvd player simply restarted from the beginning after it ended, so I wasn't left without something to entertain myself. Unfortunately, watching something that turned me on even more was really the last thing I wanted right now. I was already so turned on I was practically cross eyed, and every time I tried to close my eyes and not watch the movie, I couldn't keep them shut. Something always got my attention and I would start watching all over again.

It wasn't long before the straightjacket had quite a bit of dampness around the lump in my crotch and I don't think my squirming and struggling really helped much to calm that at all. I would shake my head and grunt in to my gag and try to scoot the chair, but I was so firmly bound to it, my knees bent and bound to the underside of the seat, my thighs and waist roped around and attached to the back of it, I was going nowhere at all .

I could hear the water running from the shower for quite some time and I cursed to myself about having gotten that unlimited on-demand hot water heater, they could spend an hour in there and never get chased out by the water getting cold. Still I think that they didn't want to stay away too long, as they were back shortly thereafter, still wet, one with a towel around his waist, the other having his draped over his shoulders.

Smiling, the two of them told me that I'd need a bath as well, along with the terribly wrote and obviously unavoidable jokes about how they weren't going to be able to make me any less of a dirty boy, of course.  They untied me from the chair and lead me upstairs to my bathroom and I could immediately tell that this had obviously been well planned out.  Their long shower was obviously a cover for this setup, as they not only had found the correct toys but already had most, if all of them in place. The tub was filled with water that was still hot enough that steam was rising off of the surface, and there were rubber restraints suctioned to the sides and the bottom. I tried to work out exactly what they were planning while they carefully released me from the straightjacket, my arms sore and weak even after just a couple of hours restrained in that way.  They obviously noticed, and while one of the boys held my hands together, the other rubbed my shoulders soothingly after applying a small bit of warming oil as I was massaged gently.

I was encouraged in to the bath, the two of them easily getting my arms and legs in to the cuffs that left me spread apart as far as the tub would allow.  The four cuffs I had already figured, the fifth piece was something they had worked together out of parts, a collar that would hold my head back against the sloping back of the tub.  The last bit got me squirming and uncooperative, though it was rather quickly demonstrated to me that being still was to my advantage.  A rubber parachute stretcher was wrapped around the base of my scrotum and then attached to a suction cup on the bottom of the tub, under the water and bubbles where I had not been able to spot it.  Once it was certain that I was not going anywhere and that my struggling was going to be kept quite to a minimum, I was left to be ignored for a short bit while the boys whispered to each other. After some talk, a conclusion was finally reached, and Eric, the blond boy headed out and I heard him going down the stairs while Andy kneeled next to the bath and, smiling, asked me, "Comfy?" I mnfed, the hood had been carefully removed in the process of freeing me from my straightjacket, but the gag had been immediately replaced and tightened. He chuckled at my attempts to speak and I shot him a dirty look.

Tsking and shaking his head he murmured, "You should be nice, we changed our flight already and we're going to be here for the whole two weeks we have off. You know that means you'll be punished if you misbehave." I was still somewhat partially erect from the rather full day of teasing I had gotten and he took note, one of his hands reaching under the water to slowly stroke me back to full harness and smiling, "I see, at least, that we've got your attention." His stroking continued, gentle and slowly, his fingers hardly touching at all some of the time as he continued to speak, "I sent Eric down to check what was on your computer; see we have a little bet about how naughty a toy we have captured here. I believe that you are even more wicked than he does, so we shall see shortly what evidence he turns up." He let his hand glide down and take hold of the stretcher that was already tugging on my balls from my body's natural buoyancy.  His gentle tug on the toy implied a threat of a rather firm one to come, "If I'm right, you may just have to be punished." He went right back to stroking me, a little faster this time, which made me squirm against the restraints and tug my own balls harder than he had when he was teasing.  The water to lapped up the sides of the tub and I started to whimper and pant as he brought me close; a ridiculously easy feat with my worked-up condition.  He left me whining loudly in to the ball gag when he stopped short of letting me climax, the grin on his face saying that I wasn't going to be getting off nearly that easy.

More tsking and shaking of his head followed and then a little chuckle, "You didn't think that I would allow the best toy of the collection to get worn out so quickly, did you?" He removed his hands and brought over a rag, which he got wet and soapy, then wiped me down and washed me all over, taking his time as if he was carefully making certain that a prized possession was being kept in the best possible shape. The tub drained and I was rinsed off with more warm water.

Eric returned from downstairs to help get me bound again once the tub cuffs came off. I was brought back to the bed and I saw that while he was gone, Eric had pulled out the rigging and cuffs designed for suspension. I balked a bit at this, pushing back with my legs to stop the progress in the direction they were guiding me. My eyes flicked up to the hoist poised over the top rail of my bed, but the two of them together were easily able to overpower me and force me to stumble the rest of the way there, then get me down on my stomach.  Now that I was on the bed and right under the hoist, they could attach the webbing, cuffs, and harness with relative ease. For two who hadn't ever done this before they worked quite quickly and were well coordinated, one always holding me pinned or immobilizing the arm or leg where the other needed to attach a restraint. I supposed I shouldn't have sent them the videos I made of me experimenting with this very rig by myself; they obviously had studied it closely.

They took their time when it came to getting the suspension rig all hooked up to the hoist, they checked everything at least twice, I was kind of impressed by the thoroughness of their precautions, even if a lot of feeling around seemed to go on at my cock and around my balls. Eventually, very slowly I felt the rig start to lift. Just before my arms and legs were pulled up, I felt a sharp tug on my balls. They had replaced the rubber stretcher with one of my leather ones, and the chain for it to the upper rigging was shorter than the rest. I squeaked but they just chuckled and continued, seeming to have expected this.

My arms lifted up and back as did my legs and I instantly recognized this as a somewhat modified suspended hogtie. Modified mostly due to the strapping put under my middle to provide additional weight support, the rest of the rig was fairly standard, the weight shared between my shoulders, legs and the mid strap. Once I was off the bed and they were satisfied the rig was holding, I was immediately pulled all the way up to the limit of the hoist's capacity to lift. I dangled there, mnfing in to the ball gag and trying to squirm, my efforts causing little more than a bit gentle rocking back and forth.  The last restraint that they added was a posture collar that was so severe that it was more akin to a cervical collar than a restraint.  This kept my head up and at an angle so that I couldn't move it at all, but also kept the pressure of holding up my head from tiring my neck at all.  I was sure that I would be thankful for this in tie.

Once this was all complete, the two of them then cleared the bed of excess cuffs and materials, pulled back the blankets and tucked themselves under, mentioning offhand how they were still tired from their trip and needed a nice long nap.

I whimpered and did my best to struggle, but it wasn't long before the two of them were fast asleep.



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