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Christmas, A Time for Giving

by BookWriter

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Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; corset; stockings; heels; cuffs; ballgag; collar; nipple; blindfold; toys; insert; tease; denial; gift; cons; X

Hi my name is JamieLee I am 23 years old 38DD curvy with thick thighs and a big round but firm bum. I live with my boyfriend Sean in a 2 bedroom house. A couple of months ago Christmas was just around the corner and I wanted to give my other half a special gift this year. Me!

My other half and an I had been playing around with bondage the last few months and I know it is a huge turn-on for him and me to be honest. I visited a bondage toy site that specialises in bondage, lingerie and other sex toys. Every week I saved my money for my order and when I had enough it was time to place an order.

First my outfit. I chose a black underbust corset with matching g-string. The g-string wouldn't leave much to the imagination and the corset would give me an hourglass figure whilst displaying my large breasts for him to ogle and play with him being a boobs man. To complete my outfit I ordered a pair of black seamed stockings and a pair of 5"heels. I hated wearing heels as I had difficulty walking in them but Sean says he'd love to see me in heels so as its Christmas I would grant his wish.

With my outfit chosen I now needed to chose the bondage. I chose a black leather posture collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs, a pair of clover clamps, some rope, 12"chain, padlocks, a large red rubber ball gag, a blindfold, a riding crop and a leather flogger. Next I added a magic wand and a vibrating egg with remote control.

Now my order was ready. It cost a small fortune but I couldn't wait till xmas. A few days past and when I came home from town Sean told me there was a package in the kitchen and asked what it was. I told him it was a Christmas present for my mother and he accepted this and went back to his footy game on tv. I took the package and put it away in the cupboard which I had the key to. Christmas day was I hoped going to be one to remember this year.

Xmas eve

Christmas eve was busy as always wrapping presents and deliverying gifts to people. When we got back Sean was tired and took to his bed giving me time to prepare his gift for the morning. I placed my package in the spare room and set my alarm for the morning so I would have time to prepare myself before my other half got up. I drifted off to sleep and my alarm went off at 7.30am Sean didnt get up till at least 9 when he was off work giving me an hour an a half to get ready.

I took a shower and shaved from the neck down. After my shower I applied my make up, red blusher, dark eye shadow and hooker red lip paint. I straightened my dark dyed red hair and went into the spare room. I wrote a note for my other half.

Merry Christmas Master
You will find your gift in the spare room
From your loving slave

I left the note in front of the tv and returned to the spare room and closed the door.

I first slid the stockings up my legs and then put on my heels. I put on the flimsy little g-string that nestled tightly between my lips as I thought left nothing to the imagination. Next came the corset with a zipper up the front. Once in place my large breasts jutted out proudly from the confines of the corset.

Now it was time to put myself in bondage. I put on the collar and cuffs then locked the 12"chain between my ankle cuffs. Next I put my ballgag in my mouth the huge ball silencing me perfectly. I put the clamps on my rock hard nipples which the bite was intense and when the initial pain subsided to a dull ache I was content. I put the vibrating egg inside me on the lowest setting. I knew it would tease and torture me at the same time by not letting me cum.

I knelt down on my knees and placed the riding crop and rope on the floor beside me and placed the flogger across my knees. I put the blindfold on and felt behind me for the padlock to lock my cuffs together. With a quick snap my cuffs were locked and I awaited my Christmas Master to come and play with his gift.


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