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by Claudia

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I don't really know where to start.  You see, I have this Master, he is very strict, unreasonably demanding and always with me.  Sometimes I think it best that I leave him, and live my life in a more conventional manner.  In fact, I have tried at times to just turn my back on him, but somehow he always creeps back into my head. He makes me do all sorts of things that are embarrassing, humiliating, painful and just plain mean.  He pushes me to the edge and often beyond my most daring limits.  My master resides in my mind. 

Today was no different.  I awoke this Saturday morning after a long and much needed night of sleep.  My last week at work was very hectic and stressful so I was looking forward to a couple of days of diversion. Master had been planning this whole weekend for a long time and I was certainly ready.  The sun was already up and peeking through the drapes and into my bedroom.  I sat up and stretched while I had this big morning yawn.  I paused a few seconds and then rolled out of bed.  My knees and ankles, still tied together from the night before, came to rest on the antique oval area rug that Master had me buy at a swap meet several months ago. Just for your information, I often have to sleep in some form of bondage. Master enjoys the look of his slave being tied while sleeping. I was still in that little bit of a twilight zone but Master was not.  He had me lean over to reach under my four-posted canopy bed.  I was naked so as I crouched, my breasts gently swung down and my nipples lightly brushed my legs sending a chill up my spine and giving me a little shiver. I was already getting excited.  I found the polished brass handle attached to Master's mahogany storage box.  I gripped it and pulled the box and it slid out from under the bed.

I slowly opened the lid and gazed upon Master's collection of toys.  I smiled and felt all warm inside and there was a little twitch between my legs as the four benwa balls that were inserted into my pussy the evening before began their work.  I looked over the assortment of dildoes, vibrators, clamps, chains, locks, handcuffs, rope and a variety of other devices that Master has had me purchase over the last two years.  My hands instinctively went to my soft full alabaster breasts and I caught my right nipple between my thumb and index finger giving it a firm squeeze as sort of preview of what was to come. 

Now, my Master really came to life... He was upset that I was stimulating myself without his permission.  He commanded me to grab both now hardened nipples. I hesitantly reached up and gripped them between my thumbs and forefingers and squeezed with all my strength causing a sharp pain to shoot through my tits.  Then as I pulled up, my back arched and my head flew back with my flowing blond hair dangling down to the middle of my back.  I pulled as if trying to lift myself up off of the floor by my tender nipples. I am always amazed at how much my 38D breasts stretch when treated like this.  My amazement soon vanished as the intensity of the pain that shot from my nipples increased. Master was now in control and wouldn't let me release my hold.  

In fact, he encouraged me to squeeze harder and pull higher towards the ceiling, stretching my tits as high as possible, and then higher still.  The pain was relentless as my nipples were being pinched and pulled without mercy.  My mouth flew open in a long silent scream, yet Master made me continued to pull and stretch my breasts, oops, I mean tits. As usual, the pain in my nipples caused a familiar reaction down in my pussy, the benwa balls were now very active as I squirmed and shifted my weight while squeezing and pulling like a girl possessed.  I was sure that I was dripping.  Then I felt a climax building, I held on to my nipples and pulled and pulled and even twisted as if trying to tear them right off my tits.  Now I was hoping that the pain would give me one of those incredible orgasms that I crave so much.  Then when I felt I was right on the verge of cumming, Master made me release my hold and I fell to the carpet in a heap. Now he was upset that I could even consider a climax without his permission.  Wide-awake now, I knew then that I was in for an interesting day.

By the way, Master requires that I use the more vulgar names for all of my body parts and sexual references when I am under his control.  During these times, I am not to be treated as a lady but rather a lowly slut of a bitch, a whore and sex slave. I just thought you would like to know that little slip a bit ago would cost me dearly...

Master ordered me back up onto my knees, and warned me not to touch my pussy or my sore nipples.  He was just being difficult and I was the victim of his terrible mood. I knelt there on my knees, still bound and with this frustrating ache in my pussy as Master had me sort through the box and pull out a variety of devices.  A medium butt plug, his most powerful dildo, various leather straps, locks and restraints, a ball gag and a set of nipple clamps connected with a little chain.  Then I remembered.  I was supposed to get a set of 4 keyed alike Master Locks up at the warehouse home improvement store last week.  I totally forgot... Master would need these keys to complete his plans for this weekend's adventure.  I am repentant, but He is not happy. 

Okay, the only way to fix this situation was to go up there and buy the damn set of locks and keys.  Master then got into one of his devilish moods.  It's Saturday morning and Master knew that even this early, the place would be filling with do-it-yourselfers and a full staff of men who were sure to be more than helpful.  In preparation, he had me untie my legs and ankles and remove the 2" diameter soaking wet cloisonné balls.  Then he had me rise and stand, my legs straight and my feet spread two feet apart in front of my full-length mirror.  I saw the image of a rather attractive blond woman, late twenties, about 5'-7" tall and about 125 pounds. I saw a nice dancer figure, a small waist that flares to beautiful rounded hips and butt.  The tits I saw in front of me were full, natural and stood out proudly with very little sag.  They were quite nice by anyone's standards.  So, Master was also soaking in this image of a beautiful naked girl and was getting ready to punish her for forgetting to buy the locks so necessary for today's activities.

Master decided that I would have to look my best so I walked into the bathroom to shower, wash my hair, and shave my legs and all the other things that girls do to make themselves beautiful.  Of course, I relieved myself in the toilet and gave myself a wonderful two quart enema.  It took me nearly an hour to finish with my makeup and hair and Master was getting impatient.  I figured that I was as good as I was going to get so I walked back to the bedroom and appraised myself as I stood legs spread in front of the mirror again. Beautiful, I thought to myself.

Now it began...  Master decided that I was going to be embarrassed and humiliated as part of my punishment for being forgetful.  He would also require that I be sexually aroused during the entire ordeal.  He made me reach down and pick up the medium black butt plug along with the KY jelly.  I applied a liberal coat of the stuff to the plug then using my finger I pushed more directly into my asshole.  Master made me push my finger in to the second knuckle, then pull out and then in again.  Then I had to use two fingers pushing in and out, in and out for a much longer time than was really necessary.  

Now, Master had me turn so my back was towards the mirror, then he made me bend at my waist, I knew the procedure by heart. From this position, I could reach around my ass with the plug and push it into my asshole while bending over looking through my legs into the mirror.  I could see the entire black latex plug entering my tiny little brown hole.  As I applied more and more pressure, the plug began to slowly and painfully penetrate and stretch my ass.  It was smaller in diameter at the tip but widened to a couple of inches soon after.  It hurt; it always hurts as the widest part entered my body. I pumped it in and out a couple of times trying to loosen my muscles. The pain was tolerable but not comfortable by any means.  I pushed harder and deeper and the widest part finally passed the ring of my hole and then it just slid in the rest of the way as the diameter got smaller. Although this stem part was smaller, it was still wide enough to hold my hole open and kept me very aware of the fact that I had been plugged.  I haven’t ever been able to get the biggest plug in but Master has me practicing nearly every day and soon, my hole will be big enough for the monster.

I reached down again and picked up Master's most powerful battery powered dildo.  It was a little thicker around than the butt plug which was substantial itself. I lubed this device although I probably didn't need it because by then I was soaking wet. Master made me position the dildo so it was pointing right up into my pussy and then he made me just shove it up into my fuck hole with one big thrust.  It didn't go all the way in so he made me take it all the way back out and shove it in again.  This time I was careful to use enough strength to ram it in to the hilt so that just the end with the little on an off switch was showing.  Now Master made me pick up a 6' length of 1/8" nylon rope that I wrapped snuggly around my waist and tie just below my belly button.  I took the two leftover strands and pulled them down between my legs, one strand on each side of my clit and then through my pussy and over the dildo and butt plug and back up to the small of my back.  I pulled the rope tight so they pressed the plugs into my body very firmly.  Then I tied the rope ends to the rope around my waist making sure that the knot was very tight and would not come undone.  One side effect of this rope configuration is that the strands that hold the dildo in place also rub and pinch my clit sending little shock waves up into my body.  I was leaking again, I was getting very turned on and I hadn't even taken a step. 

Now for my "outfit".  Master chose a large men's denim work shirt that buttoned in the front.  I put the shirt on and noticed that the shirttails in the back came down to about 2" past my ass cheeks covering them but not by much.  In the front, the tails came to about the same distance below my pussy.  Master has decided that as a further punishment, I would be put into a position of being totally humiliated. I am not going to be allowed to wear pants, not even panties. That's when I noticed the problem with shirt in the front.  The problem was that there are no buttons at the bottom 8" of the shirt tails.  The two pieces just sort of flap around below the last button, which was just above my pussy. Although the tails overlap a little, the slightest misstep would expose my bound, shaved and stuffed naked pussy to anyone who happened to be looking.  The sides of this shirt are cut high exposing almost all of my legs which would have been fine had I been wearing pants, but being naked under the shirt made this very, very revealing.  

My thoughts focus on the front of the shirt and the buttons that pull the denim fabric together. I had already fastened the lowest button, the one just above my pussy, so I buttoned the next up the line.  This pulled the right and left sides of the shirt together just below my belly button and left the top open to the collar around my neck.  My tits filled the loose fitting fabric on either side and you could see a little of the soft, smooth tit flesh that make up my substantial cleavage.  My tits were otherwise mostly covered as I stood there looking in the mirror and I was thinking that if I had a halter or tee shirt underneath, this would be a very nice fashion statement.  But, no such luck, Master wanted to punish me for being forgetful and for having to go shopping when other things were planned so no bra or covering of any kind.  I was in for it, that's for sure. 

As I was standing there looking into the mirror, thinking about fastening the remaining buttons, Master came up with another idea.  He made me get a pair of scissors and snip off the remaining buttons all the way to my neck leaving only the two bottom buttons to keep the shirt together.  This left the shirt open and slightly separated all the way up so anyone could tell that I was not wearing a bra.  I was left with no way to conceal my breasts except to be very careful about every movement I made.  I was getting scared and excited at what Master was doing to this attractive blond bitch.  I was naked except for the denim work shirt, plugged in both holes and exposed in a not so subtle manner.  

I took a few little test steps while looking in the mirror.  I could see that if I took little small steps, the bottom flaps stay in place.  If I walked normally, my pussy would peek through the shirttails as they lifted on my thigh so I would have to be very careful about my stride.  As for the top of the shirt and my tits, well any movement at all caused the shirt to shift and open to the left or right exposing more and more of my tits. If I bent over, my tits fell forward and the shirt just sort of billowed out and down and separated even more.  Anyone around could see everything I've got up there. I knew too that Master would make me keep my legs straight and spread when I bent so not only would my tits fall out, but my ass and pussy would be exposed from behind.  I was getting very concerned.  If I reached up, oh shit, if I reach up, the shirt opened and the shirt tails that just barely cover things anyway hiked up so that both my pussy and ass were exposed.  I thought to myself, "no reaching up"!!!  I didn't know how I was going to get away with this but Master was insistent, I had no choice.

So, this was my punishment.  I rolled up my sleeves and put on my open toed platform sandals that raise my heels nearly 4 inches off the ground accentuating my legs just like high heeled pumps. I picked up my little clutch purse and headed for the door.  I thought to myself that when people see me they are bound to think that I am wearing short shorts under this shirt.  After all, who would ever go out in public with just a shirt. I decided that I could do this. So, I reached for the doorknob and my shirt opened a little and my right tit was exposed almost to the nipple. This really concerned me now that I knew that even the slightest movement of my arms would open my shirt and expose my tits.  I hesitated but Master took over and I stepped out the door closing and locking it behind me.  I practiced keeping my hands and arms as close to my body as possible, still my shirt opened and closed a little as I walked and the shirttails flipped up as my legs moved me along.   Then I noticed the cool air flowing over my plugged, roped and damp pussy making me feel more naked and exposed than ever.

I walked slowly and carefully to my car, my eyes darting all over to see if any neighbors are about.  It would not be very good for my reputation in the neighborhood if someone would happen to see my naked ass or tits as I bent to reached and unlocked my car door. Way down the block I could see old Mr. Jones mowing his lawn, but no one else in sight.  I was in luck, he is nearly blind.  I walked out into the street to the driver's side door and carefully reached out to insert the key.  I was getting the hang of this I thought to myself.  I opened the door, turn a little and then bent my knees so I could slide my butt onto the seat.  Oh shit...  As I bent, the ropes squeezed tighter, squeezing and pinching my clit and driving the plugs deeper into my holes and I almost screamed.  As I reached into the car to grab the steering wheel, my shirt top opened so wide that both my tits are totally exposed and the shirt tails separated so that my pussy was not covered by anything but the ropes. God! I was naked. I hurried to close the door as I noticed a car approaching from behind.  In a near panic, I pulled my legs in pinching my clit even harder between the ropes, but I got the door closed just in time.  I just sat there a few moments adjusting my shirt and the ropes while taking deep breaths to regain my composure.

Safe inside my car, I started to relax.  The drive to the Home Depot was pretty easy.  I got the same occasional glances from the male drivers I always get, and I knew they couldn't see my pussy and my shirt was hanging straight down covering my tits so it was just pretty normal.  Once I got to the parking lot things change though.  It was getting busy, just as Master had anticipated and finding a parking place takes on a whole new set of problems.  There are people, mostly men, walking to and from the entry and I was stuck in the middle of the driveway with cars in front and behind. As the men walk by my car, I knew if they glance in they would see that I was not wearing a bra, they would see hints of my tit flesh because my cleavage was slightly exposed and if they looked harder, they might even see my pussy and the binding rope, not that the ropes covered very much.  

I put one hand down into my lap to cover my privates and that really pissed off my Master.  He made me put my hands back on the steering wheel and let the men see whatever they happened to see.  I just hoped that if they did see my pussy, they would think the ropes were just bikini bottoms. I looked down and saw that the shirt tails have sort of bunched up between my legs so my pussy was at least a little hidden.  Even so, I was beginning to get really uncomfortable. Finally, I noticed the brake lights and then backup lights of a parked car just in front of me.  I let him back out and I slid right into the parking slot.  Feeling very lucky, I smiled and was becoming more confident when all of a sudden I hear a clunk and realize the guy next to me in a big old pickup truck opened his door and hit my car.  I looked in the passenger side mirror and saw him climbing out of his big dirty truck then bending to look at the scratch in my car.  Oh shit, he obviously decided to make his way around my car to my window, probably to apologize.   

The big ugly beer-belly guy got to my side and leaned over with his two-day-old beard and tried to speak.  He sort of smiled but his grin was lost in his multiple cheeks.  He motioned for me to roll down my window and I just grinned and tried to tell him that it was okay, don't bother.  He was insistent so I relented and reached over to the handle with my left hand to roll the window down half way using my right hand to keep my shirt together. Master was not buying this and made me let go of my shirt and place both hands down and flat against the seat. No hiding my privates was the rule of the day.  Now the guy leaned over closer and with his stale beer breath he apologized for his clumsiness.

It was then that he noticed my open shirt and my near naked tits and tried to angle for a better look.  I swear he was drooling on my car as he edged to the front a little more.  Then he scooted back and was about at the middle of the window still sort of trying to apologize and maybe exchange driver's licenses and insurance information.  He wanted my phone number so he could call later in the day to make sure everything was okay. He stood up a little straighter and I knew he is trying to get a look at my crotch.  I also knew he could see a lot of my leg and not a hint of pant leg. His fingers were curled over my window top as he tried to see as much as he could, still stuttering and stammering.  I decided to roll up the window and reached for the handle which may have been a mistake.  As I stretched my arm out, my shirt fell open a little more and the guy just sort of grunted.  I turned the crank but with his hand on the window it was difficult and the strain made my tits jiggle and they were exposed even more.  This guy must have been having the peepshow of his life.  I almost caught his fingers when the window finally reached the top of the door.  He quickly pulled his hand out and stepped back, smiled, shrugged his shoulders and just simply waved good-bye as he walked towards the entrance of the store. 

I was about ready to chicken out but I decided that Master's punishment for failure here would be much worse than going through with this ordeal.  I waited a few moments and then opened my door, swinging my foot out of the car and onto the pavement.  I looked down at my spread legs, one foot on the ground and the other still in the car and gasped as my pussy was now totally uncovered and exposed to the world.  Fortunately the car next to me and my door provided some privacy.  I was safe for now as I stood to adjust my shirt.  I pulled the tails down and the open front closer together.  So, now I was committed as I slammed the door shut. 

I turned towards the driveway and walked out and away from the shelter provided by the neighboring car. I now felt as if I was in full view of every man in the parking lot.  Master told me to walk tall, to make him proud.  So then I pulled my shoulder back, thrust my tits out and I held my head up high.  I was feeling like a stripper walking out onto the stage, my ass was swaying back and forth as I acted confident, almost defiant. Half way to the entrance there was a break in the number of men in the area.  I felt relieved until Master demanded that I turn on the vibrating dildo.  I was in the middle of the damn parking lot, on display, with nothing but a shirt to cover my nakedness.  Now he wanted me to spread my legs, spread the shirt tails, reach down between my legs so it looked like I was touching myself, spread the ropes and spread my pussy lips, and then flip the switch. 

I must have been crazy as I stopped in my tracks, I reached down between my legs as discretely as possible and separated the soaking wet rope in my pussy, then stuck my finger in between my pussy lips just enough to click the switch to on. The dildo came to life immediately causing me wobble a bit and I had to pause to catch my balance.  These were brand new batteries so the full power of the vibrator sent shivers through my whole body.  I tried to continue walking.  It was now difficult because it felt as though my whole pelvis was being rocked by this intruder.  Then it hit me, I could hear the vibrations.  First I thought that maybe it was only me that could hear it, maybe the sound was just traveling up inside my body to my ears.  Maybe no one else could possibly hear this thing vibrating deep inside my pussy. I looked around and there were men walking towards me from the entrance.  More men coming from behind.  It was too late to reach back down there to turn the thing off, they'd see me for sure.  I had to pretend like there was nothing happening, like I didn't hear a thing. I got closer to a guy who was glancing over towards me, obviously admiring legs and cleavage.  Then as he passed me on the right I could see him reaching for his cell phone.  He was checking it to see if he had an incoming call.  He didn't. He must have heard my vibrator. Oh god I realized it could be heard by anyone close me.

The thought of what Master was making me do had me so excited I was dripping from my pussy and cum was dribbling down my leg. I could feel the coolness of the trail it leaves on my inner thigh.  There was that familiar ache in my crotch, a throbbing of my clit and the tightening of my muscles around the dildo and butt plug. The humiliation of being nearly naked in a Home Depot parking lot full of cars and men was almost overwhelming. The thought of being discovered and maybe even arrested had me frightened and added to the humiliation.  I imagined being taken handcuffed into a little security room where the guards searched me finding a big black butt plug up my ass and a vibrating dildo in my pussy, both tied in place with cords of nylon rope. What would the guards think? What would they do with me? I didn't even want to think about that, I had to think about what was happening right then.  I had to think about not cumming in the situation I was in even though I was heating up like a volcano. Everyone would see and know what I was up to.  I had to control it with all the strength I had in my body and mind. I pulled myself together and continued to the entrance that is now just a few steps ahead. I was aware more than ever that every step I took caused the crotch ropes to squeeze and tease my clit torturing me in the worse possible way. Having to cum but having to hold it back was incredibly erotic.

Once inside the huge warehouse I scanned the directional signs looking for the aisle where the locks would be located.  I didn’t see anything that would have even given me a hint so I would have to just wander in my near naked and aroused state until I ran across them.  To the left was the garden supply section, I figured I wouldn’t find them there so I went down the first aisle to the right. Remembering that too long a stride would cause my shirt-tails to separate exposing my pussy, I walked very carefully with little tiny steps.  The platform sandals were doing their job of flexing and stretching my muscles accentuating my tan dancer like legs. The small slow strides kept my tits from bouncing to much and I managed to keep my shirt from opening.  My heart is pounding a million beats a minute or so it seemed.  That’s when I noticed now that I was indoors, the vibrator buzzing away in my pussy sounded more like a chainsaw on a quiet Sunday morning. It was so loud that I just knew anyone within 10’ of me would hear it. I began to think the worse, that I could never get out of this undiscovered.

I was now deep into the store, way back by the plumbing supplies.  The men that were anywhere within visual distance of me were staring, bumping into things as they walked.  I noticed two guys were following me but trying their best to make it look like they weren’t.  One guy would walk a little then stop and pick up a package of anything handy and pretend to read the label.  I don’t know how he could read while his head was turned staring at me. Another guy slowly walked down the same aisle I was in passing by me at an uncomfortably close distance. I know he heard my vibrating dildo, I just know he did.  He made his first pass, walked about twenty feet and then turned around for another pass.  He didn’t smile, he just had this look on his face like he was obsessed by the devil himself as he stared at my feet, then up my legs and then focused on my open shirt no doubt hoping to get a glimpse of my tits. He made me feel even more vulnerable, more aware of my near nakedness, more turned on. He noticed I was watching him and he kept walking this time.  

Suddenly, a voice snapped me out of my obsession with the voyeuristic men.  I jerked a little in surprise and twisted almost involuntarily towards the voice to the left which caused my right breast to peak out a little more from it’s half of the shirt.  It was a young man in an orange Home Depot vest asking me if I need any help, all the while staring at my cleavage. I stammered a bit but managed to get out that I was looking for locks. He finally looked up at my face and said they were a couple of aisles over to the right.  I thanked him and started to walk away glancing back to see him staring at the back of my legs as I took my little mini-steps down the aisle and past the guy reading the labels. I guessed he was wondering if I was wearing panties or not.  As I turned the corner, I glanced back again and he was edging slowly towards me, following me, still focused on my legs and ass.  I don’t even think he saw me looking at him as he was in sort of a trance.  The label reader began to move towards me also, he too had a fascination for my legs and ass.  I walked very carefully fully aware of my audience and aware of the fact that slightest mistake on my part would give them the visual that they, until now, only had in their imagination.  That visual would of course be my naked ass.  Boy would they be surprised to see that I had strands of nylon rope running through my crotch.  They might even see the butt end of the dildoes sticking out of my ass and pussy.  God, I couldn’t let that happen.

I managed to get to the second aisle without incident.  I turned up the aisle and scanned the shelves until I finally came upon the lock section.  I came to a halt and so did my two stalkers.  Now, I stood facing the shelves from about the middle of the wide aisle.  Master was being particularly mean today and made me spread my feet apart about two feet.  That was uncomfortably wide as it separated my shirt tails in front exposing my pussy. Fortunately the guys were about 20 feet away and on the other side of the aisle in back of me and couldn’t get a clear view of my crotch. Now there was a third guy on the other side of me checking out the action which was me. That’s when I spotted the set of 4 keyed alike Master Locks.  They were two shelves above my head.  Within reach, but I would have to reach up and stretch which would certainly pull my shirt up over my ass giving the horny men a clear view of my naked butt, my naked legs, my naked waist and make it perfectly clear that I was totally naked except for my shirt. Oh and of course they would see the nylon ropes knotted around my waist and pulled down through my crotch. I knew these guys were hoping to get a peek at my ass, but what ever would they think when they saw the ropes cinched tight around my waist digging into my soft silky smooth skin. What would they think when they saw the strands of rope that run down into my pussy and up my ass crack.  I was thinking that they would know these ropes are tight because they are pulling down noticeably on the waist ropes as they separate my pussy pressing hard against my clit and digging deep into the valley of my slit. I now wondered seriously if they could possibly see the butt plug and dildo being held in by the crotch ropes. I would die of embarrassment if they said anything about them.

I was faced with an impossible situation.  If I reached up for the locks, I would be totally exposed, naked from the waist down. I know the guys are looking at me, hoping to see more skin.  I mean they had already seen more than they normally get to see in a hardware warehouse on a Saturday morning, but this would be over the edge.  The humiliation of just the thought of it all was causing my heart to pound and sweat to break out all over my body.  The glow of my moist suntanned skin was just accentuating my nakedness, causing the guys to get a little more agitated, more excited.  I started to fidget myself. I touched the edge of my shirt and fiddle with a useless button hole next to my right tit. Then I realized that I was drawing attention to my near naked tits and I tried just dropping my hands to my sides. 

My feet were still separated and I felt the coolness of the moisture on my wet vibrating pussy evaporating in the warm air inside the warehouse. The coolness on my pussy gave me a shiver and made me even more aware of my naked vulnerability.  Then disaster, I felt another slow trickle sliding down the inside of my left thigh.  I was so turned on that my pussy was flooded and like drool, female slut cum was flowing down my leg. I glanced down and to my horror there was also a little silver dollar sized puddle on the concrete floor right below me and between my feet. That must be why the guys were so agitated.  They must have seen the puddle long ago. They may have even seen the drips falling from my overexcited pussy. The humiliation of just the thought of this caused me to shake and tremble with embarrassment. The intensity of my humiliation made me even more excited and I almost had an orgasm right there in front of the locks.  Adding to my distress, the moisture in my pussy increased and two or three additional drops fell from the ropes deep in my pussy and onto the floor.  Another trail of cum started it’s downward journey along the inner thigh of my right leg. I was frozen.  I was scared, I knew the men were watching me in my humiliation yet I was unable to decide what to do. I was on the verge of an explosive orgasm that I had to hold back at all costs and I still couldn’t make myself move.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity I decided I had to act.  I had to reach up and get the locks so I inched up closer to the shelves and raised my right arm which caused the worse to happen. My shirt tails rose up over my butt and exposed my ass to my not so secret admirers, my pussy was exposed too, but I was so close to the shelves that they couldn’t see it.  My right tit was uncovered and the guy to my left got a pretty good peak at my nipple.  My heart was beating so fast that I thought I might pass out. The guys were so stunned that they didn’t even move.  So, I got the locks, a few guys got a great show.  Thank goodness it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Still, being exposed was as thrilling as it was humiliating.  I got to my car without further complications and headed home.

I will have to wait to tell you about the rest of the weekend so keep an eye out for my updates.       



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