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Claudia’s Assignment 3

by Claudia

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Claudia’s Assignment 3




I loved your story on Gromet's plaza!  I have so far only managed to post one of my adventures, but I hope to have more in the future.

If you're up for it, how about a little assignment:  What you need is a pair of your favorite high heels, some rice, a short skirt, and very long anal toy (I have a 'fist of adonis' that works really well for this).  Before you put on your high heels, put some uncooked rice inside.  At first, your feet will barely notice but after about 30 minutes, your feet will be in exquisite pain.

Now put on the rest of your clothes, most importantly a very short skirt.  Put your extra long anal toy into a bag to take along. 

Then go onto some form of public transportation, but with only enough money for a one-way ticket.  Remember this this means you have to walk back home! so don't go too far....

When you arrive at your destination, which should be a crowded place, look for a public bathroom and push the anal toy into your behind.  If everything works out, the end of it should just be hidden underneath the skirt.  If you bend over, it should be clearly visible from behind. 

Now here is your dilemma.  With the toy inside, you won't be able to sit down.  At the very least, you will have to walk home and the rice in your high heels will begin to cause wonderful pain for your feet.  You will probably also notice that the anal toy will try and slip out of your hole.  You'll have to squeeze to keep it in!

Good luck getting home!




Hi girl,

Whoo Hooo.  Yesterday was a thriller. This guy has been wanting to date me but I blew him off and did your "assignment".  Master takes over from here.  Master decided that I had to go to the local Adult Store to buy a proper butt plug, one that would stick out my ass once inserted like was suggested in your assignment.  Master also wanted me to be humiliated and degraded like the slut that I am so he decided I should wear my little skirt that hits my legs a little up from mid-thigh and a blouse that scoops in the front and back and just barely hangs on my shoulders and showing lots of cleavage.  No bra, no panties is the order of the day.  It was sufficiently revealing to cause me embarrassment if I were to be seen by anyone I knew. 

The reality is that I will be pretty humiliated just being out of my house looking like this. You would think that I would be use to doing outings like this, but I don’t think a woman ever gets use to being on display like a common whore.  At least I haven’t.   Anyway off to the Adult Store.  I got there and the horny men customers and sleazy store clerk gave me more than a once-over.  That made me feel good but uncomfortable at the same time, if you know what I mean. Master made me strut around the store making sure that any of the 6 to 8 men in the store that wanted to stare at me had ample opportunity. I was being paraded around like a slut on display. 

So, I start looking around not wanting to spend too much time there.  I came across a whole wall of inserts and found one that looks like a billy-club.  It was thicker on the insertion end and then there was like a knob and then what looked like a handle.  Master knew right away this was the one.  With the thick end up my ass, the handle would be sticking out like a stubby tail, Master was liking this.  I picked it off the wall and a couple of guys saw me and sort of snickered.  It was really embarrassing, degrading really.  They could see that I pulled the butt plug plunger down from the shelf and there is no telling what they would be thinking.  Also distressing was as I reached, my skirt rose up and exposed some of my ass cheeks.  I'm sure the men could see the lower part of my ass and may have seen that I wasn't wearing panties.

Master made me stand there holding the billy-club to my chest between my tits and allow these low-lifes to soak in my state of embarrassment.  This was totally humiliating just to be in this type of store, but to be the center of their attention as I stood there holding a billy club butt abuser and still looking for more was more that humiliating, it was total debasement. I felt like throwing it down and running out of the store but I was determined to complete the assignment.  I was trembling a little and I know I was turning red as the guys stared and whispered.  Thank goodness they weren't bold enough to approach me and try to ask questions or hit on me, they just stood up the aisle and stared.

Okay, so Master makes me move towards them and head towards the check out stand.  As I pass I politely say “excuse me”.  They get this big shit-eat’n grin on their faces and say sure and barely move at all. I have to step sideways to squeeze by, my tits rubbing one guy as my ass was rubbing the other.  I swear the one my ass touched had a hard one.  Master was pleased that I was able to make one guy hard just by acting like a slut.  I continued to the checkout stand and I came across a section of what can be best described as "stripper clothes".  There was a rack of skirts that were shorter than mine!  Master was in a mood and made me pick one out and buy it too. It was blue and would barely covered my ass.  I wasn't sure that it would cover the handle of the ass plug though.

I got to the check out stand that the sleaze-bag clerk just sort of grinned at me as he stared at my tits.  Master came up with what could only be described as humiliating torture.  He made me ask for a dressing room to try on the outfit.  The only things I had in my hands were my purse, the butt plug and the tiny skirt.  My heart was beating a million times a second.  I felt flush with embarrassment and my hands were shaky and clammy.  I just stood there looking and feeling like a slut without shame at all. He smiled and pointed to the other side of the store.  I turned and started walking and I know he was staring at me from behind.  I got to the dressing room which was more like a broom closet with a little curtain instead of a door.  The curtain only hid me from my shoulders down to my knees.  Almost no privacy at all.  I knew what I had to do so I pulled my own skirt down and then had to wiggle my ass and squirm to get the stripper skirt up.  Finally I succeeded and it was very short, barely covering my pussy in front and the hem was just below my ass cheeks in back. It was tight around the waist, but flared into something like a short cheerleaders skirt.   Master looks at this kind of skirt as suggestive, mental, voluntary bondage.  The short skirt prevents me from doing all kinds of things that I would ordinarily have no problem with.  Like bending, climbing stairs, kneeling, walking with normal strides,  walking in a wind even sitting presents a problem.  You know, things that you normally don't even have to think about.  In this kind of situation, I am constantly aware of my restrictions and they bind me just as if I were bound by ropes or leather. 

Well, I am standing in this closet space separated from the guys who might as well have pulled up chairs to watch the show by only a small piece of curtain.  There was no chair or shelf in the room so I had to lay the butt plug on the floor with my purse.  I still didn't know if the skirt would hide the handle once it was inserted. Master decided that I had find out if it would stick out or not.   So I had to reach down a pick up the package.  When I did, I heard the guys snicker and laugh, they were making comments and guessing about what I was going to do with it.  My humiliation is starting to make me reconsider this whole thing.  Master takes over again.  With the package in hand, he has me try to open it. It is packaged in one of those damn plastic things, one that you can't open with your hands.  I had only one terrible choice.  So I walk out of my closet which did afford me at least a little protection, now in my tiny tiny skirt, I carried the plug and past my audience to back to the clerk.  I looked up at him, not making eye contact and in a very quite quivering voice, I asked if I could borrow a pair of scissors. 

My God...  I could have died on the spot but some how I got the words out.  The clerk, somewhat nervous now, was very accommodating.  He reached down and handed me a pair of scissors and then he almost killed me with his words.  He asked in a much too loud a voice if I needed some lube. Everyone in the store heard him.  I shuddered, but said yes, I would need some lube.  This was worse than I could have ever imagined and again almost ran from the store, but Master has a way of controlling my weak character. He made me just stand there looking at the clerk like a deer staring into headlights.  The clerk smiled and knowing smile and threw me a little black tube and said "on the house".  I was frozen stiff with fear and embarrassment so the tube hit my left tit and fell to the floor.  That snapped me out of it.  Now I had another dilemma.  I would have to bend over to get the tube on the floor.  Master never lets me bend my knees when picking things up from the floor.  I had no choice and as quickly as I could, I bent at my waist, reached down, flashed the guys with my ass and pussy, picked up the tube and rushed back to the closet.  I was terrified and shaking with fear, embarrassment and humiliation.  I think if I were in any place other than an adult toy store, I would have been arrested.  As it was, no one was complaining.

Now safe back in my closet dressing room with my thin little curtain I proceeded to cut open the package containing the butt plug.  It was still a struggle even with the scissors but I finally got the plug out.  I had to let the scissors and empty package fall to the floor.  The guys, six of them now, had gathered up the aisle and were watching my every action and when the empty package hit the floor, they all started chuckling and poking each other.  I could see them as I peeked over the curtain.  I tried not to make eye contact, but I did get a little peek at the little crowd of guys now watching me not even trying to hide the fact that they were staring. I had read stories about gang rapes in Adult stores so I was getting really worried but I had to get this over with so I continued on.  I reached down and picked up the tube of lube that was also on the floor and the guys really got agitated.  This was beyond embarrassment, I felt like I was going to explode with humiliation. 

Some how I gathered myself together and took a deep breath.  I squeezed some lube onto the butt plug and bent to reach behind my ass and start the insertion.  I know the guys knew what I was doing.  My legs were locked at the knees and spread about two feet apart, the guys could tell I as bent over because my head was no longer visible over the curtain and I couldn’t help but bump the curtain as I worked to get the plug into my asshole.  Then, one of the most degrading things ever, as I pushed, a sharp pain surprised me and I grunted like a pig.  They heard me. They laughed and joked about my sluttish actions in the dressing room. One even asked if I needed any help.  Now they were trying to interact with me.  This is a whole new level of humiliation and I am really getting scared for my safety. 

I stopped moving, still bent over, I couldn’t move a muscle.  I had to consider what I was doing, I had to consider what I was getting myself into.  Then, Master got pissed and made me continue.  So I slowly started to push again.  The plug inched it’s way painfully into my tight hole, it wasn’t too big around but longer than I would have liked..  I finally got it in deep enough to where the knob was at the elastic ring at the entrance to my dark hole.   I straightened up to test things out and when I did, the guys clapped.  My degrading slut like behavior in front of an audience is causing me great distress, but it also was causing me to get very excited. Like the slut that I am, I felt a huge orgasm coming on.  I just couldn’t let that happen though, I had to control myself.   I kept myself from looking at the guys. I tried to pretend they weren’t there, that I was in a world of my own.  It was not possible to keep from hearing their laughter. I couldn’t help but know they were watching and couldn’t help but hear all the terrible things they were saying about me.

I could feel the butt plug starting to slip.  Master made me squeeze as hard as I could and that pressure almost made me cum but didn’t keep the plug in place.  I was in a terrible situation, near an orgasm, butt plug starting to slip out, guys watching and me behind a little curtain near naked.  The sexual tension was really getting to me.  I love this stuff, I am a slut.  So now, to keep the plug in place, Master decides that I have to push the plug in further so the knob slips to the other side of my little elastic asshole ring.   I knew it would hurt like crazy but it was the only way to complete the assignment.  The silver lining was that if it was pushed in further, it wouldn’t stick out so much.  Okay, now I have to do it. 

So I have to bend over again and guys just sort of whisper to each other, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it was obvious they were wondering what I was going to do.  Well, what I was going to do was push it in and as I did, the pain shot through my body, originating at my asshole and spiking to my brain.  I let out another involuntary moan that made the guys laugh.  I pushed and pushed and finally the knob slipped by the ring.  The pain was so great this time what came out of my mouth was more of a scream than a moan.  The guys were laughing again, louder this time.  Still offering any assistance I may need. I tried to ignore them and straightened up keeping my back the guys so they couldn’t see my face and so I wouldn’t have to look at them.  To have to see them laughing at me, knowing what I had just done would have been too much to handle. 

Then the impossible happened, my orgasm that had been building was now so strong and advanced, it was impossible to stop.  I wanted to die.  It boiled up to my clit and my whole pussy was aching.  I couldn’t help it, my hand went to my crotch, I squeezed my legs together, my ass clinched, I turned a little and  I leaned back so my ass was touching the wall, I was leaning forward a  little, my head still above the curtain but bent towards the floor.  Then it hit, I was jerking uncontrollably, little noises came from my lips, my eyes were shut and I was trembling all over. Then the convulsions hit and it was like my entire body was in one huge cramp.  I couldn’t move a muscle and I was again grunting like a pig.  A slut pig.  The orgasm felt so good I was in ecstasy but then I remembered the men watching me from the other side of the little piece of cloth that passed for a curtain.  I was horrified at how I had just totally debased myself.  I wasn’t sure how I could possible walk out and past them knowing that they were going to all start asking me questions, joking and generally being assholes.  But then I guess I couldn’t blame them.

I slowly came down from this whorish state and tried to regain some kind of composure.  That’s when I was rescued of sorts.  The manager came out from his office and broke up the show.  He made all the guys leave the store and reprimanded the clerk for letting the guys disturb a customer.  The manager didn’t see the whole show, he came out right after I finished making a complete and total whoring slut of myself.  All the guys complained, but the manager was steadfast thank goodness. He apologized to me with his back turned to my little dressing room and said that if anybody bothers me again, just yell.  I thanked him and tried to straighten out my new outfit.  Master decided that it was time to do my walk as assigned.  So I pulled my stilettos from my purse and poured about two tablespoons of uncooked rice into each.  Then, I put them on and secured the straps.  Master made me bring my stilettos and the locking straps so I can’t remove them until I get home where I left the key.

Now I was ready to go on my trolley ride and then walk back to my car at the Adult Toy Store.  First I had to take care of things in the store.  I picked up the empty plastic package that held the butt plug, my purse, the scissors and the skirt I wore in.  I was wearing my new stripper skirt.  I stuffed the skirt into my purse and walked to the counter testing each step as the butt plug moved around with each and every step.  I was feeling quite full.  The clerk was not as happy to see me this time.  He was just scolded by his boss and it was my fault.  I gave him back his scissors and the plastic container.  He looked at me sort of funny and asked about the skirt.  I forgot to take the tag off and he needed to scan it.  He got up from his stool and around the counter, reached for the tag hanging in the back of the skirt and started to cut it off with his scissors.  That’s when he noticed the handle of the butt plug.  He took the liberty of pinching my ass, patting my cheek and then laughed.  I guess he figured if I was such a slut to do what I just did and to walk up to the counter with a plug up my ass, he had the right to feel me up.   We finished the transaction and then I turned and left the store.

I went straight to my car and took some money out of my purse and threw the purse it into my car.  I locked the door and slammed it. I put the key on the front passenger side wheel for retrieval later.  At first I was thinking about driving to a trolley stop downtown, but guess what, I couldn’t sit down with that handle sticking out of my ass.  So I had to change plans.  I walked a little ways down the block to a bus stop.  This was a chore to be sure.  I had to keep my legs together, take short steps because of the short dress and then I had to try to hide the fact that I had a butt plug handle sticking out of my ass. Once in a while it felt as though the plug would slip out so I have to clench my ass to keep it in which cause a little rumble in my pussy too.  Even the simple task of stepping off a curb took on new meaning.  Stepping down caused me to expose more of my leg, my thigh and possibly my little appendage.  This is when my feet started to feel the effects of the rice.  It was like standing on gravel.  I stood there waiting for a bus to come in my new short skirt, tee shirt that was cut to shreds and my stilettos locked to my feet. I looked like a hooker trying to drum up some action in the middle of the day.  Cars were zooming by but not so fast that the occupants didn’t notice me and they honked their horns, whistled cat calls but drove on.  I think it was because there was newspaper article the other day about how the police were putting decoys out looking like hookers and then arresting the johns when approached them.  It was a relief for me that no one stopped.

Finally a bus was in sight and coming my way.  It stopped just like it was suppose to and the door opened for me to climb aboard.  Climb is the word too.  The steps up a bus are taller than normal steps.  I had to step very high causing my skirt to slip up my thigh allowing the bus driver a peak of my privates.  I tried to keep my legs together so the butt plug handle would not be seen from the front.  If anyone had been in line behind me, they would have seen it for sure.  They would have seen the handle, my pussy and everything else down there. Thank god I was alone.  I gave the driver my $10.00 bill that I had grabbed from my purse.  He gave me change and told me to drop $2.00 into the bin.  That left me with $8.00. 

I started to walk towards the back of the bus looking for a seat and realized again that I couldn’t sit because of the plug handle.  The bus only had a dozen riders so there were lots of empty seats.  I was sticking out like a sore thumb because I was standing as the bus started to move to the next stop and I made no move to sit. Standing caused everyone to look at me, wondering no doubt why I didn’t sit.  I figured out the if I stood with my legs together, my thighs clamped tight and my back to windows, the seated people would not see the plug.  The guys were content with the sight of my long legs, uncovered almost to my crotch. 

We barely get a block and master gets pissed again.  I am standing with my legs together and they should never be together.  I have to separate my feet the usual two feet apart.  Now, the guys are really liking my legs, there seems to be something about long well toned legs coming down from a short skirt that tends to get men all hot and bothered.  Especially when the feet are separated a couple of feet.  I am not sure if they can actually see the plug, but they are staring.  The ride is a little bumpy and the bus sways back and forth which causes me to shift my weight to keep my balance.  This shifting around agitates the butt plug which to my great dismay, sends shocks to my clit. I can’t control things,  I am getting very hot again.  The bus comes to a stop which is a relief at least for a while.  One of the guys gets up from his seat in the front but walks towards the rear door and walks past me and winks as he reached down and slapped the handle to the butt plug.  That sent waves of humiliation through me, he knew, he saw it, I didn’t know what to do.  He continued to smile and just whispered “Nice”.  Then he got off the bus.  The bus started up again, me swaying back and forth and the jolt of the guy slapping the handle was putting me over the edge.  Again, my orgasm was boiling up and it was about to explode.  I pulled the cord to let the bus driver I needed to get off.  Ha…  I really needed to get off.

He pulled over at the next stop, I was frantically trying to keep for cumming, I barely got off the bus when it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I leaned against the bench and just exploded into a mighty orgasm like those I just crave. After it settled down, I would have loved to have just sat down and regrouped, but with the plug in my ass, sitting was still not possible.  I started to collect my thoughts and figure out what to do next.  That’s when I noticed that I was not holding any money in my hands.  I must have dropped the $8.00 in the bus in my rush to get off.   I had no choice but to start walking back to the Adult Store.   It was about a 45 minute walk and was pretty uneventful.  I mean I still got the guys that honked their horns, yelled and whistled out their windows but nobody harassed me.  My feet were killing me because of the rice in the bottom of my shoes.  I walked by a bum that was sitting in a doorway and I am sure he got a rat’s eye view of my pussy and he had to have seen the plug handle.  He was too drunk to react though.  I could see that their were a few more cars in the lot and some guys were talking with each other near my car.  So one last humiliating act before I was done.  I got behind some trash cans and squatted down, spread my legs and shit out the butt plug.  It hurt like the devil but it had to be done.  Once it was out, I tossed it into the closest trash can and stood up, straightened out and walked casually back to my car feeling quite empty actually. 

So ended my Third assignment from a Gromet reader.  Thank you.


Master will also accept assignments from readers for me to perform and then I will report on the results if it is okay with you.  You can forward requests to:  [email protected]


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