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The Dungeon

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2007 - Claudia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; MF+/f; bond; bdsm; toys; electrostim; hum; cons; XX

I had read a story about a woman who bound herself including a hood that concealed her identity and then was carried helpless into a fetish club for anyone to use for the night.  This really turned me on, it excited me to the point of bliss.  You see, I know a couple who have a home out in the country and they converted their cellar into a fully equipped dungeon.  They are known for their play parties that occur maybe once a quarter.  With their help, I could be this woman and no one except them would know. 

I called Master Rob and presented my plan to him.  I wanted to be part of his party, but I didn’t want anyone to know it was me.  I would be part of his décor, a piece of furniture for his guests to use and abuse as they saw fit.  He was all for it and in fact encouraged my plan with noted enthusiasm.

So Saturday afternoon, the day of the party I drove to Master Rob’s home with the toys that I thought would make this assignment one to be remembered.  My Master was being particularly difficult as I drove up to the house about 5:00 in the evening, still it was several hours before guests would be arriving.  I met Master Rob in the driveway and he showed me where to park.  There was a back entrance to the cellar or rather dungeon and he helped me carry my props into the main room.  It was early evening, but the light was dim inside and I could see his devices of torture all around and they made me shiver. It took several trips, but finally I was ready.  I went over the last minute details including my limits and he agreed that he would look after me as the night wore on. We chatted a while upstairs in the kitchen until it was less than an hour before the first guests were due to arrive. He allowed me to go downstairs back into the dungeon to prepare.  I was getting very excited about this adventure on several different levels.  First, it was going to involve other people, a first for me.  I was going to be totally helpless, bound, gagged and blindfolded.  I would be naked, exposed and available for anyone to do just about anything to me.  I would only be able to stand there and accept what ever tortures await me. 

First, I set up my penitence stand which is a vertical 1-1/2 inch diameter metal pipe with horizontal pieces screwed in at crotch level. I’ve written about this device before because my Master uses it as a punishment device whenever severe punishment is required. There is even a few pictures of it included in past stories.  The top most vertical slips into my pussy and the horizontal pipes that jut out between my legs once mounted cause me to stand on my tiptoes. Then with duct tape, I attached the back massage vibrator to the horizontal pipe just where my pussy and clit would come to rest.  This time, I plugged the massager into one side of a Radio Shack motion detector with dual light sockets via a plug adapter.  The other socket I screwed in my little red light.  When anyone walks in front of the motion detector, it will turn on and activate the vibrator under my clit and also the red light will light up so everyone will know when it is on.

Actually, when it is on, it vibrates against the pipe too and it is so loud that anyone can hear it but the light is a nice touch I think. I set this contraption on a box and set it aimed at the stairs that came down from the main house.  Now, anyone that comes into the dungeon or returns to the upstairs area where all the refreshments were located would activate the motion detector and cause the vibrator to do its thing for 30 seconds.  Its thing of course is to vibrate and my clit would be pressing down on the head of the vibrator with all my weight above it.  I then slip two condoms over the vertical pipe that will soon be holding me prisoner.  The last item is the receiver for my electo-stim device.  I set it on Audio and the power on 50 which for me is a pretty big jolt.  Then I taped it to my thigh and I inserted the wire lead into the A port and let the other ends dangle from the crossbar.     

Rob came down to check on me and he smiled as he inspected the setup.  I started to get undressed in front of him hesitating just a little because he was in the room but it had to happen sooner or later.  As I took my clothes off piece by piece, he was actually helpful, offering to carefully fold my shirt and pants and set them on a chair near the wall. He was being a perfect gentleman.  I could see he was also obviously impressed with my naked body.  He didn’t say anything, but from his appreciative smile, and the bulge in his pants I knew he liked what he saw. 

Next, he helped me put on my latex hood which was difficult to get over my head and hair but we finally got it to stretch enough.  It felt like a second skin once it was in place.  Then I lubed my largest electo-stim butt plug which is a huge stainless steel phallus that weighs over two pounds.  I bent over and inserted it with a steady pressure that caused it to slowly slip into my puckered ass hole.  It is a pretty big plug and Rob was pretty amazed that the thing even fit.  I guess my asshole is stretched a bit so it can accommodate a rather sizable plug.  I was a little embarrassed doing this in front of Rob, but he was rather clinical about the whole thing and this made me feel more comfortable.

Next, Rob brought over a stool so I could step up and mount the penitence stand.  I lubed the condoms and my pussy with a generous amount of sex lube.  With my pendulous breasts swinging from my chest, I climbed onto the stool and straddled the vertical pipe and slowly slipped my pussy over the big head.  This is always the hardest part because of its diameter, but once in, it is not so bad. The head slipped through my pussy’s entrance and slid deeper and deeper into my womb as I stepped off of the stool and onto the base of the stand.  My clit came into contact with the vibrator’s head and the end of the butt plug came to rest on the opposite horizontal pipe. 

Rob smiled and pulled the stool away which left me into a position where I was stuck, impaled on this unyielding metal pipe and standing on my tiptoes with no escape.  Then I asked him to tie my legs at the ankles and again at my thighs just above my knees.  I really didn’t need to be tied as there was no way to get off this stand, but I thought it added to the feeling and look of my helplessness. He did a good job using black nylon rope and wrapping it several times in each location.  This felt good to me especially because it is something that I cannot do myself in a self-bondage situation because it is impossible for me to bend over to reach my legs with the pipe up my pussy.  

I then asked him to handcuff my hands behind my back which he did without hesitation.  Without my hands, I was totally helpless.  Then at my request, he plugged in the motion detector that would activate the vibrator pressing on my pussy.  It came on immediately because Rob was there moving around.  I was not prepared for the stimulation and I let out a little squeak and Rob laughed.  Still, the vibrations were already beginning to get me hot and bothered.  Then he attached one lead from my e-stim butt plug and the other to a 10s unit patch glued just above my clit.  Nothing happened yet because it was still quiet and the controls were set to audio.  I sort of wondered if it was on or not.  Then Rob in his strong masculine voice asked me what was next and wow, I was zapped at my clit with a strong electric shock. He could see my ass muscles contract and my legs jerk even though they were tied and he knew my scream was no fake either.  His voice activated the device just as planned.  He laughed and I got zapped again, I jerked and let out an involuntary noise that was an indication of things to come.  He then whispered to me with a smile on his face saying he was sorry then giggled a devilish little giggle.  He was enjoying this way too much.  I was pretty much set now, my butt plug was fully inserted and ready to go, the motion detector was working way too efficiently as whenever Rob moved, the vibrator got moving against my clit.  Then in 30 seconds, it would stop, but Rob would move again and it would kick on.  Needless to say, I was already building to an orgasm. 

So now the final touches, I asked him to put on my blindfold and then the ball gag which took away both my sight and ability to complain about things.  Now I was just a fixture in Rob’s dungeon, there for his and his guests entertainment.  He slapped my ass with a sharp smack which caused the e-stim device to send me a shock and I screamed into my gag again.  Then he left me and went back upstairs to get ready himself.  He passed the motion detector as he got to the stairs and in doing so activated the vibrator again.  I got another 30 seconds of pleasure but then it stopped leaving me frustrated. 

Now I was alone in the dungeon which left me to think that this may have not been a very good idea.  I could see nothing, say nothing, do nothing.  This quiet period was very disconcerting in that I had no idea what was going on around me.  I didn’t even know “if” anything was going on.  I knew only that I was naked, permanently mounted on this stand by means of a large pipe sticking up into my pussy and it was impossible for me to escape or even to communicate with others.  I had no idea what the evening would bring and the anticipation was getting me scared and excited.  I knew also that I was helpless in a dungeon, a place of torture, and that Rob’s guests were all experienced in BDSM play.  Some Doms, some submissives even some switches.  I was there for the amusement, use and enjoyment of anyone and everyone. 

I stood there on my toes for what seemed like hours yet I had no idea how long it really was.  The only comforting thing was that in spite of my shameful naked state, all my orifices were plugged so I wouldn’t be sexually molested.  Well, I mean, other that what I had done to myself. One thing that I had learned long ago with my experiences with self-bondage on this stand is patience.  I simply endure.  There are all sorts of discomforts if I focused on them. My wrists are pinched and scrapped by the handcuffs, my arm muscles began to ache from being forced into an unnatural position and my legs, from my toes to my crotch felt the tension of having to support my weight.  My clit is crushed against the vibrator head and I know from past experience this will become very painful in the hours to come.  Even the large dildo like pipe sticking high into the deepest regions of my cunt is unforgiving.  I have never been bound, much less naked and exposed like this before. 

In the past, I have toyed with a little exhibitionism and maybe flashed a few men in public places, but this was totally naked and totally exposed to all of Rob’s partiers.  That is when the full impact of what I had gotten myself into hit me, I was naked.  I was naked in a dungeon and I could not do anything about it until Rob decided it was time for me be released.   And, I told him not to release me until the party ended and with my ball gag in place I could not communicate with him to release me earlier.  Even my eyes were covered so he couldn’t see the distress in my eyes. All I could do was wait. 

I was in sort of a semi-conscious state of suspended animation when all of a sudden my clit was being attacked by a powerful and unrelenting vibration. Oh my god, someone must have tripped the motion sensor.  I was startled and began to just mumble into my gag.  I know my body was jerking and twitching and I could feel my tits sway and bounce in my surprise.  With all that commotion whoever was entering the dungeon could not help but look my way to see what it was all about.  Indeed they did.  I have no idea how many came down the stairs, all I really knew was that the vibrator just continued to buzz and my clit was swelling and pulsing as the vibrations never ceased. 

I could feel the presence of several bodies close to me when one began to speak.  He must have been appraising my situation as I could hear him call to the others to “come and look at this”.  Then he yelled a bit louder “HEY HONEY”, come here”.  That set off the butt plug and I was shocked and I jerked and again yelled into my gag.  “I think she’s having an orgasm” the guy says.  But then he thought better of it as it had only been a minute or so.  He then began pointing out the wires to everyone.  I guess he was following the wires from here to there and figured out what was going on.  He laughed a very loud laugh and was hit again with a powerful burst of electricity.  In a softer voice, he began to explain to the others that he had seen one of these e-stim devices before and that it delivers a powerful electrical charge to whatever body part the electrodes are hooked to.  He also explained about the audio activation and said it was obvious that normal voice volumes were okay but a higher louder voice triggered the device and sent the shock.  To illustrate he yelled again and I was instantly hit with a bolt that caused me twitch and shake as I screamed into my gag and drool dribbled from my mouth. 

Everyone laughed and others began to yell just stupid things like “slut”, “whore”, “skagg” and things that I don’t remember.  None were flattering however.  They searched for the e-stim devices and were pleased to find the 10’s pad at my clit and then the base of the butt plug with a wire attached which could only mean I had some kind of device in my ass.  All of this laughter attracted others that were upstairs and they soon came down to investigate and as you can imagine, as they came down the stairs they kicked off the motion detector which activated the vibrator.  Soon they realized what triggered the vibrator and started having fun with that too.  Some of them purposely walked in front of the motion detector causing a constant vibration on my pussy and clit. It became a game in that whenever the vibrations stopped, someone would cross the motion detector’s beam and so they kept it going no one seeming to care that this was causing me so much distress. In fact, my distress seemed to be the fun and point of it all, I had become just a toy to a group of BDSM enthusiasts.

Then, I was building to a climax and much sooner than I could have ever imagined. I was truly scared as this torture continued on and on and the vibrations on my clit were beginning to feel less pleasurable and more painful.  There were people all around me now, laughing, yelling and now touching my body, mostly stroking and experimenting.  Everyone seemed to want to personally cause me to be shocked and they were all yelling as a result.  At the same time, someone with a heavy touch was exploring my pussy to see how the vibrator head was positioned. He pointed out the pipe that extended into my pussy and pressed against my belly to feel the pipe up inside me and how deep it penetrated into my cunt.  Then whoever it was pealed my clit hood up and away showing everyone how my clit was smashing down on the head of the very active vibrator.  Then he noted that my clit was not only in direct contact with the head it was swollen and pulsing. Then he commented “what a fucking slut” and my heart sank in desperation. 

This guy then he started to flick my aroused sex with his finger.  My clit was being vibrated from below and this guy was flicking it with his finger nail from above.  I screamed into my gag again, one long guttural noise that was muffled by the gag and just sounded like a desperate grown from deep in my throat. I tried to say “please stop” but all the noises came out the same unintelligible garble.    It was impossible for even me to tell the difference between my pleas for mercy, my screams of pain and my huge orgasm.  All the noises coming from deep inside me blended together and then hit the ball gag and only a muffled groan came out.  Some of the others were still playing with the motion sensor keeping the vibrator in motion almost constantly.  A couple of ladies were having a great time yelling at each other and at me causing shock after shock. Someone with the rough hands of a construction worker came from behind and grabbed two fists full of my tits. He squeezed and kneaded them like bread dough and my flesh squished through his fingers as he delighted in my agony and degradation.  I suppose it is not everyday a man can approach a strange woman, a naked one at that, and grab her tits and squeeze to his hearts content.  He was taking full advantage of this situation by squeezing and pulling my tits and once in a while taking time to pinch and yank my nipples.  No one has ever done this to me before, and I had no idea how helpless and ashamed I could feel until that moment.  Fortunately, nobody could see my humiliation and embarrassment and the tears that had formed in my eyes because of the mask and blindfold, but I knew my face must have been as red as a beet as this debasement continued on and on.   

Thankfully, some of the guests tired of this sport and moved on to other things in the vast dungeon area.  My tit massager was replaced by another and then another.  The men seemed to enjoy this quite a bit and took turns tormenting my tits as I was impaled on my penitence stand and unable to resist.  One man squeezed extra hard and yelled at the same time resulting in a shock that hit my clit and ass causing me to jerk and twitch as he held my nipples in his vice like grasp. He repeated this several times, holding my nipples and painfully pulling them out away from my torso and then yelling causing me to jerk and pull and stretch my tits even more.  The most shameful thing about this was his laugh, as I jerked and caused more pain to myself he laughed a most vicious laugh that pierced me like a sword. I could hear others laughing all around and that caused my heart to beat harder and faster in total degration. More drool dripped from my gagged mouth and the sweat over my body surely gave my skin a glow that probably further excited the guest.  One of the ladies to my total debasement pointed out to everyone that this slut was drooling onto her own tits and dripping from her pussy.  My humiliation was near total at that point.  Indeed, she was pointing out that my juices slowly flowed down the pipes below my cunt as I came and came again. 

After what seemed like an eternity the people seemed to tire of torturing me and they drifted away into other parts of the dungeon.  I could hear soft chatter from different directions, I could hear the slap of a flogger onto bare skin and the moans of men and women in various states of ecstasy.  I heard the slap of what had to have been a singletail and then the scream of a woman which sent a shock into my ass.  Every time the woman screamed, I got terrible shock from my butt plug and this went on for several minutes.  Except for that, I was ignored for a time, left to my own devices, still impaled, naked and bound.  As people mingled around the dungeon, an occasional person would pass by the motion detector kicking on the vibrator which kept me stimulated and reminded me of my degrading and helpless situation.

Then after a long pause, I felt the vibrator kick on which signaled someone’s presence and then like a bolt of lightning “Whack” I felt a sharp pain across my nipples.  I screamed a muffled scream from both the surprise and the pain in my tits. In agony, I shook my head from side to side, I could feel my long hair brushing across my face from the force and the drool from my mouth was splashing on my tits. From the feel of it, someone gave me a stroke with a bamboo crop straight across both nipples.  I felt the soft touch of a hand over my tits as if someone was inspecting the burning damage.  My nipples were severely pinched and then released as if done just for the thrill with no purpose except to hurt me.  

There was a short moment where there was only the stimulation of the vibrator effected me when “Whack” the lightning struck again this time over the tops of both tits.  I screamed into my gag again and jerked back which caused the pipe up in my body to hit me from within which felt like a body blow from the inside.  I feared I may damage myself and at the same time I was in total fear of another stroke.  I had to concentrate on holding straight and just accepting whatever punishment this person had in mind. Then another soft touch of gentle fingers across my tits that seemed to be tracing the mark that the cane must have left behind. I was tense and braced for another stroke but then I heard a feminine laugh, more a chortle really and then she yelled for a friend which caused me jerk and twitch under another shock.  She laughed again.  Then vibrator kicked on again signaling another person close by and then she said “Look, I love the way this slut’s tits bounce under the cane, let me show you”. 

I knew what was coming and steeled myself for another stroke.  Then “Whack” again on the tops of my tits. I screamed into my gag, hair flying in all directions as my head shook in pain and drool was flowing constantly from my mouth and then I was horrified when piss dribbled down my leg.  I felt the pressure of the blow as it pushed my tits down and then they bounced back up and then the weight of tit flesh caused them to drop down again.  They bounced a little before settling down. My tormentors laughed and yelled for others to join them.  Again I was rewarded with a shock that cause me to convulse there on my stand in front of I don’t know how many strangers.  Also, the vibrator was buzzing away constantly because of the additional people moving around me and together, the two devices were causing me to involuntarily cum which added to my disgrace and anguish.  Every once in a while someone would yell to purposely give me a shock remembering how much fun it was earlier.  I was in total despair.  I was remembering that these people were BDSM enthusiasts.  The “Sadist” were causing me pain and that seemed to be fun for them and from the sounds of things, they were enjoying it immensely.

I felt the cane under my left tit, this time is was a sort of gentle touch.  It lifted my tit until the cane held most of its weight.  The person holding the cane bounced it up and down like she was trying to guess the weight of a melon in a market. She noticed the bruises from last week and laughed at me again.  “What a pain slut we have here” she blurts out in a very sarcastic tone of voice.  She grabbed my nipple and held my tit up so everyone could see as she poked the black and blue spots with the tip of her crop.  “Look at this” as she poked even more.  “These are marks are faded, maybe we can freshen them up a little” was her suggestion to the others.  The laughter and cheers were obvious signs of approval and as the crowd’s volume increased my poor ass and clit were shocked again and again.  I was really scared knowing that my tits were again to be the targets of someone I didn’t even know and worse, she didn’t know me so I could expect no mercy.  I was just a toy, a source of amusement. To them, I was just a gutter pain slut who was there for them to use and abuse in anyway they saw fit and when they were done, they would just leave me to my own devices. 

After some chatter and movement within the group of people around me I felt my nipples being pinched from a man reaching over my shoulders from behind me and then he lifted them up towards the ceiling.  I started to scream in fear but the gag did its work and only garbled, muffled groans could be heard. I shook and wiggled violently the best I could as I knew what they intended and I didn’t want this to happen.  The coming pain would be excruciating without a doubt and I wanted no part of it.  As I shook and struggled in an impossible attempt to escape my fate, my naked back was pressing into the leather and buckles of the garb worn by the man in back of me as he laughed and squeezed tighter and pulled higher.  My tits were in agony already and the first stroke had not been placed.  With all the crowd movement and their yelling and laughing, my vibrator and shock device were stimulating me constantly but I barely noticed with the pain in my tits and the fear of what was to come. 

Then the inevitable… “Whap”.  The cane crushed into the undersides of my tits, then quickly, “Whap” another just above the last.  My screams of agony were again muted by the gag but the pain could be seen in the tensing muscles in my neck, the convulsions of my body and the drool and piss pouring from my orifices.  Then there was a third stroke below the first and then all went black. I must have passed out from the overload of pain in my tits as well as the vibrator on my clit and the electric shocks in my ass.  I must have been a mess.

The next thing I remember, I was in a bed and the room was lit by the rays of the sun peeking through a curtained window.  I could feel my tits throb with a dull pain, they were tender to the touch so I withdrew my hand.  My clit then caught my attention, it was also tender to the touch.  I hoped it was not damaged because when I ever so gently touched it the only thing I sensed was pain, no pleasure at all.  My muscles were all sore as if I had just run a marathon so I just laid back and closed my eyes and I must have dozed off. 

When I opened my eyes again, Rob was sitting by the bed watching over me.  He looked and me and smiled and said “boy, what a party pooper”.  I guess when I passed out everyone got really worried, they rushed to untie me and then carried me to the bed.  Some of the girls attended to my wounds.  I guess they all had quite a bit of experience with the type of injuries I had incurred because it appeared they had done a fine job. Anyway that ended the party.  Rob said it was about noon now but I could stay until I felt I could drive so I laid there another couple of hours.  He brought me some orange juice and coffee a little later and after a while I sat up and slowly walked to the bathroom. I made it okay so Rob helped me get dress and he loaded my car.  It wasn’t until about 4 pm that I got home.  I drew a hot bath with salts and soaked for a good long time.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby, probably with a little smile on my face. I am thinking also that I may stick with solo self-bondage as this experience was more than I would want to repeat. 



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