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[Editor: Unfortunately at some point over the years, the pictures referenced in the text here have been lost, but I have retained the text for posterity. Sorry!]

 This is a series of emails that were sent to a Gromet reader, Sir S, who responded to my request for suggestions.  He was a wonderful contact and had lots of ideas.  


i am getting ready for work now. i will put myself into some sort of bondage under my suit.  Having a butt plug locked in place with the key at home is erotic.  i ate a light dinner and a small breakfast and gave myself an enema during my morning shower.  i've done this before and i haven't had an accident yet thank goodness.  Small nipple clamps are good too, i am going to use the screw type so i can tighten them a little throughout the day.  With my suit coat on, no one will notice.  i have a meeting with clients this morning and lunch with a co-worker and another meeting this afternoon.  It should be interesting.

Wish me luck



i just got home, it's mid afternoon here.  i took off early for two reasons.  First the butt plug is driving me nuts, i should have used a smaller one for this long a time.  The other is i just found out that i have to drive 200 miles to the big city and stay over so i can be at a 9 am meeting in the morning.  So, i have changed into something more casual, packed my bag.  i included rope, clamps, dildo, the big butt plug and some clothes pins. i don't want to get bored tonight.   i am locking a smaller plug and dildo in place.  The key to the chastity belt is in a ice chuck in my trunk.  The ice is a one gallon jug, the key is just about in the middle.  i re-wired the dildo so i can plug it into the cigarette lighter in the car and put a switch on it so i can adjust the power.  i am leaving on the nipple clamps in fact, i just gave them another twist.  i hope i don't get into an accident.



Your Rope Burn scene sounds yummy.  i anticipate a problem however.  if the knotted cord is rapped three times through a ring in front and in back, it will get stuck and no movement will be possible.  i use hemp rope which doesn't slide as well as nylon.  i would respectfully request that the rings not be used and also, that the anchor points in the walls be a little higher to compensate.  i am thinking of tying knots in the cord about every 12".  i will tie the cord very tight  i also have cuffs that fit tightly around my thighs and ankles.  both are lockable so they will not come off without keys. Once i have stepped over the cord and locked the cuffs, i will not be able to get off without the keys  How about this, i put one set of keys on one wall and the other on the other.  then step onto the cord in the middle, get the cord into my pussy between my labia and over my clit.  lock the cuffs on my thighs and ankles  Then i will have to go forward for one set of keys and then all the way back for the other set of keys.   i have a straight run from my fireplace to the dining room wall of about 50 feet Wow, i am getting hot just thinking about it.  As i get closer to the wall, the cord will dig deeper into my crotch and rub and scratch my clit more and more.  i am not sure what to do with my hands.  i will have to reach the keys and the locks on my thighs and ankles. Maybe you can figure something out.  a butt plug and vibrator in my pussy would be good too.  i was also considering nipple clover clamps with a chain long enough to under the cord but short enough to make me lean over.  If i try to straighten up, my nipples will be yanked in a most painful way.  When the chain reaches a knott, i will have to lean over putting more pressure on my pussy.  If i don't lean over, the chain will hang up on a knott and yank my nipples.  This is elegant.  i may have an opportunity to do this over the weekend.

Right now, i am filled with the butt plug as you requested.  24 hours huh.  There is one bodily function that will happen in the morning.  I will have to remove the plug, poop and then i will replace it, i promise.  clips on my labia.  i will also try this.  i'll let you know what happens.



i am getting ready for my meeting this morning.  i did remove the butt plug to poop.  It is now back in place. The plug is big enough to be worn without being locked in place.  The clamps on my pussy are going to be a problem.  I will be wearing a knee length skirt and matching jacket from Ann Taylor.  i won't wear panties so when i stand, the clamps will hang nicely.  The problem will be that they are in constant motion when I walk and especially when I sit they sometimes pinch that tender flesh down there and it is hard to hide the pain.  Also, when really sexually stimulated, i tend to get very moist, sometimes "dripping" moist.  Like wet.  i hope i don't embarrass myself.  or maybe i do?  who knows

thank you again for the time you spend giving me direction



i am still in my meeting, it's 5 pm my time...  geezzzz  we are on a quick break so i am sending you an update email.  My 24 hours is almost up but i am still in the meeting and then i have to grab a quick bite to eat with my associate and then i have to drive home.  It won't be another 4 to 5 hours before i can take the plug out.  It is getting very uncomfortable.

more later



Still on a break...  The clamps down below are pinching because we have really soft seats and my butt sinks into the cushion and causes the area of the clamps (my pussy) to squeeze together and everything, clamps, pussy, clit and everything.  I am sort of squirmingl



i finally made it home, i headed straight for the bathroom.  My ass felt as if it were going to explode.  i expected the butt plug to blast out of my ass at any minute since i had to poop so bad.  i made it without a second to spare.  I estimate that the plug was in my ass for about 29 hours total.  Taken out this morning for a poop, re-inserted and then left in place until a few minutes ago.  i trust that this will meet with your approval.  The clips too were in place but not in the same place.  i moved them after the meeting from the middle of my labia to either side of my clit. The pain was intense but the erotic feel made me cum on the way home.  I was constantly on edge and fingered myself to several orgasms with just a slight touch of my fingers.  at least this took my mind off of the long drive and made it a little more enjoyable. 

Thank you again



Sir, I disrespected you…

The worst act of disrespect is that i did not appreciate that you wrote me instructions, taking your time, energy, thoughts and planning.  After you did this nice thing for me, i tried to change all of your planning by suggesting different ways to do it.  On my way to Home Depot to by rope and rings, i realized i did the same thing to my former Master and that is why he is no longer my Master.  He booted me out for being a bad slave.  Here i am trying to do the same thing with you.  i am sorry.  i should realize that it is not my place to challenge you regardless of what i think.  i should be thankful that you have taken the time and made the effort to instruct me and just do what i am told.

So, i am already administering what i call self-penitence.  i have a 11/2" metal pole that screws into a metal base that is about 24" square.  On top of the metal pole i screwed on a four way connection of the same diameter. It's a standard pipe fitting.  This left me with three more openings.  The two that went out parallel to the floor i screwed in 8" long pipes with screw-on caps.  The one that continued vertical i screwed on another 8" long section of pipe also with a cap.  i sanded them all down to be sure they were  smooth.  i also put a condom on it before using it.  The whole set up is somewhat portable since it all screw together and apart. 

So as my penitence, i must step up on these 5" wooden blocks, get on my tiptoes and center myself over the vertical 8" pipe and lower myself onto the pipe.  The pipe slides into my pussy filling me up quite full. i slide down bending my knees just a little as i still am on block until my pussy nearly hits the horizontal member, a full 8 inches. i have a clit ring so i run a short piece of chain under the horizontal pipe that my pussy is almost resting on and lock both ends to my pussy ring.  Now i am stuck with a pipe up my pussy, my pussy will soon be crushed by my own weight onto the horizontal bar, the chain tugging at my clit and no way to escape. Well, my release is on the desk and within reach.  It is a metal bowl with a block of ice that has the key to the lock frozen inside.  The only other means of release is to rip the ring from my clit.  i hear it will heal, but the pain must be incredible. 

Now, i kick the blocks out from under my toes so they are now barely touching the floor and holding my weight.  As my toes, calves and legs give out the crush of my pussy will be difficult to deal with.  That is of course  where most of the weight of my body will be focused.  The lock and chain are also pressing into my clit making things worse. i am trying to reach the floor with my toes and am successful to only a limited degree. i am barely on my toes and there is a 8" metal plug up my pussy and the plug is on top of a pole that is anchored to the floor and just long enough so I have to stand on my tip toes.  There is no way that i can climb off of this thing, i have to wait for the ice to melt or risk serious damage to my clit.

i've been here about an hour, i will probably be here another two or three depending on how fast the ice melts.

i will say that the fullness in my pussy is erotic, but the pain of my weight on my pussy is nearly overwhelming. 

So this is my penitence for the disrespect i showed towards you.

i will of course accept any punishment that you deem appropriate for my indiscretion.

Notice i didn't put on cuffs or anything, that's because i have set this up in front of my computer, i tilted my monitor and am now typing this email to you while stuck on this contraption.  i have to lean over a bit to reach the key board but that is part of my punishment.  Leaning puts even more pressure on my clit and my body moves around while the stationary dildo is deep inside me. 

i sent you an email just a little while ago but since i am a captive in front of my computer i thought i would send you another. i have been working on writing about another one of my self bondage experiences.  i was also thinking that with your permission, i would write about some of the things you are instructing me to do.  i can be more descriptive in a story.  Ha maybe they will create a little section for just the things that you make me do.

My pussy is very sore.  My toes give out more frequently now.  i almost had a cramp in my right foot, the arch.  Have you had one of those?  My thighs are sort of quivering from the strain.  Even with all of this, i can feel an orgasm coming on.  Every word i type causes me to lean over and that causes me to squirm and the friction inside my pussy and on my clit is causing a very erotic reaction that may overwhelm the pain.

Well, i am going back to my story.

Again, i am truly sorry for showing you such disrespect.  i will try to do better.




Wow, that was a big one.  Orgasm that is.  i'm a little sweaty now, i guess i am suppose to call it a glow. 

i apologize again, i am suppose to be in a state of punishment and i indulged in pleasuring myself.  i didn't do it on purpose though, i tried to hold it back, i really did.  It is just that i couldn't help it.   With the constant pressure and friction in and on my pussy it just overwhelmed me.  i will try to have more control in the future. 

looking at the ice, i will be here a bit longer.  i still am aroused sexually but will try to not to cum again honest, i will try very hard to hold it back.  This punishment and pain is for you because i was bad in being disrespectful and i do not deserve to gain pleasure from it.  i am thinking that if i move around to cause more pain, especially the chain pulling on my clit, it may help to ease the arousal or at least keep my mind off of it. 



Sir, this is getting to be very painful.  Not only the pain in my pussy, but my toes, calves, thighs and now my back from leaning over are causing me much distress.  i can't stay on my toes as much, all my muscles just give out.  So there is more and more pressure on my pussy.  Somehow the lock (its a tiny but effective one) got right under my clit and is pressing on it or rather my clit is pressing on the lock.  There is considerable pain but as i wiggle, it is also stimulating in a sexual sense. 

i am still trying very hard not to have another orgasm.  i have managed to fight off several now but i don't know how much long i can deny myself.  i am still determined however.   i think i am doing pretty well.  usually i have several big orgasms over a two hour period of time which is one reason why i use this self-bondage devise.  That may be one of my problems, i have programmed myself over the last few years to expect to cum when attached to this pole.  i have taken the pole and base on trips and set it up in hotel rooms, i have set it up in my office after hours even an old abandoned house next to an open window.  i even took it camping with me once.  It is very portable, i just throw it into my trunk.  It helps me pass the time and have enough sexual release to last me a while. 

Today is different though.  i am punishing myself for being bad.  So personal pleasure does not have a place here. i am determined not to cum again.  The ice still has a way to go.  But it is late afternoon here and the sun is blasting into my window heating up the room.  Hopefully it will melt a little faster.  The sun is heating me up too, i am sweating now, no glow, just dripping.

i hope you are having a nice day...



Sir, i completed my punishment.  The ice has melted and i have the key.  I am going to reach down and unlock the chain and free my clit.  I am sore, my legs gave out, my pussy is crushed all the way to the bone. 

Okay, I was able to use my hands to lift myself off of the pole, there is a void in my pussy now but the relief is incredible.  My legs are like rubber so i am pulling my chair up to sit.

i have to admit that about a half hour ago i couldn't stop myself from cumming.  It was like one of those Earth shattering orgasms.  i would have bitten my tongue off had i not had my ball gag lock in place. The ball gag also kept the noise of my scream from scaring the neighborhood.  i suppose it was because i had held it back for so long it just erupted.  If the pipe had not be inside me so deep, i would have fallen over and collapsed on the floor.  i know it was wrong for me to have pleasure during a punishment and that i should have more self-control.  i will have to practice a lot more.  If i have disappointed you, i will accept your punishment for this as well as my disrespectful behavior earlier. i will also try to be more respectful in the future.

Right now, i have to go soak in a tub of hot water and epson salts.  i think i will need a bit to eat and a nap too.



“I have ideas in mind on how to punish you but I want to hear from you ways that you think I might find acceptable that does not involve you cumming. As for your electrical toy what attachments do you have and what type is it exactly?”

There are a few ideas that i have always wanted to try but have been too chicken.  One is getting to the beach early in the morning and digging a hole to lay in.  The hole would be deep enough so that when i laid down i could cover myself with sand.  Then i would get naked, bind my ankles, knees and thighs after inserting a plug and dildo. i would have to set up a little small tent like thing to shade my face to keep from burning. Then i would cover myself with sand having piled it up all along the hole. i'd bind my wrists and then just relax.  it would be erotic to be sure to be naked, bound and buried while families played and walked near me.  i would have to have the use of my bound hands to reach for my water bottles that i would set close to my head. 

Another idea that is just in the idea stage is to somehow put myself into bondage while sitting at the back bumper of my Land Rover.  It has a trailer hitch that is 1 3/4" in diameter.  I can insert that into my butt.  I've practiced at home and i can do it. i haven't thought this one out yet.

I like camping.  There are some secluded camp grounds close to home.  I have a tent that even i can set up.  It is tall enough that i can stand inside.  I have taken my penitence stand camping with me and set it up in the middle of the tent and the mounted it sometime in the morning.  I am stuck on the stand until i get the key that is out of reach but will drop with the good old standby ice in a stocking release.  It is really a turn on when other campers walk by my tent with me inside impaled on the pole. i should name this contraption.  Oh well, i keep imagining that someone may peek inside my tent because it is impossible to lock it up. I can't even imagine their reaction finding me all tied up. 

Oh about the pole stand.  Right now i have the 1 1/2" diameter insert that goes into my pussy.  I can change this to a 1" diameter insert that i can get into my ass.  It is a little more difficult and the sensation is entirely different but still, i am impaled on a pole but with the insert in my butt instead of my pussy. The thing about this is that it leaves my pussy available for all sorts of vibrators and things. 

With this set up, a pole stand and butt insert, a plug-in vibrator can be taped to the horizontal bar that extends out under my pussy. Being a plug-in vibrator, it will never run out of power and the power that it does have is way more intense than a battery powered vibrator. Then the vibrator can be attached via extension cords to the motion sensor out in the front yard.  then whenever anyone or a car passes in front of the house, the vibrator goes off for 45 seconds.  i can adjust the time up to 3 minutes.  With the vibrator taped to the pipe and pressing against my clit, it is quite effective.  The thing is, it is completely random, you never know when a kid will run by or a car will drive by.  Sometimes it is a long wait but sometimes when the kids are playing, it is all the time.  i think i described this to you once. 

Of course, when impaled, there are many other devious devices that can be added.  Nipple clamps, pussy clamps, weights, ball gags,  tit stretchers.  You know, all the standard available torture devices. 

One of my electrical toys is a dog training shock device.  You can get them at Petco.  It is a little receive that can shock the hell out the dog when the owner pushes a button on the sending unit.  i usually bind myself in such a way that i can press the shock devise against my pussy.  Usually my clit.  Then i hook the sending unit to my belt.  My imaginary Master forces me to press the button giving me a horrible painful shock.  I have worn this under my dress while grocery shopping, mall shopping, at work, everywhere..  I usually set a goal of a certain number of shocks over a period of time.  It is a Master's punishment devise that is completely portable and can be used at any time at any function.  I have even attached to to my bra under my tit.  It can be pressed against any part of my body.  I just happen to like it against my clit.  The pain is exquisite.

I am trying to obtain a Tens unit. I hope to have one soon.



The things that i had to do was stop and get the rope for the Rope Burn assignment.  Home Depot didn't have hemp so i bought sisal.  i hope this meets with your approval.  Actually this stuff is scratchier than hemp so the effect may be more devastating.  I am getting hot just thinking about my clit scraping over the cord and then coming to a knot and having to force myself over the obstacle that it presents.  They had two diameters of this sisal cord. one about 1/8" and the other about 1/4". I will try the 1/4" first.  the knots will be about an inch in diameter and will be difficult to get through the rings, but i will try.  Also, i went to get icyhot and they only had small tubes.  But Bengay was right next to it and they had a large 4 oz tube of it.  I remembered you said either so i hope this is okay.  If not, i will get a few more tubes of icyhot.

i think i have all the parts now for the rope burn assignment.  you said to expect about 3 hours or more on the rope. That sounds exquisite and i am anxious to try.   i have to set it up, drill some holes in the wall for attachments and stuff. it may not happen today because i have to go back to the hospital.  i know this is my punishment for yesterday, but may i ask if you might reconsider adding the butt plug and vibrator?



i have great news i hope.  Well good news and bad news.  The good news is that i ordered the Eros electrical stimulation unit that you sent the link to.  i also ordered the portable remote control unit.  And i ordered both the butt plug, the larger one, and an insert for my vagina.  i think i will need your help to make it work properly, i am not very good at this stuff.  it sounded very complicated.  i didn't read it all because i was thinking you would be able to tell me what to do.

i did this to show you that i am committed and that i do appreciate your time and energy.

Also, i ordered the butt plug that you requested.  i think it was the 2 1/2" diameter plug

That is the bad news.  i will not be able to do the Rope Burn as instructed.  i would like to suggest however that i be allowed to do the scene outside.  i was looking at my yard today and there is one straight run that is much longer than any inside.  Outside too, i will be subject to chance discovery and the elements.  it has been pretty warm the last few days and i am pretty sure it will be warm tomorrow too.  It will make me sweat..

just a suggestion...

i am very excited about doing this for you

Thank you Sir,



When i get home, i will try to set up and finish the rope burn assignment.  if it is your will, i would ask to set it up tomorrow and then take off early on Tuesday to actually do it.  i am thinking that it will take a long time to tie all the knots and a few more hours to complete..  i am anxious to do this for you but i can't just drop everything, especially work.



i am excited about tomorrow.  i will go to work without taking out my butt plug and try to make it all the way through the entire day.  The clamps will be ever present and will remind me that i am being punished and of the punishment yet to come.  I understand there will be additional  punishment if i fail you.

when i get home i will tie all the knots in the cord.  there will be a lot of them, probably 50 to 60.  if you allow me to do this outside, it will be more than 50 feet but it will be Tuesday before i can do  it.  I will have to get off work early Tuesday but i will do this for you and to  further show my commitment.  The sisal 1/4" cord will be very abrasive, scratchy.  The cord and the big knots will be a challenge. i am sort of concerned about injury.  i think you said that the girls you know that tried this used cotton rope.  Cotton is much smoother than sisal.   i am getting worried but at the same time am getting very excited.  i trust that the bengay will be a good substitute for icyhot.  if not please let me know soon so i can go back and buy the icyhot.  i am trusting you with this.

i will check my email before i go to work in the morning in case you care to respond.

So, now i will go to bed, butt plug in place.

Thank you Sir for you patience and understanding.



Sir, i am running late but i wanted to get you two photos i took this morning.  One is my punishment stand.  it is made of 1 1/2" galvanized pipe.  the lower horizontal pipe is only 1" in diameter.  That is my butt insert.  i unscrew it from there and use it to replace the top pussy insert. 

The pussy insert is as large as i can possibly take.  The cap is about 1/2" larger than the pipe itself.  i usually have to use my fingers to separate my pussy lips to make a bigger hole for the cap to fit.  once i am able to slide over the cap, i can slide down the rest of the pipe okay.  That is until the cap hits my cervix.  That usually occurs when my clit gets about 1" above the horizontal bar.  I am also standing on blocks or a box with my knees bent at this point.  This is when i pass a chain under the horizontal pipe and lock both ends to my clit ring.  Then i step off the blocks and onto my tiptoes still keeping my pussy an inch or so above the horizontal.  This is because it is very uncomfortable with the pipe cap hitting my cervix. 

As my toes, calves and thighs give out, i have no choice but to endure the pressure and by that time, my clit is pressing against the horizontal pipe too.    I can attach a big plug-in vibrator like you use on your back to the horizontal pipe with the head pressing securely  up against my clit.  Sometimes i turn it on high and cuff my hands behind my back waiting for my key to drop for my release.  i don't do this often because it is extremely exhausting with all the orgasms.  Again, it is my penitence stand.  Used for punishment.  As I told you before, sometimes the vibrator is plugged into a motion sensor in the front yard. 

The smaller pipe for my ass is only 5" long and 1" in diameter.  It is difficult to get the cap into my butt hole because it is nearly 1 1/2" in diameter.  And the top is not tapered like the latex ones you buy at the adult stores. 

The second picture are the things i collected for the "rope burn" assignment.  A collar with chain to dangle down my back for the cuffs.  Wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, gag (the one in the pictures i sent to you), platform stilettos, and two 50' lengths of sisal rope.  really scratchy rope i might add.  Oh and of course the 4 keyed alike Master locks i bought at Home Depot.

Oh, i am thinking that because i will have to be moving around adjusting the rope, cuffs, keys and locks, i will stand on this milk box while i straddle the rope and make all the adjustments.  it is light enough where it won't be a problem to kick it out of the way once i step off. i will be sure to get the rope over my clit and through my pussy.   i forgot to put the 4oz tube of bengay and clover clamps with the chain attached in the picture...  sorry.

Well off to work, i'll be thinking of this all day...



came home to get a start on the Rope Burn assignment.  i tied all the knots, the are spaced from about 9 inches to 14 inches apart.  i went to my back yard an tied the rope so it was just about bellybutton high.  Maybe a little higher.  One end is tied to a tree trunk and the other a post.  Picture 11 shows the rope from the tree trunk extending across the yard to the post.  You can see the knots.  You can also see there is a tree stump about midway.  i will be blindfolded so i won't know until i hit it, but i will have to on my tiptoes, pull the rope to the left to get around the stump. 

Once around the stump, the rope goes over the very edge of a hole that use to be a jacuzzi.  i will again be blindfolded so i won't know exactly where it is but i will have to step down as i move across.  It is about 6 to 8 inches of slope.  If i am not careful, i could slip down even farther because it does slope to the right.  the i can continue to the other side and the post where one set of keys will be.  Do you recognize the tree on the right.  It was under that tree that the set of pictures i sent you were taken.

Picture 7 shows the tree stump a little closer.  it should be possible to pull the rope around it, just difficult but not impossible.  i can anticipate that it will pull and tear at my pussy because the rope will not only be pulling up into my crack, it will be pulling to the side as well. Picture 8 shows the edge of the hole.  i will definitely have to dip down off the edge to get to the other side. Picture 15 shows the hole again, looking across and the deeper center part.  The part where i will have tiptoe through is higher on the edge on the other side but it does slope to the deep center.  If i slip, there is no way that i can keep my footing, it's too deep.  This will be the most dangerous and probably the most painful as it drops down another 6 to 8 inches which will certainly put more tension on my clit and pussy.  this picture shows you the spacing of the knots.

Picture one shows the rope up close.  See how coarse it is... eek, i may have made a mistake about using sisal.  Cotton may have been a better choice.  May i reconsider at this time Sir? 

I think it is about 40 from post to tree trunk and i tied the rope about 43 inches from the ground.  when i stand on my tiptoes, my clit is 32 inches off the ground.  i just measured it.

Please Sir, does this meet with your approval?

Do you have a preference as to which end i should begin? 

Sir, i am getting very excited about doing this for you.  i will do my best to succeed.  actually one i close the locks, i have to succeed don't i. 



To be continued…




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