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Claudia’s New Toy

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2006 - Claudia - Used by permission

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This is a report on my new toy.  I ordered a remote control electro-stimulation devise from a big adult toy company online.  It has a little remote control device that is a little smaller than a cell phone and then a receiver box that you can put in a pocket or pouch.  Then there are the stimulation devices themselves.  I bought two, one for my ass and one for my pussy.  So, you insert the stimulation devices and then plug them into the receiver.  Then you start pushing buttons on the remote and all kinds of great things happen.  I found you can adjust the intensity of the pain or shock too.  The levels go from 0 to 100.  I adjusted it up to 32 which was a very significant jolt.  I can’t imagine what 100 would be like.

You know my fantasy...  So my Master takes over, He has me put on a sort of dressy blouse, unbutton down to my tits but not too reveling.  He wanted to experiment so He didn't want to attract too much attention to me.  I had to wear pants with a zipper like men's pants and some pink sneakers.  Then he makes me go for a walk with the remote in my hand and in the audio high mode. This is where noise sets off the electrical jolt. The jolt was enough for me to have to stutter my pace and scrunch my face in pain.  Whenever a noisy car went by, ZAP,  when i walked by a club with blaring music, ZAP, people talking, ZAP,  and even when some guy tried to pick me up, ZAP.  That was funny because when he approached me, he started to talk, and I got zapped.  My face must have scrunched up because he just said F+ Y+ and turned and walked away.  Master decided that I was rude and my punishment would be severe.  The best thing about this mode is that you never know when it will go off.

We found this secluded walk heading up towards a bridge but there were no people around.  It actually ended about a block and a half into this little business area.  All the business were closed so there was really no reason for people to go there at night.  The walk had a railing, an old fashion one made of metal and it had these little decorative balls on top about every 8 feet or so.  The railing came up to just between my waist and tits.  I could get my forearms on the top rail and lean on it looking like I was just hanging out.  Master makes me unzipped my pants right out there in public and then he has me pull out a cord that he had me attached to my clit ring earlier.   I measured the rope out and made a loop that would slip over one of the balls on top of the fence.  Master had me make it short enough so that I would have to stand on my tiptoes to keep from yanking the ring from my clit.  The tension was exquisite.  

The device was still on audio and a car blasted it's horn across the street sending a shock through my pussy and in my ass.  It startled me because it was so unexpected.  When my body jerked I thought I was going to pull the ring from my pussy. It hurt like hell and Master admonished me to pay more attention.  I was pulled pretty close to the fence, so even if someone did walk by, I don't think they would notice the rope.  They might think it strange that I was on my toes, but what the heck, lot of people do strange things. I recovered and got out my manual and just sort of stood there, studying my manual while standing on my tiptoes and with my clit attached to the fence stretching it to nearly it's limit.  There were people walking around but they were about a block away, I was a little concerned that they would come my way but Master wasn't.  Thank goodness most of them just walked the other direction. 

So, as I stood there on my tiptoes and hanging from a railing by my clit, I read about the 'training' modes.  Master decided to try the first to see what happens.  I followed the directions and got the Training mode 1 in play.  There are the buttons that you push on the remote for the shock.  Well Master made me pushed the lowest level button and wow, the shock was very intense.  Master still had me on pain level 32 but it felt stronger.  It may have been my imagination or it might have been the added pain of my clit being pulled up and out of my zipper.  I don't know, but I hesitated to push it again.  Master was not going to let me get away with just one shock.  He made me push it again and again, four times with just little pauses in between.  I couldn't even imagine that I could handle a higher pain level it was so intense.

Then Master gets devilish.  He makes me push level 2.  God, it was stronger and longer in duration.  I actually jerk and yank at my clit involuntarily.  Master had no part in this reaction.  The manual describes how levels 2 and 3 increase intensity and duration.  It wasn't lying. 

So then you guessed it, Master just had to see what level 3 will do.  I hesitated for a few moments, Master was furious and made me push the button number 3.  It was the worse pain I had experienced in a long time.  It was a severe biting jolt to my clit and ass.  It lingered for several seconds, much longer in time than 1 or 2.  It also gained in intensity as it went on and on.  I really didn't want to push it again, but Master made me. It was incredibly painful.  I had a wonderful orgasm though.  After my orgasm subsided, Master let me off the fence and I had a slow walk back to the hotel.  Very satisfied.

I can hardly wait to use it again. 



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