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Self-Imposed Prison Sentence

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2007 - Claudia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; toys; bdsm; fantasy; cons; X

Master loved the movie with Paul Newman titled “Cool Hand Luke”.  It’s a prison movie where the main character, Luke, gets thrown into this old Southern prison camp and is treated very poorly by sadistic prison guards.  Well now Master decided that it would be fun for me to be a female prisoner being made to do all sorts of degrading, humiliating and just darn right disgusting things by a tyrannical, sadistic prison Warden.  My Master of course would now be my Warden

It was Friday night and all my prison implements were laid out on a towel which was all that separated them from the dirty concrete garage floor. I didn’t know if he would use them all on me, but at least they were at his disposal if the mood required them.  There were ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, lots of locks, weights, clamps for both nipples and pussy and lots of rope and chain.  Oh yes, a ball gag and assorted dildoes, vibrators and the electo-shock device.  Master had me drag a wooden carpenter’s saw horse close to the towel and I was made to place some of the punishment devices on the top so I would be able to reach them if I couldn’t bend down to reach the floor.  After everything was laid out and organized Master was satisfied and my torment was to begin.  It was a warm and muggy night and a humid dampness filled the air and the air smelled of all the things that were stored in a garage.  There is an odor that is unique to a garage and it separates it from the pleasant fragrances of the interior of the house.  There was only one lone dim light bulb burning in a ceiling fixture above my head and it attracted a few moths that fluttered in the prison air. 

Master had taken on the persona of the Prison Warden and I was the new female prisoner who was shipped to this prison by a small town judge for “punishment” after being arrested for speeding.  My heart was beating a little faster and my inner thigh muscles gave an occasional twitch as I sank deeper into my new role as a helpless prisoner. There was also that familiar feeling of excitement in my pussy which is hard to describe but if you are a woman, you know what I mean.  There is increased moisture as the sexual juices begin to ooze from my inner most tissue.  There is a little pleasant itch and a throbbing pulse in my clit. 

The inspection was first.  He made me stand in the middle of the garage looking into a dirty old full length mirror.  The Warden sat in a chair off to the side of the mirror and commanded me to take off my pullover shirt.  I did it slowly and deliberately but it still messed up my hair which then was hanging down and into my face like a mess of straw. I felt the embarrassment at just the thought of being exposed to this back country Warden and his greedy eyes that were wide with anticipation.  He licked his lips and with a little smirk on his face, he just pointed and gestured that my jeans were next.  I loosened the button and zipper but still had to push down to slide them over my hips.  I let them slowly drop to the floor around my ankles.  I sensed the dampness between my legs and the continued swelling in my clit as I felt the fear of being a prisoner in a small back woods prison camp. 

Now the Warden was in full control and ordered me to pull down my panties and I obeyed very slowly and hesitantly shamefully exposing my shaved pussy.  The small piece of silk fabric slid down my thighs as the Warden marveled at the sight of my clit ring.  I could tell he was mulling over in his mind what delightful things he could do with it in the day to come.  When the little whisk of fabric approached my knees, I let go and they floated to the floor around my ankles joining my jeans.

The Warden told me to spread my legs and I obeyed by stepping out of my jeans and panties and separating my feet about a foot.  He was not satisfied and I spread them to nearly 3 feet which was pretty uncomfortable but I was able to maintain my balance as my thigh muscles strained under my weight and this exaggerated pose.  But then my comfort is not a factor in the Warden’s punishment plan so what else could I expect. 

After a moment, his sadistic nature began to show as he told me to grab the clit ring and pull it up and out. I pinched the ring with my finger tip and thumb and pulled up but it was not enough.  I was encouraged to pull more out away from my pussy.  As I pulled harder, the pain increased and I could feel the warmth of the air on my damp and now slightly open pussy. I started to ease the tension but it was too soon for the Warden and he ordered me to pull more and harder.  The pain almost caused my first orgasm as my clit was pulled out over an inch. 

The Warden would have none of anything that would have given me pleasure at this point as he had other plans for me so an orgasm is out of the question.  He allowed me to release my stretched out clit and it sort of receded back to its normal position as the sexual build up also receded from the near climax.  The Warden was satisfied that I obeyed his orders, and that I degraded myself with such ease.  Then as expected, he ordered me to take off my bra which was the only thing I had left in the way of clothes.  I reached up and unhooked the snap and the bra fell off easily and I let it drop to the floor.  My 38D tits sprang free and stood out on my chest as proud as could be.  The only other garment I was wearing were my slippers which I was ordered to just kick off into the corner and then I was totally naked and exposed to the view of the Warden and anyone else that happened to walk by.  I look into the mirror and saw a very hapless sight, a naked woman, hands at her side and resigned and shamed to be completely at the mercy of the demanding, sadistic prison Warden. 

The Warden continues with my induction inspection now that I was in the degrading state of being naked in full view of my tormentor.  The Warden seemed impressed with my body was focused on my tits.  He commanded me to pinch each nipple and pull my tits down towards the floor without bending forward.  Just the thought of abusing my own nipples is humiliating enough, but causing my own pain was very demeaning.  I shuddered as I obeyed this terrible command.  Then he ordered me pull my tits up towards the ceiling.  I knew better than to slack on this command so I pulled as hard as I could causing a sharp pain in my nipples as my twin lumps of flesh stretched upwards.  He then let me relax and bring my tits back to a more normal position but still pinching the nipples.  The Warden then started to show the full extent of his control and sadistic nature.  He told me to start shaking my tits as I pinched my nipples between my fingers and thumbs.  I shook them like I was trying to get the dust out of an old rag but unlike a rag I could feel the heavy weight of the bags of woman flesh.  He makes me shake harder and faster while seeming to enjoy the bouncing flesh and the pain in my face.  I don’t know why men seem to enjoy bouncing tits because for a woman, it is terrible.   Standing before a man, a stranger, and shaking one’s tits in this fashion is one of the most humiliating things I can imagine but there I stood shamelessly abusing my tits for the pleasure of this disgusting white trash Warden.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the Warden tells me to stop and turn around and bend at the waist.  He says this is a standard body cavity search and since the nurse is off duty, he would do it himself.  I was soon to find out it was a body search with a few innovations.  I bend and could look back through my legs and between my dangling tits to see my upturned ass in the mirror.  Then I am made to reach around and pull my pussy lips apart so my deep secret tunnel is open for his inspection.  I could see myself in the mirror, open and vulnerable in a most shameful way.  He told me to hold this position and while doing so, rub my clit with two fingers, one from each hand.  I messaged it, rubbed it, flicked it and pinched it as my orgasm was building towards a thunderous climax.  My other fingers held my pussy open to the night air reminding me that I was exposed to the Warden and maybe even a passing guard or other prisoners.  I had to continue this erotic stimulation under orders and watchful eyes of the Warden.  I was pressing harder and moving my fingers faster until I was nearly at the point of climax when he cruelly and abruptly halted this torture.  Actually, stopping the torment of abusing my own clit before I could cum was as cruel and devious a torture as any you could imagine, but the night had just begun.

I was allowed to stand up straight and face the mirror again.  I could see that with the heavy warm night air, my body had a glow as the sweat oozed from my pores.  The Warden seemed upset that I nearly had an orgasm, he called me a slut and a whore which I suppose was close to the truth.  I mean what proper woman would frig herself to a climax especially right in front of a man. Still, those words bite to the depth of a woman’s soul.  Then he decided I should be punished for being such an easy woman.  The punishment he decided on was 10 hard slaps to each breast with a crop that is usually reserved for horses.  He said he wanted 5 swats on the top of each breast and 5 swats on the underside of each breast. For the undersides, I had to hold the breast up by the nipple with one hand while I swatted it with the crop with the other.  I picked up the crop which was in the pile of accessories near my feet and held it high with my right hand while I took aim at my left breast.  I held my breath and swing down knowing it would hit my titty with a loud impact. 

Smack…. God it hurt like hell.  But the Warden thought that I was holding back and said that I had to do two more to make up for the one I just screwed up.  In a moment of shear cruelty, he said that these two added strokes were added as punishment for not doing the first one correctly, thus, they both had to be aimed at my nipple.  And if they were not satisfactory I would get these punishment strokes doubled to four!  I cringed and closed my eyes as I raised the crop in hesitant motions to a point above my head.  I then brought it down with all my strength and with the speed that made it whisk through the air. My aim was true and SMACK…  right into my tender and sensitive nipple.  The pain shot through my entire body but my nipple, ground zero, felt like it had just exploded.  I bent over at the waist from the pain and at the same time I reached up and not wanting to touch my tortured nipple I grabbed my tit near its base and gently squeezed it until the pain subsided. 

If you are a man reading this, you may not understand that even though a woman’s nipple feels tough and leathery, it is filled with tiny sensitive nerves that can feel even the light touch of silk brushing over its surface.  The hard slap of a crop ignites them all at one time in a blast of pain that can and did bring tears to the eyes of this nipple’s sorry owner.  I regained my composure and wanting to get this over with, I steeled myself for the second punishment stroke to my other nipple.  SMACK… again, I doubled over in pain and held my tit in a vain attempt to bring it comfort.  There was no relief however as my nipple was throbbing and pulsing in agony while I held and gently massaged the soft tissue below.  As a note, it takes great will power and commitment to punish one’s self in this manner

I had to finish what I had started.  That’s the unwritten rule, there was no turning back, no backing out, no reprieve.  So, I raised the crop again and smacked it with all my strength on to the top surface of my right tit.  It turned an instant red color and by the time I reached the fifth stroke, I could see blue splotches over the tender surface of my tit.  Then I proceeded to hit my left tit on its upper surface for the required 5 strokes.  All were as hard as I could muster because I didn’t want to have to do the awful punishment strokes on my nipple again. The pain was incredibly intense, I could not believe that I could inflict such torture upon myself, but it was Master’s command that I must obey the Warden so I had no choice.    Next, I lifted my right tit by its nipple and held it up to expose the ultra tender bottom surface of this woman flesh.  I hesitated for a few seconds, knowing that this would be a very intense pain.  Then remembering the price of slacking off, I laid into the underside of my own tender tit with the horse crop. I could hear the slap and felt the burning the pain, but it was tolerable considering the alternative.  I continued until both tits were well bruised, the full five strokes on each tit top surface and five strokes on each under surface plus two punishment strokes to my nipple.  Master and the Warden were satisfied.

The Warden had a long day planned beginning early in the morning so he decided that I need to sleep before the Sun rose.  In the morning the Sun’s rays would shine through the little garage window signaling the beginning of my day of labor in the vegetable garden.  The Warden instructed me to rearrange some of the prison paraphernalia and put some more onto a sawhorse that stood by my side.   Then the Warden  instructed me step up onto a block of wood about 9 inches high and a foot square.  Then he had me squat and bind my ankles with ½ inch nylon rope which he had me wind around and around several times and tie tightly, but not so tight that it would restrict the blood flow.  Then I was instructed to bend at the waist and wrap my thighs with 5 circles of the same rope and again tie the wrap off with a square knot. These ties are tight enough so that they would not fall down my legs no matter how hard I struggled, but not so tight that they would cut off the blood flow.  I was then instructed to tie a ½ inch diameter rope snuggly around my waist which was not too much of a chore. 

Then the Warden motioned to the back massage vibrator that lay on a sawhorse.  It was one of those plug-in massagers with a sort  of rounded 1-1/4  inch head on the working end of the stick.  It had two ropes tied to the underside of the head onto the cylinder that attached the head to the body of the device. The cords were such that one could be drawn up the back and one up the front and both tied to the rope around my waist. I was instructed to push the bottom of the body of the vibrator, basically the handle, down between my legs and under the ropes that tied my thighs together.  It was a tight fit.  Then he had me tie the rope in back up to the rope around my waist and tie it off making sure that it was tight and long enough so that the head of the vibrator could be pulled up to my clit. Next I had to cinch up the front rope pulling the vibrator snuggly against my pleasure nest so that my pussy lips were sliding over the sides of the head and my clit was being smashed.  At first I thought it was very snug but the Warden thought differently and I had to cinch it up even more so my clit was being forcefully crushed.  I winced  a little from the pain but it soon settle down to just a dull throb.  After he had me tie it off, I stood there on my block of wood in silence to just relish in the feel of the nearly completed bondage. With these ropes in place and the end of the vibrator wedged between my legs with the head half way into my pussy and pressing against my clit I was stuck until I was released in the morning.  I tested the ties and no matter how much I struggled the vibrator would not move.. 

Next, I saw the red ball gag of sizable dimensions on the sawhorse.  The Warden just nodded and smirked.  I knew what he meant.  I leaned over and picked up the gag being careful not to loose my balance.  Once I had the gag in my hand, I knew what to do so I put it to my mouth and pushed it in through and behind my teeth.  It was a tight squeeze and big enough that my lips could not touch and my jaw was held open at near capacity. I had to then buckle the strap behind my head so there was no way that I could push it out with my tongue. 

Bit by bit, my freedom was being chipped away and I was being placed into tight inescapable bondage.  First being made naked, stripping away my modesty and then the binding of my ankles and then my thighs which caused my thoughts to be focused on my predicament.  When the vibrator was tied into place and the sexual aspect of this situation became clear.  The big monster ball gag robbed me of my voice and reduced it to just grunts and groans.

The next things were more sadistic in nature.  Nipple clips lay on the end of the sawhorse.  These were the hated clover type clamps that get tighter as you pull on the ends.  The two clamps had a small chain between them about 12” in length.  Again, I knew what to do so I picked them up and squeezed the first one and then let it close over the base of my left nipple.  I winced as the sharp pain raced through my body.  I knew I had to repeat this and thus cause this same pain to radiate from my right nipple.  I steeled myself against the coming pain and closed the clamp over my right nipple but it was too much and I let out a muffled scream into my ball gag.  The Warden had me clamp them so they stuck nearly straight out with just a little sag because of the weight of the clamps themselves.  There was a string tied to the center of the chain between the two devilish torture devices.  The string ran to a eye hook screwed into the wall 12’ or so in front of me and about a foot or so higher than my head and then came back and was loosely tied to the chain again.  I was made to untie the loose knot and pull on the string until it was taught. 

In fact, the Warden made me keep pulling until my tits were slightly stretched in the direction of the wall and up and away from my body. He kept calling me a fucking slut and a whore and yelling that I deserved to be treated like the piece of trash that I was. He said he would make me suffer for the misdeeds of my past.  He made me pull more further stretching my tits away from my body and then I had to tie the loose end back to the chain only this time very tightly.  The initial pain of the clamps being applied was subsiding and the tight pull to the wall was painful but tolerable so I began to think that this was going to okay. 

Well, next were the suspension cuffs.  These cuffs are made for extended suspension sessions. They are padded and had a tongue that extends from the strap around my wrist through the palm of my hand and then to a “D” ring for attachment to a suspension device.  I locked the first one tightly around my left wrist and then reached for the second and nearly lost my balance. I recovered, but because my nipples were tied to the far wall the clamp on my left nipple was yanked in such a painful way due to my shift in weight.    This was a completely unexpected event and I again screamed into my gag but nothing but a muffled grunt came out.  My god my nipple felt like it was being pulled out by the roots, it was so painful that tears formed in my eyes.  I steadied myself, I had too, I had no choice.  My left nipple was throbbing in pain and both nipples were still being pulled up and away from my chest. I thought it may have been damaged but there was little I could do at this point but to endure.  The Warden was not amused so I continued and  I carefully picked up the cuff and locked it onto my right wrist making sure it was tight and would not slip. The locks are keyed alike Master locks which I thought was sort of ironic. 

The Warden then had me feel around for the third lock that was on the sawhorse. This was a painful task as I had to lean and drop down a little and this pulled my tits and nipples even more causing them to painfully elongate as the clamps held fast.  I found the lock easily in spite of the discomfort.  I then had to reach up and  touched the chain that was hanging down from the rafters behind me and just in reach if I stretched back.  This of course again pulled on my nipples that were still firmly attached to the wall.  I was just barely able to keep my balance.  The next thing was not a surprise, I raised both hands, arched back, pulling my tits severely and hooked the lock through the “D” rings of my cuffs and the link of chain that stretched me as high as I could reach.  I clicked the lock shut and I was now a captive until my release which was at the mercy of the Warden.  My nipples and tits were stretched out towards the wall and looked like big funnels, big painful funnels as the cords that were tied to the clamps squeezing my nipples were stretched to their limits and would not give another centimeter. 

Then the worse happened.  I could not keep my feet on the block of wood and I finally gave in to gravity and my feet left the wood platform and I was then suspended by my wrist cuffs with my toes just inches off the ground. The most painful thing though was that my tits and nipples were stretched even more as I fell backwards.  The biting pain was intense as if someone had grabbed each nipple with pliers and was trying to wretch them from my tits. The pain was more than I had anticipated as the clamps on my nipples held in an ever tightening grasp and my tits were stretched  farther than ever before.  In fact, I looked up and saw that I was not dangling straight down from my suspension chain, the tit clamps and cord were holding me slightly away from vertical.  My poor tits were taking the brunt of the torture at this point as my body pulled back trying to hang straight down but the clamps on my nipples refused to let that happen. I had no way to release myself as I suffered. 

I looked up and saw the frozen bottle of water that  contained the keys to my wrist cuffs.  From experience, I knew it would be 3 to 3-1/2  hours before enough of the ice melted that the keys would be released.  The Warden had me at his mercy.  I was to suffer until his ice melted and then and only then could I use the key to release my cuffs.  The strain on my arms was barely tolerable, but my tits and nipples caused such pain that I thought I would never again submit to such torture.  Yet, I was not in a position to change the course of this predicament.  So there I was, suspended from the garage rafters by my wrists, my body being pulled towards the far wall by clamps attached to my nipples and the weight of my body pulling on both my wrists and tits.  I could do nothing but suffer in the warm, humid prison cell that was my garage. 

I was hanging there in silence and darkness, my arms becoming numb from the strain.  My tits and nipples were stretched and pulled from my body to limits that I have never experienced.  My nipples ached and hurt as the weight of my body pulled against the clamps trying to come to rest with the forces of gravity.  This was more than I bargained for but the Warden was pleased.

I had forgotten about the vibrator that the Warden made me tie to my pussy.  I was like in a trance suspended and trying to block out the pain in my tits.  All of a sudden I was shaken from this trance when the vibrator came to life.  It jolted me from my pain induced coma.  I don’t know how long it had been since the beginning of my suspension but the shock and surprise of the vibrations caused me to jerk and twitch my body and my nipples were nearly yanked from my tits.  I screamed again, long and hard and into my gag.  I was truly scared of what was happening to me.  I recognized the intensity of the vibrations on my clit, the switch was set to high.  I was hoping that the Warden would have set it lower which would have resulted in a nice mellow vibration that would have been rather enjoyable over a long period of time.  I don’t know why it was on high but it was very intense and the stimulation to my clit and pussy was immediate and forceful. 

I remember thinking there must be a mistake.  Tied as I was, there was no way to correct it.  The damn vibrator was plugged into a timer that had been set to click on an hour or so after the Warden began my session. Now that it was on, there was no way to turn it off; I would have to wait until the key was mercifully released from its icy confines above my head.  The stimulation to my pussy and clit was intense as the head of the vibrator pressed hard against my clit and I could hear the vibrations that transferred to my pussy with such force that I remember thinking that my clit will be bruised.  I felt myself coming to an orgasm.  I couldn’t stop it. It kept building and building until the convulsions of the ultimate sexual pleasure swept over me.  These convulsions also cause me to add to the pain in my tits as I jerked, convulsed and pulled without any control. I was like a just caught fish pulled from the water and  hanging from a fishing line wiggling and trying to get free. I screamed as all my muscles tensed in a fit of pain and sexual pleasure.

That orgasm subsided as I hung limp by my wrists and my tits still being pulled by their nipples towards the wall thus keeping me from hanging straight down. My orgasmic convulsions caused incredible distress to my tits, they continued to throb from the pain. The orgasm cooled, but the vibrations didn’t.  That vibrator buzzed on with unrelenting intensity.  Soon I was building to another climax and I knew I was going to experience pleasure but even more pain. So there I hung in total surrender, my wrists high above my head, my body in a slight arch as my tits were being pulled away from my torso and my toes not quite touching the floor. My head hung down and I could feel the drool dripping down over my stretched tits and the moisture oozing from my pussy down the smooth sensitive skin of my inner thighs. 

Over the next few hours, the strong ever present vibrations caused the pleasure of many huge orgasms and they caused excruciating pain in my nipples as the clamps tighten with every involuntary movement of my body.  I had no choice but to painfully endure until the key was released.  I was in heaven…
The Warden continued his punishment the next day in the garden and those activities will be reported as soon as I get the time.    

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