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Claudia’s Punishment

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2007 - Claudia - Used by permission

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The punishment from a reader…

yes forward the reports to me and since you have been waiting on me to write you and had not taken it upon yourself i subject you to 3 hours on the pentance stand with the vibrator in direct contact with your clit on its highest setting and expect to hear the graphic reports of this event. You are also instructed to hold out from cumming. This may seem impossible but I expect you hold out.

claudpunish click for larger image


My real time email updates ,  I sent emails  to the reader as I performed and during my penitence.

Update 1

Sir,.  I understand your disappointment in me and will accept my punishment.   I have set up my Penitence Stand (see photo) in front of my computer. I opened and slipped two heavy-duty condoms over the pussy insertion pipe.  I strapped the vibrator to the front horizontal pipe securely so it won't move even if I do.  The vibrator is positioned so when I slip the vertical pipe into my pussy, my clit will come to rest on the head of the vibrator even if I a standing on my tip toes.

I am naked.

I have positioned the box in a way that I can stand on it as I position my pussy over the pipe and impale myself.  So now, I am going to spread my pussy lips apart, I have applied a generous amount of lube to the pipe and to my pussy.  This is always one of the most difficult parts because the pipe cap is pretty big and it is a difficult fit.  I have to stretch my pussy to accommodate the intrusion.  Here it goes.

Okay, I have managed to slip onto the vertical pipe, I always feel the pain as it stretches my pussy, but it also feels strangely good as it fills up my cunt.  Inch by inch I can feel it slip up into my womb and then finally butt up against my cervix.  Geezzz it feels good, I almost had an orgasm right then, but I know my instructions are to try to keep from cumming.  So now I have to lean a little forward to reach the key board and that puts a bit more pressure on my clit as it presses onto the vibrator head. I have to stand on my tip toes or else the pressure on my clit becomes painful and the pipe pushing up onto my cervix also becomes very uncomfortable. Now comes the next part of the punishment.  I will turn on the vibrator that is now pressing snuggly against my clit.  I am on my tip toes, but still my weight is causing a very tight contact between the vibrator head and my clit.

Oh my god....  There is pain at first, I have to pause...  Sorry, I couldn't type because I had an orgasm right then and there.  It just came out of nowhere.  I am sorry Sir, I know I wasn't suppose to, but it just happened, it wasn't my fault, honest.  I have to settle into this feeling on my clit now.  It is painful and pleasurable at the same time.  I think that qualifies me as a pain slut doesn't it. The pipe in my cunt is filling me nicely.  It isn't so painful now but it is big enough that I know it is there.   It has only been a few minutes and I have already had one orgasm and now my toes are starting to feel like they are going to collapse.  My legs are okay though.  There is still a sexual stimulation going on, I can feel the effects of the vibrator on my clit.  I am trying to ignore it but I can't very well, it is too strong.  One thing that is also happening is that the vibrator not only presses against my clit, but it presses on the pipe too.  So the vibrations are transmitted along the pipes to the vertical insert and it vibrates my asshole at the same time.  That alone is a very erotic sensation and coupled with the stimulation on my clit, it is hard for my body not to respond.

I think I am going to do a little internet surfing as I am stuck here impaled on my punishment stand.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH...  Oh shit...   I'll be back....


Update 2

Right now, the pole in my cunt is still very noticable, it is pressing more and more against my cervix as my toes and legs get tired.  My toes are starting to feel the strain of holding up my entire body weight, except for the pressure on my clit and cervix.  I am trying hard to reduce that pressure as it is becoming painful.  The vibration on my clit is going to drive me nuts or crazy with lust.  Shit…  I just another orgasm.  They just won't stop.  I am drooling out and around my red ball gag.

It's been about 45 minutes. 

I am going to log off and then reboot to see if I can get the IM to work.


Update 3

I can't seem to get my instant message thing to work.  I am writing you this update.

I have been on my stand doing penitence for you for nearly two hours now.  I have had so many climaxes that I had to turn off the vibrator, I’m sorry.  It was beginning to hurt really bad, also,  I think the constant vibration may have been causing some damage down there.  It was and is very painful.  Now it is just the pressure that is causing me distress.  My legs have pretty much given out.  They are cramping and twitching.  I have had to just give up occasionally and let my full weight rest on the pole crushing my clit into the vibrator head. 

Usually when I used the vibrator with my stand, I have it hooked up to the motion sensor outside in the front yard.  That way I get breaks from the vibration and it is easier to last longer periods of time.  With the constant vibration, it is very all consuming.  Sir, there is no way to stop an orgasm in this punishment situation.  When I do cum, it is like I am a rag doll stuck on a stake, unable to move from this position.  I just shake and convulse, drool and scream as the climax builds and then reaches it's peak.  The intensity is great and it is impossible to control.  My body goes into all sorts of contorted positions as my muscles cramp and tense up from the coming sexual release.  The metal pole stretching my cunt keeps me in place, but this also puts more pressure on my clit as I can't control my legs, the added pressure on the vibrating head intensifies the pleasure as well as the pain.  I took the punishment for as long as I could, the orgasms were good at first, but they wouldn't stop, they built up, reached a peak and then subsided for just a little but then increased again, they never completely subsided.  Sometimes they remained at a very high and distressing peak for quite a while.  It felt like for an eternity, but probably only a minute or so was the duration.  I was stuck here in front of my computer, impaled on my metal punishment stand at your request.  I was shaking, twisting, convulsing.  My head would tilt back, as the intense orgasms would hit, I would scream into my gag and drool would be splashing all over my screen and keyboard. It was very physical, very sexual and now very painful. 

I am sorry Sir, but I had to stop the vibrator to prevent serious damage to my clit.  It is throbbing with pain right now.  My right foot is starting to cramp again and there is even a twitch of a cramp in my right ass cheek. I am still on the stand, the pipe is still filling up my cunt and my clit is smashed hard against the vibrator head.  I just had to turn off the vibrations.  Sir, I feel very inadequate for being such a weakling and not being able to complete your request.  I will of course accept any other punishment you may feel necessary for my failures. 

The pain is very intense so now, I will just have to endure. 


Update 4

It is nearly time, my three hours is almost over.

I wanted to come clean and stay honest with you so I will admit now that the pain on my clit and the fullness in my pussy caused by the pipe rubbing and caressing my inner most flesh, caused another orgasm.  Another is threatening but I am trying to hold it back. 


Update 5


I have finished my three hours and have climbed off my stand.  I feel exhausted, my legs are sore, my toes hurt like the dickens.  The worse though is my clit.  This stand is very hard on my clit, at times, all of my weight is born by my clit pressing on the vibrator head.  It is very painful. 

I can feel the emptiness in my pussy.   A few minutes ago it was filled with this huge pipe insert, now it is empty, a void.  It is a very strange feeling. 

Sir, I have to go soak in my tub then maybe take a nap.

Thank you Sir




Master will also accept assignments from readers for me to perform and then I will report on the results if it is okay with you.  You can forward requests to:  [email protected]


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