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Claudia’s Emergency Backup Release

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2007 - Claudia - Used by permission

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I want to share this assignment with you all as it happens.  You see, one of the Gromet’s readers sent me an assignment a while ago.  I haven’t had time to actually do it but I will very soon.  It is sort of an easy task by my standards, but I feel an obligation to attempt it as Sir S went through a lot of time and effort to spell it all out for me. The task is basically a self-bondage scenario that starts on my bed and ends up with me inching my way to the kitchen to retrieve the keys that will allow me to get out of my bondage.  Sir S was also concerned enough that he required me to have a person scheduled to stop by after a period of time that should allow me to complete the task if everything went okay.  If things didn’t go as planned, this emergency back up person would find me still bound, but would be there to release me.  It would be embarrassing, but would prevent me from dying a slow death bound and gagged in my house.

My plan is to have my cleaning woman as this back up person.  She comes to my home around 11:00 in the morning on Saturday.  Again, the task is sort of simple, but I am going to give myself only an hour to complete it before Maria arrives.  This will add a new sense of urgency to the task as I will have to hurry for fear of getting caught.  

So, the following is the letter Maria will find if I don’t get free in time:


If you are reading this letter, I have failed to release myself from a bondage game I play when I am alone.  You may find it strange and maybe funny, but it gives me pleasure.  You will find me in my bedroom or somewhere between there and my kitchen. 

Now, for failing to complete my task before you got here, I will be deserving of more Emergency Backup Release and humiliation.  So when you find me, DO NOT UNTIE ME. I will be gagged so I won’t be able to talk but I may be acting like I want you to untie me but please don’t know matter what.  It is all part of my game.  If you do this for me, you will not have to clean today and I will give you a bonus at the end of the day when you can finally release me.

Over the past few years, I know I have not been a good boss, I have called you a stupid Mexican wet-back, I yell at you for not getting all the dust, I make you clean my toilet bowls without rubber gloves and I don’t pay you as much as others because I know you are an illegal Mexican and I have never given you a raise.  I’ve even made you walk home in the rain without even a coat to keep you warm and dry.  I deserve to be punished so this is your chance to get back at me for the years of humiliation I have put you through.

When you find me I will be naked, my hands will be cuffed behind my back, my legs will be tied and I will have a ball gag in my mouth.  You can do anything you want to me for the whole afternoon.  You can spank my ass using your hands or even a belt, you can pinch my nipples, slap my tits, even spank my pussy.  You can drag me by my feet across the floor so my tits scrap the rough textured carpet.  You can throw me into the bathtub and piss all over me.  If you remove my gag to make me drink your piss I may plead with you to let me go, but that is part of the game.  Don’t listen to what I have to say, don’t give in.  The more difficult you make this for me, the bigger your bonus will be. 

You have seen my hanging plants around the house.  They are all hanging from eye-bolts that are much larger and heavier than necessary.  That is because when the plants are removed, the eye-hooks can handle my weight when I am suspended from them.  You can tie my hands to rope from the hooks and suspend me and then whip me for all the mean things I have said to you over the years.  You can tie my breasts and stretch me up onto my tip toes by pulling my tits into the air and then cane my legs and calves so I have to pull and jerk on my own tits even more. I have left a magazine out on the bed with lots of pictures to give you ideas on how to punish me for the rest of the afternoon.

If you want, you can use my car and go to the Home Depot where all your Mexican laborer friends hang out looking for work.  You can bring three or four of them home and let them have their way with me.  I know they live in the canyon and don’t bath and may not even wipe their butts, but you can make me give them blowjobs or even tie me to the bed and let them fuck me in any hole they want. I will try to talk you into letting me go and forgetting all of these instructions, I may scream and swear, but don’t pay any attention to me.  This is what I want. 

You have me at your mercy until your regular quitting time of 5:00 pm.  At that time you can release me from my restraints and I will give you your bonus. 

Thank you Maria

Claudia be continued


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