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Claudia's Vacation

by ZM

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The last weeks have been very intensive for Claudia at work, so she is looking forward to her upcoming vacation. Only one more week and then she will relax properly. This means 2 weeks of selfbondage adventures. For 5 years now, this is a regular weekend and holiday activity for her, because of the relaxation she is feeling while doing it. With her former boyfriend it was even more beautiful, with whom she could go through this adventures and could fully surrender to him. However, when he left her, she did not find anyone with the same interests and with whom she can play her games.

Claudia has many kinky fondnesses. For this purpose, many interesting things have accumulated in her playroom. There are all kinds of latex and leather clothes arranged. Her high heel shoe collection has grown to a remarkable 50 pairs, of which no heels are under 5.5 inches. Also noteworthy is her collection of restraints for hands, feet and body. She would like to be tied up helpless in one of her straitjackets or armbinders, but that just does not work alone. She has tried many times, but you can´t tie it really strict on your own. That is just not giving the right helpless feeling.

Her pride and joy is the playroom itself. There is a real prison cell in here where you can lock yourself in. Her longest time in here was 4 days, naked and trapped in a bondage combination. A very intense experience, because you have no clock to know how much time has passed. Her small 40x25x25 inch cage, which is very little space. It can be locked with 2 padlocks and is made of welded 1 inch steel bars, so there really is no escape. For her first adventure, she is planning an experience with her walking machine.

The walking machine is a motor attached to the ceiling of her room, on which a 10 foot long pole is mounted. This pole is moved in a circle by the motor along the ceiling. At the far end, a chain is attached, which leads its victim in a circle around the room as long as the engine is running and you are chained to it. The speed can be set via a control panel. Also the number of laps and time of how long the engine is running can be determined here.

After 5 long working days finally Friday evening arrived. Claudia gets home completely exhausted. Actually she wanted to start immediately, but today she is just too exhausted. She prepares herself a small dinner and disappears in her bathroom to take a relaxing bath. After her bath, she emerges completely relaxed from the tub. She examines her naked body in the mirror. The fact that Claudia has just turned 34, you wouldn’t notice, because she always keeps herself fit with sports and a lot of exercise. Her 5.6 foot body is slim and sporty. She has an ass and C cups breasts to die for. Her chocolate-brown hair reaches to halfway down her back. Actually, it is completely surprising that she has not found a new boyfriend yet.

Back to her adventure Claudia thinks, "It's probably better not to start today, but I'm going to start it tomorrow morning! I'm looking forward to it!" She moves back into her dressing room and thinks about what she should wear this evening. To be in the mood for her adventure tomorrow, she first put on her red patent leather pumps with 5.7 inch heels. Then her eyes wander over her remaining clothes rails and stick on her red, almost transparent negligee. "Just the right thing to spend the rest of the evening in."

When she passes her playroom, she cannot resist to have a little fun. She wanders around and grabs her 3 inch long cock gag. Carefully, she guides the cock gag to her mouth and kisses it as if it is her new lover. Slowly she opens her mouth and slides the cock back and forth as if giving her lover a blowjob. After playing with it for about 5 minutes, she presses it all the way into her mouth so that the shaft of the cock is almost touching her throat. She closes the buckle behind her head and tests if she can somehow push the gag out of her mouth. "I can take one more hole" she thinks, pulling the strap tight around her head.

Pleased with the result and totally drifting in her fantasy dream world, Claudia takes her high security restraining transport combination. She puts the cold and heavy chain around her beautiful waist. At first, it scares her every time the cold metal touches her body. With the first click of the lock holding the chains around the waist she has a tingling in the stomach which feels so good. The handcuffs are now fixed exactly at her back and the foot cuffs dangling exactly on the right height between her legs. Slowly she bends forward and sensually drives her hands down her legs to her high heels to close the cuffs at her feet.

Click on the right side, click on the left side. The foot cuffs are closed. "Ahhhh, that feels good!" Her blood pressure rises and it is getting warmer and warmer. Now her feet can only be spread 5 inches apart and she can only take minimalist steps. Slowly she pulls up her velvet soft legs and gently touches her vagina.

"No, stop that! That would spoil all the fun tomorrow." Claudia shouts at herself and quickly puts her hands behind her back in the waiting cuffs. After two strong and fast pushes, they are tightly closed around her wrists. She cannot get out of them, she had tried that 100 times before. The keys to her shackles are quickly thrown into a time locking box and the lid is closed. After closing the lid automatically shut itself close. Now there is no escape for the next 3 hours.

Slowly Claudia makes her way to her living room to relax a bit on her couch. On the way she passes the large mirror in the corridor. She turns back and forth and, as always, is amazed by her reflection. A half-naked woman with incredibly high patent leather pumps and bound hands and feet looks back at her. The cock in her mouth feels so good. She would like to touch her vagina now or have a vibrating dildo in her. Her thoughts drift off again. She wants a man who bends her forward and pushes his hard cock deep in her. "That would be amazing!"

Getting back again to reality by the ringing of her mobile phone she is back on her way to the living room. Her neighbor Nicole, who everyone calls Niko had called and gave up after 10 rings. Claudia lays down on her couch and closes her eyes. Soon she is drifting off again into her beautiful dream world.

After about 4 hours and an intense sweaty dream of a new master Claudia wakes up on her couch. She checks her watch and heads back to her playroom for the keys to her shackles. After her slow journey through her house, she stands in front of the box with the keys and reaches them without much trouble. Through her years of experience in dealing with keys behind the back, the handcuffs are opened quickly. With the open handcuffs, the remaining cuffs and the lock are no problem. Finally, she opens the buckle of her cock gag and lets it slowly slide out.

Somewhat exhausted, she went to her bedroom and lays down in her bed. She falls asleep immediately.


In a good mood and full of euphoria Claudia awakes the next morning around 9 o'clock. "Today is the day!" With the thoughts to the upcoming events and how long she´s been waiting for. She crawls out of her bed and slips her high heels back on. On the way to the kitchen her high heels clatter on the floor in the hallway. She makes herself a coffee and a fitness breakfast with some fruit to strengthen her for the busy day ahead.

Then she quickly jumps into the shower to freshen up. Completely refreshed, she steps out of the shower and doing a light make-up on her face. Claudia combs her beautiful long brown hair, then binds them together to a ponytail. In a good mood she sets off for the play room to start her adventure. She has long thought-out and carefully considered about the precise plan. She knows exactly which of her toys she needs now.

So safety first, she has to ensure to get free after her adventure. She tests the key to the lock of a key box to make sure it's the right one. She closes the box with all the keys to her shackles and restraints. The key is working so she moves with it to the end of the rotating pole of the walking machine. With a hook she claps the key at the level of her forehead to the waiting chain. Thus, the key to her freedom is always in sight later. At the end of the chain, approximately at chest level, swings an open padlock. Claudia must exchange this padlock later for a time lock, not to get stuck there and have to run forever in a circle following the pole. Since she does not find the time lock right away, she moves on to the next step to ensure her courage doesn´t leave before she is finished. "I will do that later, now I go on with the exciting part."

Now she powders her legs and arms to make dressing easier. With a tingling in her stomach Claudia takes a black latex catsuit off the rack. As she steps in and pull the latex up her legs, the material nestles like a second skin over them. At first, the material is cold, but it heats up very quickly and feels so good. Slowly she pulls up the suit until it pops over her hips. Now Claudia slips with her arms into the sleeves until her hands slip into the attached gloves. Sensual she drives her hands over her body and pinches her nipples. These are still free through the openings for her breasts, just like her vagina. She plays with her left hand with her right and hard nipple. With her right hand she reaches down to her vagina and softly touches it.

She has to stretch the opening for her breasts a little to squeeze them through, but they fit perfectly. Of course everything does, as it is a custom made catsuit according to Claudia's wishes. The slightly narrower cutouts make her breasts really sensitive after a while when wearing the suit. Claudia continues to play with her nipple while she closes the catsuit on her back with the other hand until it covers her up to her neck. "Hmm ... that feels so good."

Before she can finish the black outfit, she takes her earplugs in her hand. Slowly Claudia compresses them and slides them into her ears. These earplugs suppress almost every sound and make Claudia almost deaf. Next, she takes her biggest softball, which is about 3 inches in diameter, and presses it into her mouth. It presses her tongue down firmly and fills her mouth completely. Now Claudia is not only deaf, she can hardly speak anymore.

In order not to be able to take out the ball and plugs, Claudia pulls a black latex discipline mask out of the rack. This mask is very tight. It is closed over her mouth but has holes for her nose to make breathing easier. In addition, the hood is perforated above the eyes, which limits the view for Claudia. On the left and right next to the eye openings are hanging small latex flaps that can be folded over the eyes to completely restrict the view. Claudia also considers closing them, but without her seeing what she is doing she could not continue with her selfbondage adventure. So the flaps stay open today.

Claudia has to fight a bit to pull the mask over her head, because all of her hair has to be put through the ponytail opening at the back of the head. The zipper at the back of the head is pulled down forcefully bit by bit. The further she closes it the more the mask encloses her head and slowly exerts a constant pressure around the whole head. Her jaw is pressed more and more up against the ball and dampens her voice more and more. A soft "Mmhhmm mhmhh hhmmm ..." is all that Claudia can say from now on. When the zipper is closed completely, Claudia is wrapped in black latex from head to toe. Only her breasts and vagina stand out as a contrast. Claudia takes a small lock in her hand and secures the zippers from the catsuit and hood together. "There we go, from now on there is no escape!"

In order to secure the zippers even more, Claudia next puts a baby pink posture collar around her neck. It is a posture collar that reaches over Claudia's ears and mouth, which further dampens the sounds. It has 10 built-in metal ribs all around, which limits the movement of her head very much. At the front is a metal o-ring where leashes can be fixed on. With strong pulls at the back of the 3 lockable clasps Claudia fixed the posture collar tightly around her neck. Click, Click, Click even this is no longer removable without the keys from the key box.

With every click and every new restriction, the excitement rises in Claudia. The feeling of helplessness makes her heartbeat rise, she feels her blood circulation being stimulated, which warms her whole body. More and more endorphins are spilled out which makes her vagina flinch slightly. This is an indication for Claudia that she is very excited. In order not to come to her climax too early, Claudia sits down briefly on her small cage in the corner of the room and takes a deep breath to calm herself down a bit.

After 5 minutes her hormone level has dropped a bit and she grabs her baby pink patent leather 7 inch lockable Maxi Bedheels. These handmade stiletto high heels are not actually made for walking. More they are meant to crawl in them or lying on the bed. But since Claudia has a lot of practice in them, she will wear them today. The shoes are also permanently attached together by a 8 inch link chain.

She slips her right foot into the first shoe and closes the first strap around her forefoot. This is secured with a heart-shaped lock. Then the 3 inch ankle strap is closed and secured with a heart-shaped lock. Now Claudia repeats the whole procedure and puts the left shoe on. This too is secured with heart shaped locks.

When she gets up from the cage, she needs some time to adjust her balance, not fall over again. With small steps, she makes her way to the shelf where her next item is. She takes her baby pink full body harness and looks for the right place to put it over her shoulders. The harness has a built-in vibrating dildo in the strap through her crotch, which is controllable via a remote control. Slowly Claudia introduces the 5 inch long penis shaped dildo into her already very wet vagina. The strap is then led up the back and fixed with a buckle between the shoulder blades. She has to struggle a bit to reach the buckle but Click, even this harness is lockable! "Wonderful, I need another 5 minutes break."

After adjusting the position of the remaining 3 straps, she straps them above and below her breasts, as well as tightly around her body right at her waist together. Each time she closes a strap, the dildo is pushed further into Claudia and sends more and more sensational feelings into her tummy. Click, click, click she fixes them with the same wonderful sound. Which Claudia didn´t really hear, actually it is more the feeling in her hand when she closes the locks.

The baby pink body harness Claudia has just strapped around her body has two features that are more special. The first one is a strap exactly in the middle of the back. This loop is for her arms, so if you put them in there your elbows are held together exactly at this point. The second is on the strap that runs around her waist. On each side just above her hip a high security handcuff 102 of the company Clejuso attached to hold her hands out of the way. These are already closed with one click, not to jingle around.

Now she gets to the last two pieces that Claudia needs for today. These are two baby pink latex mittens. To be able to dress in both of these at the same time Claudia has to prepare one of them first. She takes the first mitten and puts it on her right hand with the help of her left hand. After the mitten is properly attached all the way to her elbows it is rolled down her arm again. Now it looks like a big condom. Next Claudia puts on the other mitten, only here she can leave them on right away. Her hand is now held securely in the shape of a flat hand by the latex mitten.

The first coiled mitten is now in front of Claudia and she looks at it uncertain. "Should I really do that? It's the last step." She thinks. But as she feels more and more excitement in her, this thought has quickly disappeared. Claudia quickly pushes her right hand into the middle of the rolled up mitten. By the bias of the latex and with the help of her left flat hand, the latex cover rolls easily over her hand and now holds both hands firmly together.

A new wave of excitement and endorphins flow through her already very excited body. Her whole body is now really hot and the blood is pounding in her veins. Her tits are slightly red through the narrow openings of the catsuit. Her nipples feel really hard when Claudia touches herself with her latex mitten hands. She fondles her entire body and wiggles back and forth with her high heels. Slowly she moves in front of her big mirror and is completely overwhelmed by her sight.

A thought shoots in her head. "How would it look like if my arms are held back by the loop on the back?" And no sooner as this thought settled in her brain, Claudia already tried to push her first arm through it. This she very quickly succeed. The second arm is more of a challenge as the loop is still pretty tight from a previous selfbondage game. With a fight she can push her hand through the loop and push further on to settle her arms in the loop. With a little more wiggle with her arms, the strap then slips up over her smooth latex arms and presses her arms together that her elbows are touching. Through her own mirror image, her endorphin rises to a new level. "Hm ... that feels so good!"

Slowly and almost helpless on her extreme high heels, Claudia moves back to her playroom. With the touch of a button, Claudia switches on her walking machine. Immediately, the rod begins to turn at a slow speed. It's just the speed that Claudia can follow with her high heels and the 8 inch link chain.

As Claudia catches up with the rotating chain, she notices her mistake. She has not changed the time lock and therefore she cannot tie herself to the rotating pole.

Frustrated Claudia steps back and let her hands hang down. She screams loud and frustrated in her gag. But only a very soft whisper "MMMMMhhhhh" comes out. "I've completely forgotten about that, I have everything planned for so long!" Claudia almost wanted to cancel everything, but then she sees through her perforated eyes of her mask, the remote control of her dildo in her vagina. "Well at least I'll have a nice time with you!" Claudia presses the button on the remote control and activates the vibrator.

After a short while Claudia is excited again and a new thought is in her head. "At least I'll close one handcuff on my hip!" And immediately her left arm is in the half closed handcuff on her left hip. With a strong push from her hand, the handcuff closes tightly around her wrist. She tries her ability to move her arm but her left arm is now completely stuck to her body.

At the thought of her new helplessness, her heart skips a beat. Her emotions are crazy and she has the most intense orgasm she had for a long time. She can no longer stand on her feet and falls to the floor where she remains twitching all over. Her endorphin level is at the highest level Claudia has ever had and she is very happy.

After about half an hour Claudia has recovered to the point where she can catch her breath. She is completely exhausted and sweating. Her vibrator is still on, but since it is in random mode and this is currently on a low level. Claudia does not even recognize it. "It all worked a little different as expected! All I want now is a shower.”

Claudia struggles to her feet and follows the still rotating chain on which the key to the key box hangs. Then she realizes that she has made another far more serious mistake! "NNNNNHHHHH ..." Because of the belt around the elbow and the bound left hand Claudia cannot reach high enough to the key!

Her heart skips another beat! Without this single key, the key box cannot be opened. In it are all other keys to her shackles. With these thought she becomes quite dizzy again and she sits down on the floor with the circling key over her head.

After a while and breathing deeply Claudia began to think again "Think girl, think! You put yourself in this situation, so you can get yourself out here again! Hmm… I just have to get a little higher, with my little ladder!" With renewed self confidence, Claudia scrambles up again and searches her house for her little ladder. After an hour of searching where the ladder can be, she remembers that she last used the ladder in front of her house. "There it has to be!" Claudia immediately sets off on the slow walk to get the ladder, she just wants to get out of this stuff.

On the doorstep she pauses for a moment, "Or should I wait until tonight that nobody sees me? Oh, who could see me?" With her right hand and the mittens on it she has to work hard until Claudia can push the handle down and the front door open.

"Hello Claudia, I want..."

In front of her is her neighbor Nico. Nico is a bit older than Claudia but still a good looking woman. Nico can´t say another word at the sight of Claudia. Claudia stammered back three steps in the horror that Nico is standing in front of her. Claudia is ashamed and tries with her free hand to hide her breasts or her vagina. She cannot achieve hiding anything with her limited movement as her arms are tied behind her back.

Nico's eyes wander from the bottom to the top. Standing in front of her is a black and baby pink latex wrapped person. The incredibly high heels that are secured with locks. Between the legs is a chain that connects the legs. Exactly through the vagina runs a pink belt. Both hands are trapped in baby pink latex mittens and the left hand is fixed at the hip with a handcuff. The right hand is trying to hide the bare breasts and hard nipples. Both are stretched out and clearly visible for Nico. The neck of the person in front of Nico is covered with a pink collar that reaches below the nose. The eyes are also covered with black latex, with the eye areas appearing perforated. At the top of the head is a brown ponytail standing out.

After a short quiet time Nico asks, "Claudia? Is that you? Are you expecting your boyfriend?"

Claudia can hardly understand what Nico said and replies only a quiet "HMMM..."

Nico interprets this as a “yes” and thinks Claudia is waiting for her new boyfriend. "Look, I won´t tell anyone your little secret. I just wanted to say goodbye. We are moving away from here today! So bye bye Kinky Girl!" With these words Nico turns around and wants to leave.

That sparked the petrified Claudia back to life, "Nico could help me with my problem with the keys!"

Immediately Claudia starts screaming as loud as she can to get Nico attention. But only a soft moan and totally blurry sentence came out.


With her free hand Claudia waves and tries to get Nico back to her. Nico notice something and turns around to comes back to Claudia.

"Is there something? Can I help you somehow?"

"HMMM!" Claudia continues waving her free hand and tries to get Nico into the house. Claudia slowly walks backwards in her restraints and watches if Nico follows her.

Nico closes the front door behind her asked again, "Can I still help you somehow? You look super sexy in this makeup, I have to say that."

"HMMMHMHH!" whispers Claudia back. Nico cannot understand what she is talking about, just suspect the movement of the lips.

Claudia walks in small steps towards the play room. From time to time she turns to see if Nico is still following.

"She has a really great figure! And the latex emphasizes her curves even more, even if the whole thing looks pretty tight. It has to be a very special friend for whom Claudia does something like that!" Nico mumbles.

As they reaches the door to the play room Nico gets a little shock. “What on earth is her neighbor doing in here?” Her eyes wander around the room which is full of shelves with bondage equipment and fetish clothing. And that many shoes! Slowly she enters the room and discovers even more. The small cage in the corner, the prison cell at the end of the room and a rotating pole on the ceiling, which Claudia follows with her small limited steps.

Claudia wants to show Nico the key to her freedom that is hanging on the chain in front of her and she is following in a circle. She hopes Nico understands what the key means. She cannot explain it to her, since only muffled noises come out because of her very effective gag. Nico is just too distracted from looking at the shelves. That why Claudia comes along to Nico and tries to attract her attention. With her free latex covered hand Claudia carefully strokes Nico's hand.

"Wow! That's crazy!"

Claudia sees that Nico has now turned back to her and gives Claudia her attention. Only Claudia cannot understand what Nico says. Claudia tries to guide Nico to the switch for the walking machine and presses the switch so that it is not rotating anymore. Then she went to the key box and shakes the padlock that keeps the box closed.

"HMMH HMMM HMMHMMH" this lock must be opened, Claudia tries to say. However Nico looks a bit confused.

Claudia wants to explain the situation further on and guides Nico back to the end of the pole. She tries to reach the key with her right free hand but can only reach the end of the chain with the open padlock hanging on it. This puts the chain in a swing by striking with her mittens.

Now Nico thinks she knows what Claudia wants and begins to laugh. "You want me to help you with your last lock. You cannot reach it. "

Claudia is a bit dizzy in her head and wants to clarify the situation even more. She wants to explain how she got into this situation. For that reason she wobbles with her left hand which is already stuck in the handcuff and puts her right hand in the right handcuff. With a slight pressure against her hip, the handcuff quickly closes around her right hand.

"HMM HHMM" moans Claudia. However, Nico misinterprets the moan. She think that Claudia need help with closing her shackles and not opening the shackles. She takes Claudia by the two wrists and pushes again with both hands against the handcuffs to close them totally.

"If that's the case, I'll be happy to help you!" Nico is now really close to Claudia looks her straight in the eyes. For the first time she notices the small latex flaps aside the latex covered eyes.

"HMMM" moans Claudia. Her hands are now completely secured by the handcuffs. From now on there is absolutely no escape without help. Nico understands this moan as arousal and feels confirmed doing the right thing. With her hands, Nico drives slowly up along Claudia's stomach until she reaches the titts. Slowly Nico strokes over the breasts of Claudia and begins to play with her nipples.

"HHMMMMM" Claudia closes her eyes and drifts off again into her dream world. She warms up inside and she feels her blood pressure rise again. "But I wanted something quite different! ... it feels so good! Hmmmh"

While Nico plays with Claudia's tits with her left hand, she reaches out with her right hand to the lock at the end of the chain of the walking machine. Click ... and this lock is closed, too.

Now Claudia doesn't longer feel Nico's hands on her body and slowly opens her eyes. "Why are you stopping right now?" Claudia wonders. She sees that Nico has almost left the playroom and wants to follow her. Her heart sets out 2 strokes as she notices that she cannot move away from the chain on her posture collar and that she is chained to the walking machine.

Immediately Claudia starts waving wildly with her hands tied at her hips. "HHHHMMMMMMM" She shakes her head and body as far as the posture collar and restrains are allowing it.

Nico who is standing in the doorway ask, "Is there anything else?" She moves back to Claudia who moves around shaking her head causing the eye flaps to swing in front her eyes. "Okay, if that's what you want!" And with this sentence, the little latex flaps are folded over Claudia's eyes and take away Claudia's whole view!

"HMMMHMM" Claudia moans through her gag. She cannot believe that her wildest dream has now become true and she is from head to toe in latex, in her highest high heels, chained up completely helpless, shackled to her walking machine.

"HMMMHMHMHM" now her vibrator has jumped to the highest level again. After a short while she feels a pull on her collar and has to follow it with small steps. Her blood pressure is back up and her veins are throbbing inside her. Claudia´s endorphin level increases with each step limited by the short ankle chain.

"Bye bye my kinky neighbor! Hope I could help you in my last hours here!" Nico thinks as she stands in the door of the playroom and watches her neighbor Claudia walk in short limited steps around in circles.



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