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by Secretive1

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Click! The front door popped open. "Hi Honey, it's only me" my wife called.

Right at that moment, I knew I was in trouble. I started to struggle, but in my current predicament, I wasn't going anywhere. Earlier that morning, after my wife, Emma, had left for her weekly walk and talk with her best friend from down the road, I had decided that the time was right for a little bit of self bondage.

"I just came back to collect my purse and – oh! What's happened to you – what have you done!".

As she came into the bedroom and surveyed the scene, her tone quickly changed from surprise to anger. My wife had thought that my cross dressing habits had all gone away soon after we were married. We had no kids, and our sex life was fairly tame, but whenever I had tried to introduce a little role play or even rope play into the bedroom, she reacted with disgust and more than a little anger.

And right now, there was plenty for her to be angry at. As I struggled vainly on the bed she looked me up and down. My stocking clad legs were tightly bound together with lengths of white sash cord, and secured to the foot of the bed. A pair of black satin panties covered my lacy suspender belt. A frilly black see-through camisole covered my chest, while my hands were loosely tied up above my head. As I struggled to get free I must have tightened the knots, and in my panic my fingers couldn't get them loose. A shiny red ball gag was strapped tightly around my head, pushing my mouth apart, and rendering all my excuses unintelligible.

"Jolene. Come and have a look at this". My wife called back down the hall.

Oh no, I thought. Not Jolene. Not here. Not now. Jolene was fit and attractive, not yet 35, but after the breakup of her marriage several years ago, she had it in for men. She barely tolerated me on the occasions when we met, out of regard for my wife. She must have worked out at the gym, because despite being only 5' 3", she was muscular and strong, with a figure to die for.

"Well, what do we have here?" Jolene smirked as she came into the room and considered my helpless form, still twisting on the bed in a futile effort to get free. "I always thought your husband was a panty-waist, and here he is, with the panties on to prove it".

"None of this is my doing" said Emma. "In fact, none of this is even my clothes. He must have been collecting it himself. How long has this been going on?" she demanded. "Answer me!"

It was obvious through my garbled response, that I couldn't give her the answer - any answer – that she wanted. I just wanted to sink into the sheets and hide.

"You always told me that he couldn't satisfy you in bed" said Jolene. "Well, here's the reason why. He's a sissy. A selfish sissy who thinks only of himself."

"What should we do?" asked Emma.

"I know exactly what to do. This will solve all your problems at once" said Jolene. "Stay here, and don't touch anything – no matter what he says or does". She leant over to check that my bonds were secure. Even as she approached I flinched as she tested the knots. "I'll be back in 5 minutes. He's not going anywhere, that's for sure". She left the room, and I heard her car's engine roar to life.

"You are such a disappointment to me, Richard" said my wife as she looked over me.

"Arg. Mrg. Ouu. Eeee". I cried from behind my gag, desperately trying to break free

Emma shook her head. "Jolene knows what to do. Just lay there quietly, my hopeless, helpless dear".

At least she called me 'Dear' I thought. But there was no doubt that I was hopeless – and helpless. In my fantasies I always played the part of a damsel in distress, but now that my fantasy was coming all too true, I wasn't sure that I liked it at all. Still, at the thought of this my flagging erection throbbed back to life, pushing firmly against the fabric of my black satin panties.

"Stand aside, Emma darling. I've got all you need to solve your problems". Jolene strode back into the room. "You always said he didn’t try hard enough to please you in bed. Well, maybe this is just what he needs to motivate him properly."

Jolene was carrying a rather menacing looking leather bag.

"First things first"  she said. "He seems to want to be a woman, so let's complete the picture, shall we?"

She pulled a bright pink lipstick from her pocket, and grabbed me by the cheeks. Pushing the ball gag tightly into my mouth, she proceeded to paint my lips, top and bottom. "Hmmm,  cherry" I thought, as a faint taste reached my tongue.

"Now Emma, let's get you comfortable. Take off your clothes and lie down here". She caught Emma in her arms and crushed her with a long and sensuous kiss. As my wife lay back on the bed, they continued kissing, while Jolene pulled Emma's skirt and panties down and let them fall onto the floor.

"And now let's get you more uncomfortable" said Jolene, as she returned her attention to me.

She pushed her hands under my back and swiftly rolled me over where I lay. She untied the rope from above my head and pulled it back so that my hands were caught behind my neck. She looped the free end under my chest and tied it off. I rose up on my elbows and lifted my head off the bed.

"Not yet" hissed Jolene, and she turned around and sat roughly on my back pinning me back down in the bed. "Don't move. Stay just where you are, and I'll let you up to breath now and then".

I froze on the bed, and hoped she meant it.

Jolene untied my legs, and pulled my left ankle up to meet my thigh. Using the sash cord, she tied it firmly in place, and then repeated the procedure with my right leg. As she swung off the bed, I realised that all I could do was crawl on my knees and elbows, while my ass was pushed proudly up into the air. This didn't seem like  much of an escape strategy, so I lay there and looked to see what Jolene would do next.

"Do you know what this is?" smirked Jolene, as she waved a large black object in front of me. It had several straps and buckles hanging down, and had a curved rubber phallus that she was holding it with. My eyes widened as I saw that it was double ended, and must have been about 16'' in length.

"It's your new best friend, that's what. This is what you need make sure you satisfy both us girls at once, in full, and until we want to stop. You must have fantasised about some thick, hard cock taking you in your virgin asshole. Well, fantasise no longer".

Jolene rubbed some lubricant on one end of the dildo, and as afterthought, wiped her hand clean on the other end. She slid the slick end slowly into her pussy, and buckled the straps loosely around her waist. My panties were pulled roughly down my legs, just enough to expose my nervous asshole and to hinder my movement.

"Now move over, and start tasting your wife, with that bright pink mouth of yours." She unbuckled the ball gag  from behind my head, and loosened it so that it hung around my neck. "I want you to lick her slowly and then  slide your wet tongue in and out of her pussy, over and over until she feels warm. I want you to tongue fuck her soft and then tongue fuck her hard. Slowly and then faster. Then I want you to kiss her clit with your lips, and don't stop until I say".

I must have been slow to react, because - whack - I suddenly felt a stinging hand welt across my ass. I yelped and crawled forward towards my wife's waiting pussy. I've never liked her taste, so I guess that's why I've never had much time for going down on her. I hesitated, unable to reach out with my tongue, while her musky smell filled my senses.

Suddenly I felt a Jolene's strong hands grab me on my hips. She positioned her big black cock up against my ass hole. She rocked back slightly as she tightened her grip, then with one swift motion she pulled me hard back against her, and pushed her rubber phallus past my stinging anus and deep into my back passage. I gasped and fell forward into my wife's love canal. I licked and tongued her for all I was worth, and she moaned as she lay there, pinching her nipples between her fingers.

As Jolene pulled back, the dildo met with some resistance from my protesting ass, and slid gently out of her pussy. Then she pushed forward again, and one end slid gently back inside her, while the other reamed it's way back into me. Her tempo increased as she fucked us both at once, and I picked up the pace with my tongue on my wife's slippery pussy. Emma's moans grew more frantic as she approached her orgasm.

Jolene seemed to have found some heaven of her own as she pushed deeper and deeper inside me. Emma cried out with pleasure, but I couldn't stop my licking as Jolene's thrusting continued hard and fierce. Just as Jolene's moans gave way to her own cries of animal ecstasy, I felt the tip of her black invader press hard against my prostate. My rock hard cock strained against its satin bonds and I could hold it back no longer. I spurted cum through my panties, and groaned out loud as I came.

Jolene unbuckled her dildo and left its longer end embedded within me. She swiftly tied some cord from my wrists back to my ankles, looping it firmly around the dildo's free end as it went. It was an effective hog tie, with any movement of either my hands or feet causing a swift response from my new best friend. Jolene picked up my wife's panties from off the floor, stuffed them into my mouth and tied them in place with my ball gag.

"Now you just stay there and consider how much pleasure you can give us both this afternoon. Emma and I will change places, and then we can compare your efforts. Who knows, we might even let you free by tomorrow".

I groaned and sagged back on the bed. Tomorrow seemed like a long time away.


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