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Climactic Oversight

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2009 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gag; toys; stuck; caught; MF/f; hum; cons; X

Emma was tired, no, exhausted would be more accurate. It was nearly four o'clock in the morning yet sleep was the last thing on her mind. She had not moved all night yet her arms and legs were telling her that she had been on a cross-trainer at the gym continuously for several hours. Of course such a thing would be impossible. For a start the gym shut at ten, and secondly there were safeguards that prevented you from using the machine for more than thirty minutes without a rest. Emma was not at the gym. She was lying on the floor in the lounge of her parents' home, naked and hog-tied, a ball gag preventing anything but the faintest of mews. The house was empty of all other living beings. Her parents were away for the weekend, due home in a few hours. The thought of being found by them was the only thing on her mind, that and the desperate search of a means of escape. The feint intermittent buzzing at her groin was the only distraction.

There had been no break-in, no intruder, it was all her own fault.

Emma had been tying herself up since childhood. Why? she was not sure. It started out as  a game. She would imagine some outlandish story of kidnapping and act out the scene ending with her inevitable escape. At first it was all too easy. Her experiments developed her bondage making it more and more secure yet she had always been able to escape. She only used rope, there were no locks or complicated release mechanisms. As a child she had been fully clothed when bound. It was only after puberty that sex became part of the scenario. At sixteen she had overcome her parents' safety precautions and navigated through the adult web sites. Her techniques had refined. Now at nearly nineteen she had a job and credit cards, although she still lived with her parents. She had been able to buy toys like the gag in her mouth. The latest toy had been the cause of her predicament.

She had bought her first vibrator while still at school. At seventeen she had easily passed for an adult and just went casually into a shop and bought it. She had learned about pleasuring herself, by trial and error and avid reading. Tying herself up made her horny, but until this fateful night reaching orgasm in bondage had eluded her.

While pleasuring herself she had her legs wide open. Her bondage usually involved tying her legs together. She had tried all sorts of ways to get the vibrator to stimulate her when bound from tying it to her, to lying on top of it. With her legs together it had always been the same: nice but no orgasm. She had always finished herself off once free.

She had waited patiently for this evening. The little remote controlled vibrator snuggled right up against her clit, the crupper holding it in place. The slow deliberate tying including the mouth filling gag. It took time to get things right but that did not matter The anticipation had been intoxicating.

At first she had been disappointed. Her body did not seem to be reacting to the stimulation. She started grinding her pussy against the floor but it made little difference. She turned the thing up higher. Yes that felt better but still no orgasm. She had been going to give up when suddenly her body started to shake uncontrollably. It took her by surprise. The feelings came quickly. She wanted to stop them, to savour the moment, but could not reach her pussy with her hands behind her back. She had dropped the remote and could not see it. Her body was out of her control. It was wonderful. She was going to climax and nothing was going to stop it. Her wrists pulled in her bonds but she was not trying to escape. She wanted that feeling of helplessness. She gasped as the climax overtook her helpless body.

So tonight she had had her first climax in bondage, and her second, and third, and fourth and....... she had lost count. Her groin felt like it had been pummelled. The pleasure had turned into torture. The dream had turned into a nightmare and  here she was bound naked and helpless on the lounge floor.

Why had she not left a pair of scissors or knife handy? Because she had never needed them. Even after she had learned the technique of the hog-tie cinch she had always been able to control the situation so that there had been enough slack to free herself. She had done it dozens of times before. So what went wrong? The climax, of course. As she passed the point of no return her body tensed and bucked. Her legs jerked violently pulling the cinch beyond her ability to release it. She had not realised it at first, being to busy revelling in the amazing sensations. The second orgasm had reached even greater heights. It was only when the sensations began to hurt that she realised the predicament she was in. She could not free her hand, the cinch was holding the rope fast, not allowing her to gain the necessary slack. She had thrashed about even more wildly as panic took over. She had rolled onto the remote control and crushed it. The rest of the night had been a haze of pain and  frustration as the pocket rocket buried deep inside her kept vibrating away. Mercifully the battery had now run out but she had been tied up now for over eight hours. No wonder she was exhausted.

A sound made her start. She struggled to look at the clock on the mantelpiece. Eight!  Her parents were due back around eight! Where had those hours gone?

"She must be already up" a familiar voice said in the hallway. "Emma?"

Emma's mews were not very audible. She was not convinced that she wanted them to be heard. If the ground would only open up and swallow her.

"Emma are you in here?"

Emma could not bring herself to look up. She heard the expected gasp, but the expected freedom did not quickly follow.

"Audrey! Audrey, you will want to see this."

It was Emma's turn to gasp, as best she could.

"Audrey, your daughter has inherited your love of bondage. Look she's got herself stuck."

There was a sound that Emma could not define. She thought it was from her mother. Was it horror or something else?

"She looks exhausted. How long have you been like this?"

"She can't answer, she's gagged herself," her father answered for her.

"So she has. I wonder where she's been hiding all this stuff. I certainly had no idea. And we and we have been abstaining all this time. Perhaps we should have invited her to join in. She does look a bit weary."

Someone bent down near her. Emma had shut her eyes unable to face them. She had suddenly got very hot. Still the expected release did not come. Her mother was reaching to pick up something nearby.

"Must be some sort of remote controlled vibrator. Look she's broken it. Must have rolled onto it or something." her mother's voice was almost flat, No emotion. Emma was confused to say the least.

Emma started mewing. She had had enough

"All in good time dear," her mother said gently but firmly. "Let's just have a look at your handiwork. That's a very sophisticated arm and breast tie. I wonder how you did it?

Emma would be happy to show her, but not now! All she wanted was a shower and her bed.

Her father chimed in again for her.

"There's some sort of catch hanging on the door handle. She must have used it to get the right tension. Very ingenious."

"I guess she over tightened the cinch. I wonder why she didn't leave a blade handy?"

Emma was now getting angry. Why were they not helping her?

"She must have been here all night, poor dear." It was the first signs of sympathy that Emma had heard but it was cold comfort. They were still not attempting to free her.

Emma flinched as her private area was invaded. The gag prevented any complaint. She was not sure what the complaint would have been.

"There's a bullet vibrator in here. I can't see any wires. Must be what the remote was for. If she broke it then the vibrator may still be on"

"Depends how it works, but I guess you would need the doobrey to turn it back off again."

Emma's privacy was invaded again.

"I think I can feel something. Crumbs.  I  remember when you stuffed a vibrator up me and left it on.  If that has been on all night......."

Her mother did not finish. Emma squirmed uncomfortably. She was bemused. Why were her parents not freeing her? She felt someone fiddling behind her head and the gag was loosened.

"Are you going to untie me?" she whimpered

"How long have you been tying yourself up?" her mother's voice was stern.

"Since childhood," Emma snapped, "now let me go!"

"Your in no position to make demands young lady," her father interjected., "now answer your mother nicely."

Emma's mouth opened but no words came out. This was just too bizarre.

"I must have been six or seven," she clarified.

"I never knew."  it was a rhetorical statement. "I started round about then too," she continued whimsically.

Emma bit her lip. Any comments or complaints were going to be ignored. Perhaps they were going to leave her tied up as some sort of punishment. Hadn't she suffered enough already? She suddenly started struggling.

"Hey I'm late for work, get me out of this."

"Please," she added quickly

"I will phone you in sick," her mother said reassuringly, "you must be exhausted."

Emma felt a hand stroking her hair.

"Please let me go," she whimpered again.

"Let's see. You have pulled it tight. I don't think I can loosen it."

Emma was about to scream "then cut it you stupid bitch!" but held her tongue. She let out a sigh and squirmed.

"Carry her upstairs dear, I will get some scissors."

Emma was lifted bodily by her father. It was a most unnerving experience. She had not realised he was so strong. He managed to lift her despite her bent posture.

She was deposited unceremoniously onto her bed.

"Very nice," her father complemented her, as he stood back,  "It's a shame you are my daughter. Still you remind me of your mother when she was younger. She looked good in ropes."

He seemed in a bit of a hurry to leave.

Emma was left for a few moments to ponder her fate. Her mind was in a whirl. She had not expected this sort of reaction. Could the love of bondage be genetic? Her mother interrupted this rather unusual reverie.

"If you cut my hands free I can do the rest myself," Emma suggested.

Her mother was not having any of it.

"If you say another word I will put the gag back in."

Emma was about to retort "you wouldn't" but thought better of it. There was no two ways about it, she would!

The rope between her wrists and ankles was cut. Emma stretched gratefully. A residual buzz from inside made her wince.

"Can you turn the bullet off please." she risked.

"You broke the controller, you will just have to put up with it," her mother answered, "now let me look at you. Very neat. I must say I am impressed. but you should always have an escape plan. That was very careless. If we had been delayed you could have been stuck for hours."

"I was" Emma thought, but the word were kept inside her head. "I still am" also occurred to her, but she still kept her peace.

"I hope this will be a lesson to you," her mother continued.

Emma squirmed.

"You deserve a real good spanking."

Emma realised that there was nothing to prevent her mother doing just that.

"Maybe some other time."

The idea of being at the mercy of one or more of her parents did not seem very appealing at the present time. Emma shivered. Her mother continued a very intimate inspection of her immobile daughter. She chatted constantly, commenting on the way Emma had tied herself and reminiscing on her own exploits. Emma had not had a serious relationship with either a man or a girl for that matter. To be examined like this was a completely new experience. The fact that it was her mother seemed irrelevant. Emma was acutely embarrassed.

"Your father used to tie me up most nights. You were actually conceived in bondage," her mother informed her, "now let's see about getting you out of this but first I will run the bath."

Eventually Emma was freed. Her muscles refused to work properly having been held in one position for so long. Her mother was gentle but firm, meticulously unwrapping her daughter instead of cutting her free. She rolled each rope up carefully.

"Rope is quite expensive and you have so much here, "she said., "now get into the bath I will be there in a minute."

Emma was too tired to argue. She hobbled and lurched to the bathroom and sank gratefully into the water.

Being bathed was actually quite comforting. Emma was washed and dried and put to bed.

"Just remember," her mother said severely, "If ever you want tying up ask me, or at least tell me.  I do understand, really. Just never do it without telling someone. If you get stuck, we might not be around to rescue you."

"I've never been tied up by someone else," Emma murmured wearily

"Something to look forward to," her mother whispered, "believe me, I know. Sweet dreams."



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