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Coal Faced

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; shackles; chast; cellar; buried; stuck; denial; cons; X

Authors note: This is a very dangerous and stupid thing to do in real life, please be careful what your fantasy life leads you to, in reality. Remember safety first, so be careful always and enjoy. S M Ackerman.

Coal Faced.

I suppose there must be the obligatory who am I bit!

I am tall, slim, blond, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, irresistible and female!!!

No I’m only kidding! I am female, and I suppose reasonably attractive, being slightly built, but with little but cute chest. I have nice long wavy hair and longish legs. I hope that will do, so to my story.

I bought my house for two main reasons, the first is its seclusion, it is set in a two acre plot and surrounded by high thorny hedges. It has one entry, and that is gated, and it is three miles from the nearest town, just to add to its isolation!

The second reason is that it has a deep dark cellar, and whilst investigating the said cellar, I discovered it also has a coal chute, which drops the coal for the boiler into a five foot square sub section of the cellar, via an outside lift able hatch. The coal delivery then falls down the chute, settles, and is ready for use.

It is extracted via a two foot square, metal plate, hatch, set into the inner cellar wall. Simple, effective and very much perfect for the game I want to play. Of course I hadn’t thought of the game before I owned this house, but a few weeks in and the idea starts to fill my mind.

What if I am in the coal store when the coal is delivered? What if I am bound, gagged and secured hand and foot, as the coal falls? I would be buried alive! I would die in that black pit, unable to move, until someone else eventually uses the coal and discovers my body, which could be years! As in this country you need to be missing for seven years before you can officially be declared dead, and your assets disbursed.

Now before you get the wrong idea about me! I just want to say. ‘I do not have a death wish,’ only an extremely fascinating fantasy idea. I like the idea of potentially being buried alive, of not being able to move, of being bound and helpless, left to face my destiny!

I do not in reality like the idea of dying alone and captive, or being buried and thought missing for years! Only to be discovered bound and rotting and having my friends and family humiliated by the situation of my death. No way! I do not like that at all, so safety first.

If I am to fulfil my fantasy it has to be in a way that no matter what, I will not die! How to achieve both aims and enjoy the arousal and eventual orgasm’s I will receive is the question?

The first and most obvious thing to ensure is that the hatch is permanently open so that the coal can spill out into the cellar. To this effect I hired a stone cutter and open the two foot hole up to four foot. It works rather well, the coal tumbles out of the room and piles up on the cellar floor. This extra gap allows for less compaction of the coal and therefore, in theory, if I am inside I can push the coal out and escape. If I can move enough to push the coal that is!

Next I need someway to survive the weight of a ton of loose coal falling ten feet onto me. This takes some thinking about, but eventually the simplest answer is the best. I have a local garage weld me up a very reinforced, five foot long, three foot wide and two foot high metal table. It fits through the enlarged hatch perfectly (with some twisting) and across the outer wall of the coal room as well. Once in place it forms a metal cave in which I can be bound but not crushed.

Now comes the question of being able to breath? The solution is again metal work, but this time in the form of a steel tube. This I drive through the bricks in the inner wall and run into my cave. As near to the outer wall as I can get it. Now I have an air supply that can’t be blocked up by the coal (I hope)!

Next I have to shovel out my existing coal ready to receive a new delivery. I decide after shovelling to restrict my order to half a ton, as I now know from experience moving lumps of coal about is bloody hard work, and that is with a shovel not my hands!

My burial chamber is ready to receive its occupant, me, but I am not ready in my mind for the ordeal I have set myself. I decide to make absolutely sure that I am as horny as possible prior to entering into my cave, and there is only one way I can ensure that is the case.

I go upstairs and take a shower, I stink and am filthy with coal dust and sweat, after a really good washing down I dry myself, paying careful attention to my sex. The last thing I need is to get chaffed sex lips prior to my incarceration! Now you might be wondering how I might get chaffed sex lips, well the answer is quite simple.

Some years ago , as a birthday present to myself I purchased a metal belted, plastic lined, chastity belt, and for a week or so prior to an adventure I lock myself away in it. There is only one key to the belt. I know, I can hear you saying, ‘but you have the key, if you get to hot you can just unlock yourself and wank away,’ well you are wrong! I have done this many times and I have a technique that takes about a week and ensures no sticky fingers for me…

I post the key ‘recorded delivery’ in a parcel to a friend of mine that lives three hundred miles away. I always send it second class just to lengthen the time and post it after the last delivery of the day. Now when the parcel arrives it won’t fit through my friend’s letterbox so it goes to the depot.

She will pick it up the next day if I am lucky and later if I am not. Inside is a letter addressed to my friend asking her to post the other letter enclosed and stamped back to me. She does this quite often as I have given her the idea that I am paranoid about my post, and this is my way of checking I am getting it all delivered, of course it isn’t, and I am not, paranoid I mean, and now you know the reason why I do it, so don’t tell anyone please!

Unfortunately for me she is not very reliable in returning my letter’s and posts it when she is able or remembers which has been well over a week on one or two occasions!

Now when the letter arrives at my door I have to pop it inside of a pre addressed envelop and post it to myself, thus I have another day or two of suffering to go through. Believe me, by the time I allow myself the key to my belt I am horny as I can possibly be!

This time is going to be different because once I receive my letter back and have posted it again I intend to arrange for a coal delivery. I will be bound in place waiting for it to arrive and so start my burial fantasy, and I will still be wearing my belt. Hopefully the key to my sex will be on the door mat when I finally escape my fate. I know that I will be desperate to retrieve it, and to pleasure myself into oblivion, if all goes to plan.

The parcel went off and returned ten long days later, I opened it and put the key inside of a prepared envelop, I have even put the stamps on it. I then wait with the letter until six-thirty pm, as the last post from the village is at six pm. This is the hardest part so far, resisting opening the letter I mean!

Now I have to prepare my body. I intend to spend the night bound waiting for the delivery in the morning, so in preparation I strip naked and give myself an enema, which is the only way I can empty my guts out whilst wearing the damn chastity belt. I have done this many times and each time it is horrible and difficult, and very messy, but I succeed, I have to, there is no other choice, is there!

When I get free I will have the choice of unlocking the belt or going to get the key from near to the gate. Until I am free of my restraints I can’t have a bath, and the though of wanking, covered as I expect to be in heavy coal dust is not appealing either! So probably it is escape, then get out of the cellar and down the drive to fetch the one for all lock’s key, and then get the chastity belt off, wash and then, oh bliss, lots and lots of lovely orgasms as my reward.

Ten pm and down into the cellar I go, I do not put on the lights! No not I, instead I feel my way in the dark (all part of my fantasy) following the wall. I find the hole I enlarged and crawl inside of my prison. Reaching out I locate the top of the metal table, and from beneath it I pull out the first piece of my bondage equipment.

My leg shackles, these are heavy link chain with metal clasps, which fit my ankles perfectly, and with eight inches of linking separating them. The padlocks I will be using are all opened with the same key, and that key is outside by the gate post, hanging on a nail, hammered into a pine type tree (I don’t know much about trees you will note). I close and padlock each shackle to each ankle, with clearly audible clicks. I have started but there is a long way to go yet for me before I can claim my rewards.

Next I wrap bondage tape around my calves just below my knees and then again just above them, I can bend them together but the tape pulls against my skin in a painful way if I do, and I can part my ankles a bit as well, which should avoid cramp, I hope!

Now things get a little bit harder as anyone that practices self-bondage can tell you. I reach beneath the table and feel around until I locate my hood. It’s made of leather and has eye holes but with flaps which Velcro down. I pull it over my head but don’t do the flaps down, yet, it to I padlocked in place.

Last but one is the gag, there has to be one or it just isn’t a bondage fantasy, is it? My gag is a bar of wood with a leather strip wrapped around it, and nylon straps which have each part of a locking clip at either end. It is sized for me, and once fitted it pulls tight into my mouth and especially at the corners and around my cheeks. I will have marks from the straps that is for sure, so I won’t want to be going out or meeting anyone for a day or two, once I am free of course.

Now for the final step, this is the big one, up to now I could still escape I suppose, but once the cuffs go on I am stuck, though I could leave the cellar if I decided to, but that isn’t going to happen.

The handcuffs are an expensive double lock, ridged bar type, which will hold my wrists before me perfectly, but also allow me to tunnel my way through the coal once it arrives. I click on the left and then crawl into my cave. I have to lie on my side with my head near to the breathing tube. I can’t turn over, or stretch out, because frankly there just isn’t the room. Now with a deep breath I swiftly seal my fate! The ratchet clicks, and I depress the second lock button once they are suitably tight. Now only the key will allow me to remove them, and as I have said, that is a long way away, down by my gate hanging on a nail!

Sleep would be good if only it was possible which it isn’t, I lie on the cold floor in bindings of my own making, waiting to be buried alive! The night passes slowly in pitch dark. I had expected to see some light when dawn arrives but I do not. Suddenly the room is lit fully as the hatch is thrown back. I freeze, having pulled my legs in a little more just to make sure that I am invisible to the coal delivery men, if they choose to look in.

I wait expectantly, knowing what will happen soon, but when fantasy finally ends, and reality begins, the shock is enormous!

The first bag of coal’s contents tipped into my prison landed directly on top of my table and inches away from my ears, the sound it makes is enough to drive a person insane if they do not know exactly what is happening! It started with a thud, quickly followed by an orchestra full of drums of all pitches and banging away. It escalates to a peal by every church bell in the damned country, and then the dust explodes into my prison.

Thick choking dust! I snapped the leather blinkers over my eyes to protect them, and try to hold my breath and not cough. I fail! I cough hard and long, until in fear of discovery I manage to shut it down. I listen as silence returns, but not for long! The next bag spills in, more noise, even more dust! I hold my breath, clamping my lips tight around the leather of my gag and wait it out. The sound from the second bag reverberates around the room, with the third it quietens slightly, but now I can feel coal falling off the table top onto the floor, building a wall between me and my freedom.

Twenty bags of coal are tipped into my prison, the first ten fill the level to my table top, the dust settles from there on. The others now sound dull to my deafened ears, the cacophony of sound has ended as coal now falls on coal, and I am my own prisoner.

The last ten bags spilled into my tomb adding to the weight I will have to move to escape. Five hundred kilos of coal and dust now lock me in my prison, and there is no help, no chance of rescue! I hear the hatch slam down but nothing else. I try to move, coal is pressing into my cave, I nearly panic!

I thought that with the hatch hole being opened up would mean that I would just be able to push against the coal and it would tumble out and away, but push as I might nothing moves. The coal is just too heavy, too clumped together as it is. I am my own prisoner my night-mare of captivity made real. I do panic now.

Already the air is getting stale, the dust has coated my face, for some stupid reason I open the leather blinkers hoping to see, but I am as blind as I had been before I opened them!

‘Think,’ I demand of myself, trying to get more comfortable, ‘think bitch you got yourself into this mess and only you can get yourself out of it.’ I thought, and thought, and nothing! Tears of fear and self loathing erupted from my eyes, which did not help with my thinking.

A film popped into my head, a simple movie image of a blond skinny woman, bound and buried in a coffin, beneath six feet of soil. I let the film play in my thoughts. At least I do not have to punch through the wooden lid of a coffin to go up like she did. No, all I have to do is wriggle out from my cave and stand up, ‘all,’ I say to myself. ‘That’s bloody all, and how do I do that, I ask? I push against the coal, hoping it might move this time, it does not.

All I get for the effort is chunks of it falling into my cave! ‘Falling in, that’s it, pull the coal inside, make a tunnel and go up, not across, once I am above the coal it should be easy to dig down to the hatch and escape! I have a plan and it is a good one but…

If I pull the coal in I lose my air supply, and if it doesn’t work, my life as well, as I will surely die in this pit. Still I have little choice, digging up and out is it, one idea, one chance, so I set to.

I pull my feet up making myself as small as possible, then I pull coal in and fill the space I have made, now I push up, no movement. How far past my table does the coal level sit is the question? I wriggle my fingers pushing back, delving through the coal, hoping to feel air and nothing.

I am up to my elbows and the cave is half full already and still nothing but coal. Death looms in my thoughts, a horrible self imposed death, and humiliation for everyone after I am discovered, if I am ever discovered!

With a last effort I shove my arms deeper, crushing my face into the coal and then a piece moves. It flicks away from my finger tips to land, who knows where, but I feel air, well nothing really, but I know it is air! My fingers have broken through! I can do this, I might even live, if only I can dig and stand with my cuffed hands and leg bondage.

The air is getting stale now! I twist to take a few last breaths from my air tube before I make my one attempt at escape. Ready, I turn back and pulling coal in, and pushing my hands up, whilst wriggling my body along the path created by my hands, I enter into the coal. It is tight, heavy and compresses my chest. Sharp edges scrape my naked breasts, but I penetrate deeper and upwards. Soon my hands are back clawing at the air,

I use my elbows and scrunch my feet up to gain leverage, with one last surge I break free, my head is out, my shoulders are out, I am free, well into the air above the coal at least! To get free I must now cross the room and dig down, pushing the coal through the hatch, clearing a path for my body to enter into the cellar

It takes less time to do this than I would have thought, because as I stand on the coal near to the hatch my body weight forces it to tumble and slide through the hatch-way, and almost without effort I reach down to the top of the hole. A few pushes and I can worm my way through, I have escaped, I am free of my cave prison, now all I need to do is get free of the cellar and retrieve my key to be fully free from this my ordeal, and then to claim my prize.

I took about an hour to get out of the cellar, one step at a time, bumping my ass as I climb the stairs, sitting backwards, using my legs for leverage again, oh my poor bruised bottom! Then down to the gate to recover the key. I can tell you getting those awful leg shackles off is almost orgasmic in itself!

I return to the house with me feet cut by the gravel of my drive, I rip open the letter with my chastity belts key in it, and head to the bathroom for a well earned sit on the loo, like a normal person, (The first time in eleven long days). The bath is hot, deep and long, I look like I have been dipped in ash, rolled in soot, and left to bake in the sun. The water is disgusting and I change it twice before I began to feel clean again!

That is it, I have been buried alive, chained, bound, gagged and tormented mentally, and all at my own hand, and I have survived, though I know it was very close! Thank god for Kill Bill…

The End.


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