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Coffee Table

by Too Shy

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© Copyright 2002 - Too Shy - Used by permission

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Those of you who have read my previous stories will remember the fun I had in the bottom of a hollow sofa (see Sofa Fun)- well, this led me to come up with another way of being in self-bondage in public while remaining hidden.

The house I live in has needed a great deal of work doing to it - this has meant that I've had to find out all about DIY - or Do-it-yourself. I've got lots of great power tools, and learned to build benches, doors, kitchen units and the like.

Also, I've found out where my local timber yard and stockest are - also, I had a mirror made for my bathroom, which meant I had to find a local glass and mirror maker, and learn about the rules for toughened glass in the home.

With these contacts and skills - which, trust me are quite easy to develop - I came up with a new piece of furniture for the sitting room. Now, like most people, we have a low coffee table in our sitting room - it is quite large, and has a glass top. - Guess where I was going with my thoughts ;-)

Well, an afternoon in the garage with some good quality wood created a person sized box - nicely finished if I do say so, even if it was a little snug - lucky for me, I'm only average height, not a 6 foot 4 giant! I then spent an hour at the mirror/glass company, I asked if they could create a one way mirror - you know the type, from the movies - I explained that I wanted it made from toughened glass, as it was going in a hole in a wall to make a mirror on one side, and let the light in on the other - they bought this story, and took the measurements - exactly the right size to form a new top for the box I'd just made.

It actually took longer than I thought for them to finish as they had some problems with the coating of something like that. But when it did arrive, I was very impressed - the view through the see-through side was darker than I expected, but the mirror side was completely like a real mirror - you couldn't see through it.

I used a tough epoxy resin glue to add brackets on the back that slid down inside the rim of the box, leaving a 1cm gap between the edge of the box and the brackets - I installed a similar set of brackets in the box - it allowed me to put padlocks through each bracket to lock the one-way-mirror lid down - can't have anyone opening it now can we!!! I was a little concerned that the lid fit very well, so I drilled some air holes in the base, and raised the box on to little feet made of wood. This had the added advantage making the whole thing look more like a coffee table.

The lid was really quite heavy, and difficult to move - I found that I could get in best if I laid the lid at the foot of the box, and put the first set of brackets over the lip - this held the lid propped up - then I could reach down, and drag the top up over me - the last set of brackets I lifted up over the edge by pushing up with my knees to lift it over the edge. Difficult to describe, but if you build one, you'll figure out a way of dragging the top into place.

Once inside, there is no light from the box, so you can see out of the one-way-mirror really quite well - and people outside have a nice mirrored large coffee table to stand their cups on, lean on, put their feet on - and generally use.

Okay - so I tested it at one of my wife's coffee mornings - just like I tested the hollow sofa - she was in on the game, and has recently become more involved thanks to the wonderful encouragement from one of the readers of this website - you know who you are - kisses to you!

I was dressed in the usual basque and stockings - gag and a plug followed - nothing buzzy - didn't want a moment of silence to give me away!!!

I used cuffs this time as they were the easiest to put on in such a confined space - my ankles were pre-cuffed once I was in the box, before the lid went on. Okay, so there I was, inside the coffee table - my wife helped me get the lid on this time - although as I said, I can do it myself. 30 minutes later, the first woman arrived - over the next hour, others arrived, until the usual gathering of ladies were there - my wife made them tea and coffee, and conversations began. It was a very very strange sensation - amazingly exciting - they had no idea that I was there - literally inches from them - each time one of the ladies reached down for a cup, or to put a cup down again, it was exactly as if they were reaching to stroke me.

I could see everything - they could see nothing. A few people commented on the table, and that it was a little unusual, and my wife just laughed, and said that they knew that her husband had an unusual taste - the minx!

Well, those of you who have read my other story will know that my wife is wonderful, and has a sense of what to do to make a situation that much more fun. She announced that it would be great to re-live her miss-spent youth, and have a game of cards or two.

She suggested that they mix two packs (to make up the numbers), and play rummy - you know the one where you have to match values or get runs. It involves a growing pile of discarded cards on a table top - you get the idea! - They played for about an hour - laughing and chatting at the same time - there was so much movement of hands down and up above the mirror table top, that I was getting increasingly horny.

Well, with no stimulation other than visual and mental, I remained frustrated, but after they left, my wife lifted the lid, and added a buzzy friend - the lid down, she put her feet up and watched TV for about 30 mins - 10 mins was all I needed, so 20 minutes were over stimulated torture - can't wait for the next coffee morning!!

good luck in your DIY projects :-)

Any other project ideas, or advice you want, hey, email me!


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