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Cold Day Mistake

by Mikel | Forum Feedback

© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; multi-layers; compressionwear; spandex; chastity; body-brace; padlocks; cuffs; boots; public; outdoors; stuck; mistake; harness; gag; blindfold; mast; denial; cons; X

It had dropped into the twenties here in the south and to us that’s cold so I knew I would be forced to wear my thermal under wear to work something I didn’t like to do so I thought that maybe I would make it more fun by using the temperature as an excuse to add some “layers”. The idea hit me in the shower so there was no pre-planning involved thus causing what should have been my first warning sign. After drying off and getting more aroused at the idea of being encased for the day, in public, at work and really stuck in whatever I wore drove me to start out by opening the drawer that held my chastity devices. I rarely wore one of these to work because of the type of work I do, the chance to be hurt or rendered unconscious is always a possibility making me leery of being caught chastised. But this morning I thought screw it, I had done it before so again feeling daring I opted for the small steel unit and after some grunting and lotion had it locked tightly around my cock and balls.

I dug out two sets of compression wear, these are sports wear long sleeved shirts and pants that are actually too small for me. I pulled both pants and both shirts on actually sighing as I felt them compressing my body from how long it had been since I had worn any of them. Smiling I grabbed the thermals, long underwear, and pulled them over the compression clothes already noting the increased difficulty in moving and breathing. Now it was time to make my second, no third mistake by letting my arousal lead me into the closet straight to the upper body back brace I had been forced to wear some years ago after a back injury. The brace was made from formed plastic with wide bands over the shoulders and covered me from armpits to hips in rigid plastic. The thing I had enjoyed and why I had kept it was that once you had it pulled over your head and seated properly there was two pieces of plastic connected to the laces of each side that you would pull forwards tightening the brace around you. This meant you could pull it as tight as you could stand making it as close to a real corset as I figured I would ever get.

Of course I couldn’t help but to modify it a bit once I wasn’t forced to wear it every day changing the weak laces for nylon parachute chord and adding four small posts in the front so once I had pulled the laces as tight as I wanted I could slip the “handles” over the pins using both the Velcro and the pins to hold them in place. The pins could be moved about two inches in or out and with the holes in the pins small padlocks fit perfectly making it lockable. So now I was already encased in two layers of compression clothes, one layer of long underwear and I had pulled the brace tight around me smiling as I locked all four pins. With my cock already fighting the short steel tube it was locked into I spotted another item I thought I could get away with wearing and pulled it out of the drawer dragging another long sleeved catsuit with it. Both suits were made to wear under diving suits one with a back zipper and a modified crotch that would allow the tight material to be stretched around my cock and balls and the other with a front zipper and no other openings.

Both the suits excited me further and I quickly stepped into the first one making mistake number five or was it six now but after zipping it up a couldn’t help but step into the second suit and quickly pulled the zipper up to my neck smoothing the suits out and grinning like the fool I was. The resistance was wonderful, even bending my arms was difficult as I pulled the long socks up to my knees and finished getting dressed I could think of nothing else other than how much fun this was going to be. Mistake number…. Oh who cares I screwed up, as I was putting my boots on I remembered how easy it was to hide my cuffs under them and drug them out locking each around my ankles ignoring that I had to exhale completely just to bend over and had to squeeze the wide and very thick steel cuffs around my covered ankles. I dropped the small key ring into the same jug of water, wanting to extend my time be compressed, with the chastity keys and buttoned my shirt up to the top covering everything underneath. I checked to make sure the cuffs of my work jacket would hide the long sleeves deciding if asked I would just say it was long underwear and grabbed my lunch and headed to the truck.

I rode the train to work daily, it was about a half an hour faster than driving and still took about an hour, continuing my trend of mistakes I drove to the train station panting as I sat in the truck from the compression thinking it would ease later, parked and walked to the train. Reaching the train I stood gasping near the door, the walk had really taken it out of me and I stood looking back at the parking lot wondering if I should go home or at least drive to work. The alarm went off telling everyone to get on board or step back so jumped on thinking it was just because I wasn’t used to it yet and it would be ok in a little while. Mistake number one hundred and twenty seven at this point I had no idea how many times I screwed up but would regret everything I decided to do all day. I sat down in the stiff seat desperately needing to lean back and for the first half hour gasped and panted as I shifted in my seat as the rigid brace squeezed the air from me. I finally stood up thinking I would hop off at the next stop and head back to the truck but after a few minutes of standing my panic eased and so did my desperation to remove the tight clothes. I rode the train to my normal stop and got off feeling much better about myself and my choices walking almost briskly down the stairs and out to the side walk to make the just short of a mile walk to work.

Only a few hundred feet away from the station I had to stop and catch my breath and stood looking for a bench to sit down on, finding none surprised how heavy my feet had become from the steel around my ankles. It took me much longer to get to work but I still arrived on time and shuffled to my area and sat down finding that sitting made my breathing even more difficult but my legs were feeling wobbly from the extra weight of the cuffs and the extra effort it took to make each step. I was already exhausted and my day had just begun and the longer I sat the more my feet felt numb. I reached down and felt how tight the cuffs were over the layers they were keeping me from removing and hoped if I kept moving they wouldn’t go to sleep completely. I couldn’t sit for long without feeling like I was being suffocated and standing was starting to become uncomfortable due to the tight clothes smashing not only my body but pressing on the steel around my cock and balls too. No matter what I did I would have another long train ride home and then I would have to defrost the gallon jug I had dropped the keys into and placed in my freezer in the garage. The reason I used the freezer in the garage was because long ago I had beaten a corner of it back enough to clear a small chain that was bolted to the wall behind the freezer then I would wrap it around the handle of the jug making it impossible to carry it out of the garage so I could melt it faster. I could move it about three feet from the freezer and that was it, it had been a perfect way to control me cheating in my self bondage habits but now all I could think about was I had filled the jug completely full meaning it would take a day at least to melt if I didn’t get home in the next few hours and take it out.

With my mind spinning and my cock and balls throbbing my boss came out handing me the tickets for my work for the day chatting with me about how many people had cancelled because of the weather giving me hope I might still leave early enough to stop my self torture. I tried to hurry though my assigned work finding I was not going to be able to leave in time and resigning myself that I had screwed up and was stuck until I got home. By two o’clock I was worn out and getting panicky again constantly pulling at the suits and going to the bathroom trying to figure out a way to get out of them only reaching the plastic brace and the four locks holding it closed. The cuffs would keep me from removing any of the pants since each had stirrups under the heavy socks so I couldn’t even pull them up over the cuffs. I knew I could cut the laces to the brace but then had nowhere to hide it so I was screwed again and to top it all off I still had to ride the damn train home again. I struggled to make it until five fighting the tension and adjusting the suits around my crotch almost constantly no longer finding any of this arousing. I dragged myself to the train station and up the stairs reaching the top just to see my train driving off meaning I would have to wait for the next one a half an hour later unable to adjust my screaming cock and balls or even sit because of the many people waiting for the train.

When the train arrived I shuffled on board only to find there were no available seats and was forced to stand on my shaking legs for the next forty five minutes before enough people had gotten off and I could lower my exhausted body into a chair. I was so distracted by my situation and the amount of people at each station slowing us down I rode two stops past mine and had to get off and wait for another train to take me back making my trip take almost three hours. It was after eight o’clock by the time I reached my truck, I had gotten dressed at six thirty so I had already spent the last thirteen plus hours being crushed by my own clothes. I sat in the truck gasping fighting back another panic attack and carefully drove home concentrating on driving desperately trying to ignore my breathing and the increasing pain. I opened the garage still sitting in the truck staring at the freezer knowing I was stuck for another day and tried to think of a way to decrease the defrosting time. I had purposely bought hardened chain and had no tools to cut it at the house, there was no running water near the freezer so I had no good ideas how to free myself. As I pulled the jug from the freezer I had decided to cut the brace off since I knew I could replace the laces later slowly dragging myself towards the bathroom.

I pulled my work clothes off leaving me covered by only five layers of tight material stopping to relieve my bladder which had turned into another nightmare at work. Needing to relieve myself forced me to pull my steel covered cock and balls out of the layers covering it and forcing it through the small hole in the catsuit. It had been so uncomfortable getting it through the suits I had left it sticking out so it had only been covered by the last catsuit and my work pants for the last few hours of the work day being squeezed and pinched the whole time. I picked up the scissors and was about to cut the laces when the sight of the locks dangling from the front of the brace reminded me that they went through both layers of plastic and even if I released the laces the brace would remain tightly closed around me. I yanked the catsuits back over my shoulders and stomped out of the bathroom pacing around my room trying to figure a way out of my situation until I flopped back onto the bed gasping as I twisted and pounded on the brace through the catsuits. I awoke late in the night much calmer and more comfortable going to the bathroom again before getting something to eat and checking on the melting jug in the garage. Seeing the jug I gasped as I picked it up and poured out maybe an ounce or two, at least two thirds of the water would need to be melted to uncover the keys and it had barely melted at all!

As I stood staring in disbelief at the jug until I realized it was cold in the garage, mistake number, whatever, by the way it was melting it would take a week to melt enough. I stomped back into the house cursing myself and paced around the kitchen grabbing first an ice pick then several different knives thinking I could chip it out. As I was debating a hammer and chisel I remembered the jug I had used was made of thick plastic and with the ice inside it would never break so I had no option but to wait it out. I found a small heater and took it to the garage setting it near the jug then went back to the kitchen putting a large pan of water on the stove and turning it on. I was getting aroused again knowing that between the heater and boiling water I would soon be free so while the water heated up I went to my room deciding to add a little more to my situation. I locked a short chain between my cuffs on my ankles then took my thigh straps and locking them on then directly together. My cock fought the steel it was in making me smile as I wrapped leather cuffs around my wrists locking each before adding a short chain between them. I shuffled to the kitchen enjoying myself again picking up the pot of water and carrying it to the garage.

I set the jug on the floor leaving the heater on the table and slowly poured the water over the jug listening to the creaks and pops of the ice as it melted under the flow of hot water. With the pot on the floor I poured the water in the jug into it seeing I had melted an inch or two the first try. Excited I carried the pot back to the kitchen filling it and placing it back on the burner and shuffled to my room to add something else. I dropped a vibrating egg against the steel tube around my cock zipping the outer suit up holding it in place before picking up my head harness and strapping it tightly around my head pressing the large ball behind my teeth then covering my mouth with the large panel. I could hear the water beginning to boil so I shuffled back and repeated the process seeing once again I had made wonderful progress and put more water on to boil before going back to my room. My cock was straining in the tube and I was gasping from the effort to go back and forth really enjoying my situation and I stood gasping wondering what I should add now. I quickly decided to lock the head harness on then wrapped my posture collar around my neck locking it closed.

I made two more trips from the kitchen to the garage before I could see the keys had been loosened, the last boiling water filling the jug about half way. I turned off the heater leaving the jug on the floor knowing I wanted to restrain myself more and fight my bonds for a little while before releasing myself. The keys in the jug were not only to my chastity tube and ankle cuffs but had multiple keys on the ring including the one to my bank bag that once it was locked I would need to get the key to be able to open it again. I had used my bag many times to make it easier to lock my keys away from my hands so I shuffled back to my room to figure out a way to have some fun now that the problem had been solved. I unlocked the chain to one cuff wishing I could use my nipple clamps figuring out a different plan. I took my thumb cuffs and locked them on my big toes smiling under the gag turning and lying on the bed pulling myself in the center before slipping the leather blind fold under the head harness blocking all light. I relaxed for a bit before taking my keys and dropping them into the bank bag and closing the latch now I couldn’t unlock anything and would need to get to the jug to free myself.

I lay panting around the gag feeling very calm and aroused as the second vibrator I had wedged near my cock was sending wonderful sensations through me making me wonder if I could cum while it was trapped in the tight steel or not. I reached behind me locking the chain to the free cuff pulling on it feeling everything tighten up and chuckling to myself about my ingenuity. I mocked struggled for awhile before raising my bound feet flipping the chain between my ankles towards my hands grabbing it and slipping a single link around both chains and screwing the lock nut until it was tight. Now I was hogtied on my bed, yes I could unscrew the link but it was the thought that counted at the moment. I rolled around fighting the chains feeling like I could cum at any second really enjoying myself until I was exhausted and lay on my side panting. I was very excited and wanted to cum more than ever knowing that if I didn’t do it now once I was free I could reset and try again and it would be amazing. I rolled onto my stomach and wiggled towards the edge of the bed hoping if I hung near the edge the extra effort of staying on the bed would push me over the edge.

When my knees where off the bed I began to struggle harder twisting and pulling on the chains until I was on the verge of falling and stopped struggling to try and stop myself from falling. My legs were hanging off the bed pulling the chains hard, my frustration making me desperate to keep myself on the bed as I started to struggle slowly slipping towards the floor. I was on the verge of an orgasm all my gasping and the hogtie was working when I felt myself falling and grunted as my knees dropped to the floor then my momentum carried me backwards leaving me sitting on my folded legs panting. Immediately I felt the orgasm slip away and sat on my legs gasping for several minutes feeling totally spent and dejected that I wasn’t able to orgasm. I sat until I caught my breath then loosened the nut and removed the link leaning forward to use the bed to get to my feet again. I was standing feeling the thumb cuffs biting into my toes and hopped forward turning and dropping back onto the bed. My original idea had been to slide my cuffed hands under my legs and shuffle slowly to the kitchen not something I considered a difficult task so I lay back and slowly drifted off to sleep again.

I don’t normally sleep in my bonds but I have fallen asleep a few times and really enjoy waking bound and gagged so whenever I get the opportunity I try to indulge the idea of sleeping bound. When I awoke I was confused and in pain from several parts of my body worst being my jaw but running a close second was my shoulders. I moaned and rolled over swinging my numb feet to the floor completely forgetting the thumb cuffs on my toes standing up blindly and pushing my foot forward feeling the pinch of the cuffs and grunting again and sitting back on the bed. I sat thinking about why I was bound and gagged remembering what and why and started to slide the chain between my cuffs under my butt scooting down stretching my arms finding that with the brace on so tight I could not reach down far enough to get my hands in front of me. I rolled back struggling with my cuffs trying to get my hands in front so I could remove the blindfold until I had to stop to catch my breath. While I rested I resigned myself that I would have to shuffle to the garage blindfolded with my hands behind my back.

When I was ready I searched for the bank bag not wanting to make the trip back to the bedroom with my toes cuffed grabbing it and slowly walked with my one inch steps towards the garage. It wasn’t the first time I had made this trip so I wasn’t concerned just wishing I hadn’t locked my cock up since it was also throbbing inside the steel. After a few bumps I opened the garage door immediately shivering from the rush of cold air suddenly thankful for all the layers. When my bare feet touch the concrete I almost squealed behind the gag trying to hurry to where the jug should have been sitting. Finding the chain I pulled it dragging the jug to me pulling it up to my hands setting it on the table and tipping it over expecting to feel and hear the water pouring out of it and getting neither. I shook the jug trying to figure out why it felt heavy but wouldn’t empty out getting the sudden realization that the jug had refrozen over night sitting on the cold floor.

I was shocked, I stood holding the jug sideways while the thought of being stuck bound, gagged and blindfolded in a freezing garage unable to move it anywhere near a warmer area. I remembered the heater so I felt around finding it still sitting on the table grumbling as I turned it on making sure the jug wasn’t touching it. My feet were freezing so I shuffled back to the kitchen trying to decide if I wanted to attempt to boil water in my current state deciding it not only would be unsafe but I didn’t think I could carry it with my hands behind me. I found a chair and sat down to think about how many mistakes I had made and then capped it off by making more by adding the chains and cuffs. My toes hurt my jaw was killing me and as far as I knew I would be bound like this for another day unless I could figure out a way to speed things up. After sitting for what seemed like hours I stood up thinking I would go get my house shoes laughing at myself as I tried to take a step and realized with my toes cuffed there were no shoes in my immediate future and sat back down wondering why our bodies can adjust to things like the tight brace I was wearing that now seemed to not be trying to crush me to death.

I sat and stood several more times before turning and heading back to the garage each step more painful that the last wishing I had thrown the damn thumb cuffs away the last time I used them. Remembering how I had locked my thumbs together and that it had taken me hours to get the key into the cuffs correctly so I had never used them like that again. When I felt near to the jug I could feel water on the floor and carefully picked up the jug feeling it sloshing as I shook it. I fished the keys from the jug grabbing the bag still lying on the table opening it and quickly released my hands and reached down still blind and unlocked the cuffs around my toes. Relieved I worked the blindfold out from under the harness and looked at the jug. I could see it hadn’t been completely frozen by the rim of ice still around one side and that’s why it had defrosted so quickly. I shut the heater off and dashed back into the house feeling almost completely unbound even though my ankles and knees were still locked together. Within minutes I was peeling the last two layers off my body breathing freely for the first time in thirty six hours and jumped into the shower.

Surprisingly my need to cum had long passed all I could think about was easing the pain I was feeling and stood in the hot shower until the water went cold. After drying off I began cleaning up throwing everything in the washer finding my cuffs lying on the floor. I couldn’t stop myself from locking them around my ankles and wrists chuckling to myself as I wore them while I put everything else away thinking “I am really hung up on bondage”. This time I set the keys on my nightstand leaving the head harness and blindfold lying on the bed and installing more batteries in the vibrators. As I picked up my nipple clamps I spotted the thumb cuffs and tossed them and the clamps on the bed knowing I needed some relief and would be satisfying myself tonight. This time I would be planning my time bound to try and limit my mistakes.

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