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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; collars; chains; gags; cuffs; chast; caught; M/f; latex; hobble; bond; armbinder; chairtie; straps; tease; climax; cons; X

June had all ways been fascinated by collars, when she was very young she used to wrap the dog’s collar around her neck and let her brother and his friends lead her around usually by a rope she had tied to it. When she got older she started wearing a short chain that she had dug out of her father’s garage locked tightly around her neck. This collar lasted almost two years before she had it cut off since she had long before lost the key to the large padlock holding it closed.

As soon as she had the chain cut off, and cleaned the rust stains from around her neck, June found a stainless steel chain and wrapped it three times around her neck making it almost three inches thick and locked it closed. After a few days of adjusting it until it was squeezing her neck lightly she threw the keys to the new padlock away.

During the next few years she had added matching chains around her wrists and ankles wrapping them snugly and once she had adjusted them she would destroy the keys to the locks. It was her unique jewelry that got Luke’s attention when they had first met and the two have been together ever since. Luke liked her oddness and together they found they both had a deep appreciation for bondage and all during college they spent many hours with June bound while Luke tormented and teased her to many orgasm’s.

Luke had cut the locks of June’s chains replacing them with larger chains wrapping it further up June’s neck and locking it. Her wrists and ankles were quickly chained with the much heavier chain leaving her with several inches around each when he locked them all with very large industrial strength locks. June loved the tightness and the added weight and had previously begun making no attempts to cover any of them when Luke stopped coming over or calling her.

June waited a week before she started calling and could not find him anywhere and after several months she stopped looking. It took June two years after she graduated before she met someone who appreciated her jewelry again. By the time June met Jim she had been working from home, being very successful at her job and still had issues trusting anyone. She heard that Luke had run off with another woman and that it had been her idea to lock June up in the permanent chains so ever since June had pulled away from all people not wanting to be used again.

Her life had been pretty normal except that she hardly ever left her house and spent most days with her mouth filled by a large gag and walking around her house in her high heels letting the weighted chain connecting her nipple clamps swing as she walked. If she was good and didn’t remove whatever she had locked on herself and completed her work than she would allow herself to orgasm while she fought the bounds holding her immobile. If she wasn’t good she would lock her steel chastity belt on and send the keys away for a few days as punishment. It was during one of these times she met Jim.

He had showed up banging on her door and was about to break it down when she mumbled something from behind it. He quickly told her there had been a major gas leak in her neighborhood and had to come in to check the house. She mumbled “UH UH” and he told her if she didn’t let him in he would get the police and fire department involved, so did she want one person in on whatever her secret was or twenty people breaking down her door?

June swung the door open and pulled Jim inside not even trying to cover her naked body. Jim stopped as she closed the door and admired her chastity belt with its thigh cuffs locked on tightly and smiled when she turned and he saw the large ball jammed between her teeth and the multiple straps wrapped tightly around her head. “I figured that” Jim said as he walked off asking where the water heater and things were. June was frustrated, she had been wearing the belt for three weeks because of some snaf-fu with the post office. The gag was locked on and she couldn’t get to the keys to remove it yet or her towering high heels, the long heavy chain locked around a fifty pound weight on one end and the other attached to the lock on the front of her chain collar.

Jim walked quickly through the house ignoring her struggling with the heavy weight only stopping to chat briefly about the leak then adding if she ever needed help or a night out for her to give him a call. June snorted at him so he asked her why. She quickly jotted down “I doubt you would want to be seen with a woman wearing chains” he laughed and said “Why not, besides don’t you ever take them off?” she shook her head no and wrote another note “No keys, three years”. Jim read the note and soberly said “Did you choose to lose the keys?” June shook her head no again.

Jim gave her his card with his personal numbers on it and told her “I’m very good at fixing things I’d bet I could get them off if you wanted them off” June looked at her bare heaving breasts as he asked “Would it be alright if I come by after work?” before June could nod he added “I’ll bring dinner, you do ungag yourself long enough to eat right?” he said smiling.

June liked him but didn’t know if it was her extended sexual denial or not but she nodded yes. Jim smiled and said “Around seven? June nodded yes and Jim left her alone chained and gagged. June spent the day thinking of Jim and his nonchalant attitude towards her chosen accessories and had a glimmer of hope they might get along. Jim couldn’t stop thinking about the nude woman bound in her home and hoped she would let him into her life.

June waited patiently for her keys to drop from the high ceiling in the foray so she could release herself and get ready for him to come over. While she waited she went to pick out her clothes then decided to really go out on a limb and dress totally fetish and smiled around the gag as she pulled out her choices. Jim called his favorite Italian restaurant making sure they would have his food ready so he could get to June’s as quickly as he could.

At seven fifteen Jim knocked on June’s front door carrying two large bags of food with three different bottles of wine, desperately wanting to show her he wanted to please her. Jim waited for a few minutes before he heard her unlocking the door and slowly opened it revealing her standing in her tightest latex dress. Jim stood staring at her beautiful figure looking her up and down stunned at the ankle length dress that fit her very tightly from her ankles to her chin.

Jim looked at June’s face still smiling as he saw the large clear panel stretched tightly over another large ball strapped into her mouth. June giggled behind the gag as she motioned for him to come in and watching him snap out of his trance and stumble inside. Jim watched her wiggle towards the dining room almost drooling as he watched her firm ass wiggling under the tight latex as she walked with tiny steps on her towering heels. Each step making her whole body twist and flex as it fought not only the tight latex but the very short chain connected between her ankles.

Jim set the table while June sat and watched him move around the room finding dishes and silver ware really enjoying watching his ass in his tight jeans. Once he had the table set he asked about her gag and she reached back and shook the locks under her hair keeping the gag from being opened. Jim sat down saying “Well you are going to miss some good food”. June handed him a note watching him carefully as he read it then stand up and walk into the kitchen. June listened to him running the water knowing he was melting the ice her keys were trapped inside of and whined quietly as she knew what he had chosen to do with her desperately wanting him to do exactly what she had written.

Jim returned with the freed key and the large leather sac draped over his arm. He dropped the key on the table and motioned for her to stand. June rose to her feet and pivoted in front of him reaching behind her back waiting for him to pull the thick leather arm sleeve up her arms. June had three different arm sleeves but had only been able to use them loosely since she had no one to lace her properly and really wanted to feel what it was like to have her arms laced tightly together inside one. Jim had never used an arm sleeve but knew how they looked from seeing them in pictures so he slipped it up her arms and started lacing it closed.

Jim was following her request and continued to lace the leather tighter making sure he crushed June’s forearms and elbows together before tying them off and adjusting the straps over her shoulders. Now June was laced tightly into the arm sleeve and stood with her eyes closed as she flexed her arms enjoying the feelings she was having being made totally helpless by a virtual stranger. As June stood trying to fantasize about different scenarios and desperately trying to make her growing orgasm explode inside her.

Jim watched her for a few minutes then sat back down and poured himself a glass of wine then asked her to model for him. June turned to look at him with a puzzled look on her face expecting him to ungag her and feed her his wonderful smelling dinner. Jim motioned with his hand saying “Walk around the living room”. June whined and started to struggle in the arm sleeve finding he had laced her in it very tightly and realizing she was helpless with a stranger and at his mercy.

As June wobbled around the room struggling under the tight latex just to take her tiny steps wishing she hadn’t chained her ankles together and beginning to worry about her new friend but glad she didn’t have the keys to the steel covering her ass and pussy. Jim made her wiggle around the room three times before telling her to sit down next to him. June sat down tired and sweaty under the tight latex and glared at Jim who sat there smiling. Jim reached behind June’s head and unlocked the gag and pried it from her mouth.

For the next two hours the two sat talking in between bites, Jim was feeding her as they learned about each other and their own preferences. June was now very comfortable being bound in front of Jim as she sat with her arms still encased by the tight leather letting him feed her and give her gulps of wine. June even mentioned she would love to be kept in the arm binder forever but knew she couldn’t and asked Jim if her would take some leather straps and secure her to the chair.

Jim smiled as he moved to her open equipment bag she had laid so carefully near the dining room table and quickly returned with six leather straps and one very wide leather belt. Jim strapped her to the chair so tightly June could not move any part of her body, June was breathing heavily as she felt her helplessness growing and almost came when she saw him take the wide belt and reach for her neck. Jim wrapped the belt around her throat and the back of the chair and slowly cinched it until her face started turning red. June was in haven as she felt her blood flow in her neck and had to work to breathe past the tight belt.

Jim stuffed her mouth with the large gag again and buckled it incredibly tight making her moan deeply as her orgasm approached. Jim toyed with June’s rubber covered breasts as he sat down and watched June struggling to breathe as her chest heaved and her body twitched as the orgasm crashed through her. June woke up finding herself lying on her bed, she was still wearing her latex dress but her arms were now free. She quickly reached up to remove the gag but found it still locked in place.

June struggled to her feet and wobbled into the kitchen and looked in the freezer for her ice block with the key in it. June searched the freezer then sit down moaning as she tugged at the gag straps again. June spotted the note on the table and snatched it up reading “Hi, please call me when you get up so I can tell you where the keys are stashed”. June grunted as she thought about using the phone while gagged and continued reading “After you fell asleep I put you to bed but you looked so peaceful I didn’t want to ruin it so I left your gag locked on so you would have to call me so I would know you are ok, if I don’t hear from you I will come by to check on you”

June thought about not calling him just so he would come by again as she thought back to the wonderful orgasm she had experienced. “PS: If you don’t call and I come by and find you ok you will spend at least one full day laced tightly in your arm sleeve and maybe I can come up with something else to keep you occupied”. June grunted again and picked up her phone still debating if she should call him or not then dialed his number. Jim’s voice mail picked up and June grunted and mumbled into the phone and hung up smiling at the idea of being locked into her gag, dress and having her ankles cuffed together for an undetermined amount of time.

After waiting until midnight for Jim to call June went to bed and as she lay down her mind flashed back to when she had been left locked up last time. After a brief panic attack she realized she could cut the gag and dress off and was sure she could break the chain holding her ankles together so she lay back and quickly fell asleep. June was roused by a noise from another room after a quick flash of memory about her restraints June opted to lay still hoping it wasn’t a burglar or something worse. When the living room light came on she knew it wasn’t a criminal and got up and peeked around the corner finding Jim sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer.

June grunted making Jim jump and strutted as fast as she could up to him and held out her hand. Jim looked up at her and said “What?” June grunted again and shook the lock on her gag and held her hand out again. Jim continued to drink his beer so she sat down next to him not wanting to push too hard and watched him sit muttering to himself while he drank two more beers. June finally got he was upset about something and went and knelt in front of him laying her hands on his knees and looking him in the eyes. Jim knew she was asking what’s wrong by the way she stared at him so caringly and he gushed out a story about his friend calling him for a ride and when he got there he had been in a big fight and was now in the hospital.

June leaned her head on his knee and listened to him talk, it was obvious he was very close to whomever it was in the hospital so she waited until it seemed right to ask for the keys again. Jim had stopped drinking and sat stroking June’s hair when suddenly he jumped to his feet saying “Oh shit!” and ran into the other room returning in a few minutes with June’s keys. “I’m so sorry I forgot I hadn’t told you where they were, I was thinking you just wanted to wear the gag and cuffs”. Jim babbled on about being sorry as he fumbled with the keys unlocking the gag and the chain between her ankles and handing her the key ring. June was relieved he was not just being a dick and smiled around the gag as he said “I know you hate me, I’ll just go” and headed for the door.

June stopped him and stood locking the gag first then the chain between her ankles then moved towards him with the keys in one hand and the leather arm sleeve in the other. Once he took them from her she turned her back to him and let him lace her arms tightly together. It was her way of saying it was alright and that she trusted him. The two spent the next two days together June being bound almost the entire time while Jim teased and tormented her bound body. They started dating officially after that and haven’t been apart since. June still enjoying her hours and days she gets to spend bound by Jim and he enjoying her flexible body and willingness to do anything to please him.   

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